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Chapter 573 the twins ate the sugar)

Gong Kui turns his face to Gong Yao, who is standing not far away. He grabs his pigtail and asks, "how do you know I'm here?"

She specially asked him to write well. He didn't care about other things as soon as he wrote, which was really annoying.


Gong Yao spits out two words with cool face, walks to her in front, a pair of eyes stare at her.

Gong Kui had never done a bad thing, and was suddenly stared at with a little guilty heart, scratching his head. Gong Yao looked at her and said, "you are going to do a bad thing."

"Who said it! I don't! "

Gong Kui jumps up.

"What are you going to do?"

Gong Yao has determined that she will do something bad.


Gong Kui looked at the shoes on her feet with dejected eyes, puffed up her cheeks and closed her mouth.

"No, I'll tell the adults to go." Gong Yao didn't talk nonsense to her either, so she turned around and left.

"No, I don't want to." Gong Kui grabbed Gong Yao's sleeve and told him honestly, "I want to find sugar in Grandpa's room."

"Looking for sugar?"

"Mom said that Grandpa Feng would hide the sugar and eat it secretly, so that he could lose it. How wasteful it is. We children can't waste it." Gong Kui tried to erect her image in a big way.

Gong Yao stood in front of her and said solemnly, "eat sugar and decay your teeth. Follow me to practice calligraphy."

As he said, Gong Yao grabbed Gong Kui's little hand and left. Gong Kui saw that he was busy dragging his arm. "No, holly, please let me go. Please come on, brother, no, brother, brother, good brother! I really want to eat sugar! "


Gong Yao looks at her with black eyes, but doesn't say no. seeing a play, Gong Kui immediately goes up to him and hugs him. "Holy, I'm a person close to you. We've been living together all these years. Woo woo woo."

Of course, this is what Gong Kui thought from her mother-in-law drama.

Gong Yao earned it, but he didn't. seeing Gong Kui crying and making trouble, he could only compromise. "Let's go. When you get it, I'll put the sugar here. I'll give it to you one time at a time."

Gong Kui pouted discontentedly, but he didn't make any more noise. He nodded obediently.

The two children flash into Fengde's bedroom while the servants are busy.

Fengde's bedroom is spacious, clean and tidy. It is a suite with private fitness room and tea room.

Gong Yao closed the door carefully, and Gong Kui stood there and looked at it. The young voice line sighed, "how big, where is the sugar?"

"Take off your shoes, or you will leave footprints."

Gong Yao has a set of his own views on "committing crimes".

"Good." Gong Kui obediently took off the small shoes, and then ran around the room looking for sugar. Some cabinets were too high for two people to see, so they moved the chair together.

After a round of searching, Gong Kui came down from the chair disappointed. "I can't find it."

"It may have been lost."

Gong Yao said.

"No way, I can stare at Grandpa Feng cleverly. He went out with dad in the morning. He didn't go back to his room. He certainly didn't lose it." Gong Kui said solemnly.

"Ten more minutes."

Gong Yao said, looking at the watch on his wrist, looked around, raised his hand to open a side door, and looked inside.

It's like a lounge with sofa, wine cabinet, tea set, retro CD player and chess board.

Seeing this, Gong Kui sneaks in first and looks around like a cat looking for food. Chess pieces fall to the ground one by one. Gong Yao helps her pick up things and clean up the mess behind her.

He turned his head and looked around with big black eyes. His face was serious.

"I found it!"

Gong Kui's excited voice suddenly came.

Gong Yao looks back and sees that Gong Kui is crawling on the top of the wine cabinet. He takes out a bag of transparent bags from the inside. There are dozens of small square shaped white milk candy in the bag. There are some white powder at the bottom of the bag.

Gong Kui climbs down from the wine cabinet excitedly. Gong Yao quickly reaches for her hand. Gong Kui shakes the bag in his hand. "How sweet it is."

Great, great.

You can eat sugar!

Gong Kui opens the bag to take the sugar. Gong Yao grabs the bag and questions, "how can the sugar be put in this bag?"

The sugar will be beautifully packed, not more than a dozen pieces will be put together like this.

"Holy, holy, give me food, give me food."

Gong Kui licked his lips, stamped his feet on the ground and stared at the sugar.

Gong Yao opened the bag and smelt it. He didn't smell anything. He said, "don't eat it. It shouldn't be like this."

"Oh, oh, give it to me."

Gong Kui was so anxious that he reached for it.

Gong Yao hides the bag behind him. Gong Kui knows that he can't snatch him. He falls on the floor and rolls around. He throws a pigtail around. "I don't want sugar. I feel bad. I don't want to play with you. I don't want your brother."


Gong Yao stood there in silence.

Gong Kui rolled on the ground, and moved his little feet to walk there, like a second hand, and made a 360 degree circle on the ground.

“……” Gong Yao looks at her lips and takes out the bag. "OK, just a little."

"Well, well, I knew you were the best, holy."

Gong Kui jumped up from the ground.


Gong Yao takes out a piece of sugar and puts it on the chessboard. He grabs a chess piece and smashes it at the milk candy. The milk candy suddenly becomes fragmented and drops some powder.

So easy?

Gong Yao frowns, isn't sugar all very hard?

Gong Kui stood and stamped his feet. His two little hands were on his hands, and he almost stuck out his tongue. Gong Yao was suspicious, but he took a small piece and put it on Gong Kui's hand.

"How little." Sunflower was a little depressed, but she put the sugar into her mouth quickly.

Gong Yao also took one corner of the sugar and put it into his mouth to taste it.

They walked out of Fengde's bedroom, and Gong Kui made a face of enjoyment. Her little tongue rolled a fifth of the sugar, licked it, and licked it. She looked at Gong Yao gloomily, "why isn't the sugar sweet?"

Not only is it not sweet, but also has a strange taste.

Gong Yao also tasted it. It's not bitter, it's strange.

"I'll try another one." Can't eat sweet, palace sunflower is very unwilling.

"No, no more today."

Gong Yao put the whole transparent bag into his pocket and went out.


Gong Kui also wanted to pester Gong Yao for sugar. When he found them, Xiao Nian saw them smile, "holy, Xiao Kui, are you here?"

“mom。” Gong Kui immediately made a good child and stood there.

"Where did you go to play? I just couldn't find you. " When Xiaonian came to them and asked with a smile.

"Let's play."

Gong Kui is not good at lying. She has a weak smile.

When Xiaonian didn't care too much, he looked at them and said, "well, let's go. I'm going to make dessert after dinner now. Can I teach you too?"


Gong Kui's eyes lit up as soon as she listened to the food. She followed Xiao Nian and left.

As soon as he entered the living room, Xiaonian took out two sets of folded clothes of little cook and said to them, "look, today I asked someone to buy them. Change them into the clothes of little cook."

"Wow, I like to be a cook."

Gong Kui said happily.

"Well, then I'll take off your coat and put on this little cook's clothes." When Xiaonian took out a set of small chef's clothes and looked at the next size, it was gong Yao's, so he went to Gong Yao.

Gong Yao unconsciously felt for his pocket.

Once undressed, there must be a servant taking away his coat. Then the candy will be found and the sunflower will be scolded.

"I'll wear it myself. Help Xiao Kui."

Gong Yao takes a step back, his face is more rigid than usual.

When small read always does not force Gong Yao's will, smell speech then nod, "well, if not, I will help you."

She handed the cook's clothes to Gong Yao, then turned to Gong Kui and took off his coat.

Gong Yao stood there, his hand in his pocket holding the sugar. He didn't know what to do. Where to hide it? Under the sofa?

No way.

I don't know if the servant has cleaned here. If it hasn't been cleaned, it will be found. I have to find a place where no one has found it.

He looked around, and suddenly saw the coffee counter not far away. There was a small bowl beside the coffee machine.

That small bowl is tempting Gong Yao's eyes.

It seems that no one has been there. Even if he saw it, he would only think it was the milk sugar added in the coffee. He would not care. He just had to wait for the dessert to be taken away.

Gong Yao takes out the transparent bag in his hand and looks at Shi Xiaonian, whose back is facing him. He slowly walks to the coffee counter, climbs on the small chair beside him, opens the transparent bag and carefully pours the sugar inside into the small bowl.

"All right."

When Xiao Nian put on clothes for Gong Kui, Gong Kui poked out his small head from her side. Their twins had a sharp heart. Seeing Gong Yao climbing the chair, Gong Kui knew what he was doing.

When Xiaonian was about to turn around to see Gong Yao, Gong Kui grabbed her. "Mom! You squat down. "


"You squat down." Gong Kui pulls Xiaonian's hand, while Xiaonian has to squat down. Gong Kui holds her face and kisses her fiercely, "Mom, I love you."

"I love you, too."

When small read to say with a smile, do not feel two children's careful thinking.

Gong Kui looked at Xiaonian's smile and suddenly felt a little guilty. A pair of small hands touched her face. "Do you love me very much? Do you love me if I do something wrong? "

"If you do something bad, my love for you will certainly decrease." Shi Xiaonian said earnestly.

Palace Kui blinks a pair of big eyes to look at her, some are afraid, when small read to ask, "did you do a bad thing?"


Gong Kui quickly shakes her head like a rattle.

"I'm sure my little anemone won't do anything bad." When Xiaonian stood up with a smile and turned around, he saw Gong Yao standing there taking off his coat.

When Xiaonian went to help him unbutton his new chef's suit.


The night is getting deeper.

Several cars drove slowly under the street lights towards the imperial castle.

In the car with warm air, Feng de took a look at the time from the front passenger seat and looked at Gong Ou in the back seat with a smile. "Young master returned very early today."