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Chapter Remember in Chapter 548 that he had a watch like this

When Xiaonian finished the fried rice with eggs, she went to him to see what he did. Gong Ou's fingers moved so fast that she could hardly see.

She only saw a screenshot on the screen of her mobile phone, which was cut from the video of the kidnapper.

Gong Ou uses his software to enlarge and clear the screenshot, only to see Xiaokui's face on the screen constantly grow larger and larger.


When Xiaonian didn't understand what he wanted to do, he stooped to stand by and watched.

Gong Ou enlarges Xiaokui's face and sighs with frustration, "it's useless information."

"Show me."

Why is it useless information?

When Xiaonian took his cell phone and sat down beside him, half of Xiaokui's face was enlarged in the mobile phone screen, and the focus was Xiaokui's eyes.

She then understood Gong Ou's intention. Gong Kui sat in the trunk and turned her head once. She saw the image in her eyes.

It's a silhouette. What you can see is a raised arm.

The image is blurry.

Gong Ou's software can't be completely restored.

Gong Ou raised his hand, picked up the plate and began to eat. As soon as he took a bite, he would spray out the whole meal without any image.

The table is a mess.

It's terrible.


Gong Ou picks up a tissue and wipes his lips. She turns her eyes and stares coldly at the woman. Is she trying to straighten him? It's so bad and delicious.

He was about to scold her for her boredom when Xiaonian was looking at her with her mobile phone, frowning more and more.

"What's the matter?"

Asked Gong ou.

"Is it him?" When I was wondering, how could it be him.

"What do you see?" Gong Ou wiped his lips and asked, simply cleaning up the mess on the tea table.

When Xiaonian hands Gong Ou his mobile phone, "Mr. y, I remember that he has such a watch."

Gong Ou enlarges Gong Kui's eyes in the screenshot, just vaguely sees a section of arm, revealing the white watch on her wrist. She has an impression on this watch.

Mr. y is wearing this watch.

Smell speech, Gong Ou's eyes sink, sit beside her and take the mobile phone, deep voice is showing a bit strange, "you even remember what watch others wear?"

She has a good memory.

"Yes." When the small read should say.


That's right.

Gong Ou stares at her coldly. "Do you care so much about others?"

When Xiaonian pointed to the watch on his mobile phone, he said, "this watch is limited in the world and is worth a house, so I can remember if he kidnapped the twins?"

It's not him. He doesn't seem to be short of money.


Mr y.

Gong Ou stares at her, "so it's you who make trouble. If you don't break up with me, nothing will happen."

"I......" I didn't know how to defend myself when I was reading and saying, "but I've known Mr. y for a long time. If he wanted to calculate me, he could have started."

She has been living with Feng de for four years. It should be easy for someone like Mr. y to straighten her out.

Why wait until now to kidnap twins?

"How long?"

Asked Gong Ou in a cold voice.

How long.

When Xiaonian thought about this question with his hand on his forehead, he recalled the past and said, "I should start from opening a gallery. He comes here every quarter to buy a painting, and never says anything else to me. If he wants to deal with me, he will not be able to deal with it long ago."

"How can you guess a man's mind? Who do you think you are? "

Gong Ou said coldly, in a bad voice.


When small read inadvertently to tube Gong Ou tone of the sour meaning, just think about what to do now.

If Mr. y did it, what would he want to do? Will he hurt the twins.

Gong Ou takes her mobile phone, calls up a blank picture and hands it to her. "You are very good at drawing. Draw down the person's appearance. Feng de says that he is absent every time the other party comes. He hasn't seen it."


When Xiaonian sat there in silence.

"Painting. Do you want to save the twins? " Gong Ou puts the mobile phone in Shi Xiaonian's hand.

When Xiaonian looked at him, he said in a low voice, "I can't draw it. Mr. y has never used his real face to show people. He always wears sunglasses and masks. The only features I can remember are short curly hair and this watch. "

Smell speech, Gong Ou's eyes become particularly cold, the tone can't help but aggravate, "Xi Xiaonian, you are really brave, you dare to make friends with a person who doesn't even show you the real face?"

Feng de didn't say this to him. He just said he couldn't find any information.

Damn it.

"He's not a friend either. He's just my customer. As a customer, I have no reason to care whether he wears sunglasses and masks, right?" Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Then, what is it to hire a team of lawyers for you? You can't see his special purpose when he behaves so strangely? "

Gong Ou teaches her coldly. Her eyes are dark and her face is curved tightly.

When Xiaonian sat there feebly and said truthfully, "if I want to say something, I thought he might..."

"What might be?"

Gong Ou's eyes tighten.

"Maybe it's about chasing me." When xiaoniandun whispered out to Shanggong Ou's dark eyes, "because he has been sending me things, and asked the lawyer team, and said that he particularly appreciates my paintings."

Gong Ou's fingers clenched and stared at her coldly. "Give you something?"

"perfume, scarves and so on." "When small read one and a half ground says.

"Xi Xiaonian, why don't you tell me such an important thing? You don't want to talk to me until something goes wrong? " Gong Ou grabs her cell phone and throws it on the coffee table.


A clear sound.

When small read Leng ground to look at him, expression is sluggish, did not react to come over for a while.

"What are you doing looking at me like this?"

Gong Ou looks at her coldly.

"Do it." When small read points to mobile phone to say naively, he doesn't say that he now becomes particularly calm, won't move violent again?

“……” Gong Ou also stops talking. He gets up from the sofa and slaps the back of the sofa with his hand. "What's the purpose of this man? If he wants to possess you, why do you need to be trapped in this place? Just make a direct offer to commit yourself to him. "

When Xiaonian sat on the sofa, reached for his cell phone and thought, "maybe it's not him. I'll call him and ask him."

As soon as her finger touched the screen of her mobile phone, Gong Ou's cold voice rang out, "you call him now, he will be alert that you have detected his presence. In the kidnapping case, once the kidnapper detects his identity is exposed, do you know how high the probability of the hostage being ripped off?"

When Gong Ou's voice wakes up, read it.

When Xiaonian didn't fight down, he asked, "what should I do?"

"What else can I do if I'm led by my nose?" Gong Ou stands behind her, hands on the sofa, eyes down at the hair on her head, voice cold, "tell me about your relationship with Mr. y."

"There's nothing to say."

She and Mr. y have met only a few times, nothing special happened at all.

"Tell me everything you have said between you. I want to judge what kind of person that is." Gong Ou goes around the sofa and sits down next to her. Her black eyes stare at her coldly.


"Remember, it's all! Tell me everything between you! "

Gong Ou added another sentence.

For the sake of twins, shixiaonian had to try to recall the scene when he first met Mr. y. "I remember when my gallery was just opened, in fact, I didn't want to make money, just wanted to open a shop there."


Gong Ou leaned back and listened lazily on the sofa.

"At that time, it was the time when your news was the most serious. The public and the media speculated a lot about me. They came here to watch the news, not to buy paintings." When small read to turn mobile phone to say hoarsely.

Recalling that period of time, she forgot how she survived. Every day, many people deliberately went into the gallery, not to see a picture, but to see her. It is said that they could marry a mentally ill woman for money.

"Then you still have a shop. Do you like doing things that don't produce any value?"

Gong Ou is cold and ironic.

When listening to his indifferent paintings, Xiaonian's eyes were dim, he smiled bitterly and looked at him, "as long as someone can tell me where you are through the connection of the gallery, it will produce value."


Gong Ou's face froze for a moment. Yes, she opened the gallery just for the convenience of looking for him. More than once after he came back, he heard someone call it the watchman gallery. "Go on."

His voice is a little uncomfortable.


When Xiaonian nodded and continued to remember the past diligently, "it was at that time that Mr. y appeared in my gallery. He was the first customer to buy my paintings. I remember that when I was sorting things, he came in from the outside, dressed well, and the whole person exuded an indescribable noble manner, slender and tall... "

"How many more modifiers do you need? He's the one who kidnapped your son and daughter! "

Gong Ou glances at her, pinching her thumb and forefinger together, and pinching her fingertips white.

"Don't you want me to say it all?" She's just remembering.

Gong Ou's face became very ugly. He took a sip of water from the cup beside him and said coldly, "say all the modifiers you can think of."

"My first impression of him is that this man should not be an ordinary person. His behavior is elegant and his temperament is extraordinary. How can I say that his temperament is not as sharp as yours, which makes people feel oppressive. His temperament is noble, but it does not produce a special sense of distance and discomfort." When small read to recall that time of matter to say.

"You decorate him and pull me?"

Gong Ou's face was a little dark and his fingers were even whiter.

What is his sharp point? Is it praising or belittling him?

When Xiaonian looked at him innocently, "I just thought of what to say. Don't interrupt me any more. I didn't recall things a few years ago so easily."