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Chapter 813 you look like my wife

When Xiaonian watched lanxiaoqi, she looked anxiously at the flower basket in the servant's hand, hoping to catch up with her immediately. A moment later, lanxiaoqi rushed to Xiaonian and said, "you are the woman who loves money, waiting for me here! I asked my father to show you some coins! "


Is she a beggar?

If it wasn't for holly, she really didn't want such a little girl to be sociable.

however, this kind of LAN Xiaoqi reminds her of Gong Ou when she first met her. She is also such a proud and charming person. She has all kinds of duplicity.

In retrospect, it was years ago.

LAN Xiaoqi then hurried to the inside for fear that the basket would be damaged by the servant.

Seeing this, when Xiaonian estimated that he would never see lanxiaoqi again today, he turned around and was ready to leave. Behind him came a steady and mature male voice, "please wait a moment."

When Xiaonian looked back.

Lanting came out of the house in a household suit, stood in front of Xiaonian, took a wallet in his hand, opened it, and took some notes for her, "here you are, my daughter likes it very much."

When Xiaonian thought about her identity as a flower plucker, she didn't refuse, so she took the money.

"What's your name?"

Lanting looked at her and asked, a pair of eyes are very deep, but different from Gong Ou's, his eyes will make people feel uneasy.

"It's enough for you to call me a flower plucker."

When small read cold tunnel, the money into apron pocket.

"My name is Lanting, and my daughter's name is lanxiaoqi. You can come here and tell me who we are." Lanting said she didn't care about her indifference.

This is quite a contrast with his daughter. He looks very talkative.

"Yes, Mr. Lan's famous spray Island knows that."

Said Shi Xiaonian coldly, with a certain ironic tone.

Hearing this, Lanting was still like a good man. He was not angry. Just about to open his mouth, the servant came out again, pushing a bicycle with a cloth bag on it.

"Mr. LAN, I am going to send flowers to various families now."

The servant said to Lanting.

When Xiaonian was a little surprised, the original langhuayu was arranged as a flower city, because Lanting was sending flowers? He likes flowers so much?

"Good." Lanting nodded, and then took out all the rest of the money from his wallet and gave it to the servant. "Xiaoshan is sick. His family is in a normal economy. Give the money to her parents, and let Xiaoshan see the doctor well."

The servant took the money and sighed, "Mr. LAN, you are so kind. You should take care of anyone who bumps on the island, and you should pay for a few tiles."

"It's a little help, you go."

Lanting said.

When Xiaonian looked at Lanting accidentally, he was a kind man. It sounds like he didn't give much money to the families on the island. No wonder he said that the economy of the island came from him.

Lanting looks back at shixiaonian, who is looking at himself inquisitively. He smiles modestly.

The servant pushed the car out, and when he saw the pothole in front of the door, he sighed and said, "that palace and Europe, depending on their great power, have scattered all the savagery in our house. Mr. LAN, don't you really deal with it?"

When hearing Gong ou, Xiao Nian's heart shrank.

Just listen to Lanting and don't care about the tunnel, "Gong Ou is not the person I can provoke, not easy to offend, he is blocking my door is revenge, and after a while he forgot it will be good."

"What about this road? I can carry this car. Mr. LAN, your car will go out the back door. " The servant looked at him with apprehension.

"It doesn't matter. If you have any trouble, you have to be careful."

Lanting said.

When Xiaonian looked at Lanting, his character was really good. Gong Ou blocked his gate, and he didn't have any measures to deal with it. If he didn't beg for mercy or make trouble, it would be enough to prove that he was not a person who held high and trampled low, or a great benevolent person who helped others.

I don't know why I doted on my daughter like that.

Is this little girl suffering from paranoid personality disorder like Gong Ou?

When small read think, see Lanting to see her again, she lowered her head, "that's OK, I go first."

To get close to the little girl, you have to be gradual.


Lanting stopped her again and said with a smile, "Miss, I really appreciate you. My daughter likes you very much. She woke up at four in the morning and has been waiting for you to come."

"With all due respect, it's really a blessing for those who like me."

When small read said coldly, harm her son still depressed.

Lanting still smiled, his character was so good that he didn't mean to be angry, "you are very much like my wife."


When small read stupefied, wife, is that his divorced wife?

"My wife used to like flowers very much. She would dress like you to cut flowers and collect flowers, and then take them back to decorate our home." Lanting said, with a trace of vision in his eyes.

"Before? What about her now? "

In fact, I want to ask why I want to divorce since I miss you so much.

Hearing this question, Lanting's eyes flashed a gloom. He smiled a little reluctantly and skipped the topic. "Xiaoqi likes you very much. I hope you can continue to send flowers next. If you meet Xiaoqi, please coax her and make her happy."

When Xiaonian stood there and didn't reply.

"Can't do it?"

Lanting asked, frowning slightly.

It's a good dad who worries about his daughter.

"Mr. LAN, your daughter is at the age of being taught. You should educate her well and let her grow in the right direction. What do you say?" When small read light tunnel, "father love is not equal to dote on."


Lanting looked at her and didn't speak.

By this time the sun had risen and the temperature was getting warmer.

"Did I say too much?" Asked shixiaonian.

Lanting shook his head and looked at her deeply. "You have the same idea about children's education as my wife."


So after the divorce, does the man take the child with him, which leads to the child being taught like this?

This Lanting looks like a good man. The biggest problem is probably education.

"If you have time, I hope you will come to accompany my daughter more, and I will pay you handsomely." Lanting said.

Hearing this, Xiao Nian couldn't help laughing.

"What are you laughing at?"

"Your attitude of taking money to solve everything reminds me of one person." Said Shi Xiaonian.

Lanting was curious. "Who is it?"

"My favorite man." "Then I'll go, Mr. LAN," he said with a smile

When small read back out, out of the pothole Road, push the bicycle to leave, the long hair under the hood with the wind.


Lanting at the door, watching her ride away figure for a long time.

When Xiaonian came home, the windmill beside the fence was still turning, and the flowers on the cherry tree were floating. She pushed her bicycle to stop beside the sports car.

It's time to make breakfast.

Otherwise, Gong ou will find out that she is not there.

When Xiaonian took the headscarf down and was about to leave, he suddenly found that there was a wheel mark on the ground beside the flower bed. How could it be?

She remembers not seeing her when she went out.

After thinking about it, Xiao Nian patted his head with some of his head. Well, he thought it was perfect, but he was seen through.

Instead, she didn't notice when she was being stared at.

When Xiaonian went back to the villa, he walked up the stairs and towards the room. Beside the potted plants in the distance, Gong Yao stood there, peeped out his little head and looked at him with doubts in his eyes.

Mom is back.

So where did she go before?

When Xiaonian walked into the room slowly, closed the door carefully, and walked inside. Gong Ou was still lying on the bed, his eyes were closed, his features were deep and clear, his lips were thin, and the quilt covered his chest.

When Xiaonian walked carefully step by step, before he reached the bedside, a lazy and indifferent voice sounded on the bed, "are you satisfied with what you see?"

Gong Ou suddenly opens his eyes.

When Xiaonian stood still and looked at him with shame.

Gong Ou slowly turned to face her on the bed, raised his arm, put his fist to his face, and looked at her coldly. "I'm glad to see that I'm still asleep when I get back."

His tone was so quiet that he could not tell whether he was happy or angry.

When small read in the heart some panic, she slowly walked over, half lying on the bed near him, weak tunnel, "I am not happy."

"Why, don't you think I'm good enough? I've been pretending to sleep for four or five hours. "

Gongou quiet tunnel.

When small read subconsciously licked his lips, "I was glad, but I saw the trace of the sports car moving, I knew you must have followed me."

"Oh, my woman is really smart. You have found her."

Gong Ou sneers, reaches for her chin, and stares at her lips with black eyes. The lips are licked by her, adding an attractive luster. His Adam's apple rolls twice unconsciously.

Control it.

This is not the time to be seduced.

He had to settle with her.

"Are you angry?" When small read to ask a way, deliberately put on a pair of innocent expression, eyes wide open.

As cute as you want, as cute as you want.


And seduced him.

"You think I'm not going to settle with you like this?" Gong Ou asked coldly, and then Xiao Nian said, "since you have followed me, why haven't you come up to make trouble?"

It doesn't conform to his character. He came back after tracking.

"Yeah, why didn't I do it?" Gong Ou follows her words, pinching her chin and forcing her to close to herself. "My woman secretly gets up to send flowers to another man. Why didn't I tear this pair of dog men and women?"

His voice is languid to sexy.

In his eyes there was a hint of danger, a glint.

When he heard this, Xiaonian was relieved. He should have known her intention, otherwise he would not be like this.

"You know what I want to do, don't you?"