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Chapter 595 he loves her girdle

For Mr. y, shixiaonian was on guard, but she didn't know why. She just thought this man could be trusted.

Mr. Y's car slowly drove into the Butler school and asked someone to secretly put Mona into the car and take her away.

When Xiaonian and Fengde stood by the road, they bowed their heads to the car and turned to leave.

"Xiaonian, can you really trust this Mr. y? I just thanked him. He can't even get off the bus. It's so mysterious and sneaky. " Feng de said, frowning and worried.

Xiaonian is too worried about him, so he is easy to be rushed to hospital.

"I believe he is willing to help me." Shi Xiaonian said, standing there, he said, "no matter what, now it's a difficult time. My adoptive father, you can clean up the dormitory or live as usual."

"Do you really think he has the ability to avoid Lancaster's eyes?"

Feng de asked, still a little uneasy about Mr. y, who had never met before.

"At first, he took the twins away in full view of the public."

That man has such ability absolutely.

Wen Yan, Feng de can only nod and say, "well, I hope everything goes well, young master can get better."


Shi Xiaonian said with great confidence that Gong Ou has changed a lot with her help. With Mona's guidance, she will definitely put down that set of deadly binding force.


When Xiaonian came back to the palace, it was very late. She walked into the gate slowly, looked at the maids around her, smiled and walked upstairs.

Suddenly, she felt as if on her back.

When Xiaonian slowly raised her head, she saw Luo Qi standing at the stairway entrance. She stood there stiffly and bowed her head toward Luo Qi. "Good madam."

"Where's the injury going?"

Luo Qi was standing there and asked in a slightly unhappy tone.

"I went to see my adoptive father."

When small read to explain.

"Adoptive father?" Luo Qi naturally knew where she had gone, and her voice cooled a little. "He's just a housekeeper, do you understand?"


When Xiaonian stood there in silence.

Luo Qi slowly came down, stood in front of her, raised her hand and pressed the gauze on her face, slightly opened the gauze and looked at it, then said, "there is a difference in dignity and inferiority, up is up, down is down, even the owner has forgotten his identity, how to maintain the order under the administration? Take good care of your injuries and don't go to see Fengde again. "


When Xiaonian stood there quietly, unable to speak.

"I've selected several sets of clothes for the wedding. You'll try them later." Luo Qi said that she was not excessively criticized.

For Luo Qi, she has made up her mind and her family. What she has to do is not to be critical, but to pay for the glory of the palace family.

"Yes, ma'am."

I nodded.

"I didn't eat anything outside. Be careful to leave scars. Your face will be the face of our palace, too. Understand?" Luo Qi said.

"I see, ma'am."

When small read bow.

"Well, go ahead." Luo Qi nodded and went downstairs.

When Xiaonian stood on the ancient stairs, hands on the handrail, looked down with low eyes, looked at Luo Qi's elegant figure, couldn't help asking, "madam."

Luo Qi looks back at her. The action of turning her eyes is so beautiful that it breaks people's hearts.

"Madame, is the honor of the palace above all else?" Asked shixiaonian.

Luo Qi nodded without thinking much. "It's natural."

Without the palace family, there are no them.

With honor, they can live a more valuable life.

"But I think everyone is an independent individual. In just a few decades, it's better to live comfortably." Said Shi Xiaonian.

Now, this is her only request for Gong ou.

Smell speech, a few maids of one side are startled to send out the voice that pours out air.

Luo Qi frowned.

When Xiaonian smiled and said, "of course, I will try my best to do it as you wish."

With that, Xiao Nian went upstairs.

When Luo Qi stood there and watched, Xiao Nian walked up, sighed helplessly, and the maid said, "Miss Xi still needs time. She has a common soul in her body for a long time."

Luo Qi nodded and went downstairs.

After a day's tiredness, Xiao Nian was really tired. He walked up the stairs step by step. Several maids were there, bending down at her. "Miss Xi, you are back. Would you like to try on the skirt now?"

Can she say no?

When Xiaonian smiled, "OK, where is the skirt?"

"This way."

The maid took her to a huge dressing room, where she saw only one dress displayed, with no exception the retro wide dress, which made Xiaonian think of the clothes of the female owners in the old European films.


When Xiaonian couldn't help but praise.

"These two are dance skirts, these two are gift skirts for dinner, and the wedding dress is still in production. The tailor is the one who made the wedding dress when his wife got married." Said the maid.

"Is it?"

When Xiaonian was a little surprised, Luo Qi said everywhere that she would not give such a background to the people's Congress, but in the end, the only son's big marriage, is still very important.

"Yes. Which one do you want to try first, Miss Xi? " Asked the maid on one side.

"This green dress." Shixiaonian points to one of them.


The maid was very respectful.

Shi Xiaonian likes the beauty of Western classical skirts very much. When watching the movie, the heroine is running on the grass with layers of skirts, which is very romantic.

But beauty comes at a price.

With the help of the maid, Xiao Nian put on a long skirt with wide sleeves and floor. Before she could appreciate it, the maids on both sides suddenly began to pull the waist rope to both sides.


When small read suddenly big eyes, almost a breath did not breathe up.

"Miss Xi, take a hard breath."

Said the maid over there.


When Xiaonian took a deep breath, then the two maids pulled a string of waist rope to both sides. She hurriedly said, "what are you doing? That's enough. I can't breathe. "

"Miss Xi, wearing this kind of skirt is to show slim waist. It's impolite if you don't tie your waist tightly enough." The maid said and pulled to death.


When small read dead to stare big eyes, face all changed color, "OK?"

Then a maid came up and measured her waist.

The telephone rang suddenly.

A maid came up with her mobile phone and handed it to shixiaonian. "Miss Xi, your phone."

When Xiaonian was breathing hard, he looked down and saw Gong Ou's name on the screen, and his eyes were suddenly staring out.

Gong ou.

He would call on his own initiative. Is it a red rain?

When Xiaonian hurriedly picked up his mobile phone and picked it up, he hung up for fear of slowing down a step. He was surprised and said, "Gong ou, how can you call?"

"You're an hour and 23 minutes late on your phone today."

Gong Ou's cold voice rang in her ear.


When small read stupefied, take down the mobile phone, as expected, she is late today, this time palace side should be noon, she calculated every noon when he was not at work will give him a phone.

As a result, she was confused by Mona today and forgot.

That's why he called? Although he endured for more than an hour, he even took the initiative. Amazing!

"I'm sorry. I read the wrong time." Shi Xiaonian said, his face is hard to hide the bright smile. "You even call me, do you miss me?"


Gong Ou is silent.

The maid stood in front of shixiaonian and measured the waist size for her. There was room for tightening. So she made a tightening movement towards the two people who were pulling the waist rope.

So the two servants yanked on both sides.


When Xiaonian suddenly screamed, her waist was almost broken.

It's just to be a bride. I can't do that.

"What's the matter? What are you doing? "

Gong Ou's voice rings in the mobile phone, and the magnetic voice brings a touch of worry.

"Nothing. I'm dressing." When Xiaonian said this, he was a little out of breath. He held his cell phone in one hand and pressed it against the wall, breathing hard.

Hearing this, Gong Ou was silent there for two seconds. "Xi Xiaonian, are you seducing me again?"

Does she now make it a rule to seduce him?

"No." When Xiaonian clenched his teeth, "I'm trying on the classical dress I'm going to wear at the wedding. I'm girding my waist and strangling me, ah!"

During the conversation, the two maids pulled to the side again, and Xiao Nian almost bled.

"Miss Xi, as the future young lady of the palace family, should always keep a noble attitude and not make such a voice." The maid beside reminded her seriously.

"OK, I see."

When Xiaonian nodded, they began to tie their waists again. She was biting her teeth to death, trying not to make a sound. This tie waist and other things were just the destruction of women.


When Xiaonian was suffering from contorted facial features, she didn't want to make such a bad voice to listen to Gong ou, so she said in a hurry with a breath, "Gong ou, I'll call you later, I'll try on my clothes first."

Said, when small read hung up the phone, forced to bear the pain of girdling.


At home, Gong Ou sits at his desk and stares at his mobile phone.

Gird up.

Miyou's handsome face has a deep touch, does girdling waist hurt? Scream like that.

He put the mobile phone aside and began to work. His eyes kept moving to the mobile phone. After working for a while, Gong Ou picked up the phone and called Gong's home.

After a while, Luo Qi answers the phone.

"It's such a good day. Ken called me on his own initiative?" Luo Qi's voice is a little joyful.


Gong Ou answered with a low voice. His thin lips were pursed. He didn't think about where to start.

"I want to know how it is at home, right? Everything is good at home. Twins study hard, but Xiaokui is a bit naughty and refuses to learn the rules well." Luo Qi said, "your father has been busy recently. I'm preparing for your wedding."


Gong ou should speak again.