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Chapter 1150. That's what my husband and wife are like

Gong Ou stops, pushes her to the wall, sweeps the book in her arms to the ground, looks at her with low eyes, and the anger caused by jealousy is uncontrollable, "do you think I'm not angry with you for praising you? Xiao Nian! You are really brave. If I don't see you, you can talk and laugh with others. What am I? "

When Xiaonian was hit by bone pain, frown at him, very helpless, "I've been with you for so long, what do you think I treat you as?"

"Who knows!"

Gong Ou stares at her.

He can get rid of the man as others treat her, but she smiles at the opposite sex, what can he do

He doesn't like it.

I don't like it!

"Well, don't be angry. Let's go back." When small read light way, "you still have a lot of things not to do."

In her eyes, two people together for such a long time, each other's heart can no longer be fully illuminated, jealousy seems redundant.

"No more!"

Gong Ou is cold and determined.

Gong Ou doesn't just say that he won't crack any mechanism, but forces the Alva family to sell him the ancient villa and let the land here become the property of the palace family.

The Alva brothers were deeply in love with him. They dared not say anything. They obediently let them out and started again.

For them, everything can come back if they keep the city. It's nothing to lose the house.

When Xiaonian packed her suitcase and waited for Gong Ou at the door, she looked down at her fingers. What she thought could not be consistent with Gong ou. For example, no matter how long he was together, he would still be jealous and mad, and would immediately "break up" her and the Joker

After borrowing the book, she didn't even see the picture of the second young master.

She also wanted to ask about the bay of saintteeth.

"Sunflower, this is the internet account I just applied for. You remember to add me."

A tender voice came, with a thick reluctant.

When Xiaonian looked forward, he saw the twins and Alva's little boy standing in front of the car to say goodbye, and the boy's parents were already sitting in another car, ready to leave.

I didn't expect that in just a few days, the children developed a very deep friendship.

"Well, I will add you."

Gong Kui took the paper in the little boy's hand, and his eyes were red.

"Besides, this is my father's computer, this is my mother's computer, and their account number. You need to add them, so that you can find me at any time, and you can send me messages." The boy puffed up his eyes and handed out a pile of paper. For fear that Gong Kui might get it wrong, he read it to her alphabetically and numerically.


Infected with the taste of parting, Gong Kui nodded hard and rubbed his red eyes to prevent tears from falling down.

"You must remember to send me a message. I will call you. Don't miss it..." The little boy was so miserable that he didn't want to leave with his parents at all.

Children's innocent faces are very touching when they see them.

Little world Have the innocence that adults can't reach, the most beautiful simplicity.

When Xiaonian was thinking about it, he suddenly saw a small figure walking towards them. Gong Yao, dressed in handsome clothes, walked to Gong Kui, took the contact paper, tore it off, and put it in the hands of bodyguards.

"Ah!" Gong Kui was frightened, looked at his brother in astonishment, and then exclaimed excitedly, "what are you doing? That's mine! "

The little boy also stared at Gong Yao.

Gong Yao lowered his head to him, took out a card from his hand and handed it to him, "this is my contact information."

Full grown-up style.


The little boy looked at him in a dazed way and didn't pick him up, as if to say, I didn't intend to contact you.

When Xiaonian looked at the three children, she wanted to go forward and stop after meditation. She sat down on the long steps and blocked some sunshine with a large suitcase.

Gong Yao stood there, his eyes dark, his beautiful little face expressionless, and said, "if you play football better than me, if you study more than me, or if you surpass me in any way, I will let you make friends with my sister."


The little boy is silly.

When I was young, I felt my ears. How could I hear that so familiar.

It's like someone said

"If not, please improve yourself well first. Life is still long. You don't need to worry."

The words are polite and the voice is childish, but even the young boy can hear the mockery in the words, so he can't refute one sentence, and can only stare at Gong Yao stupidly.

The parents in the car called their son.

The little boy turned around to leave, and suddenly took the card from Gong Yao's hand. His face was no longer reluctant, but all became fighting spirit. "You wait!"

Finish saying, the boy didn't even look at Palace Kui again, ran to his parents.

The car soon disappeared into their sight.

Gong Kui Hong looks at the distance with her eyes dazed. For a while, she turns her eyes and stares at Gong Yao, shouting angrily, "holy! You villain! I will never talk to you again! "

Actually she and her good friend's contact information are torn, necrotic!


Gong Kui cried and climbed into his car. He closed the door with two small hands and locked it. Gong Yao was not allowed to get on the car.


When small read silently looked at own son one eye.

Gong Yao suddenly looked at her. He looked at her steadily. He walked towards her and sat down beside her. His little arm was close to her

Xiaonian smiled and said, "although you are not so close to Dad, it is obvious that you worship him more than I do."


Gong Yao looks at her in silence, her mouth is tight.

"You are so similar to Gong ou."

When small read a way.

"I didn't." Gong Yao murmured obstinately and lowered his small head. The vortex on his head was very beautiful.

When Xiaonian rubbed his head and said with a smile, "well, holy, you have to remember a truth. There are some advantages of dad that you can certainly inherit, but some disadvantages you have to discard. You have to learn to score, don't you?"

She didn't want to cultivate another little paranoia.

“……” Gong Yao looks up at her. "What's the defect?"

"That's too much. I'll take care of it." When Xiaonian began to count his fingers, "violence, anger, eye care, loud voice, love..."

"It's a great honor. You remember all my shortcomings!"

A quiet voice sounded behind them.

When Xiaonian felt a cool wind blowing by, it was so cold that it was bone chilling

How can it be so skillful that I can't come out early or late.

When Xiaonian is biting his teeth, his eyes are low and Gong Yaoda's eyes are wide. It's over. This time, Gong ou will die again.

What to do?

What to do?

She was worried, but she saw Gong Yao holding her hand, and her little face said, "how can his shortcomings be so much less than the advantages just said?"


When Xiaonian looked at his son in a daze, he quickly responded, and then Gong Yao said, "of course, Dad's advantages are as numerous as the stars, and his disadvantages are not worth mentioning."

Her son is a genius.

"He's really good." Gong Yao said expressionless, holding on to her with small hands, as if to comfort her.

When Xiaonian secretly gave him a thumbs up.

The cool wind behind me didn't go away

"Don't pretend." Gong Ou's cold voice rang out later.

This man is really It's necessary to be so serious.

When small read pile up smiling face to turn around, to a iron green junpang, "Gong ou, when did you come, we didn't find it."

"I've been standing for ten minutes. When did you say that I have as many advantages as stars?" Gong Ou stood there, looking down at the two men with low eyes, not looking good.

"We speak in a low voice, you can't hear it." Xiaonian stood up and said, "your daughter is angry with your son. She is alone in the car."

"I see it!" Gong Ou glanced at Gong Yao, but his face did not slow down.


Gong Yao stood up from the steps, silent.

Gong Ou looked coldly at Xiaonian, but he didn't say anything. Instead, he raised his legs and walked towards the car and sat in a car where Gong Kui was staying.


The family went back to the huge cruise again, and the cruise ship set sail again.

The sea outside the window is boundless.

When Xiaonian was lying on the bed, looking over the family history of Alva's family and looking at the door from time to time, the man actually learned to cold war.

When he came back from Alva's house, he didn't take a car with her. When he came back, Gong Kui smiled again. He didn't know how to coax her

Gong Kui is OK, but he still ignores her and brushes past her.

"I have a big temper..."

When Xiaonian sighed, he found that he didn't feel nervous. There were too many ways to deal with Gong ou. He was really not in a hurry.


That's what my husband and wife are like.

There is no passion in cold war. When I read the book in bed, it should be a emotional boiling point when I propose, right?

There was a sudden sound of footsteps outside the door.

When hearing this, Xiaonian quickly cooled the air conditioner several times, then took off his coat and threw it aside. Wearing only a thin shirt of Gong ou, he bared his legs, disordered his hair and lay there, closed his eyes and pretended to sleep.

Footsteps are getting closer.

Even though she has been able to cope with this kind of quarrel, at the moment, her heart is still pounding and jumping very fast.

The footsteps stopped by the bed.

When Xiaonian closed her eyes, she could clearly feel a strong aura shrouded, which made her feel an unspeakable sense of oppression. She subconsciously wanted to hold her breath and wrap herself together.

Don't move, it's all over.

"I thought you were an idiot!"

Gong Ou swore at her bedside, his voice deliberately lowered.

Next second, she heard the sound of turning off the air conditioner.

Soon, she was picked up and fell into a warm embrace.

The quilt was lifted.

When Xiaonian found that he was carefully put down, but the warm arms did not go far, Gong Ou followed him to lie down, holding her in his arms, holding her cold hands in one hand, and his long legs caught her legs.

Warming her up?