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Chapter 18

Hey, look at me!

So disgusting.

It seemed that when Xie Linlin had purposely hit her earlier, she had seized the opportunity to throw something into her Ice cream. Gong Ou was famous for being easily angered, and after eating these things, he had still not killed her within minutes …

Such a vicious yet childish trick.

Shi Xiaonian bit her lips, turned around and returned to the kitchen to make another barrel of Ice cream, and walked towards Gong Ou's study.


Shi Xiaonian lightly knocked on the door.

"Get in here."

Gong Ou's unkind voice came out.

Shi Xiaonian bit her lips, secretly cursing in her heart, only then did she push open the door and enter, once again she was shocked by the castle's style of architecture. The entire study was a ring-shaped design, with large floor-to-ceiling windows, high bookshelves, and countless books …

Gong Ou sat in front of the huge curved desk, dressed casually but elegantly, with his fingers under his chin as he leisurely watched her walk in, his eyes filled with contempt, "A woman like you only has a face that looks innocent, you scheme a lot."

"I don't know what you're talking about."

Shi Xiaonian said indifferently, she walked over and placed the ice cream bucket on the corner of the desk. She then glanced at the computer on top of it, which was broadcasting the monitoring screen which was the art staircase.

So it was because she had seen the argument between her and Xie Linlin. No wonder he had said that about her.

"I don't think it's called scheming. I'm just being on guard." Shi Xiaonian tried to explain in a soft voice.

Teachers would always teach others to guard against others.

Who else could protect her in this dark place?

"Then why are you not handing over the child? Who are you defending against?"

Gong Ou asked coldly, his eyes locking onto her face.

It had taken too long to recapture the child, and he had become impatient.

"I made a Ice cream, do you want to try it? We'll talk after we finish tasting it. "

Understanding that he was going to get angry, Shi Xiaonian said with some hesitation.

"You want to curry favor with me?"

Gong Ou saw through her intention with a glance.

Shi Xiaonian did not make a sound.

"No!" I never eat dessert. " Gong Ou was disdainful.

"Oh, I took it." Shi Xiaonian picked up his ice cream bucket and left.

"Put it down!"


Shi Xiaonian looked at him speechlessly. Gong Ou's dark eyes gouged her out and snatched the barrel away.

Could this man be more capricious?

Gong Ou raised his spoon up and was about to scoop a spoonful of food, when suddenly a series of complicated data codes appeared on the computer screen in front of him. His eyes turned cold, threw the spoon away, and coldly ordered: "Hey me!"

His tone was so domineering that there was no room for discussion.

"What?" Shi Xiaonian thought she heard wrong.

Gong Ou quickly tapped on the soft keyboard of the desk and asked coldly, "Feng De, that guy can only be considered an old man, not a man. Can you take his suggestion? Do you know what it means to truly please a man? "


Shi Xiaonian felt the terror of this man once again. So it turned out that he knew everything, she glanced at the Ice cream, thought and asked, "Can you chat with me peacefully after you eat?"

She emphasized calmness and four words.

"Shi Xiaonian, there's no room for negotiation with me." Gong Ou didn't even look at her, "Hey!"


Seeing the man's expression, Shi Xiaonian suddenly wanted to pour the entire barrel of Ice cream onto his face, but when he thought about his own situation, he endured it. He took a deep breath, then gently scooped a spoonful of Ice cream and brought it to his lips.