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Chapter 332 forced fetal rearing in high tower


"It's a secluded place. It doesn't even have a strong signal. It doesn't have a lot of people. The air is fresh. It's the best place to raise a baby."

The best place to raise a baby.

In other words, it's so remote that no one will pass by, and she won't have any way to ask for help from the outside world, will she?

The means of the palace family have always been cruel enough.

"Thank you for your kindness. I can go home to raise my own baby."

When small read said coldly, low Mou looked at the surging sea water under the shore stone, turned to leave.

"Miss Shi is also a smart person. She knows what I'm for." Luo Qi's gentle voice sounded behind her. "You can rest assured that as long as you have a child smoothly, I will let you leave here."

"The child is mine!"

At last, the voice of shixiaonian was accentuated and angry.

What do you think of her as a tool to have children?

"You and I know that it's also Gong Ou's child. I won't let Gong family's children wander outside." Luo Qi said, tone also covered a layer of majesty.

Knowing from the ship that she was about to be sent to England, she knew that Luo Qi had caught her and that she had come for her baby.

But when I heard Luo Qi's purpose, I couldn't stand it. I was angry and sad.

"This child is not Gong Ou's."

When small read stands in the sea breeze to say, a long hair is blown a bit disorderly, cover half face almost.

"I sent all the men that Shidi was looking for. Do they do anything wrong to you? I am very clear." With a gentle smile, Luo Qi walked towards Xiaonian.

No one knows this better than she.

Smell speech, when small read sneer, "you think much, I'm not saying that. When I'm with Gong ou, I still have relationships with other men. My man is more than Gong ou."

Put yourself in the mud, just to save two babies.

She wants to have two children selfishly.

Luo Qi stood in front of her and frowned when she heard this. She looked at her and said, "you don't have to arrange anything for you to leave here. It's either good or not. I'll take your baby as Gong Ou's first child and take care of it. Let's wait until the baby is born."


When small read don't know what to say, Luo Qi has gone forward, step by step is my lean posture, "Charles, take Miss Shi to come in for examination."

"Miss Shi, please."

When Charles came to Xiaonian's side, he bent down gentlely.

When small read had to go forward, staring at Luo Qi's back, helpless.

Shixiaonian is taken into a room in the tower. There are several doctors with masks in it. Luo Qi gives shixiaonian to them.

After nearly an hour's inspection, Xiaonian was like a puppet without any self-awareness, and they were allowed to inspect it.

When she came out of the room, she saw Luo Qi sitting on a bench outside the tower, overlooking the sea water and wearing white gloves on both hands.

Some doctors have reported to Luo Qi that "it may take a long time to go on a boat, but Miss Shi will have some discomfort in her body and stomach, but the child is very healthy, please rest assured."

"That's good. I'll leave Miss Shi in your care. I'll visit her from time to time. If she has any headache, I won't be happy." Luo Qi sat there gracefully, speaking slowly and methodically, with great charm.

When Xiaonian heard it, he thought it was funny. People who didn't know how much Luo Qi cared about her.

"Yes, ma'am."

The doctor went down.

When Xiaonian stood there, Luo Qi smiled and looked at her. "Come and sit, don't stand all the time. You shouldn't be very comfortable after sitting on the boat for a long time."

When Xiaonian saw her like this, she knew that Luo Qi was determined to stay, her side hand grabbed the skirt, and then she said calmly as much as possible, "madam, I ask you to let me go, Gong ou will have other children in the future, and don't care about my stomach."

"If I were you, I would be happy." Luo Qi said, "I can let this child grow up in the best environment of the palace. He can't be considered a legitimate, but no matter what, it's better to follow you."


"Miss Shi, do you think your ability is comparable to everything the palace family gives to the children?" Luo Qi asked with a smile, words and sentences gentle, do not stimulate her.

For the sake of children, Luo Qi can bear it.

"I can give my mother love, which the palace family can't give."

When Xiaonian stood there and said seriously, "madam, you are also a mother. Why kill them all?"

Luo Qi's face changed. "Miss Shi, I hope you won't have the word" kill all "in your mouth again. It's very uneducated. I said, as long as the child is born safely, I will let you go, never want your life. "

"You didn't want my life to take the baby I conceived in October?"

When Xiaonian asked, his face was cold and not humble.

"You can think so. Children can live better in the palace. In domestic terms, they are golden maids and maids, and stars and moons, aren't they?" Luo Qi said.

"Can we cover up the truth of seizing the son and forcing the mother by building a gorgeous and beautiful poem?" When small read counter asks a way, in the eye has sullen.


Luo Qi's face was ugly when she fought back.

When Xiaonian stood there and continued, "Madam Gong, you can't force people too much!"

Grab what you say.

At the beginning, I wanted to design her unclean, so that Gong Ou didn't believe that she was innocent. Now that she is pregnant, she has to rob her children.

are they robbers? Everything has the final say.

What is she? She is also a person. She also has her own dignity. Why should she be at the mercy of the palace every time.

Luo Qi's face became more and more ugly. She stood up from the white bench. "Miss Shi, it seems that we won't get any happy answers when we communicate. You can have a good rest here. You can go in and out of the whole seaside and keep a good mood."

As she spoke, Luo Qi turned around.

"Aren't you afraid that I will burn everything?" He asked angrily.

Luo Qi's eyebrows were deeply frowned. At that time, Xiaonian was too unkind to be a good girl. She didn't turn around, but said, "Miss Shi just talked about maternal love with me. You want to die with your child. This is what you call maternal love?"


When Xiaonian can't speak, a pair of black and white eyes are only angry.

"If you do that, I'll have you locked up in bed and stared at you 24 hours. You can't help yourself. The child still has to be born." Luo Qi says coldly, already did not have good facial expression, turn a Mou to look at the Charles of one side, "Charles, when you stay to take care of Miss's living, others I don't feel relieved."

"Yes, ma'am."

Charles bowed his head respectfully.

Luo Qi turned around and left. A maid and bodyguard followed her.

When small read stands in place, some despairing ground looks at Luo Qi to leave, the hand caresses slowly to own abdomen, in the eye has the pain.

It used to be gong Ou who controls her freedom. Now, it's Gong Ma who controls her freedom.

Is it her previous life that owes them the palace? This is how I want to pay back.

What should she do.

She really doesn't want to give the children in her stomach to the palace family. She hates the palace family, the mother and the son of the palace family, from the bottom of her heart.


Two days after the robbery.

S city in China is still prosperous and prosperous. The buildings are like forest. Everything is the same as usual.

The best place of the city air is the mysterious imperial castle. In the deep green forest, the castle is towering and magnificent.

Inside the castle, there is a kind of depression like stillness.

The servants dare not make a sound when they walk in three or two places. Their heads are always low. They dare not walk in the castle hall when they are not on duty.

The gate of the castle is in a mess.

Feng de stood in the depressed atmosphere hall, commanding people to transport the broken furniture, and then sent the identical furniture.

Even if their master is upstairs, they can't hear the noise, but they dare not.

Third floor.

A tall figure was sitting on the balcony with his back straight against the post and his legs folded on the railing.

His short hair is messy, his eyebrows are tired and his eyes are scarlet. Gong Ou sits there, breathing the air in the air and looking at the falling height below, feeling inexplicably cool.

Even breathing seems to be smooth.

Suddenly, Gong Ou raised his legs, held his legs tightly in his long hands, shrunk on the edge of the pillar, and lowered his head slowly. His eyes were gray and flustered.

As soon as Feng de came over, he saw Gong ou like this. He shrank himself into a group, like an abandoned child

"Young master."

Feng de goes over.

Hearing the voice, Gong Ou immediately turned his head and looked at him excitedly. He was flustered and eager? Is it the news that I read sometimes? Where is she? Where is she? "

Feng de frowned at Gong Ou's haggard face.

He has never seen the young master like this before. The young master has never been so flustered before. The whole person seems to be in a mess. His eyes are flashing and bloodshot.


Feng de shook his head and sighed, "it's Miss Mona. I don't think her current mental state is suitable for any more questions and answers. I think it's not miss when she was tied up."

Since Miss Shi's accident, the young master has arrested Mona and tortured her in various ways to keep her from sleeping and eating. He has been torturing her and asking her to tell her about Miss Shi's whereabouts.

Miss Mona, who used to be a proud lady, is now tortured into a trance. There is only one murmur in her mouth every day: I want to see Gong ou. I read it when I was not bound.

If Lancaster knew it, there would be a big fight between the two nobles.

It seems that the young master doesn't take these interests into consideration at all now, but forces Mona desperately.

"Not her. Who else?" "I caught her. She was afraid. She didn't dare to give up shixiaonian! It must be her! "

"Young master..."