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Chapter 860 a wonderful quarrel between the two

She really doesn't want to be jealous.

But she was furious! If it wasn't for her adoptive father and twins, she would have rushed up and torn Gong Ou apart!

Stinky man!


Close to him, let the woman kiss him!

"Xiaonian, don't be too angry. There are so many people at the scene. It's impossible to have anything." When Feng de stood aside and comforted him, he thought, "it should be just a base entertainment."

Entertainment to wet relative, entertainment to kiss?

I'm sorry, she is too homestead to accept these entertainment activities in the society.

"And Secretary Li comes back from abroad. It's no surprise that he will be more open in style." Feng de said that he wanted to give Shi Xiaonian a shot to strengthen his heart

"Secretary Li?"

When Xiaonian squatted there, he raised his head in disbelief, "you say she is Li Qingyan, the younger sister of Gong Ou's primary school?"

How could it be.

"Yes?" Feng de nodded. What's the problem?

The letter is from Li Qingyan.

What Gong Ou exaggerates is Li Qingyan.

It was Li Qingyan who was transferred into the Secretary's office by Gong ou.

Li Qingyan is wet with Gong ou.

Gong Ou! You are too much! Did he take her to death?


When Xiaonian picked up Gong Ou's clothes in the box and smashed them on the ground, which surprised Fengde.


Gong Ou hurriedly took a bath and walked out of the bathroom. He changed into the clothes Xiaonian prepared for him. His straight trousers were wrapped in his trousers and walked out on a pair of slippers.

A smell came over.

Did Xiao Nian cook? Gong Ou's eyebrows are not angry.

Gong Ou immediately walked towards the kitchen. In front of the long dining table, Xiao Nian was sitting there eating something alone. Gong Ou threw the hair that had been wiped on his hair, "Shi Xiaonian!"

There was something pleasant in his tone.

As soon as he got to the table, Gong Ou's expression solidified on his face and stared at several dishes on the table.

Vegetable salad, tomatoes are cut into strips, placed in the shape of "fuck".

The peeled shrimps are all fried into a plate of shrimps, which are placed in the shape of "fuck".

It's all over the table.

A table of "fuck".

When Xiaonian sat there with chopsticks and rice in his mouth, his beautiful face was so cold that he almost didn't write a capital and bold "fuck" on his face.

"Still angry?"

Gong Ou pulls out a chair to sit down, black eyes stare at her deeply, short hair is still wet.


When Xiaonian said coldly, she was eating with vegetables in her hand, and she was still pregnant with her baby. In the morning, she basically didn't eat that meal. Now she has to eat a little.

"Without you, you're being weird to me?" Gong Ou is also angry. He confesses to explain to her that he talked well and went to take a bath obediently. As a result, she put out a table of "fuck".


When small read silence, do not speak, continue to eat in front of the vegetables.

Gong Ou saw that she was alone in her own world, and immediately picked up a fork at her hand to fork. Xiaonian unconsciously picked up the chopsticks and hit him on the fork.

A prawn that has been stir fried in color falls down.


Gong Ou slaps the fork on the table, raises his eyes and stares at Shi Xiaonian, angrily says, "Shi Xiaonian! I told my mother, I didn't go around behind your back. You have to be angry with me, don't you? Do you know how busy I am now? I should sit in the office and deal with things now instead of watching you face cold! You can be jealous, but you can't ignore me! "

If she is comfortable with a few stabs at him, she'll do it quickly.


Smell speech, when small read cold face more forcefully in the hands of chopsticks to the table, the voice is clear and loud.


Gong Ou's shoulder shrunk unconsciously. When he looked at Xiaonian's cold eyes, his posture dropped inch by inch, and his black eyes were floating in his eyes.

"Gong ou, if you attack me again, I dare to beat you!"

When Shi Xiaonian said this, his voice was full of pent up anger, and his eyes stared at her, and a fire burst out.

She seldom gets so angry that she's like a lioness eating people.

"If it's not fierce, it's not. What table do you pat?"

It doesn't hurt to pat the table just because of the meat in her hand?

Gong Ou's voice is getting smaller and smaller, and black eyes continue to float. Glancing at her, she quickly shifts her eyes away. Looking down at the dishes on the table, she feels that her stomach is empty and hasn't eaten much. "I'm hungry."

With that, he picked up the fork again.

When small read immediately stare at him, "do not eat."


"You are not allowed to eat! I think you've eaten enough! " When small read stare at him way.

"I thought you were unreasonable."

How can pregnant women's mood be so difficult to serve? It's easier to get angry than him.

"Who is more reasonable than President Gong?" When Xiaonian sneered, but there was no smile on her face. She lowered her head to eat, and when she saw Gong Ou's hand, she had to grasp the fork.

She frowned, and Gong Ou's hand shrank back.

"You stand here and affect my eating. You go away."

When small read said coldly, a pair of beautiful eyes glared at her.

"Can't you have too much time? I'm not allowed to eat. I'm not allowed to be in front of you? " Gong Ou stares at her. "Am I really spoiling you? Don't forget, I've always been on the way to get along with each other... "

When Xiaonian didn't wait for him to finish, he grabbed the chopsticks and beat the table again.


Gong Ou quickly stood up from the chair with a low incantation, walked to the back of the chair and stood there, shouting, "is this far enough?"


When Xiaonian was really angry, he jumped down like a fire on the chair and asked her if she was far enough. She choked and suddenly didn't know how to get angry.

But it's really annoying.

How could he secretly stay with Li Qingyan on her back? They talked about this problem tomorrow morning! He doesn't mean what he says. He deserves it!

Shi Xiaonian thought about it. He got angry again and continued to eat with his head down.

Gong Ou stood there, his slender hands on the back of the chair, watching the dishes on the table decrease a little bit, his fingers grip harder and harder, and his teeth clenched tightly.

Two people one stand one sit, one look one eat.

The atmosphere was eerie.

For a while, Gong Ou finally couldn't help saying, "how can you eat more and more? You leave me some food! "

She really wanted him to starve.

It's ok if I don't say that. When I heard that, Xiaonian's ear was another layer of disrespect. The minefield was completely bombed.

"Gong Ou! Do you want to be shameless? You are messing around outside now. Do you think I eat too much? Have you ever looked down on me? "

Yes, she's fat now. Doesn't he like it?

Ha ha, isn't she the best to see? Is she the most agreeable? How can he be a little fat and can't accept it? He wants to hug his primary school sister in the water?

"I didn't mess with it! I've had enough of you! " Gong Ou is very tired of holding on to something like this. He holds the chair with his hands and then he will lift it up and fall out. However, this furious idea only flashed in his mind for a second, and he dismissed it.

When Xiaonian didn't like him smashing furniture.


He didn't do it, but Xiaonian threw his chopsticks on him, slapped them on him and dropped them.

When did Gong Ou get such an insult? His face was blue. He raised the chair again and stared at Shi Xiaonian.

When Xiaonian sat at the dinner table, his eyes glared angrily at him, and his eyes were red.


Gong Ou looks sluggish and looks at her stupidly. She feels as if she has been trampled on several feet, which is painful to convulsion.

When Xiaonian couldn't manage his emotions, he immediately turned around, reached out to touch his eyes, and felt a little water light.

"What are you crying for?" Gong Ou put down the chair in his hand, looked at her sideways, and finally gave in feebly, "OK, you're angry, you're fierce, you hit me, OK?" Gong Ou grabs the silver fork and presses it in front of her, with a deep voice and deep heartache. "Take this throw, it's more painful!"

Smell speech, when small read more can not control their emotions, tears surging out.

She covers her face with her hands, turns her eyes and stares at Gong ou, "what do you mean? Do you think I'm making a fuss? "


Gong Ou puckers his lips. When Xiaonian looks like this, his whole heart is soft. He wants to coax her very much. He wants to admit his mistake, but how can he admit his right thing? Besides, if he admits it, he is messing with it?

You can do anything wrong with him, that's not good.

When Xiaonian reaches out to wipe away the tears, but the tears are more and more, which can't be stopped. Gong Ou stands there and stares at her with low eyes. "When Xiaonian, the woman kissed me, why don't you scold her and scold me?"

It's not him that's wrong.

Gong Ou's tone is like a child's.

When Xiaonian looked at him in disbelief, "my men are all messing around outside. Is it still meaningful for me to clean up the foxes?"

"I didn't mess!"

Gong Ou's eyebrows are tightened.

"I didn't fool you into telling me that I don't remember my primary sister, but I transferred her to the Secretary's office myself! You didn't call her to accompany you on business! I didn't mess with you and your primary school sister in the water, hugging and kissing! Gong ou, do you think I'm a three-year-old so easy to cheat? " When Xiaonian cried hysterically with red eyes, picked up a plate and hit it on the ground.

The plate was smashed to pieces and the rest of the dishes were scattered.

When the clear voice rings, Xiao Nian's heart is happy.

Gong Ou is not happy, "my food! Can you smash a chair and a vase? Don't waste food, will you! "

Especially the food she made herself.

When Xiaonian hears the words and continues to smash the plate on the ground, smashing down his jealousy and anger. Gong Ou holds her up and sits her on the table.

When Xiaonian struggles desperately, Gong Ou holds her down, stares at her and says, "the teacher didn't teach you how to waste food shamefully?"

How strange it is to hear this from gong'ou.

"You let me go."

When Xiaonian struggles.