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Chapter 57 appearance of witness

Gong Ou's eyes are cold and silent.

Shi Xiaonian looks at him expectantly.

After a long silence, Gong Ou spits out two words indifferently, "no, my intuition is that you gave birth to children for me! You should have a baby for me! "


What a gut feeling.

That is just his kind of paranoid personality disorder disease and committed, recklessly stubborn, believe in themselves, who do not believe! Think what you think is right! He really should be cured!

When small read speechless ground to look at him, finally silence ground defeats the array.

To be honest, she also guessed that Gong Ou would not torture her until now if she had felt that she was a woman.

When Xiaonian reluctantly smiles and meets Gong Ou's cold line of sight, "forget it, don't mention it. Isn't it for the dinner party today?"

She didn't want to provoke him.

Anyway, she still has the last step of the human card game, Tang Yi. If you don't believe it, she really wants to persuade him to cure this partial mat personality disorder.

"When I read it!" Gong Ou looks at her and looks gloomy.


"Do you particularly want to draw a line with me?" Gong Ou said, "you never want to go to the hospital for examination. You need to find a college classmate and ask Feng de. today you have created so many questions. Do you want to get rid of my relationship, eh?"


Shi Xiaonian said in his heart, but he dared not even have an expression on his face.

Gong Ou then released the grip on her arm, reached out and raised her chin. When Xiaonian was forced to look up at him, he stared at her coldly. His thin lips were slightly open, and he said one word at a time, "you -- Hugh -- want!"

His voice was cold to the extreme.


When small read listen, a cold air from the heart of her feet, let her have a kind of unspeakable fear.

Since the signing of the contract, Gong Ou is easily angry and furious, but she has not hurt her. She gradually has no previous fear of him, but now, this fear is back.

"Shixiaonian, listen to me, unless I don't want you! Otherwise, you will turn into ashes from my palace! "

Gong Ou said word by word, and suddenly lowered his head and gnawed hard on her lips.

Otherwise, you will turn into ashes from my palace!

Otherwise, you will turn into ashes from my palace!

When Xiaonian looked at him with some fear, Gong Ou's eyes were gloomy to the extreme, and the light was like coming from hell.

"Young master, there are some politicians who want to see you."

Feng de comes over, interrupts them and respectfully reports to Gong ou.


Gong Ou read it for a moment and left a word. He left with Feng de and left her in the air.

When Xiaonian stood at the door of the room, it took a long time to find his normal breath.

She felt her lips and they were swollen again.

Just Gong ou So terrible.

The cruise ship was cruising slowly on the sea.

In the corridor outside the cruise, there were people chatting in twos and threes. When Xiaonian walked by himself, he was facing the sea breeze against the railing, which made his mind clear.

Her arms are pressed on the railing, and her face is not excited to find Tang Yi's materials.

She has an intuition that even if Tang Yi testifies to her, Gong ou will not believe it.

He believes only in himself.

She didn't have the confidence to straighten out this stubbornness.

How to do it? Does she really stay by Gong Ou's side all her life? Be one of his women forever? This kind of life is not what she wants.

When Xiaonian buried his head in the hair room, he had a bad headache.

"My dear, the scenery here is so beautiful. It's a pity that I won't bring my camera here, otherwise I will take a picture of the beautiful scenery."

A clean and pleasant voice came.

A familiar voice.

When Xiaonian was stunned, she looked aside and saw a young woman standing there not far from her right hand side. She had no evening dress, only a long white dress and long black hair on her waist floating in the wind, showing a thick goddess style.

Tang Yi?

After a lot of hard work, I couldn't find it, but I met it on the Baha'i cruise? The world is full of coincidences.

When small read Zheng ground to look at her.

Probably aware of the line of sight, Tang Yi turned around and looked at her. A flash of shock passed on her face. Then, Tang Yi came to her with a smile.

"Shixiaonian, I didn't expect to meet you here." Tang Yi came to her and smiled with great temperament.

"That's right. It's a coincidence."

When Xiaonian stood up straight in front of the railing and said with a smile.

It's a pleasure to meet old classmates again, especially if they can't find them by themselves.

Tang Yi looked up and down at her skirt, surprised, and then said, "are you coming to the dinner party with others, too?"

"Well, yes."

I nodded.

"I didn't expect that our fate is better than before. I still remember that we were just waiters on this cruise ship three years ago." Tang Yi remembers the past.

"Well, we worked as waiters together at that time."

Three years ago.

If she had not done this part-time job three years ago, she would not have been misunderstood by Gong ou.

"Ah." Tang Yi thought about it and sighed, "but when it comes to fate, who can have your sister? I read the news a few days ago. She married the prince mu. She is young, handsome, rich and powerful. It's a good life. It's said that Prince Mu was also invited, but he declined to come on the cruise. "

When the flute is naturally good life.

When the eyes of small read dim, and then want to ask the main thing, has not yet opened up by Tang art.

"By the way, which big guy are you with today? Is it the boyfriend your sister and brother-in-law introduced to you? You're going to marry into a big family, too? " Tang Yi asked curiously.

"No, not my boyfriend."

When small read subconsciously deny.

Gong Ou is not her boyfriend.

"Oh, is it?" Tang Yi hears speech, the smile on a face is deeper, the posture is aeriform in slightly tall rise, "I come with my boyfriend."

All the male guests in Baha'i are rich or not.

It was Tang Yi who wanted to marry into a powerful family.

When small read light smile, "is it. By the way, Tang Yi, I've sent you private affairs... "

Before she finished speaking, Tang Yi interrupted, "let me introduce my boyfriend to you."


Can you let her finish.

When small read helplessly looked at her, Tang Yi walked back, holding a man's arm to bend over, a fresh and happy smile.

The man is estimated to have a shape of 400 Jin. Walking on the board can cause vibration. Tang Yi walks beside him with little birds.

Recently, Xiaonian found that this man's age can be a father to Tang Yi.

"Shixiaonian, I'd like to introduce myself to you. This is my boyfriend Lin Da, the president of Lin's Bank." Tang Yi smiled and introduced to shixiaonian, "honey, this is my college classmate shixiaonian."


Linda held out a fat, greasy hand to her.


When Xiaonian reached out.

"You are not as beautiful as you are, and you have no temperament." After shaking his hand, Lin Da looks at Tang Yi. He looks greasy and spoiled, his eyes narrowed into a line.

"I hate it. My classmates are here. Don't talk about it." Tang Yi slaps him strangely, but his face is smiling and his head is on his shoulder.

When Xiaonian looked at the sweet smile on Tang Yi's face, he suddenly felt a little strange. Tang Yi seemed to have changed a little.

Tang Yi and 400 Jin men don't look like they have true love.

Tang Yi was full of literature and art cells before. She had a cool temperament. She never paid attention to the pursuit of boys. She was totally dependent on herself. Her family was in ordinary economic difficulties. She had been looking for a part-time job in University. She worked hard. Often others had gone to bed. She was still studying or making teaching plans for her children.

But now Tang art seems to have changed a lot, even though her appearance is still fresh and artistic.

"Don't be surprised when I was young. That's what my boyfriend said." In the Tang Dynasty, Xiaonian said with a smile, "by the way, who are you with?"

"Come with your boss?" When Linda looked at it, Xiaonian asked.

The female partners at the banquet are generally secretaries, lovers and girlfriends.


When Xiaonian shook his head.

Tang Yi is astonished. "You are neither with your boyfriend nor with your boss?"

"It turned out to be rich Ren." Smell speech, Lin Da a face to see clearly when small read, tone some disdain.


When did she say she was rich?

When Xiaonian was about to speak, he saw Tang Yi push Lin Da. "Honey, don't do this. Xiaonian is a very good friend of mine. Why don't you introduce a boyfriend to her?"

With that, Tang Yi looks at Shi Xiaonian again, and says sincerely, "Xiaonian, there is no self-esteem in being someone else's love Ren. You should not fall for yourself. It's better to find a boyfriend. In this way, my boyfriend knows a lot of people. Would you like him to introduce one to you? "

Is that what shaped her?

"I'm not someone else's love, you think more." When small read some helpless.

She and Gong ou are just forced to enter into a contractual relationship. Can't they rise to self indulgence?

"Ah. Everything has been done. There is nothing to deny. "

Linda sneered at it in a straight white way, and looked at it contemptuously. "Which gold Lord are you with? how much does it cost per month? For the sake of Tang Yi, if you really want to find the gold master, I can introduce some powerful ones to you. "


Tang Yi looks at Lin Da strangely.

When Xiaonian found himself in front of others always have a kind of indistinct feeling, how to explain it is useless, is her constitution easy to recruit black? Is it easy to be misunderstood?

Or does she look like she has a loving face?

Suddenly, Lin Da looked at the back of Shi Xiaonian, smiled a flower greasily, and came forward with flattery, "it's really a coincidence that Feng housekeeper can meet you here."

Shixiaonian looks back.

Feng de was wearing a shirt with a vest, a retro pocket watch on his chest, and a butler's standard. He walked straight over, full of energy and a beautiful old man.

"It was president Lin. how are you?" Feng de approached and smiled politely at Linda.

Lin Da immediately released Tang Yi's hand, welcomed him forward, and seized Feng De's hand. "Feng Butler, is Mr. Gong on the cruise? I don't know if I can introduce you. Our bank has always wanted to cooperate with Mr. Gong. "