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Chapter 407. He's suicidal

When Xiaonian looked at him doubtfully, "how do you know? Is Gong Ou really checking my situation? "

"No, young master didn't let me check Miss Xi's recent situation, but He asked me to look up Mr. qianchumu, so I would know that you came to the hospital today. " Feng de said hesitantly.

Look for the beginning.

Xiaonian looked at him in amazement, and then said, "manager Feng, sit down and talk."

When they sat down on the hospital chair beside them, Xiao Nian found that the butler of Fengde was a little different today. Fengde was always calm and calm, but he was obviously holding something tonight, and his eyes were a little flustered.

"What's the matter, Butler Feng?"

When small read to ask a way, ask this sentence in her heart some panic.

What happened recently is too messy, but it's only for her. Gong ou should be proud of her. Why does the Chamberlain Feng look like this.

"It's not an accident to say something is wrong. It's not good to say nothing is wrong."

Said Fengde, with a long sigh.

"What do you mean, what does Gong oucha do because he is jealous? But he broke up with me. " When I was young, I couldn't think of any reason for Gong ou to look up Qian Chu. He should be busy with the engagement ceremony now.

Wen Yan and Feng De's jaw head said, "yes, it's a place I can't understand. Miss Xi, to tell you the truth, since you really broke up, I always feel something is wrong with the young master."

"It's not right. Is he not well?"

He stood up nervously and asked.

"No, it is..." Feng De wants to speak, and hesitates to look at the two bodyguards and the eyebrow scar doctor who are closely behind her.

When I saw this, I looked back to the doctor of eyebrow scar without any worries. "You don't need to follow me."

"Big lady, we must protect you closely."

The eyebrow scar doctor looked at Feng de defensively.

At this critical time, no one can trust.

When Xiaonian stood by Fengde and said, "the Butler will not hurt me. Please step back. I have something to talk with the butler."

It's not convenient to tell your master's privacy in front of outsiders.

"But mu Shao..."

"I'm the eldest lady. Don't you listen to me?" Asked shixiaonian coldly.

"Yes, miss."

The eyebrow scar doctor and bodyguards back to one side.

When Xiaonian turned her eyes to Fengde, Fengde looked at her, and her eyes were touched.

He stood up and walked forward a few steps, saying, "Miss Xi doesn't have to worry. Except for the occasional headache, the young master is in good health. I mean some changes in his behavior make me feel strange."

As Xiaonian walked along with him, he asked, "what's the change?"

The Gong Ou she saw on the news is good, and her look has changed. There is nothing wrong with treating the media as confident and arrogant as before.

"In fact, it's all my guess." As Miss Xi said, you have broken up, but young master still wants me to look up qianchu. This is an abnormal thing in itself, isn't it? After checking what to do, he won't say

"What's wrong with that?"

When Xiaonian asked anxiously, she really can't get to know that the person she cares about has an accident, she can't bear it.

"If the young master didn't put down the seat lady in his mind, then why he still focused on the engagement ceremony, ranging from the confirmation of the venue to the selection of the dress template, he had to ask himself." There was some anxiety between the eyes and the eyebrows, said Fengde.

"Focus on engagement?" Xiaonian repeats what he said.

"Yes, he should be indifferent to engagement, but in fact, he is interested in everything about engagement. Sometimes he sits there to study the details of the ceremony and does not sleep all night."

By the way, he often discussed with Miss Mona. I think their relationship seems to have improved a lot. Last night, Miss Mona stayed in tianzhigang

Stay in the port of heaven.

There has been a lot of emotional improvement.

Smell speech, when small read's face some pale, the body side hand involuntarily grasps, she was very difficult pulled the lip angle, "is it? That just shows that this is a good development. We can't really regard marriage as a stranger. Besides, he may just say it casually, just check it and reply, let alone mention my affairs in front of him. "

Gong Ou really started again.

It's a good thing. It's a good thing. She hates Mona and the palace family, but those people are good to him.

In any case, Ken's life will be better and better.

"Ah, but I don't feel well from the young master." When Feng de looked at it, Xiao Nian said with a melancholy tone and a long sigh. Then he went to the gate of the hotel and blew the night wind.

This is rarely the case with the butler.

When small read to go forward, don't understand ground to ask, "seal housekeeper, do you still have what matter to say with me?"

"What do you mean by the young master's insistence on holding an engagement ceremony in China? For this matter, the young master and the British side argued for a long time, and only when they were red faced and red faced did they compromise." Said van der.

When the engagement ceremony was held in China, Xiaonian naturally read the news, which bombed the whole city. Who can not know.

When small read light way, "this is not difficult to understand, N. e headquarters are located in S City, Gong ou want to hold a wedding in s city is nothing special."

"I don't know how to describe some things concretely, but I just feel that the young master is not quite right. I don't know what he is thinking. Now the guests from all countries have almost arrived, and everything is settled, but I always feel that something will happen."


"Ah." Feng de sighed and looked at Shi Xiaonian. "Miss Xi, do you think there is something wrong here because of the car accident?"

With that, Feng de pointed to his head.

When Xiaonian was shocked, he immediately said, "manager Feng, I think you are too busy recently. You also said that everything is settled, and Gong Ou is also devoted to the ceremony. What else do you want him to do? "

Is it normal for Gong ou to be indifferent to the engagement ceremony?

He also said in front of her that he would be a new palace in the future. He just fulfilled his words.

Like her ex girlfriend, he really put it down.

"No, I really don't feel right, or I won't come to see Miss Xi in the middle of the night." Feng de was anxiously walking in place. For a while, he looked at it and said, "why don't miss Xi follow me back to have a look?"

When Xiaonian looked at him in amazement, "shall I go to see Gong Ou? No way. "

She refused with little thought.

Gong Ou is going to be engaged tomorrow. What is she going to do at this time? Is it sabotage?

"Miss Xi, I really don't know how to tell you. Let's talk like this. I have a faint premonition." Feng de stood in front of her, frowning, his face full of worry.


"I always feel that the young master has a little bit of a decisive smell. He has prepared everything. N.E has to tell whom to tell him. He has no resistance from the British side. Everything except miss Mona's house and the Palace House has the final say. He is treating Mona little sister a lot and has never quarrelled with her again.

In the past, the young master and miss Mona had a lot of quarrels, like a pair of enemies.


When Xiaonian stood there and listened to Fengde carefully, the cold night wind made her a little cold.

The fireworks in the distance are in full bloom.

"To say something disrespectful as a housekeeper, I think the young master has arranged everything like this. He is There is a tendency to commit suicide. " Feng de said slowly, throwing a heavy bomb.


Once again, fireworks are in full bloom in the air.

When Xiaonian stood, the whole face suddenly became bloodless, and even her lips lost color in a moment. She looked at Fengde stupidly, and the whole person was buried in cold, "manager Feng, what are you talking about?"

How could Gong ou, such a high-ranking man, commit suicide.

It's impossible.

He now has a palace family, a huge N.E business and a marriage partner like Mona. In the eyes of many people, his life is complete and how can he possibly do stupid things.

"Miss Xi, young master is a person with paranoid personality disorder. He has always been a very absolute person. How can he say to let go of you and devote himself to the engagement ceremony? What's more, he used to be grumpy and has become very good recently. He has told everything. It's not like he's going to get engaged. It's like giving a confession to the British side. After filial piety, he can... " Feng de can't go on standing there.


When Xiaonian stood in front of Fengde and listened to his words, his mind was in a mess. Would that be so.

Can the palace family do stupid things?

He is paranoid. It seems impossible for him to do anything extreme.

If so, he had the idea of doing stupid things when he broke up with her before? That's why I'm so free and easy to separate from her.

When small read eyes Huan, lips slightly shudder, for a while, she said, "I, I go to see him."

When she uttered a voice, she even trembled, saying no fluent sentences.

She will go to have a look. Only when she sees Gong ou with her own eyes can she determine what happened to him. She will make sure that he is OK and safe.

If he had such an extreme idea, what's the point of her doing it.

There is no point.

As Shi Xiaonian said, he went out in a panic. His mother was still lying down. Gong Ou seemed to commit suicide again. Everything came together. What should she do? What should she do.

There must be nothing wrong with him.

She can't let him go wrong. Absolutely not.

When Xiaonian went out, he was a little weak on his feet. His face was white and his black and white eyes were all flustered. Fengde helped her. "Miss Xi, this way, my car is there."

When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly, "it must be your mistake."