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Chapter 1064 bit's special performance


When Xiaonian looked at him speechlessly, he couldn't stand it. Could he hold a press conference properly.

She put away her mobile phone and stared at Gong ou for a long time. In the middle, she talked with Feng de in a low voice. Time passed by. Her mobile phone didn't vibrate, and the seat beside her was empty all the time.

Didn't bit get her text message? Why don't you come.

When Xiaonian looked down at the empty seat beside him, he thought. His teeth were rubbing his lips. Suddenly, Feng de whispered, "we are going to sign the centenary cooperation plan. Young master, please don't lose your mind."


When Xiaonian raised his head in amazement, he saw Gong Ou sitting in the front position and glared at her fiercely to express his dissatisfaction.

The professional host on the side began to announce the signing ceremony.

When Xiaonian smiled at Gong ou, then reached out and clapped. Under her leadership, there was thunderous applause.

Both sides submit documents. Gong ou and George are looking at the contents of the plan. Gong Ou is absent-minded. He turns a black pen with one hand and looks at Xiao Nian from time to time.

George didn't pay much attention either. After watching for nearly a minute, he raised his eyes and looked around.

Gong Ou holds up his pen and taps it gently on the table top. Then he points in one direction. George looks in that direction and presses his hand tightly on the document in front of him.

When Xiaonian also turned his head, this government building is a circular design, which can clearly see the high-rise building. In front of a door on the second floor, a bodyguard pushed a woman in a simple robe to the railing, slowly pulled down her broad hat, revealing a face that was almost hideous.

Enid was so haggard that she looked down at the meeting place and the whole body was shaking.

Although there is some distance, shixiaonian can feel that her eyes must be red. She made it for the sake of this man today. To hold this man high, she can proudly say that she has never lagged behind, but today she is still involved.

It must be hard.

Soon another group of people walked down the corridor on the second floor towards Enid, the Lancaster family.

It's up for handover and down for signing.

When Xiaonian takes his eyes back, slowly puts down his clapping hands, and quietly looks at Gong ou and George at the meeting table.

George smiled stiffly. Gong Ou made a gesture of inviting him with a pen in his hand, and the two signed their names on the Centennial cooperation plan.

Then there is the exchange of documents.

Then there's the signature.

When the lawyers came out to announce the establishment of the Centennial cooperation plan, there was thunderous applause again. Xiaonian took a sigh of relief and smiled at Fengde.

"It's over, Xiaonian." "With this hundred year cooperation plan in hand, it would be too expensive for George to come here again."

Xiaonian nodded hard. "This time, everyone can have a good sleep."


In a long voice, Feng drew his hands vigorously.

"When we go back, we will arrange another large-scale sacrifice. We formally commemorate the victims. Without them, we can't wait for today." When small read claps hands to say.

"I understand. Don't worry. I'll arrange it." Feng de jaw head, and then sighed, "is Mr palace, Lancaster insisted that he did not take away, also do not know how it whereabouts."

Since the last escape from biter, Mr palace has disappeared. I thought I could take the chance to get Mr Palace back today, but there is no hope. According to the truth, Lancaster has no reason to occupy a robot.

"Look again."

Shixiaonian can only say that today is a great day. She can't keep up with Mr Palace's affairs, which will only make it difficult for Gong ou.

We can only wait later.

She looked up and saw that the "handover" ceremony on the second floor was over. Enid was taken away by Lancaster's people and everything went smoothly.

George stood up with gongou, and the two sides shook hands.

The applause of the whole audience once again reached a peak, and many journalists stood up to take photos in order to avoid taking one less shot.

"The young master has arranged. We will go back after a while." Feng de stood by Shi Xiaonian and said.

When Xiaonian smiled, Gong Ou was so eager to return home. Well, so was she.

"It's over here. I'll take care of the pumpkin." When Xiaonian said, he stood up from his seat to leave.

Before I took a step, I heard the sound of heavy footsteps ringing in the air of the whole conference hall, and the sound of the shutter and applause.

Everyone was stunned and looked around. The sound of footsteps came from the sound of the venue, clear and loud, step by step, heavy and incomparable.


Someone shouted suddenly, and Xiaonian followed him to look up.

On the left stairs above the meeting table, a young man in a gray suit was walking down step by step, with a microphone on his body and a hand on the rail. He looked down at all the people in the meeting room and walked down slowly.

It's bit.

The stairs are very steep and high.

When Xiaonian looked at him in a daze, when did bit run there? George and Gong Ou didn't leave the meeting table or sit down.

The media sensed something and began to take pictures.

"What happened to him?" Feng de was a little flustered, and immediately said to the bodyguard beside him, "I can't get up to take people down."

The bodyguards rushed forward at once.

Bit stops at the top of the stairs, faces everyone and presses his hands on the rail. "Don't come here, just a few words."

Hearing this, Gong Ou's bodyguards stood up and asked them not to move.

"Come down!" George's discontented voice rang in the meeting room. He looked at his son with a frown.

Bith ignored him, adjusted his microphone, and began to tell the story slowly, "once upon a time, there was a child born in a big family, his father was highly respected, his mother was just a maid, and he had the noblest and lowest blood on his body at the same time."

The story is his own.

When Xiaonian frowned, and looked at bit worried, what did he want to do?

The reporters shot crazily, only to see bith walking upstairs while he said, "when he was a child, the child didn't understand these things. He was greedy for his mother's hug on the bed, the food made by his mother. Later, his mother disappeared, and he began to cast his expectant eyes on his father. His father's eyes to him were always contemptuous, ridiculed and disgusted."

His voice came out of the stereo, too clear, too clear.

When Xiaonian pressed his lips, he said what to do and why to expose his scar in front of the public.

George was obviously not pleased with bith's doing this, and ordered the bodyguards around him to stop people.

Gong Ou's black eyes swept lightly, and ordered people to stop Lancaster's people. He looked at George provocatively, "your son doesn't even have the right to freedom of speech? If you don't, I will. "

"Mr. Gong, this is my family business. It has nothing to do with you." George clenched his fist on the meeting table.

Gong Ou smiled derisively and said nothing more. He just stood there and looked at bit.

Bith had come to the second floor, walked slowly around the corridor, and kept telling his story. "Every time this child was ostracized and bullied by the family, he thought what he had done wrong? It's not his problem to be born, his lineage is not his decision, his efforts are not seen, his obedience is not seen, he lives in an unstable environment, suffering from one white eye after another, well, these are from when he was 3 years old. "

Listen to bit with a kind of funny tone to say these words, when small read hard, the nose is sour, wish to pull bit down from upstairs immediately.

Don't expose yourself any more. Don't go on.

But bit couldn't hear what she said in her heart. She turned around the corridor, stopped in front of Enid, who was surrounded by a large number of people. Then she went on to the third floor, laughing as she walked. "The child grew up in white eyes, and his father's scolding made him feel more self abusive. It must be that he was not good enough. If he was good enough, his father would face it squarely He exists, so he works harder to express himself, even if what he suffers every time is disgust and ridicule. "

When Xiaonian frowned tightly, she looked at Enid.

Behind Enid is Lancaster's bodyguard, who is also stopped by the palace's bodyguard, so that she can't follow her son.

She stood there, her hands clasping the railing in front of her, unable to see the emotion on her face.

“……” When Xiaonian bit his lips, he said to Feng de beside him, "I'm worried about bit, so I'd better send someone to follow him secretly."

She didn't know what bith was for.

"I see." Feng de nodded.

Bit went up to the third floor, and then went on to say, "he works hard. He tries so hard that he wants to be seen. He wants to be valued. He says that the attention is too serious. As long as a kind look is enough, but he is 16 years old, how can he still not get it?"

Bit said it in the tone of a joke all the way, but each word was full of unspeakable sadness. The reporters kept putting down their cameras and looking at the young man with complex expressions.

"He wondered if he had to wait until he was 17 or 18?" Bit said, stopping at the top of the table, putting his hands on the railing, and chuckling heavily, "Oh, no, he knows everything at the age of 16."


"The answer to all the incomprehensible things is very simple." Bith stood there and said with a smile, "my father hates him, that is to say, he doesn't treat him as a human being, let alone a son."


"Why did mother disappear when he was so young, because she didn't love him, it was so simple." "What's the reason for my parents?" bit said

Then Xiaonian stayed there.