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Chapter 906 unusual love

The sun moved his face, making his facial features a little fuzzy. At that moment, Xiaonian thought he saw Gong Ou's youth.

If Gong Ou was in her junior high school, she would be a terrible person of the moment. No girl in the whole school would see anyone else.

Gong Ou takes the basketball lightly under the basketball board, turns his eyes to glance at her, sneers scornfully, and says, "it's just a basketball game. What's the difficulty?"

In a word, Xiaonian was in a trance when she pulled back. She stood there and laughed, "so you were jealous of watching others play basketball at that time."

He was obviously drinking a vat of old vinegar.

Smell speech, Gong Ou is cold hum, "you see that also call to play basketball, it is only bounce."


Do you want to be so vicious.

When small read bit, sweet silk silk of, "then you still can what?"

Gong Ou began to play handsome again. He threw a three-point ball perfectly. He was steady. He took the basketball and looked at her. "Have you seen the bullfight?"


When Xiaonian shook her head honestly, she couldn't tell what a basketball bullfight was.


Gong Ou took a few shots of basketball and asked what to do in a cold voice. In a short time, several bodyguards came in one after another. The three players were a team, and they began to fight like this.

This is a gong Ou's personal show. How dare bodyguards really fight with Gong Ou? At first, they were cautiously attacked and spiked by Gong ou. At the back, bodyguards also inspired their fighting spirit, but they were defeated and unable to form an army.

When small read looked at the palace Europe whole process control field, hits specially heartily thoroughly, plays Shuai simply to play fouls.

She stood there and watched the whole process. When she saw Gong Ou jump up and dunk, she couldn't help but pick up her mobile phone and take a picture. The pixel of N.E mobile phone is high, and even the sweat is clearly photographed.

Such a man is completely irresistible.

It's so handsome.

When Xiaonian silently took a lot of photos at the station, the last few bodyguards left with their heads down. When Xiaonian looked at them, he couldn't help saying, "you beat them to doubt their life."

Gong Ou walked up to her, his face covered with a thin layer of sweat. When Xiao Nian hurriedly handed out the water and stood on tiptoe to wipe his sweat.

Gong Ou stares at her with low eyes. "Have you ever wiped someone's sweat?"


When small read a way, he eats old vinegar to still have not finished.

"Well." Gong Ou then drank water with satisfaction and asked, "how is your man?"

"Although I can't understand it, I think your skills are very good. Why haven't you played basketball before?" When small read side wipe sweat for him to ask questionably at the same time.

Gong Ou pours water into his mouth and stares at her with low eyes. "Who asked you this? Didn't you say that women don't watch the ball and look at people?"

Did she watch the ball after he played for a long time?

When Xiaonian understood his meaning, he could not help laughing and shaking his head. "It's so handsome. Gong Ou is the most handsome. He's extremely handsome."

"That's about it." Gong Ou put her in his arms, looked around and asked, "where are you going next?"

When small read to look at the distant teaching school, way, "want to see my former teaching building?"


Gong Ou walks forward without saying anything and hugs her. When Xiaonian takes him upstairs, he looks around and remembers his old class for a long time.

The door of the classroom was easily opened.

When Xiaonian went in, he smiled on his white and round face, "the tables and chairs have been changed well, but the others have hardly changed. I miss you so much."

It is this classroom that has spent three years in her junior high school. Every day, she goes out from this classroom to do exercises. After class, one teacher and another come and go.

She went inside and stepped up to the podium. The podium was changed. It's really high now.

"What is this?"

Gong Ou's unhappy voice came.

When Xiaonian looked up at the past, he saw Gong Ou standing in front of a desk. His face was not very beautiful. When Xiaonian was surprised, "what's the matter? Is there any word on the desk?"

His face changed in any way.

These are new desks. They were not in her time.

"Why are the two desks together?" Gong Ou looked at her coldly. "You were the same at that time?"

There are only two people in school uniform in the huge classroom.

When Xiaonian lies on the platform, smiles and says, "Yeah, haven't you seen such a desk? Otherwise, how do you think the word "deskmate" comes from? "

Smell speech, Gong Ou's hand put on a desk, a bounce sat up, uninhibited to put long legs on the desk in front of, face cold again a few minutes, "then you also have the same desk at that time."


What's strange about this.

When small read don't understand why he suddenly changed face, have a deskmate is worth angry thing?

"Men's or women's?"

Gong Ou asked coldly, looking straight at her.


Is it because this is depressed? Is this old vinegar not sour?

When Xiaonian stood high on the ground, reached for his chin, blinked, and said deliberately, "guess."

The shadow of the trees outside swayed in the wind.

Gong Ou stares at her. She can't find out the truth in her face. She reaches out and wipes her lips. The corners of her lips are dangerously curved. The eyes are surly and unpredictable. "You don't have to guess. It's just a man's chop. It's a woman's sexual orientation."

As he said, Gong Ou took out his mobile phone, and Xiaonian hurriedly said, "well, it's a lesbian table. My three-year deskmates are girls. Their sexual orientation must be normal. You've eaten too much vinegar."

"It means I care about you!"

Gong Ou said it rightfully.

"But I don't think jealousy should be such a performance, but to complain to each other and ask for more intimate behaviors or words. Such vinegar is sweet, isn't it?"

Shi Xiaonian said, play with the teaching staff at hand. Now the teaching staff has such texture. In their time, the teachers all relied on their fingers.

"Oh?" Gong Ou sits at the bottom, her black eyes brighten, reaches out and hooks her, "then I can ask you for more intimate behavior?"

When there is some danger in the words, Xiaonian still knows it.

"What do you want?" she asked, standing at the desk, with the stick across her


"I can't guess."

"Guess again."

Gong Ou's lips were crooked. He jumped down from the desk and walked slowly to the platform. The tall body approached her little by little. His eyes narrowed slowly and a dangerous light appeared.

When Xiaonian stepped back and stayed with Gong ou for such a long time, she was too clear about what it meant, and even said, "Gong ou, don't, don't..."

"Nothing?" Gong Ou grabs the staff in her hand, pushes her to the blackboard, puts one hand on her side, and people approach her. Holding the staff in one hand, they vaguely lift her chin, stroke her face with one end of the staff, and then slowly row down, "don't do this? Or not? "

"Gong ou..."

When Xiaonian is forced to retreat, she looks at him and pushes away the staff. The staff is wrapped up again, rowing slowly on her body, which makes her heart beat faster.

It's a bit awkward.

"It's not that you say getting closer is the right way to be jealous?" Gong Ou picks her eyebrows and continues to tease her with the staff. She swivels around her neck and zips down her school uniform with the staff. "Why don't we do it once in the classroom you stayed in?"

When Xiaonian was thundered, he quickly zipped up and said, "Gong ou, this is the holy place of teaching."

What does he think.

"So you'll leave a deeper memory, won't you?"

When Gong Ou said this, she was extremely evil. Her tall body approached her forcefully, lifted her chin, lowered her head and held her lips. She did not rush forward, so she slowly sucked and aroused her enthusiasm.

The sunshine outside the window is bright.

There are a few birds chirping on the big tree.

In the distance, a school's electric bell rings and spreads all over the campus.

There are rows of empty desks and chairs in the open classroom. In front of the blackboard behind the platform, the girl in the school uniform is held and kissed by the boy. It seems that all the emotions are just beginning to open, romantic, aesthetical and sweet.

Even the air is fermented by a kind of sweetness. The sweeter the wine is, the more beautiful it is.

The moment that should be commemorated by the camera, Gong Ou kisses, while Xiaonian opens his eyes in horror, and passively lets him kiss with his back against the blackboard, like holding his breath, even his face is white.

"What are you doing with your eyes wide open?"

Gong Ou couldn't stand her eyes popping out quickly. She let go of her lips and asked geologically.


When small reads tightly to close the mouth, a pair of dead does not open the appearance.

"What's wrong with you, shixiaonian?" Gong Ou stares at her displeased. What kind of feelings does he want to play with her in this stupid uniform? Does she give him this virtue?

There is no lesson.

See if he's reluctant to clean her up, isn't he?


When Xiaonian still kept her mouth closed.

"OK, shixiaonian, you forced me to do it!" Gong Ou rolled up his sleeve, stretched the staff in his hand, glanced evilly over it, and then looked at her, "let's play more special in this holy classroom."


When Xiaonian looks at him in silence, his eyes are full of vigilance. What does he want to play?

"If you are put on the platform, use the staff to pick up your clothes." Gong Ou breaks off the staff in his hand and says, "let's press you on the door and window, and pick up the rubber band on your hair bit by bit..."


When Xiaonian looked at him speechless, did he know how to play.

"Not yet speaking, is it? Let's start from the podium. " Gong Ou holds her in her arms as soon as her eyes change. She lowers her head and kisses her lips again. She forcibly seizes her kiss and reaches out to pick her up.

When Xiaonian looked at the platform in front of him, he was a little flustered. "Oh, I said, oh, I said."

Gong Ou let go of her a little. Junpang was in front of her eyes. With a slight pick on the tip of her brow, she showed off her sexiness with ease. The thin lips were slightly open, and the wind of the lips was gently sprayed on her face. She deliberately lowered her voice to give a hint of temptation. "Why do you kiss me and open your eyes so wide?"