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Chapter 68 I want you to thank you?

When Xiaonian hurriedly got up and rushed to wash, and then went straight to the kitchen. Before he came near, he heard a worried cry from Fengde, "don't leave, young master, this steak is not just lost, it needs to be cooked!"

"What should I do when the oil pan is fried?"

Gong Ouli is straight and strong.

When small read surprised to go outside the kitchen to look inside, only to see inside a mess, pots and pans poured out on the ground.

Gong Ou is standing a meter away from the stove, dressed like a man, and then throwing steak into the pot.

What is this?

Kitchen rebellion?

Feng de stood aside in a hurry. "The oil pan won't fry. Young master, you'd better let me make breakfast."

"You're so awful, don't! Get out of here! " Gong Ou dislikes the tunnel.

"Master, I have a chef's certificate." Fengde Weiqu extremely, "otherwise, I'd better go to ask Miss Shi to get up for breakfast."

Anyway, the young master only wanted to do it when he was used to eating.

"Dare you!" Gong Ou immediately sulks and says, "these days, she can sleep as late as she wants to, and she is not allowed to quarrel with her! Besides, don't mention the words "father, mother, father, mother, adopted daughter, abandonment and disconnection" in front of her, do you hear? "

"Yes, sir."

Feng De takes command.

When Xiaonian stood outside, he immediately stayed where he was when he heard Gong Ou's words.

What happened yesterday all turned back to her head in a flash. By the way, she had been completely abandoned by her family, and she had become a deserted girl again.

She stood there with a wry smile on her pale face. Gong Ou was so upset last night. When she woke up, she didn't even think of it for a while.

When Xiaonian looked into the kitchen, he saw Gong Ou continue to throw steak into the oil pan, but he didn't turn it over. The oil splashed everywhere. The whole kitchen was like a disaster scene.

She looked at Gong Ou's face. He was fighting with the pot and didn't find her.

He has a deep and handsome face, dark eyebrows and eyes, straight nose, thin lips and a perfect face.

Knowing Gong ou for such a long time, Xiao Nian found that he was so pleased with Gong ou for the first time.

"I'll do it."

When small read light smile, people go inside.

Gong Ou turns around and looks at her in a moment of shock. "How are you?"

"Because I don't want the kitchen to blow up." Shi Xiaonian said, went forward to turn off the fire and said to him, "you and the manager Feng go out. I'll do it here. Breakfast will be fine."

Gong Ou didn't leave, just stared at her lips and smiled as if nothing had happened.

When Xiaonian cleaned the pot, he pressed the tap, and the sound of the water splashed down. A pair of warm and powerful arms suddenly encircled her from behind.

She could not help but shake and stand there stiffly.


Gong Ou holds her from the back, his chest tightly clings to her back, and completely encircles her in his arms.

It was a comforting hug and she felt it.

When Xiaonian lowered his head and his eyes were slightly sour, he continued to brush the pot on his hands, then put the pot back and began to fry the steak again.

Gong Ou has been holding her since then, which makes her movement very difficult, but Xiao Nian doesn't push him away.

She thought that she really wanted such a hug.

Even if it's from the palace that she always wanted to escape.

Time flows quietly in this mansion. They have breakfast in the dining room. When Xiaonian is not interested in ordering steak in the morning, he only takes toast bread and eats it absently.

"Young master, today's newspaper."

Feng de came in from the outside with a newspaper in his hand.

When Xiaonian glanced at it, he saw that the headline on the social page of the newspaper was that the adoptive parents had thrown their 7-year-old son back to the abandoned baby safety island.

She paused as she chewed the bread.

The next second, the newspaper was taken away by a slender hand. Gong Ou arbitrarily threw the newspaper on Feng de and said in a cold voice, "no more newspapers in the future."

Feng De also knew that he had made a mistake and said, "yes, young master."

Fengde's mobile phone suddenly rings. The bell is a happy song. There are children's voices singing: I love my home, I love my father, my mother, big hand, small hand

Gong Ou's face is green, and his black eyes stare at Feng De.

Feng de immediately shut down the phone, so that the bell doesn't appear for another minute.

When Xiaonian looked at them, he smiled bitterly, "manager Feng, you don't need to do this, I'm ok."

She didn't expect that when she was expelled from her home, she was not so good, but let Gong ou and Feng de become frightened birds.

"OK, your eyes won't be as swollen as walnuts. How strong are you!" Gong Ou stares at her, cuts off the steak in the dish, forks up a piece and throws it into her dish, "give me more food!"


When Xiaonian looked at him in surprise.

She is not interested in steaks, but Gong Ou is sure to give her her food It surprised her.

She lowered her head, slowly put the steak into her mouth and chewed it, swallowing the concern of this kind.

After breakfast ---

when Gong Ou called to clean up, he said, "Hey, take you out for a walk."

"Where? You're not going to the company? "

When Xiaonian turns off the switch of the vacuum cleaner, he looks up at Gong ou.

"If you want to leave, you can't say so much. Get dressed! Well, you're allowed to wear your mess today! " Gong Ou said.

When small read stunned.

Is he going to accompany her to relax?

"Gong ou, you don't have to."

Shixiaonian felt a little uneasy about his changes.

Gong Ou glanced at her with a haughty face and said, "I would like to do that. You mind me! Get dressed! "

This man, caring people can also care so bad temper so strong.

But now she needs to breathe fresh air.

"Well, I'll change."

When Xiaonian nodded obediently and walked to the bedroom, she suddenly thought that she had no clothes of her own, which he had forced to change into a high-quality skirt.

She had no choice but to choose a grey Plaid Dress and go out with Gong ou.

Stepping out of the magnificent building a, a pop-up sports car is parked outside, which is a super run that Gong Ou likes to drive -- konisek.

The exterior design of the car body is not only gorgeous and eye-catching, but also aggressive and fierce, which makes people unable to turn their eyes when they see it. Like Gong Ou people, it is extremely consistent with his always aggressive and superior style.

Gong Ou glanced at her and ordered, "get in the car."

"Just the two of us?"

When Xiaonian looked around, he was a little surprised.

At ordinary times, Gong Ou must be followed by bodyguards when going out, but this time there is obviously no bodyguard car.

"How many more do you want?"

Gong oudao, give her a look to get on the bus.

"No bodyguards?" Xiao Nian glanced at him with some consternation.

He is the most famous Gong ou, the richest man in the world, who is not afraid of being taken hostage?

"Gong Ou is the driver for you. I don't need you to have any questions except gratitude! Get on the bus! "

Gong Ou hastens her impatiently. She is in such a bad mood now. Isn't it more annoying to take too many people?

The woman didn't understand him at all.

Thanks to his consideration for her.


When Xiaonian had to obediently open the copilot's door and sit on it, fasten the seat belt, Gong Ou sat in, stepped on the accelerator with one foot, and the super run with excellent performance immediately flew out like an arrow leaving the string

The sports car is speeding on the open road.

When the wind blows Xiaonian's long hair in a mess, she has to stretch out her hand to tie up her long hair, which is really to feel the wind speed outside. This kind of flying feeling is really good.

Strong wind takes away all emotions.

It left her mind blank and couldn't think of anything else.


When small read suddenly shouted, the voice soon annihilated in the wind.

Gong Ou looks at her. Is she in a good mood? The curve of his lip angle is deeply hooked, his foot is more firmly pressed on the accelerator, and the rotation of the car is increased.

The sports car is moving forward so fast that the scenery on both sides has disappeared before you can enjoy it.

This feeling is very special that shixiaonian never felt.

It turns out that driving fast will forget the unhappy things.

When Xiaonian couldn't help but untie his seat belt, he got up from his seat and saw the situation. Gong Ou frowned and slowly lowered his speed.

Is this woman going to die?

When Xiaonian stands on the sports car, people lean back on the car seat, put their hands to their mouth to make a trumpet shape, and shout out in the wind, "shixiaonian! You can live well alone! Good for everyone! "

She cried out, and the sound soon disappeared into the wind.

Gong Ou turns the steering wheel with his long hand. Hearing this, he looks ugly. He is alone Beside him, she always thought it was a person, when he was dead?


She's great to be abandoned.

Gong Ou endures her discontent and continues to be a free driver for her.

The faster the sports car drives, the more it deviates.

When waiting for the car to stop slowly, Xiaonian's mood has calmed down a lot. She sits back in her seat and recovers her usual clear and light face.

She turned to Gong ou, who was also staring at her.

Four eyes are opposite.

Outside the car is a wilderness, no one, the whole world as if there were only two people, she sat there quietly, a small face every pore is his favorite.

Gong Ou stares at her deeply, unties the seat belt abruptly, and leans towards her. Junpang approaches her face vaguely. The distance between the tip of nose and the tip of nose is less than 5mm.

When small read to stay in a daze, in two people's faces stick together, she unconsciously leaned back, smiling way, "Gong ou, today thank you, I feel much better."

The gratitude in her voice showed a distance.

She didn't let him kiss.

Gong Ou's face froze in front of her, his black eyes fixed on the resistance in her eyes, and his face sank.

Suddenly, Gong Ou sneers, "thank you? Do you think I need you to thank you for doing this? "

When small read don't open your eyes to go, lips tight, face no smile.

She is not a fool. She knows that Gong Ou doesn't want to be grateful for her. But she doesn't like him. She can do nothing but be grateful.

Gong Ou scoops her directly into her arms, lowers her head and forcibly kisses her lips to block her breath.

Every time he kissed her, he kissed her violently, recklessly, as if to swallow her into his stomach.

It made her dizzy with oxygen.