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Chapter 155 no one can possess you

Outside, the moon is as cold as water.

The sound of the waves broke.

When Xiaonian walked out of the bedroom to the small hall and was about to go out, he heard the sound of Feng de coming from the outside. "Mu's side has contacted the American ogesger and announced that it will sign a contract tomorrow, which is the last blow to Mu's side."

Xiaonian stops at once and stands behind the door.

When the moonlight came in, she stood behind the door, unable to shine, but the whole person was not in the dark.

Then, she heard Gong Ou's dismissive cold laugh, "Mu qianchu was in a hurry to go to the doctor, thinking that he would be able to bring the dead back to life."

"Yes, how can mu qianchu guess that Ogg is the last move of the young master?" Feng de said, "it's said that mu qianchu is seriously ill. He has no energy to fight with the young master."


When Xiaonian stood at the door, listening to the voice of the two people from the outside corridor, his hand hanging on his side clenched.

She heard from Feng De that mu qianchu was seriously ill.

What's the matter with him.

What is oglesger? Mu qianchu enters the trap of Gong Ou?

It seems that Gong Ou did everything.

"Fight me, huh." Gong Ou sneers, and his low voice is full of contempt. "After tomorrow, I will admire him as a dog in the street!"

His voice was so cold, so cruel, so hateful.

When Xiaonian listened to her stupidly, how about Gong ou, who has come here to please her everywhere? What about Gong ou, who develops robots and cooks for her? Is that him?

It's him who is so cruel, right?

It is she who is lost in his courtship and forgets his essence, a paranoid and tyrannical paranoid.

She was just about to return to the bedroom when she heard the voice of Feng de coming again. He asked with some worry, "young master, after tomorrow, once the moose family signs the contract, it will not be able to get up completely. In case he Will miss Shi be angry with the young master? "

When Xiaonian heard this, he couldn't help standing still.

She wants to know Gong Ou's answer.

Would he be willing to let go for her?

"What are you afraid of!"

Gong Ou's proud voice came, "for more than a month, I have been thinking about how to please her every day. Gong Ou has never served a woman like this! Can she still love me? How hard can it be to think of her when you want her? "

In his cognition, it seems that her heart is just one thing, as long as he thinks, there is nothing he can't get.

"Young master..."

"Women are superficial animals. As long as she falls in love with a man, she only has this man in her eyes!" Gong Ou's tone is always indescribable, "muqianchu, he can only be a dog in the future!"! Can shixiaonian still see him? I'm afraid I can't remember his name! "

This is the theory of palace style.

"Yes, sir."

Feng de nodded.


When Xiaonian stood behind the door and listened to the words stupidly, his face lost all expression.

She went back to the bedroom in silence, her eyes in the dark full of dullness.

It's like a basin of ice water pouring down from above. It's so cold that her bones are soaked in water. The whole person is cold.

That's why he flattered her.

It turns out that he's been showing her off for a month just so that she can fall in love with him quickly.

In this way, she will no longer pay attention to Mu qianchu, look at mu qianchu's bankruptcy, look at mu qianchu's failure, and no more trouble.

What a powerful theory.

It's worthy of being Gong ou, and it's worthy of being the president of N.E.

No one can design the whole Bureau better than him.

She almost It's a set.

When Xiaonian lies back in bed, returns to the sleeping position just now, closes the eyes, the human is like soaking in the ice water, the cool is thorough.

A heart, has no temperature.

She was really moved by a brain coma.

Suddenly, the bed sank.

She was caught in a warm bosom, and Gong Ou's breath was so strong that she could not ignore it.

"Why are your hands so cold?"

Gong Ou's deep voice rang in her ear.

He held her in his arms, held her tightly, held her hand, and passed the warmth of her hand to her.

She lay on her side, her back against his chest, her lips pressed tight.

Instead of being covered with warmth, her body is getting colder and colder. Gong Ou hugs her more tightly. She lowers her head and kisses her ear. Her voice is magnetic. "You are mine. Everything is mine. No one can possess you, even if it is just a hair."


When Xiaonian was shocked.

Is he really in love with her, or is it just possessive bath.

That night.

When Xiaonian didn't fall asleep.

In the latter half of the night, he listened to Gong Ou's more and more even breathing sound. She slowly opened her eyes. There was no sleepiness in her eyes.

She opens Gong Ou's hand. Gong Ou binds her tightly. She doesn't let go and locks her in her arms.

When small read frowned, whispered, "I go to the toilet."

Normally, only in this way can Gong Ou let her go.

As expected, Gong Ou's hand reflexively released and went on sleeping.

Shi Xiaonian gets up from the bed, carefully takes out a car key from the drawer, then leaves the bedroom and leaves the wooden house.

The moon is very bright outside.

There was no one on the beach.

When Xiaonian ran all the way to the wooden house at the end, the door was not locked. Gong Ou was so conceited that no one dared to touch his things.

She opened the door and saw that all three laptops were there.

When Xiaonian bit his teeth, he folded up the three computers and carried them away without looking at them.

Not far from the cabin is the parking lot.

When Xiaonian presses the car key in his hand, one of the cars lights up.

She immediately ran over, quickly and neatly put the computer in the trunk, and drove away.

She must be quick. Gong ou will soon find out that she is missing. She has no time to delay.

She drove straight to the exit of the resort.

A line of bodyguards were on duty at the exit. When she saw her car coming, she stopped it immediately.

When Xiaonian grins his teeth, turns on the high beam light expressionless, and then speeds up to the line of bodyguards.

She can't let mu qianchu fail. She wants to save mu qianchu.

She can't let Mok sign.

Shixiaonian steps on the accelerator to death. Gong Ou's bodyguards are well-trained and are not afraid of her car at all, but shixiaonian has given everything.

At the last moment, the bodyguards had to jump away, and Xiaonian was able to drive out of the resort smoothly.

She didn't slow down much and drove like crazy on the gas.

She knew that from this moment on, Gong Ou was probably awake and would soon catch up.

Xiaonian is not sure if he can avoid Gong ou.

Later in the middle of the night, there was almost no car on the road. She stepped on the accelerator, connected her mobile phone with Bluetooth, and pressed Xiang Xia's mobile phone number.

After two calls, Xia Bian answers the phone drowsily, "fuck me, I thought you were going to die. Call me so late."

"I ask you, have the people of the palace warned you not to tell me the news of the Mu group?"

Asked shixiaonian.

Xia Bian is a gossip. If he had not been warned, he would have told her.

"How do you know?" Xia Bian was shocked and his voice suddenly woke up.


So it is.

When I was driving, I smiled bitterly. I don't know if I should say Gong Ou took great pains to hide her.

Xia Bian said at that end, "Xiao Nian, don't blame me. The people of the palace warned me. Dare I not agree? How do you know? "

"It doesn't matter anymore, Xia Bian. If you still recognize my friend, please contact mu qianchu immediately and ask him to stop signing tomorrow." Shi Xiaonian said to take a look at the time. "It's not tomorrow, it's today."

It's three o'clock in the morning.

"You're talking about signing up with that Ogg? Isn't that at 8:30 this morning? "

Xia Bian wonders, "why not sign the contract? A lot of experts say that if we can sign with Ogg, we will be saved. These two days, Mu's stock is picking up

"You've seen what experts say work!" When small read some excited way, "you hurry to contact mu qianchu, Xia Bian, please!"

She didn't have the number of Mu qianchu, and the number of Shidi and her adoptive parents had disappeared on her mobile phone.

Don't think about it. It's also made by Gong ou.

All she can rely on now is Xia Bian.

"I'll go, Xiaonian. That's Prince mu. I'm just a comic editor. Can I get in touch with him?" Xia Bian said.

"Go to Mu's group, or to tianzhigang. If you can't, go to Mu's house! Must see mu qianchu, let him cancel the contract! Xia Bian, I beg you! I can only beg you now! "

This is a big trap that Gong Ou dug for mu qianchu.

Once signed, moqian Chu may never be able to establish himself in the business world.

"Well, well, I'll go now." When listening, Xiaonian was so anxious that he couldn't do it. Xia Bian hurriedly said, "I'll get dressed and go out now."

"Thank you, Xia Bian"

when hearing Xia Bian's approval, Xiao Nian excitedly turns her eyes to the mobile phone, and Gong Ou calls.

She hangs up Xia Bian's phone, thinks about it, and connects Gong ou.

As soon as the call goes on, Gong Ou's roar rings in the whole car! Is that the surprise you gave me? Do you dare to run? Come back! Do you hear me! "

When hearing Gong Ou's roar, Xiaonian could not help sneering, "President Gong Da, I am not as superficial as you think, am I disappointing you?"

Without a movement of her heart, she completely left her longing behind.

Her words fell. Gong Ou was silent for half a second, then shouted hysterically, "shixiaonian, do you dare to eavesdrop on me? You are not timid! "

"Then why are you carrying me against the Murdoch group?" Shi Xiaonian said, looking at the road ahead.

"Nonsense, he took my women and rolled into a ball in the amusement park. Don't I kill him? Am I still a man?" Gong Ou roars in a straight voice.

It's powerful logic.

"Then why don't you kill me?" She did have a good time at the amusement park that day, not forced.

"You don't think I want to?" Gong Ou shouts at her.