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Chapter 524 the mysterious Mr. y

Gong ou.

have not touched Mona's palace.


When Xiaonian smiled, walked to the desk and deleted the video on the tablet computer. It was like Gong Ou's first time when she came back, she felt that he still cared about her. She stood in front of her bed like a ghost for two hours and filled the man in the video with mosaics.

He hasn't changed his mind.

After laughing, Shi Xiaonian's face was filled with melancholy again. She looked to one side, which was where Gong Ou had just sat.

Really a little bit can not come back?

Why does the return to normal go to the other extreme.

Do you want her to stay away from him, and only after saying those words of refusal can he reveal that he cares about her performance?

A love, he is not always playing the role of Gao Leng.

Then everyone will love too tired.

Love is not like this, but how can she make the proud Gong Ou understand?


When Xiaonian coughed a few times and her head began to ache again, she took out her mobile phone to call Xia Yu. She wanted to ask about the twins. Suddenly, she saw a new email in the gallery public mailbox on her mobile phone.

It was still sent in the afternoon, and she didn't find out.

When I was a little bit open.

I see the news. Do you need a lawyer. Y.


It took two seconds for Xiaonian to remember that it was Mr. y, the mysterious buyer.

Every quarter, the man would come to her gallery to buy a picture, which was heavily armed, with glasses and masks. He could not see clearly, never spoke much, talked with him and never answered, just like a deaf man.

He can only write a "Y" in his autograph book.

They didn't even communicate with each other. He asked her about it.


Yes, of course. She said that she would live for herself once. Gong Ou's illness has been cured. She doesn't need to be aggrieved anymore. This lawsuit must be fought.

At least let Gong ou know what she wants. It's not an empty shell waiting for her husband's home.

She wants to keep twins and a real home.

When I think about it, I reply to it by email.

Hello, Mr. y, thank you for your concern. I really need a lawyer.

Asking a lawyer is the biggest problem for shixiaonian. Gong Ou hasn't made a move yet. Those lawyers shake their heads like a rattle when they hear it.

Next, Gong Ou must have another way for her. She can't let him feel that she can't do without him.

I can help you. Y.

Looking at the immediately replied email, Xiaonian was a little surprised. Help?

So sudden.

Thank you for your kindness. Are you a lawyer?

When Xiaonian expressed his doubts doubtfully, the silent man would be a lawyer?

But after this email, the other party didn't return it.


When small read frown, what is to help her this help, what is the meaning?

She couldn't understand. Suddenly, there was a sound outside. She turned her head, and saw Xia Yu coming in with Gong Kui in his arms. Gong Yao came in with a small face. He could never tell whether he was happy or not on Gong Yao's face.

"Back?" When Xiaonian laughed and walked towards Xiayu, gongkui was obviously tired of playing, lying on Xiayu's shoulder, he fell asleep. "It's hard for you. Xiayu, please help me with my children."

"I'm joking. After the nobility, take them to play. I have a sense of honor to be a servant to the little prince and princess."

Summer rain is very important.

"Poof. They are ordinary children. Don't make any noise. I'll take Xiaokui in. "

Shi Xiaonian said that he took Gong Kui from Xiayu and walked to the room with him.

After putting down the palace anemone, Xiao Nian turned around and Xia Yu stood at the door of the room and waved to her.

Gong Yao comes in, his clothes are neat and tidy. Unlike Gong Kui's clothes, he can't find any dust on his body.

"Holly, can I have a talk with aunt Xia and give you a bath later?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"Well. Please. "

Gong Yao lowered his head towards her expressionless, then stood by the bed and stared at her sister.

When Xiaonian walked out of the room, Xia Yu pulled her out. "I'll go. What planet is your son from? Do you know that my husband and I bought a bunch of toys to make them happy. Xiaokui and xiaoqiuzi were crazy, just your son..."

Xiaoqiuzi is the daughter of Xiayu.

"What happened to Holly?"

When small read helplessly said.

"He has always been playing poker face. We think boys like to play with guns and buy him such a big toy gun." "Do you know what your son did? He told us about the construction concept of real guns, the range of bullets, and the gun path experiment. My husband and I listened to the encyclopedia at the same time. He said it in more detail than the encyclopedia. "


When I was small, I was silent.

"Your son is a dangerous man, you know?" Xia Yu grabs her arm and shakes it desperately.

"It's not that serious, but Holly went hunting with Gong Jue when he was 3 years old." Said Shi Xiaonian.

She knew about it. It was an elegant thing among the nobles, and holy never showed any antipathy.

He is more adaptable to the noble way of life than she is.

Xia Yu opened his eyes curiously, "well, I'm making a big fuss about the life of aristocrats and celebrities. If Xiaokui is cute, she won't tell us the range of bullets. "

When small read helplessly smile.

"Well, you're in a good mood." Summer rain suddenly discovered the change of Xiaonian.

"Yes, thank you for helping me with my children. I've had a long sleep and I'm much more comfortable now."

Xiaonian said with a smile.

"No, no, you are obviously happy. When I saw you in the daytime, your face was cold and you wanted to eat people. I dare to fall in love with paranoia if you say anything." As her best friend, Xia Yu has a certain understanding of her, "there must be good things happening. Do you know that I have found a lawyer?

When small read stupefied next, "lawyer? Have you found a lawyer? "

Can Xia Yu and her children help her find a lawyer?

"Yeah, I'm good. I sent a lawyer seeking book on our cartoon network, with thousands of words. As a result, many people responded. These days, we have to rely on the power of the Internet. Tomorrow I'll do it for you first, set up a lawyer force, and then bring it to you. " Summer rain said.

"So easy? Is there a problem? "

She couldn't find it.

"Let's see what else we can do." Summer rain said.

"Thank you so much, summer rain."

When Xiaonian looked at Xiayu gratefully, finally there was a lawyer. Good thing.

No more lawyers. She lost without a fight.


The next day, in the afternoon, a lawyer entered the gallery of shixiaonian.

At that time, Xiaonian thought that some unknown little lawyers wanted to become famous by taking advantage of this case. Unexpectedly, when he received the business card, they were all the top-ranking figures in the legal circle, as well as foreign barristers.

When Xia Yu stood there boasting his achievements, Xiao Nian felt more and more wrong turning over his business card.

"Gentlemen, you are not from Xia Yufa's lawyer seeking book, are you?"

Xiaonian stands in front of the lawyers and interrupts Xia Yu.

Xiayu looks at shixiaonian with some consternation.

The lawyers, dressed in straight clothes, sat there with a profound smile. One of them stood up and said, "yes, we are entrusted by Mr. y."

"Mr y?"

Xia Yu looks at Shi Xiaonian incomprehensibly.

It is the mysterious Mr. y.

When small read Zheng Zheng, that person why want to help her?


A kind voice came from the outside.

When Xiaonian turned his head and smiled, "adoptive father, why are you here?"

When Gong Ou came back, Feng de served him.

Feng de stood at the door, his face a little ugly, his eyes even sad and heavy.


When Xiaonian's smile also disappeared, she thought, it must not be a good thing.

As expected, Feng de stood at the door and sighed, saying, "Xiao Nian, young master asked me to pick up Miss Xiao Kui and young master holy. The British palace sent someone to pick up."

Gong Ou's first wave came so soon.

When Xiaonian looks at the lawyers and waits for their actions, she wants to know if they really serve her.

In her opinion, the lawyers stood up one after another, walked towards Fengde, and began to tell Fengde all kinds of reasons, and presented a lawyer's letter.


When Xiaonian stood there quietly, looking at Feng De's face in surprise.

A barrister is a barrister. He is organized and eloquent.

When Feng de left, he smiled at her, made a gesture to cheer her on, and smiled at her.

Gong Ou's second attack soon followed.

A group of lawyers walked into the gallery and held lengthy negotiations with the lawyer invited by Shi Xiaonian face to face, from day to dusk, from dusk to night, and then the next day.

When Xiaonian and Xiayu sat there listening, they were sleepy and yawned.

As shixiaonian and Gong Ou did not lower their bottom line, the lawyers negotiated for two days without a good result.

The negotiation failed, only waiting for the court session.

Before the court session, the twins are taken by both parents in turn for 5 days.

It's cold after the snow.

When Xiaonian wore a mask to the twins and put on their new clothes. He packed all their clothes and put them in the trunk. Then he stood them up and handed them to them. Reluctantly, he looked at the two beautiful children. "In the next five days, you will live with dad and take good care of yourself, OK?"

"But I want to live with you."

Gong Kui leaned against Xiao Nian when she went back, and she was very reluctant.

"Can you call me if you want? We video chat. " When Xiaonian took the initiative to hand over the first round of child care tasks to Gong ou, ostensibly because she would still infect children with a cold.

As for the real reason

She did it on purpose. It was her turn to attack Gong ou.