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Chapter 169 isn'st this a drug

She remembers that the overpowering drug three years ago only made her drowsy and sleepy. She couldn't see clearly. Why is it so hot this time

Isn't this a drug?

When Xiaonian stumbled all the way in and pressed the light switch randomly, she could hardly see anything in front of her eyes. How can this happen.

She walked to the bathroom with her memory, and suddenly an electronic voice came, "master, you are finally back. I have been waiting for you for a long time."

When small read startled, "Mr palace?"

"Yes, what can I do for you? Master, how can your heart beat so fast? "

Asked the R palace.

"I I... "

When Xiaonian was upset, she couldn't speak. She wanted to get her mobile phone, only to find out when the bag was no longer in her hand.

She walked to the bathroom with the wall on her back, and vaguely touched the bathtub. She immediately went in, touched the shower, and poured cold water on her body.

But it doesn't work.

There was no way to relieve the heat on her.


It's too hot. It's like a layer of heat in the skin. She can't catch it. She can't touch it. It's very uncomfortable.

When Xiaonian is holding a flower shower in one hand and his skin in the other hand, he would like to break a layer

"Master, are you ok?"

Asked the R palace.

"I feel so bad..." When Xiaonian was lying in the bathtub, he said painfully. His fingers were desperately grasping his skin, and he spoke desperately, "help me, help me..."


What else did the R palace say? She couldn't hear it.

Heat is like a kind of unspeakable pain, like a bug into her body, swimming her whole body, she tried to take it out, but could not take it out, so she had to constantly pour cold water on herself and scratch the skin.

It's hard.


Help! Who can help her.

When Xiaonian almost wanted to cry out in pain, his eyes couldn't open. When he opened it, he was in a whirl of the sky, and his eyes were a blur of light.

Maybe some skin was scratched by her and blood flowed out, which made her happy.

As if she lost her mind, she tried desperately to catch the skin elsewhere, and there was blood spilling

In this way, it seems to be more comfortable.

There was more and more water in the bathtub. She slowly dropped the shower and grabbed her body with both hands.

If she could get up and have a look at herself now, she would find that she had caught her blood everywhere.

The water in the bathtub has changed a color.

When Xiaonian continues to grasp herself like seeking relief, suddenly her hands are caught and pressed beside the bathtub, which makes her more uncomfortable.

"Mr palace..." She said in agony, "I feel so sick Let go... "

She struggled desperately, trying to keep scratching her skin.

"Darling, don't move. It's OK. It'll be OK later."

The voice of R palace sounds very gentle.

She actually heard tenderness in the voice of a robot. It's impossible

Who is going to save her.


Mu qianchu likes to say she is good.

Is he here?

"Qianchu, help me Send me... "

Before the words "go to the hospital" were said, her lips were sealed, and her voice was blocked back. A hot tongue invaded her mouth and frantically attacked and rolled everything around her.

When she tried to push away, she was pushed hard into the cold water and her head sank.


When Xiaonian sank his whole head into the water, cold water was cold, and he had difficulty in breathing. He wanted to open his eyes and struggle, and his hands were pressed back.

The next second, she felt vaguely that her lips were crossing the air for her.

She doesn't hate the feeling.

Even, I especially want the feeling of lips and teeth, which is familiar.

When Xiaonian's reason gradually lost, he slowly reached out his hand and hung it on the man's neck. He responded to each other's kisses with instinct and pestered him wildly with his tongue.

Suddenly, her whole body was lifted from the cold water, and Xiaonian felt that she was picked up.

Familiar holding method.

She wanted to open her eyes, but she couldn't open them. Her legs could not help wrapping around each other's waist, her hands around each other's neck, and she kissed her back recklessly.

She didn't know how to feel her lips.

By instinct.

She wants to have more, needs more, that kind of crazy reading head burns her everything like fire, so that she can't think of other things.

What happened next, Xiaonian didn't know at all.

She just felt like floating on the sea, floating and sinking. Every time she wanted to sink, she had a pair of hands to catch her in time.

Once, once, again.

Every time she was on the verge of death, awakened by a kiss and sank endlessly

Until she broke up.

Until the heat in the body slowly dissipates.

Until her people gradually become calm.

The next day.

The sun shone through the curtains.

When Xiaonian was lying on such a big round bed, he slowly opened his eyes and saw the bedroom of tianzhigang duplex apartment.

Little by little, the memory returned to her mind.

Yesterday, she had dinner with her adoptive mother, and suddenly people became very uncomfortable, uncomfortable, painful, hot Then she seemed to float into the sea.

The sea?

It's not the sea.

When Xiaonian was shocked, she immediately sat up from the bed. This time, she found that her whole body was as painful as a broken frame.

"Hiss - it hurts..."

When Xiaonian murmured, he looked down at himself, only to see that he was not wearing inch thread, like a newborn baby lying under the quilt, and his arms were wrapped with gauze.

She lifted the gauze slightly, only to see the scratches inside.

It seems that she caught it by herself. She has a little consciousness.

What about this dress

"Master, you are awake."

The electronic sound suddenly sounded.

When Xiaonian exclaimed, he quickly wrapped himself in a quilt and looked at the door.

Mr palace stood at the door, her black eyes scanning her direction, a long skirt on one arm, and said, "master, everything I see will not be recorded until you turn on the camera, monitor and store memory functions."


So much more?

When small read speechless, say toward him, "throw clothes over."

Anyway, it's still a robot and eyes.

"Yes, master."

The R palace threw her clothes and bra on her bed and turned around very gentlely.

When Xiaonian sat on the bed wrapped in quilt and picked up bra, she suddenly remembered that yesterday she was not floating on the sea, but in this bed with a man


When Xiaonian knocked on his head, his face turned pale.

I'm afraid the medicine given to her by her adoptive mother yesterday is not a simple drug, but a drug for love. Otherwise, how could she That man will not be the foster mother and Shidi


No way.

She vaguely remembered that last night she was conflicted at the beginning, but later, because that feeling was too familiar, she would only

When small read quickly put on long skirt, from the bed.

As soon as she stepped on the ground, Xiaonian's legs sprang forward, straight to Mr palace. Her legs were sour and painful

She is too familiar with this feeling. Every time Gong Ou goes out of control, she will.

"Master, are you ok?"

The R palace gave her a hand.

"Nothing." When small reads to support it to stand firm footstep, "did Gong Ou come back last night?"

"Mr. Gong?"

The eyeball of R palace starts to show a series of data again. When Xiaonian waits, Mr palace suddenly says, "excuse me, master, I searched. Last night, I didn't set up memory storage. I don't remember it."

"Don't remember?"

It's impossible for a robot to have the same memory as a human.

The r-house added, "you can choose whether to turn on the memory storage function or not?"

“yes。 Open. "

Said Shi Xiaonian, then walked out.

"Set successfully, save memory function is on."

The r-house prompts her.

When Xiaonian didn't care about him, he went out barefoot in his skirt, walked through the big hall, opened every door, and didn't see the familiar figure.

No way.

Her body can't be so familiar with other men, including mu qianchu, just Gong ou

It must be gong ou.

It must be him. It can't be someone else's.

At the bottom of his heart, Shi Xiaonian desperately hopes that the man last night was gong ou, but what if he is not? In case of any man.

When small read flurried to think, passing a mirror, she looked at herself in the mirror, only to see her neck is wrapped with gauze.

The whole white lump, standing on her neck, at first glance seemed to be a high collar.

Ugly to death.

When Xiaonian took off the white gauze on her neck and completely put it down, she found that there was only a small piece of grasping gauze on her neck, which could be done by sticking two bandages. She actually used such a thick gauze.

When small read helplessly looked at the gauze in the hand, in the eyes suddenly skimmed a touch of consternation.

People who need to cover a very thick pile of gauze for a small wound only one.

She can now confirm that the man last night was gong ou.

When "Hoo"

I can't help but relax and settle down.

Then, she smiled bitterly in the mirror. Why should she be glad that the man last night was gong Ou? Is it possible that she and Gong ou are not successful?

When Xiaonian saw himself in the mirror, he felt the tiny scar on his fingertip.

How could Gong Ou come? Why do you come and leave without waiting for her to wake up, because you don't want to see her again?

In the past, he wanted to stick to her for 24 hours. Now, he can't say, and really can't see completely.

When Xiaonian went outside, she found her bag fell to the ground. She picked it up and took out her mobile phone. There were more than 20 unanswered phones, all from muqianchu.

She was confused last night.

She called back and Mu picked up the phone at the first time. "Xiaonian, where are you? Are you ok?"

"I'm fine, and you?" Shixiaonian asked, "did Shidi stay with you last night?"

Hearing this, mu qianchu's tone suddenly became tense. "Xiaonian, don't get me wrong. Nothing happened between us, but I didn't know what happened last night. I was very sleepy and wanted to sleep. When I got up early, I found that the flute was still by my side."