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Chapter 1061 ready to go

"The palace is a big place, where you live!"

Gong Ou put in a word coldly.

Bit looks at Gong ou a little unexpectedly. "Do you welcome me, too?"

"When did you see me welcome you?" Gong Ou sneers, but his face is not good-looking.


Gong Ou said again, "there are many rooms in the palace. When I want you to go, I will go!"

Don't take his woman's time.

What kind of mess? The Lun family doesn't stay.

Feng de silently eats fried miscellaneous flowers, and his eyes wander among the three people. Does he miss anything? The young master's attitude towards bit has changed 180 degrees.

Bith sat there, holding chopsticks in one hand and moving to the plate. He had no desire to eat. He looked at Gong ou with blue eyes, and then at shixiaonian with his head lowered. "I will only make trouble for you if I go."

As soon as Xiaonian was about to speak, Gong Ou said coldly, "you can't make a noise as a child. There are development programs in the holographic era in the palace."

Bit's eyes brightened. "What can I see?"

"You can follow Gong Ou in the future." Shi Xiaonian immediately said, "you are so talented in this respect, you should not be buried."

Gong Ou turns her eyes and stares at her, then Xiaonian shuts up.

"N.E is not so easy to get into. Let's get into the exam." Gong Ou has no objection to Xiao Nian's proposal.

Bitzheng was there. Didn't he expect Gong ou, a arrogant and unreasonable man, would let himself work in N.E. and not be afraid of being a hostile destroyer?

"Bit must have made it, right? He's very good." When Xiaonian said with a smile, it's a lot easier to arrange the future of bit.

She was worried that Gong Ou would not agree.

Gong Ou stares at her hard again. When Xiaonian doesn't know what he thinks, she immediately says sweetly, "President Gong is more powerful."

Words fall, Feng de chuckles, and bit laughs silently.

Gong Ou's face softened a lot, and he continued to eat. His eyes were still fixed on Feng de and bit, in case they would eat more food.

"May I bring some food to my mother?" Bit asked suddenly.

When she heard him mention Enid, Xiaonian looked at him with complicated eyes. She really wanted to tell him that his parents' love was so extreme that even he ignored it, and he didn't need to be grateful.

Seeing how she looked at herself, bit added, "I don't need much. Just give her this."

He thought they were afraid that he would take too much?

When Xiaonian reluctantly put on a smile, "if you eat yours, I will let the kitchen prepare your mother's lunch."


Bit nodded his head hard, and began to eat with his unskilled chopsticks.

When Xiaonian bowed his head to eat, it was cruel for biting not to tell the truth, but fortunately, after the press conference, biting left with them, far away from the extreme parents should be better and better.

Just let George and Enid fall in love. The neglected bits should have a better future.


In a twinkling, the day of the press conference arrived. Several big screens in the living room were full of news. Many media flooded into area 13. In the picture, the beautiful scenery of the city's blooming flowers made everything beautiful, even the sunshine seemed to have the smell of flowers.

There are many bodyguards in front of the government building, a large number of media and some onlookers outside.

Today's press conference is of historic significance. The palace family and the Lancaster family have been fighting each other for nearly a year. Today, they finally come to a perfect end.

As you can see, this period is won by the palace family. Because the co-development of the mines are all from the Lancaster family, a large number of headlines are covered with the words like "Lancaster loses everything", "Gong Ou wins" and so on.

Lancaster's reputation declined for a time, and some internal members expressed strong dissatisfaction in the external interviews, even deliberately separated from the family.

George lost a pretty bad time this time.

Compared with the devastation of Lancaster family today, the palace family is in a state of flux. The almost overwhelming victory has benefited both N.E. and the palace family.

Luo Qi's clothes have been sent to the room. Xiao Nian chooses a suit to send to the room himself. Before entering the room, he hears Gong Ou's displeased voice, "he hasn't come back yet?"

"Well, I still haven't heard from you."

Feng de replied respectfully.

When Xiaonian frowned, Gong Yu's whereabouts became a mystery again as many years ago. She didn't understand why Gong Yu didn't go home now.

"After today's press conference, I will send a large number of people to look for it." Gong Ou spoke coldly.

Today's press conference is of vital importance, and it can't let the other side find out that Gong Yu is missing.

"Yes, sir."

Feng de nodded.

When Xiaonian walked in with his clothes in his arms, his white and clean face raised a smile, "don't worry, maybe brother wants to give us a surprise. Maybe he suddenly appeared after the conference."

Gong Ou turns her eyes and looks at her. Her black eyes are deep. It seems that he is thinking about this possibility. After three seconds of thinking, he looks at Feng de and says, "arrange another person. If he gives any surprise, he will beat him directly."

"Poof." "When small read chuckles," need not be like this

"I'm addicted to playing missing. Who can I beat if I don't?"

Gong Ou snorts, turns around in front of her, opens his arms and waits for service.

Fengde comes up from the side, picks up the handmade and exquisite Plaid suit from shixiaonian's arms and unfolds it for Gong ou to put on. Shixiaonian picks up the tie and goes to Gong Ou's face to tie it for him.

Or the simplest knot.

She pulled the front of the suit with her fingers, smoothed it with her fingers, and pressed the clothes on his chest, "handsome."

Gong Ou is so handsome in formal clothes.

"Looking at it again Gong Ou stared at her with low eyes, his thin lips raised a sinister arc, raised his hand and looked at the time on his watch. "I'm going to the government building right now. You have 15 minutes left for Xiao to think about me."

A quick decision attitude.

“……” When small read speechless ground to stare at him, "can you not be arrogant?"

"You boast of my beauty."

"I said that the clothes my mother sent for were very handsome."

"When Xiaonian, to be clear, my palace is still handsome but a suit?"


When Xiaonian looked at the real Gong ou with a headache, she couldn't come up with a result in 150 minutes. She said quickly, "yes, President Gong is handsome out of the galaxy. How can a suit compare with you?"

"That's about it." Gong Ou is satisfied. He reaches out to hug her. Shixiaonian dodges his big hand. "You're ready. I'll go to see Enid."

"Look what she's doing!" Gong Ou is dissatisfied. "She is escorted by a bodyguard."

"Looking at her condition, I don't think she is very stable. Today's press conference must be smooth and profitable." Xiaonian arranged his suit and tie for him.

"You're not a shrink."

Gong Ou holds her firmly in her arms, and puts her chin over her head. Her voice is dull.

After the start of the press conference, shixiaonian couldn't stay with him all the time. He just watched from below, and he had to leave her for several hours.

"Well, I'll be bored when I go back. My adoptive father is still watching." Xiao Nian leaned against him and patted him on the arm.

Feng de stood by in front of the transparent man.


Gong Ou responds, grabs her face and kisses her hard before letting her go.

When Xiaonian returned to the room, she went out with an elegant ankle length dress. Although she didn't need to attend the press conference, she had to go to the scene anyway, so Gong Ou couldn't be impolite.

Dressed up, Xiaonian walked towards the back of the main house. The backyard was full of bodyguards. Several teams were talking about the delivery plan.

Gong Ou has prepared several routes to escort Enid. Although the journey is not too long, there is no way to avoid any situation on the road. When Enid commits suicide in an unstable state of mind, it will fall short.

When Xiaonian felt it was necessary to take another look at Enid.

Pushing open the door of the room, I saw Enid sitting on the bed, haggard, still holding the infusion, and the doctor standing in front of her to listen to her heart rate.

Bit stood against a row of cupboards, a young face with no expression, like the eyes covered by dark clouds, even the clear eyes seemed gray.

This young man has been in this state for several days, but it's OK. When I return to the palace with her, I'll be better. She also has the pistachio magic weapon, Gong Kui. Gong Kui can make anyone laugh.

In this way, when Xiaonian walked towards Enid, he asked the doctor, "how is she?"

The doctor took off the stethoscope, turned his eyes to her, and replied, "I'm very weak, but I can survive today."

"OK, you go down first."

Xiaonian nodded, then sat down next to Enid, looked at her scarred face and said, "I hope you'll be OK. After today, everything will be peaceful."

"You're tearing a man's pride apart. For George, it's killing him." Enid sat there with no expression. There was a little excitement in the clear voice line.

"I don't know why you take those things so seriously. In my opinion, perhaps the happiest ending is when you elope at the beginning." When small read lightly said.

"I said so much you still don't understand, we are not small love." Enid's eyes twinkled, and she looked at her excitedly. "He is a big tree, which should grow in the most vast place. This is his destiny, which he should have. How much do we pay for this? Now you will destroy him! "

"I don't understand your great love. I just know that because of your extreme practice, you have hurt the people who should not be hurt." When small read some indifferent tunnel.

Hearing this, Enid's eyelashes trembled, and she looked up at the bit not far away.