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Chapter 511 Gong Ou calm down and deal with the enemy

"No, just come to miss Xi occasionally to ask for some painting questions. "Said Fengde.

Gong Ou stood up from his chair and looked at Feng de indifferently. "Look for the address of Xiang Qingfeng."

With that, Gong Ou went out.

"Yes, sir."

Feng de answers. How can miss Xi find Xiang Qingfeng? She's looking for nothing.

There are fireworks in the distant sky.

As the car was driving on the road, the light of the street lamp flashed through the window glass and the handsome face of miyou. Sitting in the back seat of the car, he had a deep face and stared at the outside indifferently. He didn't feel the joy of the festival outside at all.

"Young master, Miss Xi may be delayed. She can't find Xiang Qingfeng."

Feng de sat in the passenger seat and looked in the rearview mirror.

"She often goes out?"

Gong Ou asked. He hasn't asked much about her since he came back.

In his impression, he used to be too nervous, so Xiaonian always kept his duty and never had a messy relationship between men and women.

"No, I didn't go out until something happened, otherwise I would stay in the shop."

Feng de said in a hurry.

"You are very protective of her." Gong Ou said coldly, saying a fact.

In fact, not only Feng De, but also the people around him are defending his ideas. Today, even the Secretary jumped out to speak for her.

"Miss Xi hasn't had an easy time these years." Feng de said, looking forward as he said, "when you left that year, Italy came..."

In the middle of the conversation, Feng de was silent.

The driver also stopped the car slowly.

Gong Ou's eyes sank and he knew what to do. He turned his head sideways, wiped his short hair across the window and looked forward.

This is a quiet path. When Xiaonian sat on the bench by the side of the road, he was wearing a thick down jacket, and his hands were pressed on the chair. His long hair was arched by a slightly bloated collar, and a slightly reddish face smiled at the front. His eyes were bent like crescent moon teeth, showing white teeth.

Gong Ou looks forward to her eyes. A young boy is standing there dancing weird and funny. He looks ugly on one face and pretends to be crazy to make people happy.

Art graduate students to breeze.

When Xiaonian laughed, he was up and down.


Gong Ou's eyes are cold.

Four years later, he has not seen her smile so happily since he came back.

Feng De is sitting in the front passenger seat. Seeing this scene, he is confused. It's not far from the address of Xiang Qingfeng's family they found.

How could miss Xi really be with Xiang Qingfeng?

"Young master, I believe there must be some misunderstanding here." Feng de couldn't help talking.

"Drive a little further."

Gong Ou's voice has no sign of rage, only cold.

The car drove slowly forward.

Closer and closer to the two people, Gong ou can see the happy smile on Xiaonian's face more clearly. She blushed with laughter and waved to xiangqingfeng to stop playing.

They had a good time and never found the car near.

The car came to a close stop.

Feng de turns his head and looks at Gong Ou nervously. Gong Ou pushes the door open and comes down. His long legs open and go to Shi Xiaonian.

"My classmate will gulp and gulp to drink water, while drinking and shouting, don't you want to, don't you know what you're talking about?" Performing to the breeze.

"Well, sit down and have a rest. Are you tired?"

Xiaonian said with a smile and reached out to the breeze to sit for a while.

"I'll show you some of my classmates' faces after they were drunk that day."

When xiangqingfeng said that, he began to rush to Xiaonian. Suddenly he caught a glimpse of something in the afterglow. Turning his head, he saw Gong Ou coming here. Xiangqingfeng did the monkey's action and froze in place. Compared with the well-dressed Gong ou, he was funny.

When Xiaonian saw it, he also turned his head and looked aside. Gong Ou's tall figure fell into her sight and her smile froze on her face.

It's less than nine o'clock.

So early today? The sun is coming out from the West. Have you finished talking with Mona.


When small read converged smile, low head sits on the bench to light a foot.

"Mr. Gong."

Xiang Qingfeng, after all, is a student. When he sees a person like Gong Ou who doesn't need to say anything, he feels ashamed.

There is a kind of thing called gas field that he can't have.

Gong Ou looks at him indifferently and ignores him. When he comes to Xiaonian, he sits down beside her and looks down at her red ears. "Why don't you go back? Today is new year's Eve. "

He left so early that she let him wait and was still with other men.

Shixiaonian didn't want to talk to him, but he had too much breath. Sitting beside her was like something enveloping her, which made her breathless.

"I want to go back."

When Xiaonian raised his head, his voice was indifferent, and his hair smelled of wine.

"Did you drink?"

Gong Ou twisted his eyebrows and his low voice was full of displeasure.


When Xiaonian didn't deny it, he got up from the chair.

She was so sad today. Her face was pale and pale. She didn't dare to get along with the twins in that state. She had to go out for a drink to make her look better.

Look is good, but the heart is still very uncomfortable, stomach also turned.

On the way, she met Xiang Qingfeng, who went shopping. Seeing that she was in a bad mood, Xiang Qingfeng told jokes and teased her until Gong Ou appeared.

It's not easy to lift up and prepare for the good mood of going back to see the twins.

"Your mother said that you should not drink because you are weak after giving birth."

Gong Ou sits on the bench and criticizes in a didactic way.

"I'd like to drink, no one can stop me."

Shi Xiaonian said, blushing, glancing across Gong Ou's cheek, the scene of seeing Mona in the office immediately after he sent her into the elevator in the daytime reappears.


It's painful.

When Xiaonian raised his feet and left, his steps were slightly faltering. Gong Ou reached out and helped her. When Xiaonian opened his hand severely, he stumbled forward.


Gong Ou's hand is frozen in the air, and her black eyes look at her face.

When Xiaonian walked forward, he stumbled to the breeze and Fengde to help them.

Gong Ou's cold voice stops Xiang Qingfeng's movement. "Xiang Qingfeng, let's talk."

Smell speech, a stay to breeze, when small read reaction quite ground turn head, watch to Gong Ou warily, "what do you want to do?"

What else does he want to do?

Her tense appearance made Gong Ou's eyes colder and colder. The colder he was, the deeper the radian of his lips.

Gong Ou sneers and calmly calms down, "don't worry, I won't stab a fruit knife into his palm."

Take a breath of cool air to Qingxiang.

"Breeze, you go back."

When Xiaonian was not drunk badly, her consciousness was still awake, and she let Xiang Qingfeng leave.

"I just wanted to talk to him." Gong Ou looks coldly at the clear wind with blue eyebrows and eyes. "Are you a man? Do you want to stay or go?"

This is more or less with the meaning of the general.

The students who have not yet left the ivory tower on campus are always young and vigorous. They wanted to go to the breeze. When they heard this, the toe of their shoes shrank back a little bit. They looked at shixiaonian and made a decision, "Mr. Xi, I want to talk with Mr. Gong."

"The breeze."

When small read frown.

"Mr. Xi, this is my business."

Said to the breeze.

Gong Ou sat there, not as furious as before, but calmly, with his long hands on his knees at will, and his thumb and forefinger gently rubbing. There was no expression on his handsome face.

When Xiaonian wanted to say something else, Fengde held her back and said, "Miss Xi, since the breeze has agreed, let them talk."

As he said, Feng de held back Xiao Nian and said in a low voice, "don't worry, young master is different from before. He won't be violent again."


When Xiaonian didn't say anything, he went to the car, fingered his hair back and looked at the street lamp over there. He was worried.

Xiang Qingfeng stood there, his hands in his pockets, his shoes grinding uneasily on the ground, and his eyes looked at Gong ou.

The man in front of me is the president of N.E. he is a legendary person. In front of such a man, I really don't know how to speak to Qingfeng.

He doesn't need to talk.

"Any paper?"

Asked Gong ou.

Xiang Qingfeng didn't expect Gong ou to ask him such a question, and immediately said, "Oh, yes."

He took out a package of paper towels from his pocket, took one from the inside, Gong Ou took it, took out the pen in his pocket, and then wrote in the paper towels.

Take a peek at Qingfeng. It seems to be an address.

What does Gong ou do with address?

After a line of flowing words was written, Gong Ou handed back the paper towel to Xiang Qingfeng. Black eyes looked at him indifferently, thin lips slightly lifted, voice magnetic and mature. "Listen to Feng De, you often buy Xiaonian paintings. Tomorrow, your account will give you an extra sum of money. You send all the paintings to this address."


Xiang Qingfeng stays down, totally unable to keep up with Gong Ou's thinking.

"This money will be 100 times as much as when you bought the painting." Gong Ou said, clearly organized, "take the money, please don't show up in front of Xiaonian in the future."

It took a long time for Xiang Qingfeng to react. There was anger between his eyebrows. "Are you throwing money at me?"

Gong Ou sneers at the act of throwing paper at the breeze. His eyes are bright with street lamps, especially evil spirits.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Gong, but I can't accept it. I don't think I have any problems with Mr. Xi. I don't need you to spend money on it." Finish saying, hit the paper towel on the ground hard to the breeze.

When Xiaonian stood in the distance and looked at this scene, he didn't understand what they were talking about. He wanted to come forward and be stopped by fengdera. Fengde shook his head at her. "Xiaonian, no matter what happened there, at least it was peaceful compared with before."

In the past, the young master's method of dealing with his rival has always been crisp and neat, and there is no two words in his death.

"It can be seen that your family should have a small birth rate and learn to be proud." Gong Ou sat on the bench lazily and said slowly, "but do you know the difference between you and me?"