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Chapter 551 Mr. Y's visit

"How convenient is that? Will I be in this video, and your 3D hologram will appear in front of me, just like chatting with me face to face? " When small read to ask a way, eyelid slowly droops, begin to make sleepy.

"Face to face chat? 3D hologram

Gong Ou's black eyes are deep. If they can be designed, they will definitely shake all the works.

"Yes." As Xiaonian became more and more sleepy, he closed his eyes slowly in his arms and whispered, "this can satisfy many people who are troubled by missing. MR is designed to look like you no more, and there is no real outline of you. No more photos like you, I can't hug... "

Listen to her voice, Gong Ou's heart is shocked.

Need a hug?

"What else? What else do you think of? " Gong Ou is inspired.


When Xiaonian lost his voice.

Gong Ou looks down at the woman in her arms. When Xiaonian is asleep, he turns his eyebrows.

What else can't sleep? It's very good.

Half said not to say, inspired by his inspiration but also here to sleep, Gong Ou really want to grab her neck to shake her awake.


The next day, Xiao Nian woke up in Gong Ou's arms.

She struggled to sit up from his arms. Gong Ou was still sitting on the bed in the same position as last night, head down and eyes closed.

When small read some stunned to look at him, he unexpectedly uses this posture to sleep all night, is not tired?

She reached out and pushed him. Gong Ou suddenly opened his eyes. There was no focus in his eyes. He looked at the front.

Like a fool.

After about two seconds of touching, Gong Ou's eyes recover a touch of light, turning his eyes to look at the small read, dark eyes deep, "wake up?"

"Well." When Xiaonian looked up and down at him, "did you sleep like this last night?"

Gong Ou leaned over his face and coughed softly


When small read nods, opens the quilt to get up, slept a whole night the human to be a little spirited, the head is not so drowsy last night, should be to burn to retreat.


A low cry rang behind her.

When Xiaonian turned his head, he saw Gong Ou sitting there with his hands on his back neck.

Needless to say, it must have been sitting there last night that I couldn't stretch my muscles.

When Xiaonian shrinks his feet back to the bed, kneels behind Gong ou, stretches out his hands to press his shoulders and kneads them. Gong Ou sits there, his body straightens all of a sudden, his head is sideways, but he doesn't say anything.

When small read then continues to massage for him, thumb rubs his back neck, is tapping on his back.

After a series of movements, Gong Ou felt comfortable for a long time and her back was not stiff. Her hands moved around his back and he felt the softness of her fingers across the clothes.


Gong Ou did not stop, enjoying her service.

"How are you? Are you comfortable?" Shixiaonian asked, rubbing his shoulder.

Gong Ou is enjoying it with his eyes closed. Hearing the words, he opens his eyes and snorts proudly, "reluctantly, there is no professional technician."


How can she compare with a professional technician.

When small read back, "that's almost let's go back, you can ask a professional technician massage."


Gong Ou's face sank, his thin lips tightened, and his shoulders lost a pair of soft hands, which made him uncomfortable.

I've known for a long time.

Shi Xiaonian came down from the bed and went to the window. He pushed the window tentatively. A cool wind blew in from the outside, which made her cough.

"What are you doing with the window?"

Asked Gong Ou gloomily, she is dead.

"The window can be opened. We can go." When Xiaonian said excitedly that she had been stuck here all night, she wished she could go back to see the twins at once.

The gloom on Gong Ou's face didn't abate at all. He replied indifferently, "well."

Then he got out of bed.

The whole villa has been lifted. The two men walk out of the gate smoothly. There is a convoy waiting outside. Feng de stands in front of the car and sees them bow respectfully.

"Young master, Miss Xi."

Feng De's face was obviously tired. I think he didn't sleep well all night.

"Adoptive father." When Xiaonian went to smile at Fengde, Fengde reached out to tidy her scarf, and there was a tear in her eyes, "suffer this day, I have asked the doctor to wait, first go to the hospital for examination."

"The twins..."

"They're still sleeping at this time. I'll take them to the hospital to see you later. You need to wash up now." Said van der.

"Well, I'll listen to my adoptive father." When Xiaonian nodded obediently, Gong Ou's voice came from his ear.

When Xiaonian and Fengde turned around, Gong Ou walked past them, didn't even look at them, holding a mobile phone to command things, said and sat in the car, "I have the latest idea about the holographic era, call all the people involved in the holographic era to conference room 2, I will arrive in half an hour, and have a meeting immediately."

I went to work again.

He is always busy.

When Xiaonian stood there, Fengde looked at her sympathetically. With a wry smile, he pointed to the car behind him. "I'll take the car behind me. You can go back with Gong ou."

"Then you..."

"I'll go to the hospital myself. I've got a fever. It's OK." Shi Xiaonian said and went to the car behind him.

The driver stood there and opened the door respectfully.

When Xiaonian waves to Fengde and sits in the car. Feng de sighed, walked to Gong Ou's car, opened the passenger's door and sat in.

"Drive back to N.E." Feng de said to the driver, then looked at Gong Ou in the back and said, "young master, I've prepared your change of clothes. When I get back to the company, I'll take a shower first, and then use breakfast."

Feng De is an impeccable housekeeper, and he has no flaws in everything.

"Well." Gong Ou responds coldly to his mobile phone.

The car started and drove slowly forward.

Gong Ou turned his head and looked back. His eyes became deeper and colder. "You don't have to follow me today. Go to her side."

Wen Yan, Feng de relieved, "yes, young master."

Young master seems to be better at Xiaonian than before, although he still can't do it around Xiaonian as before.


As soon as she went back, Xiaonian was hospitalized for treatment. Every day in the hospital, in addition to taking medicine, she was infused with fluids. The medicine controlled her to be sleepy every day.

Gong Ou didn't come to see her during her stay in the hospital. When Xiaonian found that she didn't care about this, she even thought, at least, Gong Ou asked her adoptive father to take care of her, which was better than throwing a sentence about taking medicine to her.

There are N.E advertisements on TV. As soon as the online notice of the holographic era comes out, many peers are scrambling for various products of the holographic era of Shanzhai, and the advertisements are in a mess.

It's another day after infusion.

When Xiaonian sat on the hospital bed and looked at his hands, there were several more pinholes on the back of his hands.


"Xiaonian, how do you feel?" Feng de came in from the outside with a plate of washed fruit in his hand.

"Much better. I think I can go for an examination. If the inflammation goes away, I can leave the hospital." When Xiaonian moved his neck, "I've been in hospital these days, and I'm confused in such a big place every day."

"Take a good rest when you are ill." Feng de put the fruit tray on the bedside table, looked at the advertisement on TV with one pair of eyes, and then read it when he saw it.

She watched the TV distracted and didn't know what she was thinking.

Feng de can't help but say, "young master is too busy these days. In the holographic era, he wants to go online in an all-round way. What new inspiration will he add? The company is working overtime all over the world."

"Is it?"

When small read pretended not to care to smile, she understood that Feng de wanted to tell her that Gong Ou was too busy to come.

But back then, I really want to visit her. He can always find time.

He is such a character now, what she can force.

"Xiaonian, I'll cut you an apple."

Feng de said as he picked up an apple, the mobile phone suddenly rang. He picked up the phone and said "mm-hmm", then put the apple down.

"The hospital told me to see your payment report. I'll go." Said van der.

"Hard work, father."

Shixiaonian looks at him apologetically. In the past four years, she has been taken care of by Fengde.

As Fengde walked out, Xiaonian sat alone on the bed and watched the TV screen quietly. The advertisement was really long. Now it's the core content of the holographic era that several senior executives of N.E are telling.

The whole advertisement is high-end and high-grade.

When Xiaonian looked at the TV, his eyes gradually dimmed, and he thought of the day he spent with Gong ou. They had been together since noon until night.


A knock at the door suddenly rang.

When Xiaonian thought it was a doctor's ward round, he shouted, "please come in."

When the door was opened, Xiao Nian saw an unexpected person.

Mr y.

He stood at the door, dressed in a handsome and elegant manner, with short curly hair, covered by sunglasses and masks, holding a bunch of flowers in his hand, and wearing a priceless watch on his wrist.

Seeing him, Xiaonian's mood was a little complicated. This man gave her and Gong ou a day to spend together. It was true that she kidnapped her twins.

Mr. y came in from the door, went to her hospital bed and handed her the flowers.

"Thank you, sir."

When Xiaonian smiled reluctantly, she held the flower and found a greeting card with a line printed on it -

this is something I am reckless about. I want to say sorry to you again.

This is the third apology.

When Xiaonian looked up at the men's sunglasses and thought, "you don't have to say sorry again, my child has not been hurt and left no shadow, so I really don't blame you. But I hope it happens only once. "

The starting point of kidnapping is also kidnapping.

Smell speech, the man jaw head, sit down on the chair of one side, take out mobile phone, when small read this side very quickly receive text message.

You look good. Your illness should be getting better soon, right?

When small read nods, "well, again do examination, if no problem can be discharged."