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Chapter 1101 hate, she hates me?

He stood there with his gun in his hand, his face was not wiped with blood.

Terrible people.

When Xiaonian took a breath of cold air against the wall, he said, "even the man who worked for you, you are really cold-blooded."

To delay, we must delay.

Gong Ou said that if he bombed the manor in half an hour, he would be able to find her at the appointed time. He hates breaking the appointment most.

"No one can change the end, No." George clenched his teeth and slowly raised his gun and rushed to her. "How do you find your family?"

"How about finding them? Can I really believe that you will let them go?"

When small read a way, the wall behind is particularly cold.

Smell speech, George stares at her dead, very discontented. For a while, he sneers, reaches out to wipe the blood on his face, but wipes the whole face even more ferocious, "then you are going to watch them die, ok..."

"Wait." When small read hurriedly interrupt his words, "almost I can find, please, give me a little more time, I really want to find them."

She begged.

"Ask me again?"

"Yes, I beg you, I beg you, please don't hurt my family, you give me a little more time, I can really find them, please, I don't want to kill my family..." When small read urgently said, eyes tearful, legs slowly bent to kneel.

"Tut, it's time for Gong ou to see you like this again." George laughed and wiped his face again. Suddenly, he stared at her doubtfully and put the muzzle of the gun on her forehead! That's not what you just said! You want to put me off? Do you think I'm so gullible? "

When Xiaonian failed to kneel down, the whole person stood half bent, breathing almost stopped.

She didn't expect that George in front of her was not completely mad.

"when I read this, I has the final say." George glared at her, holding the gun in one hand and raising the remote control in the other.

The images of the whole hall disappeared one by one, leaving only three groups.

is exactly the same as she found.

When Xiaonian's body became cold inch by inch, no one knew better than her. Now George is at the craziest time

"Have you found it?" George stood in front of her and asked, "in your Chinese words, I'm merciful, and I'll show you more of them."

As he spoke, George pressed the remote control in his hand. Gong Yu's image moved first. He rushed forward recklessly, pulling Lori, who was covered with bruises on the ground, up from the ground and carrying him on his back. He carried Lori step by step until several guns were aimed at him at the same time.

At the next moment, the image of Fengde also moves. Fengde holds Su Yaoyao, who is spitting blood, firmly in his arms. His face is full of guilt. His hair is short like silver snow. The whole person is old and heartbreaking.

When Xiaonian saw it hard, he said that the whole family would travel together, but he came here.

Gong Yu, Feng de George let each of them see the pain of the people they care about most, torture their spirit and body respectively, and enjoy the pleasure of revenge.

"And your children."

George said.

The nearest image of Xiaonian moves. Gong Yao covers Gong Kui's ears. Luo Qi, holding the smallest pumpkin, struggles to get to the front step by step, blocking the two children. There are several scars on her beautiful face. Her face is tough, without fear, but her hands are very tight.

She's pushing.

She could hardly hold the pumpkin in her arms.


When Xiaonian bit her lips to prevent tears from falling, she turned around and stared at George hatefully. George proudly watched her shake the remote control in her hand. "Who should we start with? Palace? Feng de? Or your child? "


She didn't want them to go wrong. She was the only one who could save them and hold back the time.

Only she can save everyone, only she

She's going to do something.

"Slowly, people's out of control are all superposed one by one. Gong Yu, here, your feelings for him are the shallowest."


When Xiaonian was cold.



Yes, Gong Ou said that she can't follow George's rhythm. She can't be taken. She wants to delay time. She wants George to follow her rhythm.

George is most nervous about

"Enid." When small read almost without thinking to shout out this name, the throat is hard, the voice is hoarse.

George's eyes flickered and glared at her. "What do you want to say?"

It was Enid who was nervous.

But what she can say, Enid has been with George, and what she can say

Come on!

When Xiaonian bit his lip, he said, "do you know what Enid told me about you?"

"She'll talk to you? "Ah."

George sneered.

"Of course, I lived in her house when I was in District 13, and I had a good relationship with her, because she told me a lot about you." Said shixiaonian laboriously.

In any case, she must hold back the time, protect the children, protect the adoptive father and mother

"What a joke! She's always a quiet person. How could she talk to you! It's delusional of you to delay my time! " George held the gun with such force that he could see the sinews protruding.

He was so excited, but he didn't directly say that he didn't want to hear. He said that Enid was silent. Didn't Enid really talk to him deeply?

He Wonder?

By the way, in the Centennial cooperation plan, bit "died" on the spot. Then Enid fainted and was in great pain. Although she loved George more than her own son, her son died, which must also be sad.

In addition, George had a wife, and there was more fighting in the family. Since then, they had their own worries. Enid and George had no sweet days, let alone much talk.

Then she made it up.

"She said that she kept giving up and running away for you, so that you can play your strengths in your own field." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"You can say that!" George said coldly, picking up the remote control and shaking it in front of her.

A drop of cold sweat came down from shixiaonian's forehead.

"So you already know. Do you know that Enid has long regretted it? The Centennial cooperation plan is the result of her cooperation with us!" At that time, Xiaonian began to talk nonsense with the holes in his brain that he had drawn for many years, but he had no bottom at all.

She can only make it up. The more bizarre it is, the more curious George will be. The longer she can hold it.

I don't know if George and Enid's years of separation will give her a chance

Smell words, George's face suddenly changed, stare at her dead, "what are you talking about! If she doesn't want to be with me, she will never betray me! "

He and Enid are childhood sweethearts. She just kept running away. She never really betrayed him!

When seeing George like this, Xiaonian knew that the opportunity came and immediately said, "are you still guessing that she loves you for all this? Did she run away once for your future? Even if you mistreat your son, she won't come out for you to have a better world? "

It was true, but she hated George and didn't want to give him such a good dream of love.

Too many years.

He and Enid have missed so many years. It's estimated that he can't remember how much love they have left. He can't imagine how much Enid loves him.

George stares at her, silent, and the hand holding the remote does not press.

Seeing this, Xiaonian inhaled and continued to speak. It was difficult for her to speak at this time, but she had no choice. "You are wrong, she began to hate from her own disfigurement! Do you think she's disfigured? No, it's your wife who tortures and threatens her again and again without your knowledge. "

"My wife?" George questioned, "no way, she would never have the courage to be unwilling. She knew she was just a lady of decoration."

"You look down on women's jealousy." Shi Xiaonian said, "it was she who forced Enid to disfigure herself. She let Enid hide in zone 13 for so many years. In these years, Enid hid in the dark and watched you abuse your son and look at your prosperity. Even if she had such a little feeling, it was already gone."

She said half the truth.

"What did she do to Enid? What did she do! " George shouted excitedly, his fingers almost pulling the trigger.

How does she know

When Xiaonian bit his teeth, "I don't know exactly. I only know that Enid once loved you, but this love has long gone. She resented you and your wife. She wanted to revenge, so we cooperated."

"She loved me?" George's eyes were very bright. "She said to you herself?"


She said so much, he only care about this sentence? Shouldn't it be revenge?

When Xiaonian looked at him, "that was once."

Gong ou, are you on your way?

Have you found everyone?

"Did she really tell you that?" George stared at her and said that Enid had never been so frank with him in her whole life

"Yes, she built the underpass. Do you know a word in it?"

When small read a way.

"What's the point?"

George asked at once, shaking his gun hand.


"Say it! I want you to say it! "


"Come on, or I'll shoot you now!" Cried George, in a worse state of mind than before.

Shi Xiaonian silently counted the time in his heart, and then slowly said, "George, my hate for you can only be buried here forever."

At this, George's face turned pale, and he staggered back two steps. "Hate, she hates me?"

When Xiaonian looked at him suspiciously, she just wanted to say something about the separation between George and Enid, so that George could question, he would be in a hurry to question Enid, and she could delay until the time.

But George How can it be such a lost look, no anger, not to go to Enid to prove.