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Chapter 371. He took care of her all night

Say, mu qianchu will be drunk into a mess of mud when small read up.

"Don't touch me."

When Xiaonian frowned with disgust and turned her eyes to see his face, she saw a flash of surprise on her drunken face. Next second, she immediately struggled from his arms, and her voice was intoxicated. "Qianchu, how are you here?"

Even if you are drunk, you should know to keep a distance with him.

The gloom in murqianchu's eyes flickered away, and his voice was gentle as the spring wind. "I'll come and see you. You're drunk. I'll take you back. "

"Oh, yes. Summer rain, let's go. "

When small read a bit heavy head, and then stumbled to one side.

Mu qianchu picks up the bag hanging on the chair for her, and then quickly steps forward to help her. When Xiaonian blushes like an apple, he reaches out and pushes away his hand, which is a completely subconscious action without any thinking.

The brow of Mu qianchu frowned.

Xia Yu is arranged to go home in another car.

When the black car was driving on the night road, Xiaonian was sitting in the back seat with the window open for blowing. Her eyes were still staring at the back light outside, confused.

The pungent smell of alcohol filled her car.

"Why drink so much?" Muqianchu picked up a bottle of mineral water and handed it to her, concerned about the tunnel, "drink some water."

"Thank you."

When small read gratefully said, took a drink of mineral water, pressure down the body of the wine, but the brain is still unclear, unable to wake up.

"Isn't it hard?"

Muqianchu asked anxiously, raising his hand to her face and pressing it on her temples.

"I'm fine."

Shi Xiaonian said, pushing away mu qianchu's hand, the meaning of resistance is obvious.

She leaned closer to the door.

Then, her body was turned around by mu qianchu. Mu qianchu held her shoulders, his eyes fixed on her deeply, with a sense of self mocking sorrow. "How can I be so prepared when I'm drunk? Afraid I ate you? "

When Xiaonian's head was heavy and dizzy, he looked at him with one eye.

The sadness in his eyes was so obvious.

When Xiaonian looks into his eyes, he always talks like this, wandering on the edge of ambiguity, more than friends, but not beyond the limits of friends, so that she does not know how to refuse.

"Qianchu, you don't have more feelings for me than your friends. I don't deserve it."

Under the influence of drunkenness, shixiaonian said so.

Smell speech, the lips corner of Mu qianchu arouses a bitter smile, "when small read, are you really drunk or fake drunk?"

Let's get drunk.

When Xiaonian looked at her, his eyes were slightly open due to drunkenness, and his face became blurred in front of her, one face became two faces.

"Don't waste your time on me. You are so good. A woman with a child can't match you." When small read murmurs to say, the mouth is full of wine gas, she reached out to shake two times to push his hand.

As soon as she left the palm of his hand, she fell heavily on the closed door, looking at a row of endless street lights drunk.

The lights were all dim in her eyes.

"If you just because of inferiority, then I don't care."

Mu qianchu said, gazing at her side face.

When small read against the window, eyes confused looking at the outside, lips micro motion, "I dare not love, qianchu."

"Dare not love me, or dare not love anyone?"

Asked mu qianchu, with a deep voice, reaching out to take off the hair ring on her ponytail and let one of her long hair hang down, too tightly tied, so that people would follow.


When small read silence, face with guilt.

"No answer? You always have to tell me, am I on the same starting point as others, or am I sent off without running? " Mu qianchu smiled bitterly and played with her hair circle with his fingers.

Mu qianchu's words make Xiao Nian's head heavier.


His voice has always been gentle, but with a persistent will not give up.

Send off.

The most terrible thing is not to be sent off, but when you come off, you become totally demoralized, and someone tells you that you have made a mistake in the rules of punishment, and now you have to play again, and you have to show the winning state.

This is the most terrible.

When small read think, the line of sight skims the scenery outside, suddenly see the hospital with bright lights.

The hospital where Gong Ou lives.

"Stop." When Xiaonian thought that she was really drunk, she suddenly called for parking, and the sound seemed not to come from her body.

The driver pulled over slowly.

When Xiaonian's brain was thick, she didn't know what was wrong with her. She just wanted to go to the hospital.

I really want to.

When Xiaonian pushed open the door and stumbled down to the hospital.


Mu qianchu looks at the hospital in the distance, frowns slowly, and his eyes are dark.

When Xiaonian walked along askew and askew, her feet were as soft as stepping on cotton, her body was light and floating. She stopped at the street lamp, held the street lamp in one hand, looked at the high building of the hospital with one pair of eyes, and held out her fingers.

1、 Two, three, four.

Since the car accident, she has been passing here several times by car. She remembers that Gong Ou's ward is on the fifth floor, the sixth window from right to left.


It's the one.

When Xiaonian stood under the street lamp and looked at the window with the light on.

It's too far away for her to see anything.

Just as she was about to move on, she saw two foreigners walking away from her with big bags in their hands. As they walked, they said in English, "let's carry so many things in and out every day."

"What can I do? Mr. Gong is picky. Miss Mona keeps asking us to buy this and that for him."

Two foreigners passed by.

When Xiaonian's feet were stiff on the ground.

It can be imagined that Mona must be there to take care of him. She can't go, and she has no position to go.

She went, is stepping into the abyss, the abyss of eternal.

Gong family, Lancaster family, Xi Yu and Gong Yu are all abyss.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?" When small read stands under the street lamp, looking at that window murmur way, "why don't tell me early face together, why should get to this point to regret."

The answer was silence.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier, why?"

If it's the beginning, she is willing to go with him.

But now, everything has changed.

When small read repeatedly mumbles to oneself, the eye socket is more and more wet, the tear drips down, cries hard to restrain.

Gong ou.

Merciless Gong ou.

Regretful Gong ou.


The wine in his stomach began to pour back. When Xiaonian vomited with the help of the street lamp, he was in a mess. His face turned white rapidly because of vomit, and his body was suffering badly.


Mu qianchu catches up with her and supports her. "Let's go. Go back. My aunt is in a hurry at home."

When Xiaonian pushed his hand, he rowed his hand several times in the air, but he didn't push him away. He was so drunk that he walked to the car with mu qianchu's support. Her step was shaking so fast that she almost fell down.

"Be careful."

Mu qianchu supports her.

When Xiaonian kept a consciousness to push him away, but the eyes were full of illusions. She could not push away at all, and her hands were in the air.

Moqian first saw that she was holding her horizontally, and he stared at her with low eyes, always with anger in his gentle eyes.

It's only a few days.

She was in love with the man again.

When Xiaonian leaned on his arms, he was drunk and confused. He couldn't see the human shadow at all. He just murmured, "why didn't you tell me at the beginning, why didn't you bear it together at the beginning, why didn't you regret it until now, until now?"


Hearing her incoherent words, mu qianchu's face was a little ugly. He held her forward.

When I got back to tianzhigang, Xiaonian's drunkenness was all over the place. He was completely drunk and didn't wake up. He kept talking back and forth.

Mu Qianchu holding small read into the door.

"Is Xiaonian back?"

Xu Bingxin came out in his pajamas, smelled the wine coming from his face and covered his nose with his hands. Then he found out that he was supposed to be holding a small unconscious thought in muqianchu, Italy. He was shocked, "qianchu? Why are you here? "

"Xiaonian is in a bad mood. After drinking some wine, I will take care of her. Go to sleep."

Muqianchu holds Xiaonian and lowers his head politely towards Xu Bingxin.

"How can I have a drink? Are you ok?" Xu Bingxin is worried to welcome him up. When he looks at it, he reads.

The smell of wine can make people die.

"It's OK. It's just some beer. Go to sleep." When Murdoch held it, he looked up at the maid, "come in with me and change clothes for the eldest lady."


The maid replied.

Muqianchu mixed an antidote in the kitchen and walked into Xiaonian's bedroom.

When Xiaonian was changed into pajamas, he was lying in bed and muttering something.

Mu qianchu turns on the light. When Xiaonian opens his eyes slightly, he is stabbed and closes his eyes again. His brow is wrinkled tightly.

As you can see, mu qianchu adjusts the light to be darker and softer.

He went to the bedside and sat down. He helped Shi Xiaonian up from the bed. "Come on, Xiaonian, drink the water."

"No more, enough."

When Xiaonian closed his eyes and opened his mouth low, people struggled to leave him.

"Drink a little and you'll sleep well. Come on." Mu qianchu said patiently, holding Xiaonian in her arms when she was struggling with one hand, reaching out to pass the water cup to her lips and let her drink it.

When small read wrinkly eyebrow, was forced to drink some, the body struggles desperately.

Half of the drink was poured on mu qianchu's pants, which was wet.

Mu qianchu lowered his eyes and looked deeply. He sighed helplessly, put the cup aside, put Shi Xiaonian down, and let her lie on the bed. He didn't rush to deal with her pants, but put the pillow for her to make her feel more comfortable.

The door was ajar.

Xu Bingxin stood outside the door and looked at the scene quietly with a happy smile on his face.

After a while, she closed the door, handed the hot towel to the maid, and said, "go to sleep. I will take care of Xiaonian in the first thousand days."

"Yes, ma'am."

The maid nodded and accompanied Xu Bingxin away.