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Chapter 838 death of tunnel

According to her identity as a flower plucker, I don't know that Lanting is widowed.

Smell speech, Lanting low face, eyes dark down, slowly turned around, looking at the flowers under the night, silent.

When Xiaonian saw that his hand moved and he held the key to the car, he would turn around and face the antique car. She said quickly, "shouldn't I ask? I'm really sorry, Mr. LAN. "

Lanting, who wanted to get on the bus, dropped her hand and looked back at her. She was standing there, dressed in the very common flower picking girl's dress on the spray island. The face under the headscarf was plain, without any makeup. It was clear and light.

The feeling between her eyes and eyebrows always gave him the strongest illusion.

It's like a wife standing in front of him.

Lanting turned around and looked in a direction. "Xiaonian, it's very close to Huahai tunnel. Why don't we go for a walk?"

When Xiaonian put his hands in his pocket, he didn't wait for the mobile phone to vibrate, and didn't know whether lanxiaoqi did as she told him.

Now she can only hold Lanting, she nodded, "OK."

When Xiaonian walked forward, he walked with Lanting side by side. There was a forest beside the road. The birds came from the forest in the night, disturbing the night.

Lanting walked beside her in a gentle way. Even if he said that she was like his wife, he did not cross the border at all.

But LAN Xiaoqi's scars were still imprinted on the bottom of her eyes, which made her believe.

When they were walking on the road, they could hear their steps clearly. The voice of Lanting suddenly sounded in her ear, "Xiaonian, let me tell you a story."


When small read too need what to drag Lanting's time, he wants to tell a story, she does not want.

Lanting put his hand in his pants pocket, looked at the Huahai tunnel in front of him, and his voice said calmly, "about nine years ago, a young man met the girl who was destined. They fell in love, got married, had children, everything was plain and happy, everything was very smooth."

A lot of stories are like this. One person is myself.

This hero should be Lanting.

"And then?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"Why ask later?" Lanting asked, squinting at her, as if she was not satisfied.

She really doesn't like his eyes.

"Nothing." When small read light smile, "all the stories do not have ups and downs, no waves of the story is not worth telling."

Lanting listened and looked at her steadily, with a pallor on her face. "Isn't a story worth telling without waves?"


When Xiaonian was a caricaturist, she knew that if the story had no starting point, no matter how beautiful the painting was, how many people would see it?

"Yes." Lanting smiled bitterly and went on, "the story of men is the same. The three of them had a very happy life. He was appreciated by others at work and made a great breakthrough. He got rich rewards, which made the material conditions of the family better."

"Isn't that good?"

When small read lightly to build a cavity, the heart calculates how long time has passed, why Lanting's mobile phone does not shake all the time.

I don't know if Gong Ou is out.

"Fame and wealth always need to be paid. Men are getting busier and busier and less time to go home. His wife has repeatedly said to him, don't do this job. The family needs a husband and father, not a money making machine." Lanting whispered that they were getting closer to Huahai tunnel.


When Xiaonian silently observed Lanting's expression, he was already trapped in his memory, the light in his eyes was colorless.

There is no doubt that he loves his wife very much.

"But the man can't listen. He is stubborn in his work. In the end, in order to keep the nature of the work secret, his boss asked to shorten the time of family reunion, or to let all the family live with him and be monitored 24 hours." Lanting said.

When Xiaonian listened, boss, it should be the Lancaster family. In such a big family, naturally, the more you understand, the more you fall in, the more you can easily get out.

"That man didn't give up his job?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"No, you don't know how big his boss is. How can you say give up and give up? Besides, fame and wealth are what every man wants, right? No man can give up! " At this point, Lanting was a little excited.

He explained desperately as if he wanted recognition.

When Lanting looked at shixiaonian, he saw that shixiaonian's eyes were indifferent. His breath was sluggish. "Don't you agree?"

"I don't know."

When small read lightly shake head, did not stimulate Lanting.

In fact, what she thought in her heart was that if it was gong Ou now, he would not even wait for her to speak, he would have found that he had ignored her and gave up everything on his own initiative.

Well, that's how she believes it.

"Of course you don't know. You're just a woman. Women and men think differently." Lanting blamed the difference between men and women, and continued, "the wife didn't understand the man's ambition, she didn't want to be monitored, she didn't want to know the nature of the man's work, so she chose to take her children back to her hometown."

"In this way, don't men accompany them?"

When Xiaonian couldn't help asking how much he had ignored lanxiaoqi and her mother.

"A man has his own ideas. He only needs to do it for a few more years and earn his fame and fortune, so that he can accompany his mother and daughter well." Lanting turned to look at Xiaonian, eyes with excitement, "isn't he a good man? How can I support my wife and children without money? "

His voice grew more and more excited.

When Xiaonian didn't feel any emotion in her mobile phone, she didn't know if Lanting had turned off the shock of the call, so she could only continue to drag on.

"You are right. In fact, that wife should understand."

Shi Xiaonian said, in a soft and light tone, without any exciting meaning.

Sure enough, when Lanting heard her saying that, the whole person's mood relaxed a lot, and he continued like seeking approval. "Yes, the man knew that his wife's hometown was relatively backward and inconvenient in transportation, and he also paid for road and tunnel construction. How could he do this if he didn't make money?"


When Xiaonian looked at the tunnel not far away, his eyelids jumped for a while. That's right here.

It turned out that the man who was going to build the tunnel was Lanting, for his wife's sake.

Under the bright moonlight, the flower sea has its own characteristics. All the flowers seem to be dyed with a different color, sending out fragrance and refreshing.

When I saw Xiaonian, she was silent. Lanting grabbed her arm and said eagerly, "do you think a man loves his wife very much? He can do everything for his wife. He just wants to earn a few more years. "

When Xiaonian's arm was scratched, it hurt.

She took out her hand and said with a smile, "Mr. LAN, don't be so excited. What happened later? Can his wife understand him? "

"No, at that time, he didn't have any contact with his wife because of the confidentiality of his work." Lanting said, step by step to the front of the tunnel, looking at the long cave, "and their last exchange of work for men quarrel."

When Xiaonian stood aside and looked at the long tunnel along Lanting's line of sight, he suddenly thought of the words LAN Xiaoqi and her said.

She has spelt out the ending.

She suddenly didn't want to hear it, but Lanting went on, "and then, three months later, the man received the news that his wife took her daughter out to buy snacks in the evening, and was murdered by someone before the unfinished tunnel."

When small Niang stretched out his hand to cover his mouth, involuntarily back a few steps, staring at the tunnel.

It's here.

It's here.

Looking at her reaction, Lanting said, "it seems that you have guessed that the man in the story is me."


"My wife's body was found in this tunnel. There was no clothes on her body. It was all black and blue. Her mouth was all bloodstained. My daughter was crying beside her." Lanting said, "she cried on my wife's body. At that time, she was not two years old and could not speak completely."

Just listening, Xiaonian feels extremely depressed.

"Do you know the autopsy results later?" Lanting suddenly sneered and his eyes were full of bitterness. "My wife has been tortured for two hours, her arms and legs are all broken. She died after suffering a lot! And there's more than one murderer! "

When Xiaonian heard it very hard, a woman suffered so much pain before she died. "Then, did the killer catch it?"


Lanting is a smile again. The laughter is full of ridicule and bitterness.

When Xiaonian frowned and looked at him, Lanting also looked at her, smiling and laughing, tears fell down. "No, I have used all the methods in the past five years, and I can't find the murderer!"


At that time, Xiaonian was shocked that the murderer had not been brought to justice.

"I can't find it. I can't really find it!" Lanting said, "I changed my name and ran to langhuayu. I investigated every family. I investigated every family clearly. I still couldn't find it!"! I've been looking for it for five years! I still can't find it! "

He was very excited.

When small read subconsciously to the side of the station, shoes on the side of the flower, she lowered her head, suddenly heard a small sound came.

She followed the source of the voice and saw a small figure leaning against the tunnel, almost submerged in the flowers.

The little figure moved and soon became quiet again. There was no movement.

It's like an illusion.

As if there were only flowers and plants moving with the wind, no one.

Shi Xiaonian's eyes widened in surprise. She saw a small hand behind the flowers. Even in the night, she could recognize Gong Yao at a glance.