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Chapter 1024 killing

When small read light smile, did not say anything.

She was caught, and bit didn't do that much to George, but George would not kill him even if he thought his son was a disgrace of orthodoxy.

When Xiaonian looks at bith, who is very careful to accompany her, half of his face is bloodstained, but his eyes are always like the color of the sea, blue is very pure.

Well, at least she saved the young man, and was determined to be her elder sister's young man.

When bith tried to save her, Xiaonian knew for the first time the feeling of having a younger brother. It turned out that a younger brother was in such a mood.

"Are you afraid?" Bith, seeing that she was silent, couldn't help but ask anxiously, "do you have any discomfort in your body or stomach?"


When Xiaonian shook his head, looked down at the lock on his hand, his eyes were dim.

This time, how much trouble will she bring to Gong Ou? She turns her eyes to bit, "bit, can I ask you something?"

"You said." Bit said it right away.

When Xiaonian looked back, those people were walking behind them. She approached bit and lowered her voice to the volume that two people heard. "Bit, I can't be caught by your father. I'm not afraid of being abused, but I'm afraid the palace will be destroyed in my hands."

"What do you want me to do?" Bit understood her very cleverly.

When Xiaonian sipped his lips, "your father is not in zone 13, the time to send me must be not short. You should know about the routes between the two places that you are not the key care object. Escape to find my husband and ask him to stop and rescue me on the way."

Once she was taken to George's side, there was no return.

"Looking for the palace family?" "I think they'll kill me before I have time to speak," said bit, with a second of resistance in his eyes

He's from Lancaster.

"As long as you can find a way to see Gong ou, he will believe you." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"How can he trust me? He looks down on me. " Before the negotiation meeting of the two families let bit have shadow, "do you have anything that only the two of you know? But it's impossible. He'll think we forced you to say it. "

Smell speech, when small read wryly smile shake head, "do not need those, you tell him the development of the facts."


Bit's face was full of incomprehension.

"As long as there is my news, Gong ou will come even if it is a trap." When Xiaonian whispered out this sentence, his heart ached like a knife.

This is too easy to say, but it sounds too sad.

Over the years, Gong Ou has exhausted everything in order to protect her. He doesn't know what he is now because of her disappearance.

Bitton paused and looked at her stupidly, as if he couldn't believe it

"Well." Xiaonian nodded and looked up at him. "Can you help me?"

"If I deal with your husband, I betray my father and my family." Bit is very smart. In his mind, shixiaonian is not a member of the palace family. It's only his own business that he gives his life to help. He doesn't rise to the height of the family.

But let him go to Gong ou, and he can't go back.

He is against the whole family, which should prove the saying of the family. He is a disgrace, a curse that can never be turned over.

God knows how much he wants everyone to look at him differently.


When small read silent look at him, up to now he still can't put down that family? It's a terrible obsession.

She lowered her head, said nothing, and went on.

Bith looks at her back, guilt comes up. He catches up with her and looks at her white face with some trepidation. "Are you disappointed with me?"

"Now that I'm back, I'm ready for the worst." When Xiaonian looks at him lightly, "you don't always think you will let people down. You are so smart, and robots can study. I believe you can do whatever you want."

"When I read......"

Said, the front row of cars have been waiting at the roadside, the black door was opened, like a black hole opened, people can not predict what kind of disaster is after being rolled in.

Without waiting for others to push him, Xiao Nian naturally bowed his head and sat in. He is already a prisoner of the next level. It's always good to suffer less pain.

This is a Motorhome. The seats on both sides are face-to-face. Bit has been watching Xiaonian's expression and carefully sat beside her.

The head of the bodyguard and two of his men sat opposite them. The three opened a bottle of red wine excitedly and began to celebrate.

It was noisy outside that Mr palace and maids were taken away together.

"Drink less, and deliver to Mr. George." The headman said, shaking the wine in the glass, "have you contacted me?"

"Mr. A has gone to bed. The secretary who took care of Mr. a said let's send the people first."

"Don't send for me? This woman is Gong Ou's treasure. " The leader is not satisfied with the cup.

"The Secretary said that he would send someone outside zone 13 to take over. In this place, the great momentum will arouse suspicion. We should quietly remove people and not make too much noise."

"So it is." When the leader looked at the other side, Xiaonian smiled proudly and raised the cup in his hand. "Mrs. Gong, I'd like to offer you a toast. My future prosperity depends on you."


At that time, Xiaonian didn't look at him. He turned away. His face was cold and his long hair was a bit messy.

Bit sat there still watching her expression uneasily to see if she was disappointed in herself and if she was very sad.

When Xiaonian noticed that bith had been observing herself, she looked at him and gave him a soothing look. "I'm tired. I'll have a rest."

She sat on the side and closed her eyes against the soft side.

She didn't want to see the three faces on the other side. She had to be strong enough to cope with the next situation.

But her move made bith, who was sensitive in mind, panic. He looked at her at a loss. He didn't know how to do it. She really didn't want to talk to him. She must regret coming back to save him and let him be shot dead by her own people.

The broken hand is more and more painful.

He suddenly found out that he was more worried about what Xiaonian thought of him than betraying the whole family

She is the only one who is so kind to him. If he doesn't help her, will her good be taken back? What about him?

"Stop looking at me." When Xiaonian opened his eyes and looked at him, he could not rest even with his eyes closed. The young man's gaze on her was so strong that she could not ignore it.


Bit looked at her in a panic. She really didn't want his brother. She didn't like him anymore.

"You are so badly injured that you can't bandage. You'd better rest. Otherwise, how can you go back to see your father?" When Xiaonian looked at him, his eyes were full of concern.

"When I read it."

Didn't she let him down when he called out her name with standard pronunciation?

"Bit, I can't be with you in the future. You must learn to take care of yourself." When small read soft voice to say, then closed eyes again.

She knew that bith's eyes had been on her all the time, and she heard that his breath was so heavy that she didn't know what she was thinking.

When he was only 16, Xiaonian really didn't want to force a teenager to do anything he didn't want.

As long as he's fine.

When Xiaonian leaned there with his eyes closed, his hands locked all the time, and bit's breath was very heavy.

Suddenly, bit's voice rang in her ear, "I'm going to the bathroom."

When Xiaonian leaned there, he was shocked.

"Young master, where is the toilet on the road for you?" The three bodyguards in the opposite side said with a mocking smile, "I'm in a hurry now. Just stop by the side of the road. How can there be so many things?"

When bit insisted, Xiaonian suddenly understood what he wanted to do.

He decided to escape to the palace and Europe for information. Has he made up his mind? It's dangerous.

At bit's words, the three bodyguards seemed to laugh at something funny. "I heard it right. The young master of the Lancaster family is going to go to the toilet on the side of the road. No wonder they all say that innate genes are very important. The blood from the maid is really cheap."

Such a naked mockery.

When Xiaonian opened his eyes and looked at bit anxiously, he saw bit sitting there, one hand clenched tightly, his young face was full of anger, his long eyelashes were shaking, and his eyes were staring at the three people in the opposite direction.

It's the most he's heard since he was a kid, so he wants George's approval so much.

When Xiaonian thought that bit would get angry, he just shouted angrily, "let me go to the toilet or not? Let me not go to the bathroom? "

It's just a grumpy kid.

The bodyguard leader put down the red wine cup in his hand and smiled, "driver, stop."

Bit immediately got up from his seat, opened the door and jumped down. At the moment of leaving, bit turned his head and gave her a firm look.

It was clear how many hours he had in his eyes that he decided to help her.


When Xiaonian looks at him anxiously, silently signals that he must be careful. Bit smiles at her and turns away.

The bodyguard will surely send someone to stare at bith. After a while, she will make some noise. She is a big chip. In order to take her away, they can't divide their hearts to chase bith.

When Xiaonian thought about it, he found that the head of the bodyguard in the opposite side smiled a little insidious and delayed sending someone to stare at bit, which made her uneasy.

No, even if I have one of her great achievements, bith is still a young master, these three bodyguards are servants. It's illogical to laugh at His bloodline face to face, unless

"Are you two going down together or?" The head of the bodyguard suddenly spoke to his men.