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Chapter 727 the vegetative man wakes up

He was hurt and she didn't stay with him.

"I went to take care of my adoptive father."

When small read lightly said, walk to one side pour water.

"He is more important than me?"

Gong Ou's tone was full of jealousy, and Gong Yu could not listen to it any more. "Feng De is Xiao Nian's adoptive father, and she takes care of it for granted, which can also taste."


Gong Ou eats reasonably, without any three views and reasons.

Gong Yu could not help laughing. When Xiaonian came to Gong ou with a water cup, he silently handed him the bad water, and then stood there silently without any sound.

Gong Ou takes a drink from the water glass, and his eyes fall on Shi Xiaonian. Gong Yu continues to talk about the handling of the island. Suddenly, he listens to Gong Ou's deep voice and says, "what's the matter? I'm not happy."

Hearing this, Gong Yu looked up at Xiaonian and saw that she was just standing there in silence, her eyes slightly drooping, with no emotion.

How can I see the unhappiness.

Gong Yu thought to himself, look at Gong ou, and look at Xiao Nian. Then he stood up and left in silence, leaving space for them.

"Sit down."

Gong Ou holds her hand and asks her to sit down. When Xiaonian sits beside the bed, she looks at Gong ou with her eyes. "Angelina's time is less than a month."


The dark eyes of gong'ou are deep, deep and authentic, "do you know about Fengde?"

After all, Gong Ou is worried about Fengde.

Xiaonian shook his head. "I told Miss Su, and Miss Su promised not to say it, but how long can it be concealed?"

"As long as you can, or Fengde will be buried here."

"Well." She understands.

"Don't think so much." Gong Ou said in a deep voice, raised his hand to touch her face, pointed to her belly and scraped it gently. When Xiaonian smiled bitterly, he looked at his dark eyes and said, "this island is so beautiful, I don't know why it is so sad."

There are so many sorrows in such a beautiful place.

Fengde has Fengde's sorrow, Angelina has Angelina's sorrow, and suyaoyao has suyaoyao's sorrow. Obviously, they are a family, but they have different sorrows, all because of this island.

"I'll go back with you first?"

Gong Ou knows that Xiaonian doesn't want to stay on this island anymore.

When Xiaonian shook his head, "your injury is not good, and you need to take good care of it. The injury of your adoptive father is worse. It's not suitable for action. Let's stay for another two days."

"Well, whatever you say."

Gong Ou said that he put her in his arms, lowered his head and printed her lips. The soft touch filled his heart.

His lips are warm.

When small read softly to his arms, quietly on his body, eyes some astringent ran, "I really worry about the adoptive father."

"I'm his young master. I won't allow him to die. He dare not."

Gong Ou said that the voice, which has always been fierce, has become especially gentle at the moment, trying to calm the uneasiness of shixiaonian at the moment.


Xiaonian nodded.

When Xiaonian takes care of Fengde for two days. Fengde finally wakes up. He struggles to walk upstairs as soon as he wakes up. When Xiaonian stands at the bottom of the stairs and watches him walk up painstakingly.

Step by step.

So hard.

It's very unpleasant for her to stand there, but she can't do anything, and she doesn't want to go up and see the sad picture.

"Master, are you very sad now?"

An electronic voice suddenly sounded behind her.

When Xiaonian turned around, Mr palace stood behind her. It was full of traces. If a living person had died at the moment, she raised her hand and stroked Mr Palace's face. "Fortunately, you don't feel pain, or I will be more sad."

The R palace seemed to know what she was talking about, bowed its head to her, and made a loyal gesture, "even if I feel pain, I will protect the master without hesitation."

"I'll have someone fix it for you later." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"I don't want to leave my master."

Small read smile, smile is very bitter, "if everyone wants not to leave can stay, then how good."

In this way, the adoptive father will not be hit again.

Just then, I heard a commotion from upstairs. When Xiaonian heard the scream of Su Yaoyao and the doctor's surprise, he heard the words. When Xiaonian hurriedly trotted upstairs and rushed to the door.

In the old room, Feng de kneels beside the bed and holds a hand that is almost bone thin. Su Yaoyao stands by and holds her hands tightly to her mouth and looks at the person on the bed unbelievably.

When Xiaonian walked in, she saw Angelina lying there quietly on the bed. Unlike the previous two days, her eyes were open at this time. Her eyes were beautiful, with a touch of confusion, pure, and did not look like the eyes of an old age.

Wake up?


When Xiaonian opened his eyes in shock, the vegetative people who had slept for decades suddenly woke up when he was dying?

"Mrs. Gong." The doctor nodded to shixiaonian and explained, "it's a miracle. As soon as Mr. Feng's hand grasped her, she woke up."


Wake up as soon as you grab her hand?

When Xiaonian quietly looked at the beautiful woman in bed, she was in a trance and had an illusion that she had been sleeping for so many years just to wait for the arrival of her adoptive father.

It seems that when she was touched by a chord, Xiaonian's heart was hurt. Her eyes fell on Fengde, and she saw Fengde kneeling on one knee, moving manually, and her fingertips resting on Angelina's pulse.

The adoptive father is skilled in medicine.

He could sort out Angelina's condition with a pulse.

"Adoptive father!" When small read hurriedly rushed over, pretended not to be careful to run open the hand of Feng De.

Feng de kneels there, raises his eyes and looks at Shi Xiaonian. There is a happy smile on Yu Qing's face, which can't be covered up.

When small read hurriedly to the nearby doctor to make an eye look and say, "you don't Leng, look at her situation quickly, she woke up, should everything be ok?"

Smell speech, the doctor receives a sign to hurry up to see Angelina's situation, and then follow the meaning of small read, "wake up, wake up, good recuperation will be good."

When Xiaonian squatted down beside Fengde and said with a smile, "adoptive father, great, congratulations on your family reunion."

Wen Yan, Feng De's corner of the eye twitches, then a smile, jaw head, voice hoarse "um" a.

Su Yaoyao didn't speak, his eyes were dim.

Feng de kneels there, reaches out to touch Angelina's pale face, and Xiaonian asks, "adoptive father, don't you speak to her?"

"She just woke up. She needs to be quiet."

Feng de said, at this moment, he is not in a hurry. Just take your time.

"Well, let's go out first. You stay here with her." Shi Xiaonian said, stand up to see the doctor, and then walk out.

Just about to leave, she turned her eyes and saw Angelina lying there, her eyes suddenly moved, and turned stiffly to look at Feng De.

There was no expression on her face, so she looked at Feng De, dazed and ignorant, without any feelings, as if she did not know him.

That kind of eyes when small read heart a stagnation.

She and Feng de just looked at each other, and Xiao Nian stood there, watching a tear fall from Feng De's eyes.

He knelt there, tears streaming down his face, but he still looked at Angelina with a smile, put her hand on his face, and asked, "don't you know me?"


Angelina lay there without any sound, just looking at him quietly.

Her face is old, but those eyes are clear and pure, just like an ignorant child coming to this world, looking at all things in a daze.

"I'm old, aren't I? It's old and ugly. No wonder you can't recognize me. "

Feng de said with a smile, tears flowing silently again.


Angelina looked at him, still without any voice.

When Xiaonian couldn't bear to look further, she turned around and left.

Angelina's situation is unknown. Since she woke up, she didn't have a word. No one knows her. She can't recognize Feng de or ekla. She is like amnesia or dementia.

She didn't speak and didn't recognize anyone.

She just opened a pair of eyes as clear as the sea and looked at everyone, with a trace of ignorance.

Even so, Feng De is still very happy, the injury has recovered a lot faster, every day the infusion to sit next to Angelina, still holding a book to tell her a story.

After the infusion, Feng de will feed Angelina with water and liquid food.

After eating, Feng de will wipe her body.

Then, Feng de puts on Angelina's thick clothes and pushes her to go out in the sun.

Gong Ou doesn't blame Feng de for not doing his job. He lets him go. Feng De is very happy to take care of Angelina. Xiao Nian never saw that smile on Feng De's face.

It's a blessing.

Shixiaonian believed that even if Angelina would not wake up, even if she was disabled for a lifetime, it would be the greatest blessing for Fengde, because he could finally take care of her.

Day by day.

The island's affairs have been handled almost. Gong ou and Feng De's injuries are healing slowly.

Borg island is not what it used to be. It has been completely controlled by the palace and the police. Thanks to the strong intervention of the police, Lancaster has also quietly retreated and is no longer entangled.

For the first time in a small hotel, the electricity was on all night. A TV set moved in. When the landlady and many islanders saw the TV picture for the first time, they were stunned. They could watch an advertisement with interest.

Smiles spread in the small hotel.

At dusk, Xiaonian cooked dinner himself and brought it to the dining table outside. In the sunlight, Fengde, who was injured, still pushed Angelina on the wheelchair to walk outside.

"Adoptive father." When small read to carry dish to walk over, smile a way, "have dinner, tomorrow we went back, then find the best doctor to nurse for the adoptive mother."