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Chapter 842 tell me you'sre okay

Feng de hurriedly stepped forward and helped Gong Ou up from the Lanting. Gong Ou reached out to wipe the blood from the corners of his mouth and stared at the man on the ground gloomily, "take it away! Don't let him die, torture me! "

"Yes, sir."

Feng de helps Gong ou to leave, and glances down at the Lanting on the ground. Lanting falls to the ground weakly, gasping for breath. His eyes are full of despair.

"Let go!"

Gong Ou doesn't like being cowardly in front of others. He reaches out and pushes Feng de away. He steps towards shixiaonian.

When Xiaonian looked at his unsteady figure, he suddenly understood why he would not kidnap her when he was in LAN's house. He was not sure that he could leave safely with her.

It turned out that his injury was more serious than she thought.

Like a drunk man, Gong Ou walked to Xiaonian's face step by step. His eyes were still dark and deep, so he stared at her directly.

She leaned against the tree and did not move. Her eyes met his eyes and she could not speak.


One stumbled, Gong Ou almost fell on her. There was gong Yao in the middle. When Xiao Nian was hit, pain came from all joints of her body, but she didn't dare to make a sound.

She was afraid of Gong Ou's suffering.

Gong Ou stood in front of her, watching the strong light shining her face white, without any blood color. His face slowly approached her, lowered his head against her forehead, and reached for her face.

His forehead was cold, but his fingers were so warm that touching her skin seemed to burn.

Two people's forehead is put together, two faces both hang lottery.

"Small read, how can I say you, how can you so nonsense." Gong Ou said that the hysterical tone was only weak and helpless.

Blood oozed from his chest injury.

When Xiaonian leaned against the tree and put her hands around Gong Yao, she moved her lips and pulled out a smile with difficulty. Her voice was so hoarse that only he and Gong Yao could hear her. "You said it yourself, you save your son, I save you."

"You're too stupid to hear me joking."

Asked Gong Ou weakly.

"Well, I can't hear it."

Shixiaonian admits his stupidity.

"Stupid." Gong Ou raised his hand to the back of her head and scolded her.

The wind passed through the woods, and it cut his wound like a knife

When Xiaonian didn't speak, he only leaned on him quietly and against the big tree.

Both of them can't say much. For a long time, Gong Ou pressed her forehead and asked, "tell me, you're OK."

"I'm fine, Gong ou. I'm fine."

When small read to answer obediently, even if the pain on the body has been shouting.


Gong Ou responds with satisfaction. He wants to take her and Gong Yao away, but he has no strength. He can only stand stiffly like this, cling to her forehead firmly, and feel her breath.

Breathing is the most authentic evidence of being alive, and he needs it so much.

A group of bodyguards stood by, Feng de looked at them, sighed faintly, turned around to look at the bodyguard nearby, and said, "clean up the scene."

"Yes, housekeeper."


This evening was very long. Later, the car back on the road was bumpy. She was upset, but she didn't dare to say anything. She said softly, "Gong ou, I'm sleepy."

Then she fainted in Gong Ou's arms.

"Then go to sleep."

Gong Ou said, when he put his hand around Xiao Nian, he leaned back and slowly closed his eyes.

Gong Yao sat beside them and looked at the two adults who were sleeping together. Their young faces were dull and blank.

"Hurry up, young master and Xiao Nian have passed out. Lan's family is the closest to here. Go there and have treatment immediately."

Feng De, sitting in the front passenger seat, urged the driver so much.

Hearing this, Gong Yao realized that both of them had passed out. He looked at the two adults beside him stupidly. For a while, he held out his small hand to hold Xiaonian's hand.

"Master holy, what's wrong with you?" Feng de looked back at Gong Yao and saw a trace of blood on his hand. "Are you hurt?"

"Seal Grandpa."

Gong Yao looked at Fengde, his back slightly shrunk.

"What's the matter?"

Feng de thought he was sick.

"Will they die?" Gong Yao asked, a pair of dark big eyes with ignorance. Hearing the words, Feng de smiled and comforted him, saying, "after knowing the accident, I have made the doctor always ready and will be cured."

"Will her baby be gone?"

Gong Yao asked again, looking down at Xiao Nian's clothes, which were stained with some blood. He remembered that when he accompanied Gong Kui to watch the TV play, some adults' clothes bled, and the baby died.

The baby will die in the belly of the adult.

Hearing this, Feng de could not help but look at Shi Xiaonian and sighed, "Xiaonian, too. I told her that I must be careful when I am pregnant, but she would not listen."

"The baby is dead?"

Gong Yao's body is stiff.

Feng de didn't notice the confusion in Gong Yao's eyes. He said to himself, "just now I gave Xiao Nian a simple examination. There was no sign of miscarriage, but she was seriously injured. It's hard to say. If it's necessary to use some medicine, the child can't stay."


Gong Yao is completely stunned. A small hand holds Xiaonian's hand.

"Drive faster." Looking at the two people who passed out, Feng de couldn't help urging the driver again. Suddenly, a soft and frightened voice came from behind.


As soon as Feng De's body shook, he couldn't help looking back at Gong Yao and saw him sitting there, his eyes staring at him blankly, "no, don't let the baby die, live."

With that, Gong Yao's eyes turned red.


Feng de looks at him in shock. Although Gong Yao and Gong Kui are twins, Gong Yao is more accomplished than Gong Kui. He is talented and has the demeanor of the young master at the beginning. But he is more calm and mature than the young master when he was a child.

But in this meeting, Feng realized that Gong Yao was only a child under six years old.

He will have his own fear, and he will be vulnerable.

"Don't worry. I'll try my best to keep the baby with the doctors. Don't worry." Said van der.


Gong Yao looks at him, but the expression on his small face still hasn't changed.

When Xiaonian woke up from the pain, she was covered with a soft quilt. There was a loud noise in her ear. She heard the earache, frowned and opened her eyes. There was a lot of pain on her back. Her hand was held by someone.

She raised her eyes and saw Gong Yao standing by her bed with a face full of uneasiness.

When Xiaonian saw her son's expression for the first time, was she worried about it? She suddenly felt that this injury was also a special harvest.

Just hours ago, she did not dare to think that Gong Yao would take the initiative to hold her hand.

"Seal grandpa!"

Seeing this, Xiaonian opened his eyes. Gong Yao immediately pulled the clothes of others. Feng Dezheng and several doctors were discussing the medication. Hearing this, he immediately turned around and looked down at shixiaonian anxiously. "Xiaonian, how do you feel?"

"And Gong Ou?"

When small read asked the voice hoarse to the extreme.

"The young master received treatment in another room. Although his injury was serious, it didn't matter. After transfusion, the situation began to stabilize." Feng de looked at her and said, "your condition is more complicated now. Your injury is lighter than that of the young master, but you are pregnant after all. Some medicines are not easy to use."

"My injuries are all trauma. Didn't I hurt my baby?"

When Xiaonian asked with some difficulty.

"There is a little sign of miscarriage, but it's not serious. Fortunately, you don't have to worry." Feng de said that Xiao Nian had the most serious injury on his back. His arms and hands were bruised and bruised. It was estimated that they were all emergency responses to protect his stomach, so his stomach was not in any big trouble.

Hearing this, Xiaonian was relieved.

Feng de can't be optimistic. "Xiao Nian, the young master is also in a coma, which is the problem of medication..."

Knowing what he was going to say, Xiaonian interrupted him in a hoarse voice, "don't use what you shouldn't use, it will be cured if you are injured."

"That's right, but without some medicine, how can you bear the pain?"

Feng de frowned and said, "he can't make up his mind now. He can use some painkillers. It's not good for the child who has a bad stomach. No, it's not good for the child who has a bad stomach.".

"Pregnant women don't take cold medicine, do they?"

When Xiaonian said it weakly, the pain came from her back, which made her frown and sweat on her forehead before she could smile freely.

Gong Yao holds her hand tightly.

"It's the same as cold medicine, but you're hurt." Feng de said, when Xiaonian forced to endure the pain to interrupt his words, "I want a baby."


"It's my decision." When small read Chong Gong Yao hard to hook the lip, and then painstakingly said, "don't tell Gong ou."

This is her only worry. She shouldn't worry about Gong ou.

Feng de stood there, and Xiaonian understood her determination in this way, so she said, "well, let's take the medicine gently to make sure it won't affect the child, and then give you some hot compresses to reduce the pain."


Shi Xiaonian said that the sweat on his head was more and more. Gong Yao suddenly released her hand and turned to run out.

After a while, Gong Yao ran back and quickly climbed to the bed, holding the steaming towel with his small hand after bandaging, sat beside her and wiped her sweat with the towel.

"Thank you."

When Xiaonian said weakly, Gong Yao wiped her sweat, her eyes were dark, her voice was tender and mature, "don't be afraid, I'm here."

Dad wants treatment. He doesn't want it. He's here. He doesn't go anywhere.

When Xiaonian was lying in bed, the pain came from all over her body, which made her unable to lie down. She looked at Gong Yao's face above her head and asked, "are you still angry with me?"

Hearing this, Gong Yao's body stiffened and looked at her stupidly, without a word.