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Chapter There's something I didn'st tell you in Chapter 807

When Xiao Nian went to the hall, Gong Kui rushed to him and shouted, "Mom, go to see it quickly. Holy is so strange. I don't even talk to him. .

"Yeah, I'll see."

When Xiaonian walked over, Gong Yao knelt down in front of the tea table, holding a piece of rubber in his small hand and trying to wipe the paper. The paper was white and there was nothing to wipe. A small face was tight.

“holy。” When Xiaonian squatted down beside him, "what are you wiping?"

She and Gong Ou went to buy the pen and paper last night.

"He has been cleaning here for a long time." Gong Kui stood beside Gong Yao and said.

Gong Yao ignores them and continues to wipe the paper. When the paper is almost broken, he still wipes it. His little hand is very hard. When Xiaonian reaches out and presses his little hand, he frowns. "Holy, what's the matter with you?"

"Just made a mistake. Erase it."

Gong Yao continued to wipe the paper.

"But there is no more handwriting on the paper. There is no need to wipe it." When small read a way.

"It's dirty, wipe it off."

Gong Yao stubbornly repeated this sentence, took his little hand back and wiped the paper hard again, only to hear the sound of "hiss", the paper was scratched and torn out a hole.

Gong Yao was stunned.

When Xiaonian takes out the eraser in his hand, Gong Yao holds it with some force. When Xiaonian can't take it away and doesn't want to hurt him, he says, "holy, are you still suffering for someone else's wronging you?"


Gong Yao doesn't speak.

When Xiaonian understood that she was right. She went to get food at that time. She didn't know the whole development process, but it seemed that it was a big blow to Gong Yao.

"Holy, we all believe you didn't do that. They misunderstood."

When small read soft voice said.


Gong Yao still doesn't speak, and then continues to use the eraser in front of the paper.

Shi Xiaonian said, "I know it's hard to feel wronged. Dad is looking for that family. When I find them, I'll explain to them. They know that they have wrongly accused you of stealing. They will apologize to you."


Gong Yao doesn't speak.

"But you also need to remember that there are many unhappy things in the world. As long as you have a clear conscience, you are powerful. Understand?" Xiaonian comforts his son in a soft voice.

Hearing this, Gong Yao suddenly holds the eraser tightly and holds it to death. His little fingertips are white.

“holy。” When Xiaonian looked at him painfully and wanted to open his hand, Gong Yao suddenly shook off her hand and stared at her with big black eyes. Her voice was tender but full of anger. "You don't know anything!"

With that, Gong Yao turns around and starts running.


When Xiaonian looked at his small back in astonishment, and looked down at his hand pushed away by Gong Yao.

This is the first time Gong Yao pushes away her hand and talks to her so loudly.

He is a model product cultivated by the palace family. At a young age, he abides by the etiquette and alienates people. However, he makes the etiquette list incisively and vividly. He likes to study and learn to go in. He is very smart and knows how to take care of his sister. He never needs adults to worry about him.

Even Luo Qi would say that twins run away from home together, and Gong Yao would be relieved.

But this is such a child, just pushed her hand away, so hard to speak, when Xiaonian realized that his son was really angry like this.

Such a standard little expensive childe would be angry and angry.

“mom。” Gong Kui was also frightened by Gong Yao's appearance. "Why is holy so fierce all of a sudden?"

When small read to return to God, pull palace Kui, asked, "you and I say, what happened today in the end."

Gong Kui obediently repeated the matter again, just as she said in the daytime.

"Is that it? What did you miss? " Shixiaonian asked, "you said they always scolded holly, what did they scold?"

"I scolded him for stealing dolls, and scolded him for..."

Gong Kui's face is askew, his flesh hands are holding his hair, and his dark eyes are turning around. He is a little distressed. "Well, I can't remember it, just scold holly."

In this way, Gong Yao can't bear to be wronged. Gong Yao is the young master of the palace. Luo Qi, Gong Yu and a bunch of servants and bodyguards who don't hurt him as much as the Pearl in the palm of their hands, when did they receive such wrongs.

This is unbearable for Gong Yao.

As a parent, should Gong Yao be taught to make his heart stronger at this time, or should he go out for him?

This education problem is really difficult.

When small read also confused.

But next Gong Yao's appearance worried Shi Xiaonian. Gong Yao started to do housework, which shocked Gong ou, Shi Xiaonian and Gong Kui.

Gong Yao usually doesn't touch the spring water, but this day he took a rag from the kitchen and began to clean the furniture. He did it very carefully. His hard work made Shi Xiaonian mistakenly think that he hired a child laborer.

Then, Gong Kui watched the fun and started to do housework.

So in the small villa, two children under the age of six worked hard to wipe the furniture and decoration clean and shiny.

Gong Yao is even more terrifying. When there is a little thing on the floor, he lies on the floor and wipes it for a whole hour, which makes Gong Kui get close to him, thinking that there is something precious about the floor princess on the floor.

When Xiaonian tried to persuade them to do cleaning again and again, Gong Yao didn't listen to him. He just did housework. Later, Gong Ouli gave him a drink, and he finally stopped.

As a result, he moved to the battlefield, walked to the wall with a pillow in his arms, sat down cross legged and meditated for two hours.

At this age, when he loves to play, he can't understand how Gong Yao can sit down with two children.

From the abnormality of Gong Yao, Shi Xiaonian realized the seriousness of the matter. She really wanted to find a way.

At night, when Xiaonian tried to communicate with Gong Yao again, he fell back and pretended to sleep. When Xiaonian frowned and walked out of the bedroom and returned to his room.

Gong Ou has been sitting on the bed, wearing pajamas, a text message half dry, a drop of water from the chin, sliding to the neck, rolling over the raised Adam's apple, sexy.

"I've never seen Holly like that." When small read to walk to say, willow eyebrow slightly frowns, "Gong ou, how should we do?"

"Stand up for him!"

Gong Ou said in a cold voice.

"I told him the same today. I said to clarify the misunderstanding. The other side will know that he made a mistake and apologized. As a result, holy became like that." When small read lightly sighed a breath, "I really haven't seen him like this, I am a bit flustered, don't know how to do."

She didn't know if all the young parents would encounter such a parent-child problem. Maybe it happened to Gong Kui. She would know how to do it better, but it happened to Gong Yao. She was inexplicably flustered.

"There is nothing to panic about. I am everything!"

Gong Ou said in a deep voice, put her in his arms, and lowered his head to kiss her hair. The fragrance between her hair made him feel comfortable even breathing.

"Because he's holy."

Said Xiao Nian in a low voice.


Gong Ou looks down at her.

Under the dim light, the two people sat side by side on the huge bed, covered by gray quilt. When Xiaonian bent his legs and looked forward lightly, "Gong ou, I have never told you something."


Gong Ou's eyes deepened.

"In fact, my attitude towards Xiaokui and to holy has always been biased. If Xiaokui does something wrong, I will seriously educate her, but for holy, I always think about it habitually." Shi Xiaonian said that he suddenly felt that his mother had made a special failure.


Gong Ou's eyebrows are tightened.

"You know, Gong ou, over the years, one of the most impressive images I've ever seen of holy is not when he was hijacked by Mona, or when he occasionally laughed." "When small read softly said," but he stood far away from me, and then bowed to me, with the proper etiquette, but also with alienation


Gong Ou looks at her silently and takes her to her arms with more force.

Xiaonian leaned on his chest and said bitterly, "in fact, since I brought holy and his wife to China, our relationship has been much better. I can feel that he is also close to me. He is really willing to be my mother, even if he is not around me since he was born."


"But even so, the picture is still deeply engraved in my mind. I don't know why. I desperately tell myself that it's just the etiquette taught, which represents politeness." When small read low voice said, to the end of the voice some dumb, "but every time I see him bow to me, I think he is so far away from me."

Then, she could not help thinking that Gong Yao was far away from her when the twins were born.

Gong Ou listens, big palm presses her head to lean toward oneself, voice is deep magnetism, "why don't these words say with me early?"

"I don't know what to say." "I don't know how to help him, just like today's holy," said Shi Xiaonian in a low voice. "Gong ou, I'm really a failed mother. How can I teach another baby well?"

People are such relatives. Once they deny one point of themselves, they will totally deny themselves.

"Nonsense." Gong Ou interrupts her displeased, "you are the best and most beautiful woman I have ever met. Can you conquer a man like me and teach a child well?"

It's a special way to comfort.

"But it's not someone else. It's holy."

Shi Xiaonian said, "it's holy. Mingming is so young, but when you see his eyes, you will feel that he has his own ideas, so that she can't use the way of sunflower to treat him.".

"Then he's our son, too. He's under six!" Gong stressed this point.

In the eyes of shixiaonian, Gong Yao is just an adult. He dare not teach or scold. But he is still a small fart kid with insufficient intelligence.