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Chapter 187 the stage of the flute during the uproar

The two staff members did not see her. They passed by and chatted with each other --

"the boss really loves money. He knew that Shidi had been arranged to do a publicity interview today, and even arranged to go out

"What's the matter? One is watching puppet show in the East and the other is interviewing in the west, but he won't come across it."

"But then again, the flute is pitiful enough to make it work."

"I think she's very good. You can see that she was ruined by the drug cases, and then came back to the scene with the victims. I heard that the boss spent a lot of money on her this time. I think she got lucky for her misfortune."

"Come on, don't say anything. Hurry up and send the clothes to me. I need to wear the flute."


In the corridor, when Xiaonian stood there motionless, his face pale.

Time whistle.

Her sister is a flute.

Her victim's sister plays the flute.

When Xiaonian suddenly turned around, he was like a ghost following two staff members.

To the west of the Grand Theatre.

At that time, Xiaonian followed the staff to a screening hall. Under the stage, a group of staff were shooting, including cameras and lighters.

On the stage, when the flute is dressed in gorgeous evening dress, it makes all kinds of shapes in spirit and is photographed by the people next to it.

The light below is very dark, and the light on the stage is very bright, which makes the flute dazzling and perfect.

In the background of the shooting staff, shixiaonian took one of the seats in a row and sat down. His eyes were empty and he looked at the Shidi on the stage.

"Shidi, let's start the interview."

Someone shouted.

On the huge stage, the staff put on several European sofas.

When the flute sat up, the two slender legs were together and slanted on one side. It was a lady's sitting posture. The dress was covered with a coat. The makeup was exquisite and beautiful, and the features were beautiful. A long hair was made into a very complicated curly hair.

She sat there, a beautiful goddess.

When Xiaonian sat at the bottom, his eyes looked at his sister on the stage.

When the flute was sitting on the top, she could not help looking down. The lights were all on her alone. The light below was too dark, and only one head was seen.

When the flute takes back his eyes, he says to the reporter with the sweet voice of baby voice, "you can ask questions. I'm here today to promote the Goliath theatre, so don't ask me too much about personal matters. "

Her voice is sweet and refreshing.

The staff couldn't help laughing. The environment was very relaxed.

When small read quietly looking at this scene, all people like when the flute, all love when the flute, all listen to when the flute.

When talking about half of the work interview, some reporters inevitably asked about their personal affairs, "Shidi, how are you now?"

"I'm fine. I'm sorry to give you a bad demonstration as a public figure. Thank you and the police for giving me a chance to make a change." "I am still on bail. I will do some good deeds with my own actions, hoping to make up for my mistake," Shidi said to the camera with a sincere face

A very sincere face.

When Xiaonian looks at the face quietly, if she is not the client, she will also believe this beautiful face.

"Shidi, in fact, you don't have to blame yourself too much. Not that there are lawyers who say that you can be regarded as a self-defense response after long-term abuse. How are your parents? " The reporter said.

"My parents..."

When it comes to parents, there's a little more tears in his eyes, and then he said with a hard smile, "they really have a lot of white hair overnight, they are the most uncomfortable. Our sister has made it like this. Now my mother can't even come out of the house and washes her face with tears every day."

"Did your sister go back to see her parents?"

"No." Shidi shook his head. "Actually, my parents love her very much. They always hope she can turn around, but she didn't."

"Is it still possible for you and mu qianchu?"

When hearing mu qianchu's three words, the flute's eyes were full of a flash. Then he covered his lips with his hands. His eyes were filled with tears and sobbed, "I don't know. I have recognized him since I was a teenager. He is my first love. I used to think we'd be a lifetime, but I didn't expect it to be so short. "

"Haven't you got in touch with your sister yet?" The reporter continued to ask questions.

When Xiaonian sat in the following position, looking at her sister on the stage.

Then the flute shook his head in tears, looked at the camera and said sadly, "sister, if you are watching this program, I want to tell you that it doesn't matter if you hate me, but please don't hate mom and dad. They still love you. I hope you can go back and see them. I beg of you. "

As soon as the voice fell, several female staff members were moved and whispered after secretly wiping their tears.

"Shidi is so kind. It's not her sister's fault."

"Ah, it's not easy for the old man to raise a daughter. I didn't expect to raise a white eyed wolf."

"It's not easy to play flute. Now, I'm going out to do activities and earn money to support my family. I used to be a young grandmother of a rich family, but my sister has destroyed it."


When Xiaonian sat there and collected all the voices into his ears.

She slowly got up from her seat, then walked forward slowly, then pushed a camera one by one, and looked coldly at her sister who sat on the stage like a mountain.



"Ah, my camera! Lean on! More than a hundred thousand! " A cameraman cried excitedly.

Everyone turned to look at her. When they saw her, they all opened their eyes in shock. Then they all looked at her in the same way.

"When I read it?"

When the flute also recognized when small read, startled from the European style sofa stand up, stepping on a pair of hate sky high stand on the stage to look at her.

When Xiaonian looked at her quietly.

After being stunned, Shi Di quickly responded and choked, "sister, how are you here? My mother is ill. I beg you to go back and see her. "

When Xiaonian looked at her quietly, then lowered his head, picked up a stick in the debris on the ground, and slowly walked to the side steps.


when the flute panicked, he hid behind the sofa and cried out in fear, "elder sister, don't hit me, not me, but Dad, don't hit me anymore..."

Hearing this, the audience was in a uproar.

Originally, di was raped by her elder sister at home. God, this adopted daughter is too arrogant!

There was no expression on Xiaonian's face, but she was still silent. She took the stick and stepped onto the stage.

Several staff members immediately stopped in front of Shi Di and opened their hands to Shi Xiaonian. "Don't mess around. We have so many eyes looking at you. If you dare to mess around, we can all testify and tell you to sit at the bottom of the prison."


When small read is still silent to move forward, like a puppet without soul, step by step forward.

She had a long stick in her hand, which rubbed across the stage floor to make a sound.

When the flute is afraid to shout, two female staff members come forward to comfort her, when the man joined in a line to stop small read.

Shixiaonian goes to Shidi.

The men came up to stop her.

When Xiaonian recklessly raised the stick and waved it to them. She gave them a beating. Her expressionless face made men sweat.

The light in her eyes was very ghostly.


When Xiaonian hit a man hard, and the man retreated.

She went to the flute with a stick.

At this moment, shixiaonian couldn't think of anything, as if a sinister voice was ringing in her mind. She was going to tear the picture skin of Shidi.

She's going to tear it.


when the flute saw Xiaonian coming, she was scared to cry. She screamed and picked up a pile of sundries on the edge of the stage and threw them at her.

After all, Shi Xiaonian is just a woman, and her expression is only a woman.

Soon, a few men came forward to control it.

When the flute pretends to be afraid to coax several female staff members to take things together and hit Xiaonian.


When Xiaonian struggled desperately, he was smashed again and again.

But she didn't feel the pain either.

She stares at Shidi not far ahead. She wants to rush in front of it and tear off the skin.

"All right, don't blow it." Several men holding Xiaonian couldn't look down and said loudly, "take her to the police station."

"No, don't let her go so easily. This third party has lost Shidi's baby. Let's take a bad breath first!" Several women said indignantly, continuing to throw things on Xiaonian.

"No, you don't want to What else can we do without all the children? "

When the flute falsely advised everyone not to do so, but the tears roared down, more aroused people's sympathy.

When small read like not afraid of pain, let everyone hit, a pair of eyes stare at her.

When the flute to her eyes, the heart can not help surging up a sense of fear, when small read eyes have a kind of unspeakable resentment, like ghosts.

She couldn't help but turn her eyes and suddenly saw a pile of beer bottles that had just been drunk by the staff.

"Let's not fight."

When the flute shouted and kicked a beer bottle into the sight of others without any trace.

A female staff member saw that she was full of vital energy, so she immediately picked up the beer bottle and smashed it at Xiaonian.

When Xiaonian was caught and didn't hide, he just stared at Shidi.

Next second, just listen to "bang".

The beer bottle cracked in the air.

A tall figure stood in front of shixiaonian.

Everyone stayed, and the whole noisy stage was silent.

When she was blocked by others, Xiaonian came back from the evil like state. She was stunned and looked at the tall figure in front of her.

Gong Ou stood in front of her, his back to her, his arm across her eyes, his sleeve rolled around his elbow.

Two seconds later.

There was blood dripping from his arm.

When Xiaonian stays, is he hurt?


When Di stood there, he was stunned when he saw Gong ou.

Gong Ou slowly turns around and looks at shixiaonian. A handsome face is full of haze and looks ugly. A pair of black eyes glare at her angrily, "who let you run around? Do you know if I've been looking for you for a long time! "