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Chapter 1019 press one key at a time

"Why? I can protect you. What's the point of staying here? Do you care so much about the aristocratic lineage? If you are afraid of leaving the family, you will no longer be noble? It's all fake. " When small read frown, she said is not enough.

Bit sat there, pulled up his sleeve and looked at the scar on his arm. He shook his head. "I just want to argue."


"I don't want to be looked down upon by my father forever. I must show him my achievements." Bit looked at her and his eyes were firm.

“……” When he was silent, he looked exactly the same as when she tried to get the attention of her adoptive parents.

He still doesn't understand that people who really care about you don't need you to do too much, don't care about your It's a reality that will always negate what you do.

When Xiaonian wanted to tell him that bit's blue eyes like the sea water made her speechless. Some things would never be nice if she didn't experience a disappointment by herself. No one would understand better than her.

"As long as I make achievements, I can prove to my father that bloodline is not everything. I am also very capable. I am his pride." "I have to," bit said forcefully

For so many years, he has lived a white eye life in his family. He needs the day when he needs to appear. He needs everyone to regret his white eyes.

“……” When I read it, I didn't speak.

Seeing her eyes a little sad, bit smiled at her. "So, you go back, it's not safe to stay here."


When small read low eyes.

"I know it's not good for your husband to do this kind of research. One day we will still stand on the opposite side, but it's their business. I'm still your brother, OK?" Bit looked at her and said, with a smile of youth.


When Xiaonian looked at him and smiled hard, "OK, you will always be my brother."

When he heard this, he was very happy with his smile. He sat back and leaned back. When he met the wound, he sat up again, and cried out in a depressed voice, "it hurts!"

"You should be smaller." When Xiaonian looked at him anxiously, "well, if I don't go back to see your injury, don't do anything today. Have a good rest."

When he got the attention of Xiaonian, bith's eyes were full of capital words, and he couldn't feel the pain, so he was very happy. "It's OK, it's OK. I'd better continue to do something, or next time they come to see no progress, I can't miss a fight."

Even if he is beaten, even if he is insulted, he must insist on staying, just for one breath.

"I'll get you the potion and give you the medicine again." Shi Xiaonian stood up, his tone hard to hide.

As soon as she stood up, her wrist was held by a white hand.

When small read low eyes, bit sat there, blinking at her, "are you very unhappy?"

Because he didn't want to leave with her.


When small read reluctantly smile.

"When I have worked out the results and proved myself, shall I go to you?" Bith comforted her, thought about it and then dimmed his eyes. At that time, he was the biggest enemy of the palace family. So thinking, he asked uncertainly, "I'll go to you then. Do you want me?"

Do you want to? Is he a little dog and cat? He asked such humble words.

When Xiaonian looked at him, she patted his hand for a while and comforted him, "my sister won't want my brother."

Smell speech, bit happily smiled, showing white teeth, eyes like the flow of sea water in general, especially beautiful.


When Xiaonian came back with the medicine, bit had already fallen asleep in front of the computer.

He was injured for two days and stayed up late to do things. Of course, he couldn't support it.

When Xiaonian walked over lightly, picked up the coat hanging on the hanger and put it on him. Bit fell asleep there, with a beautiful face, white skin, long eyelashes and a smile on his lips.

I'm smiling even when I'm sleeping. It seems that I have a good dream.

A good dream is a rare thing for bit.

When Xiaonian was not ready to disturb him, he reached out to turn off the computer, touched the mouse with his finger, the screen saver disappeared, and various data of the robot appeared on the screen.

Her hand couldn't help shaking.

Although she doesn't know technology, she can't read so many messy English and figures, but she knows that these are Mr Palace's research reports, which Gong Ou would rather get personally involved in risks to destroy.

When Xiaonian picked up the data on the desktop, opened all the reports and analyzed them from various systems of Mr palace.

Bit told her that as early as in Borg Island, he had already controlled Mr palace. In the past, he had tried his best in research and had been seeking breakthrough discoveries.

As long as she destroys all these things, bith's long efforts will be in vain, and the Lancaster family will start again, which gives Gong Ou enough time to destroy the family

When I think about it, Xiaonian wants to tear up the information in her hand. But as soon as she starts, bith's face comes into her eyes.

He sleeps peacefully, which is a kind of trust without scruples.

It's no use destroying the written document. It's all in the computer.

When Xiaonian put down the data in his hand, he lowered himself slightly beside bit, and pressed his finger on the mouse to move on it.

Computers are networked.

The network of area 13 is under the monitoring of Gong ou, but he has never found the bit. It should be that bit has been specially processed.

Since you can watch some funny programs online, what about logging in your account?

When Xiaonian falls asleep, he gently logs in to his account, taps the mouse, and logs in smoothly.

Looking at Gong ou, who ranks first in the friend box, Xiaonian's whole heart almost jumps out. Although his head looks dark, Gong ou will find out at the first time.

Gong Ou put a Chinese sentence in his signature: never forget, there will be echoes.

When Xiaonian looked down at bit who was lying there sleeping, her heart beat very fast. She opened the dialog box, carefully put her hands on the keyboard, and input the text in it -

Gong ou. I don't know where I am, but I'm with bit. This computer has his research data, and you will have a way to deal with it.

With Gong Ou's ability, remote control can know where she is, and can immediately sell everything in this computer.

When I finished these words quickly, a layer of sweat appeared on Xiaonian's forehead. I reached out to press enter.


Bit suddenly turned his head, turned his head to the other side, continued to sleep on his stomach, and smiled twice in a low voice, very happy.

When Xiaonian was frightened out of a cold sweat, then the hand on the return key was completely frozen, how could not press it down, like being caught in the air by an invisible hand.

"Why are you so kind to me?"

"No one is so nice to me."

"Then you can be my sister."

"I know it's not good for your husband to do this kind of research. One day we will still stand on the opposite side, but it's their business. I'm still your brother, OK?"

"When I have worked out the results and proved myself, shall I go to you?"

Bith's voice echoed in her ear. When Xiaonian didn't know what to do, she pushed it down and the hidden danger of Gong Ou was completely removed. At the same time, bith would also be killed by her. His father didn't have time to wait for him to study it again. She didn't need to think about the fate of a person who had no effect on the family.

The image of bith kneeling on the ground and being pulled over and over by the belt was constantly emerging in front of her.

She lowered her eyes and looked at the scars on bit's neck. It was very painful.

There is no better chance than this. It's hard for her to help Gong ou. She wants to help Gong Ou so much that she can do anything to help Gong ou.

But the price of this time It was killing a 16-year-old who trusted her with all his heart.

Who can teach her how to do it?

The two voices constantly involved her. Her hands were numb and stiff. Finally, she closed her eyes and pressed her fingers on the keyboard.


In the high wall, Gong Ou wakes up from his bed again. His head becomes more and more drowsy after a long sleep. He has no spirit.


Gong Ou sits up from the bed, hands on his head, eyes on the empty room, even the air is silent.

"Young master."

Feng de passes by the door and looks inside. When Gong Ou wakes up, he goes in and reaches out to help him.

Gong Ou claps his hand off and says coldly, "how long have I slept this time?"

For a few days, Gong Ou began to understand that his body really had problems. He could not help sleeping. He slept for a long time, no matter how hard he tried.

"Better this time, only six hours." Feng de picked up a coat and put it on for Gong ou. "The kitchen is hot. I'll bring it to you."

"No, how's it going? Can my brother find it?" Asked Gong ou.

Shixiaonian is sure not to find it, otherwise she will guard him.

"No." Feng de shook his head and had to tell the bad news as it was.

"A bunch of trash!" Gong Ou shouts out sullenly, and his head aches. He holds his head and tries to restrain his emotions. "How is the house going? Is there a clue? "

"There are traces of dragging. They are very short and disappear under the entrance of the underground water channel." "My guess is that someone took Xiaonian away from the underground waterway and disappeared without a trace," said Fengde

Go out of the underground channel and disappear without trace.

Gong Ou sat on the bed, gathered a cold light in his black eyes, walked down from the bed, and Feng de said after him, "by the way, young master, there is another thing I don't know if I should say."


"In the monitored network area, Xiaonian's account has been logged in for nearly one minute, but no address can be found." "The technician analyzed it as a possible network error," says Mr. Feng