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Chapter 112 Gong Ou's stomach is full to vomit

Bob's face is dull.

Tang Yi is surprised.

When Xiaonian turned his head in amazement, he saw Gong Ou put the shrimps into his noble mouth gracefully, and gave her a discontented squint, "he has eaten enough."

Children only eat three or four, OK.

When Xiaonian didn't want to argue with Gong ou, he continued to make dishes on Bob's plate, hoping that he could grab more food.

She cloth a dish and Gong Ou takes one.

She cloth one, Gong Ou snatches one.

When Xiaonian sat on his leg, Gong Ou gave her a gloomy look, and then began to roll the dishes on the table one by one.


Tang Yi sat there and was completely shocked. He and Bob just watched Gong Ou devour a full table of vegetables.

Not even the last dish on the Bob's plate.

All the plates are clean.

Tang Yi looks at Gong Ou's handsome face in shock. The president of N.E. is a big stomach king, which is too big to be feared.

The food on this table should be enough for seven adults.

When Xiaonian looked at an empty plate, he looked at Gong Ou silently.

Gong Ou stares at her coldly, "why don't you take the dishes?"



He ate it all by himself. What else.

When small read helpless.

Gong Ou picked up the tissue and slowly wiped his lips. Suddenly, he frowned, picked her up and put her aside, stood up and rushed out of the restaurant.

After a while, I heard a terrible "disgust" sound.

When small read headache to support the forehead.

"What's the matter?" Tang Yi looks at her blankly, then points to her brain, "he It should be all right. "

I've never heard of the legend that Gong Ou has a problem in his mind, but how can a normal person eat until he has enough to vomit.

Bob sat there, staring at an empty plate and smacking his mouth.

"Sit down for a while, and I'll see."

When small read bitter smile, stand up from the table to the nearest bathroom.

In the bathroom, Gong Ou's hands are pressed on the edge of the sink, bending over to vomit. The water from the faucet rushes down with vomit

This is a specially made hand washing basin that can accommodate foreign matters. It was improved by Fengde. Fengde has foresight and knows Gong ou will have this day.


Gong Ou vomited to the sink.

When small read helplessly to come forward, patting his back, "you this is why, clearly can't eat so much, still have to support."

Even a child's plate to grab food.

As a result, I ate myself up again.


Gong Ou spits out again, wipes the thin lips with the back of his hand, turns his head, a handsome face is a little pale, black eyes stare at her with sinister eyes, and firmly says, "I don't care, I can eat what you do!"


If he didn't develop the world shaking N.E system, shixiaonian really doubts whether he is mentally retarded.

"If I don't drive them out, I'll save face for you. If I want to rob my food, don't even think about it!" Gong Ou said it rightfully.

Finish saying, he head a low, again spit toward the water column of Hua Hua, brow tighten.


When Xiaonian looked at his face, which was ferocious with pain, the willow eyebrows could not help locking.

What's the matter with him.

Is what she did really like there is nothing in the sky or on the earth? It's worth him to eat like this.


Gong Ou spits in a mess at the sink. His whole face is as white as paper, and sweat seeps from his forehead.

"Mr. Gong." Tang Yi came in from the outside with a glass of water on his hand, and his voice was fresh and gentle. "I poured you a cup of warm water. Would you like to filter it, or it will taste bad in your mouth."

When Xiaonian turned around, Tang Yi smiled at her.

When Xiaonian's eyes turned, he took his hand back from Gong Ou's back, step by step, and beckoned Tang Yi to come forward.

Tang Yi understood her meaning and nodded.

Gong Ou is still spitting at the pool hand. Hearing the words, the long hand takes the water cup from Tang Yi's hand, drinks it and filters it in his mouth, then spits it out.

"Are you OK, Mr. Gong?" Tang Yi asked with concern.

When Xiaonian came out quietly, Tang Yi's voice rang behind her. "Mr. Gong, I will massage a little. I can press it for you. It may make you more comfortable. What do you think?"

The answer to her is Gong Ou's "retch".

When Xiaonian frowned, he left Tangyi and Gong Ou in the bathroom alone.

That's good. Let Tang Yi get closer to Gong ou.

In some ways, she is indeed similar to Tang Yi. Since Gong ou can be interesting to her, she will also be easy to fall in love with Tang Yi.

When I thought about it, I went to the living room.

On the floor paved with watermelons, Bob stood there alone, his beautiful little face expressionless.

All of a sudden, Bob squatted down, patted the watermelon with his fleshy little hand, and smacked it unconsciously with his little mouth.

It seems that the child is really hungry.

All the food just now was stolen by Gong ou.

When Xiaonian walked towards him, squatted down, smiled and said, "Bob, do you want to eat watermelon?"


Bob looked at her timidly, stood up and stepped back, his little hand clutching the corner of his clothes, and did not speak.

When Xiaonian thought of what mu qianchu said, the child has a little tendency of autism.

"If you want to eat it, just nod your head, and my aunt will open a watermelon for you, will you?" When I was young, I was good at guiding the students.

Bob looked at her and watermelons. His face was blushing with shame. It took him a long time to look down quickly.

"That's lovely. Come on, my aunt will open the watermelon for you."

As he spoke, Xiaonian stood up with a watermelon in his arms.

"Put the watermelon down!"

There was a roar of thunder.


When Xiaonian holds the watermelon and turns his head in amazement, Gong Ou stands there with an iron face.

Bob was so scared that he immediately hid behind her.

"Who allows you to cut watermelon?" Gong Ou strides towards her with long legs, grabs watermelon from her hands, and his face is as angry as if he had been robbed of some precious stones.

“……” When small read helplessly looked at him, "children want to eat watermelon."

"This is mine!"

Gong Ou roars.

"Aren't you rare?" He doesn't like watermelons here.

"It's not rare that it's mine!" Gong Ou glared at her fiercely. "Shixiaonian, what's the matter with you today? As soon as I come back, you will find me uneasy."

"I don't have it. I just want to cut a watermelon."

"No way!"

"You can't eat all by yourself."

"I freeze up to be a work of art!" Gong Ou is small and upright.

He just doesn't want others to share her gift with him, even if it's just watermelon.


Gong Ou puts the watermelon back on the ground and stares at the two maids nearby. "Ice the watermelon for me."

"Well, it doesn't seem like there's such a big refrigerator here, young master."

The two maids looked at each other and said, "this is not an imperial castle. There is no big icehouse.".

"Then buy it! Do you want me to teach you everything? " Gong Ou is extremely dissatisfied.

"Yes, we will."

The maid ran out busily.

When Xiaonian stood there, he couldn't find what to say.

Gong Ou stares at her fiercely, and suddenly his eyes fall on the little boy. He sees Bob hiding behind shixiaonian, who tightly holds his skirt.

This little wolf!

"Let go!"

Gong Ou stares at Bob displeased.


Bob's skirt when she was more scared to hold on.

Gong Ou was even more upset. He raised his hand and beat him. "You still don't let go, do you?"

When Xiaonian was about to stop her, he saw that Tang Yi suddenly rushed out of nowhere, stopped in front of her and met Gong Ou's fist. "I'm sorry, Mr. Gong, the child doesn't understand. Don't worry about him."

Gong Ou tighten his eyebrows.

Tang Yi pulls out Bob. "Bob, apologize to Mr. Gong. Hurry up."

Bob pursed his little mouth and didn't speak.

Tang Yi is eager to reprimand her. Shi Xiaonian says, "it's not Bob's fault. Why do you want him to apologize?"

"You mean I'm wrong?"

Gong Ou looks at him displeased, and his face is heavy.

"It was your fault."

Shixiaonian couldn't bear to see him bullying such a small child, especially when he knew that the child was his son.

"How dare you answer back?" When he was away from her this week, she gave him all kinds of virtues.

Don't pick up the machine;

buy watermelon as a gift;

also want watermelon for the wolf.

Is her brain blocked? What does she think of him?

"Mr. Gong, don't blame Xiaonian. Xiaonian just loves Bob." Tang Yi stood up again, soft voice said, then looked at Shi Xiaonian and said, "Xiaonian, don't argue with Mr. Gong for Bob, it's not worth it."

"See? Your classmates are better than you! "

Gong Ou shouts when he rushes.

Smell speech, Tang Yi stands there, the face floats a blush, some bashful.

When Xiaonian looked at them in silence, he could not say whether he was happy or not.

It seems that Gong Ou is really easy to accept Tang Yi, which is coming into her plan. It's a good thing

But she didn't seem so happy.

"Yes, yes, I was wrong." When I read it for a long time, it was light.

Gong Ou stares at her, turns around and leaves. "Roll into the bedroom for me."


When small read stunned, he just ate to prop up and vomit, think of that kind of thing? He's not finished yet.

She bit her lips.

Gong Ou steps out and sees that she doesn't follow. He immediately backs away. His long fingers grasp her hand violently and forcibly pull her away.

No matter there are still guests standing.

Bob stood there, smacking at the watermelon on the ground.

Tang Yi watched the two men leave, and his eyes fell on Gong Ou's grasp of Xiaonian. Gong Ou's interest in Xiaonian seemed to be deeper than she imagined.

In this way, how can we get Jin between them.

When Xiaonian is pulled into the bedroom by Gong ou, she turns her eyes to beads and thinks about the way to prevent Gong Ou's beast from succeeding.

Before she could think of it, Gong Ou threw himself on the big bed, sprawled on his big body and said in a deep voice, "come and massage me! What does your classmate say massage can relieve the symptoms. "

Relieve the symptoms of overeating.

"Tang Yi can. I can't. I'll call her."

When I heard that, I wanted to go back.

Gong Ou picks up a pillow and smashes it at her, with a handsome face