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Chapter 65 severance of parent-child relationship

"What a good thing." Minqiujun was worried and said, "your father and qianchu's elder sister are fighting fiercely, but qianchu doesn't care about it at all. He accompanies Shidi to go shopping all day, ignoring the overall situation and leaving it to your father to do it alone."

Mingming knows that mu qianchu and Shidi are close to each other, but when she hears it again, she is still stabbed.

"It's a good thing they love each other." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"It's better to love them, but they are not peaceful. I heard from the Mu's servant that they had quarreled several times since they got married." Said min Qiujun.

"Quarrel?" When small read stunned to open wide eyes, "this is impossible."

She believed in the changeable weather and said that it was impossible for mu qianchu to have a bad relationship with Shidi. She pestered mu qianchu for so many years and they didn't disappear. That's just proof of their true love.

"The reason for the quarrel seems to be you." Min Qiujun looked at it and said it in a sad tone.


When small read body a stiff, quarrel's reason is she? How could it be.

"The servants say that every time they mention you at home now, two people quarrel. After the first thousand years of marriage, it's like a changed man. He's so gentle and elegant that he quarrels with Shidi. " Min Qiujun patted his head. "Your sister will call us to cry when she quarrels. It's useless for me to advise you."

At this time, the server serves two cups of coffee.

When Xiaonian was sitting there, she couldn't figure out how she could pester and how she became their fuse after marriage.

She doesn't go to see them now. She hides far away. They are not peaceful.

What is this?

However, mu qianchu is really a little strange. In order to give Shi Di a perfect wedding, he didn't even take the medicine to cure the pain. Now, how can he not let Shi Di in words? It doesn't make sense.

"Your father was so annoyed that he didn't sleep well for several nights. He was annoyed by all the business and family affairs, so he..."

At this point, min Qiujun is ready to talk.

When Xiaonian looked at her adoptive mother and saw her face in distress, he felt that the next words of her adoptive mother were the main topic today.

Sure enough, minqiujun looked at her for a long time, then took out a document from his bag and put it in front of her. It was very difficult to say, "your father hopes you sign this document."

When Xiaonian's hand is on the steaming coffee cup, he looks down at the document.

There are dense words on the document, she did not see clearly, only saw a huge title -

the book of parent-child relationship severance

the book of severance.

When Xiaonian's face turned pale, she leaned her finger against the cup and poured the whole cup of coffee on the table. She didn't want to pick up the document. The document was not wet, not a word. The coffee dripped on her, which was very hot.

"Xiaonian --"

min Qiujun exclaimed and hurriedly stood up and took out a paper towel to wipe the stain for her.

When Xiaonian stood up and pushed away his hand, "I'm ok."

"No, you are easy to burn..."

"Let's get down to business." When small read at her eyes concern, suddenly feel some irony, push away the foster mother 's hand, small read cold tunnel, "is not to talk about signing it."

The waiter came to clean the table.

"Xiaonian..." Minqiujun sat down and looked at her with a face full of bitterness. "I've been arguing with your father for a long time, but he still insists on it. He thinks it's your previous entanglement that will make the marriage of qianchu and Shidi not smooth now. He must evict you from the house."

"Haven't I been evicted?" When small read self mockingly smile, eyes sour up, "a few years ago, you won't let me stay at home."

Can eviction be repeated over and over again?


"Now I'm going to be expelled from the legal sense. It doesn't matter. I'll just sign it. Anyway, I don't think I can be the daughter of the family." When small read indifferent smile.

Min Qiujun looked at her compassionately.

When small read is still a smile, smile is very indifferent, do not care, "Mom, pen? You must have brought a pen. Oh, I can't call you mom now

Come prepared.

"Xiaonian, don't do that." Min Qiujun looked at the smile on her lips, but he took out a pen from his bag and gave it to her. "Your father is the master at home. I can't fight him, but later, I'll sneak out to see you."


Mother wants to look at her daughter secretly.

"It doesn't matter. I thought it would happen. I'll sign it."

Shi Xiaonian took the pen from her hand and turned it directly to the last page of the document. When the tip of the pen touched it for a second, the tears fell on the paper drop by drop. The tears could not be controlled at all.

She is far from as indifferent and strong as she imagined.

She didn't care about her time as much as she thought.

Minqiu Jun looked at her in amazement. "Xiaonian, you --"

"why did you adopt me and abandon me?"

When I was reading, I lowered my head, the hand holding the pen was shaking, and my voice choked with sobs. I couldn't utter the complete sentence, "what did I do wrong? From childhood, you and dad have a preference for Shidi. You secretly tuck the food for her and take her to the cram school alone. You secretly take her to take another family photo. If I'm so redundant, why don't you send me away in the morning? It's so good when I don't remember. "


Min Qiujun looked at it stupidly, but she didn't expect to know all these things.

At the beginning, their husband and wife adopted an abandoned baby safety island baby because they couldn't have a baby. Unexpectedly, after adoption, she found that she had it in her stomach.

Shidi, the natural child, is hard to come by, so both husband and wife will inevitably prefer it.

She thought she didn't know when she did these things.

"Just because I am not your own, I will bear all the mistakes and consequences." When Xiaonian said excitedly, tears kept falling. "At the beginning, it was me who took care of Mu qianchu. When he recovered his eyesight and came back to Mu's house, you made every effort to promote him and Shi Di, secretly telling mu qianchu that Shi Di was the best friend of him before. You only blame me for pestering, but have you ever thought about my feelings? "


"Now, I give up me to admit defeat, I no longer entangle them, the result is wrong or me."


When Xiaonian grasped the pen in his hand, his face was already full of tears and his voice was shaking. "I'm going to be an orphan again, and I don't have anyone to ask for it. Why abandon me like this, because I'm not born, can I just abandon it? Parents are free to abandon, aren't they? "

She really cares about this family. She cares about family.

Why does it end like this.

Min Qiujun sat opposite her and cried when he heard her.

When small read has been murmuring, "why to abandon me, why not me, why not me?"? I always want to do well, I always want to be your daughter. I didn't dare to make mistakes when I was young. I worked so hard Why can't you see it? "

She's like a lost child in the wild.

From small to large, she studies hard and won't be praised; she works hard to do housework and won't be praised; she hasn't done anything to make her parents unhappy except to pester her for thousands of years, why don't she just like this? Why?

Min Qiujun is not a man with a heart of stone. When he hears the words, he can't hear them any more. He cries, "forget it, read it, don't sign it, let's not sign it..."

All of a sudden, the documents written by Shi Xiaonian were taken away.

She stayed, raised her head, tears blurred her vision, only to see Gong Ou stand beside her, a hand firmly holding the document.

What happened to him?

"Oh." Gong Ou stares at the document in his hand and sneers, "I thought it was something big that made you cry like this. When you read it, can you still have some success?"

"You are --"

min Qiujun looks at Gong Ou in amazement.

"You are her adoptive mother?" Gong Ou looks at Min Qiujun and asks in a cold voice.

Mingming is a young man, but he is very powerful. In front of him, min Qiujun feels that he is inexplicably humble, and even his answer becomes involuntary, "yes. I'm Xiaonian's mother. "

How can I always feel that I've met such a handsome young man somewhere. I'm familiar with him.

"Is the man who discards his child a mother?" With a wave of Gong Ou's big hand, he pushed Shi Xiaonian in, sat up beside her, looked coldly at Min Qiujun and said, "her biological mother doesn't deserve it, neither do you."

"Gong ou, what are you doing? This is my business. "

When Xiaonian didn't care to cry, he hurriedly went to the palace and Europe.

Gong Ou looks at her with tears on her face, "look at you. What's your qualification to tell me it's your own business! I'll take care of it! "

He's very wild.

"I......" Shi Xiaonian is so blocked that she can't speak. She looks like a coward.

Gong Ou?

Min Qiujun looks at Gong Ou in shock. Is he that Gong Ou? n. E's palace?

Gong Ou takes his eyes back from Shi Xiaonian, looks coldly at Min Qiujun across the table, and puts up the document in his hand. "I see your signature is already on it. Ms. min, why do you want to break off the relationship with Shi Xiaonian?"

"Here..." Min Qiujun is still not free to answer to Gong Ou's eyes, "yes Because their sisters don't agree. "

The reason sounds a little weird.

"Well, then why not break off with the youngest daughter, but the eldest?" Gong Ou asked with a sneer, and suddenly realized, "by the way, Xiao Nian is a adopted daughter, and the one who wants to lose is not close."

"It's not like that. A lot of things happened in the middle of it. Outsiders won't understand."

Minqiu can't help defending his own daughter.

At least in the matter of Mu qianchu, they all think that Shidi is right.

A normal and excellent mu qianchu naturally should be with Shidi. As a sister, she should give way to each other rather than fight for success.

Smell speech, Gong Ou laughs more fiercely, the radian of the lip corner is full of ridicule, he looks at the document in his hand and says, "abandon your daughter to be as dignified as Ms. min, I see it for the first time with a face of bitterness."

When they were talking, Xiaonian sat there with his head down and his hands tightly holding his clothes.