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Chapter 129 father son relationship

"Well, I've been laughed at by you all the time. Don't run away, I'll hit you."


"Qianchu, qianchu, come to see this dog hole, do you have an impression?"


"I lied to you that it was an amusement project. I let you drill this hole several times."

"When Xiaonian, you are really enough. Tell me how many things you cheated me when I lost my memory."

"One, two, three 8、 Nine, ten Oh, I can't count. "

"You're looking for a fight. You're running. You stop."


Two people play in the amusement park dark, like two back to the original youth, play will forget all the troubles.

On the other side, the hospital.

Gong Ou stood in the corridor of the hospital, his hands in his pants pocket, his eyes looking out of the window.

The bodyguard stood by with the baby in his arms, and Bob, who had lost his mother, cried until his voice was hoarse.

Gong Ou looks at the child with impatience in his eyes.

Gong Ou goes to Bob and stares at the child with black eyes. He wants to see a sign of his own from the child's face.

Bob was frightened by him and sobbed in a low voice, afraid to cry loudly.

Gong Ou stared at him for a long time. He grabbed a bodyguard and asked in a cold voice, "does he look like me?"


The paternity test hasn't been taken out yet. How dare the bodyguard answer.

"Go away."

Gong Ou pushes away the bodyguard impatiently and stares at the child with low eyes. The more he stares, the more fidgety he gets. He can't find any reason to look at the child favorably.

"Take it down."

Gong Ou orders in a cold voice.

"Yes, Mr. Gong."

The bodyguard came down with the child in his arms, not being stared at by Gong ou, and the child began to cry loudly again.

Gong Ou is disgusted and punches hard on the cold wall.

If he is as embarrassed as Xiaonian said, why can't he find a place to look good to his children.

Why didn't his first child come from childhood!

"Young master, do you want me to investigate what happened three years ago?"

Feng de came to him and asked.

According to the rules, there are new changes in the cruise business three years ago, so we need to find out again.

"No more."

Gong Ou gives an unexpected answer.

"No more?" Feng de was shocked. "Young master, can I ask why?"

This is not the way of a young master.

Gong Ou looks at him coldly. He leans against the wall. His black eyes are sharp. For a long time, his thin lips open slightly. "I believe it's Xiaonian."


"What she told me was true." Gong Ou said coldly, this word seemed a little humble and helpless.

It's not necessarily true what he said when he read it.

But it must be true.

There's no need to check that.

He believes in her.

Feng de looks at Gong Ou in a strange way. How could a man with such a personality as young master believe another person?

It's impossible, but it's really happening.

If it is reported to the palace family, no one in the palace family will believe it. They always believe that their young master actually speaks and believes others.

Feng de thought for a moment and asked, "do you really believe that the boy is your son?"

"I don't like the child." Gong Ou was crisp and a little fidgety. He sat down on the bench in the corridor, his fingers crossed on his jaw.


It's normal that you don't like it too much.

Gong Ou suddenly said again, "if it was the son born to me by shixiaonian, I would be very pleased."

How ugly he looks.

As long as it's from a small school.


Feng de stood quietly and sighed softly.

According to this situation, young master is really a miss. But miss Ke's principle is so heavy. How do they run in

"By the way." Gong Ou suddenly remembers something. He raises his eyes and orders Feng De, "go tell me the marriage partner. Her name is..."

"It's Miss Mona, young master."

Feng de reminds him.

The young master chose his own marriage partner, but he didn't even remember his name.

"Well, tell her family to be ready for artificial conception if they marry my family." Gong Ou said.

"What?" Feng de was shocked. "I'm afraid miss Mona's family won't agree."

Even if the marriage is only a family to family situation, I will not be willing to let my daughter marry into the palace to keep a widow.

Artificial conception is a shame to the other family.

"Then change the marriage partner to the one you want." Gong Ou without thinking.

Needless to say, this is definitely a concession made by Miss Wei.

But I'm afraid it will cause a stir when it is transmitted back to England.

Feng de frowned and gently reminded him, "young master, do you pay too much for the young lady?"

"Where are you talking so much?" Gong Ou stares at him wearily, "I will! It's up to you! "

He is willing to pamper small read, he is willing to compromise for her, who cares!

"Young master, you don't have to do this. Isn't Miss Shi by your side?" Feng said in German with a long focus.

He could foresee that if the words of artificial conception were passed back to Britain, the young master would be dozens of times more upset than now.

"Why are you talking more and more recently?" Gong Ou looked at Feng de displeased. "If you don't want to do it, go away."

"Yes, I will deal with it as soon as possible."

Feng de had to nod.

Gong Ou fell into a quiet state, expressionless, thin lips tight, a pair of black eyes staring straight at the ground, no focus.

Of course, he can keep Xiaonian from leaving.

But that's not enough.

Not enough.

He also wants to take something from her, he wants her feelings, he wants her to love him!

For a long time, a doctor pushed open the door and came out, respectfully approaching Gong ou. "Mr. Gong, the results of the parent-child appraisal have been urgently made for you."

Smell speech, the Mou light of palace Europe is one cold, have no the slightest expectation.


How can he expect a child who doesn't belong to him.

The doctor put the identification book in front of Gong ou, who still kept that sitting position and did not speak or receive the identification book.

The doctor looked awkwardly aside at Feng De.

"Thank you, doctor."

Feng de took over the appraisal, turned over the page, turned to the last page, a look of surprise on his face.

He looked at Gong ou and saw him sitting there. There was no expression on his face, but his fingers crossed and his hands were obviously tight, as if he was nervous.

The young master is also nervous.

"Doctor, why don't you explain." Feng de said to the doctor.

"Oh, yes." The doctor nodded and said professionally, "from the two groups of DNA you sent, we compared the chromosomes, only four pairs of them are the same. From a medical point of view, the two groups of DNA can not be the direct parent-child relationship."

Feng de looks at Gong ou.

Gong ou still sits there, his eyes fixed on the ground.

Two seconds later, Gong Ou stood up abruptly, reached out and grasped the doctor's neckline. His black eyes stared at him angrily, "you say again, is it a father son relationship?"

"It's not a parent-child relationship."

The doctor was shocked. Can't it be the answer?

He wanted to say that he would not test it again, but he had just made this group of DNA, and the probability of making a mistake was zero. It must be the same result if he did it again.

"No?" Gong Ou asked coldly, his eyes staring at him.

"The result of the instrument is shown in this way, I just follow it."

The doctor was asked to the bottom, legs again and again soft tremor.

Before he could sit on the ground, Gong Ou let him go.

A mysterious smile suddenly appeared on his cold face.

Feng de didn't see Gong Ou's expression. He just looked down to study the appraisal report and said seriously, "young master, I think there's something wrong here. Since it's not a father son relationship, who is cheating? Is it Tang Yi or Miss Shi, who also knows that they are cheating together?"

This is a matter related to the blood of the palace family. It must be rigorous.

"Didn't you hear? That's not my son."

Gong Ou looks at Feng De, a pair of black eyes full of happy smile, eyebrows and eyes flying.

For the first time, Feng de saw Gong Ou smile so directly, and couldn't help but stare.

"Great, old man!" Gong Ou claps his shoulder, "my first child will be born when I was young!"


Is this the focus of the young master?

"Shixiaonian will give birth to my first child!"


"Do you hear that Xiaonian will give birth to my first child!" Gong Ou repeated cheerfully again, turning around and going out, "go, go shopping."

He is going to buy some food for shixiaonian.


Feng de looks at his back in a dazed way. Shouldn't we find out who is cheating?

How can you be so happy.

The entrance of the import supermarket is blocked by the Rolls Royce business car, with the sign of "closed today" on the door.

In the supermarket, gong'ou pushes the shopping cart through a row of shelves and throws it into the car.

He is in a good mood today.

So soon one cart was full and another was full.

The bodyguard pushes the shopping cart in time for Gong ou to fill it.

Feng de silently watched the shopping carts piled up like mountains, thinking that it would be better to buy the supermarket directly.

"This one is good, this one is also good. Xiaonian must like it."

Gong Ou picks up a box of eggs and throws them into the shopping cart.

With a bang, two eggs broke.

Feng de could only follow him, frowning.

Young master sometimes does not eat the taste of fireworks.

"Young master, young master......"

Feng de repeatedly wants to remind Gong Ou of the seriousness of the truth behind the paternity test, which is obviously not the time to go shopping.

Gong Ou doesn't care. The pleasure between his eyebrows and eyes shows that he is very happy at the moment. His thin lips have been hooked with an evil arc.

"Fengde, when she went back to make cakes for Xiaonian, she was in a bad mood today. She had a better dessert." Gong Ou's focus is not on the same channel as him.

"Young master."

Fengde is helpless.

Gong Ou continues to throw things into the shopping cart. Suddenly, he glances at a handful of baby dishes. He grabs a few bundles and throws them into the cart.

Shixiaonian seems to like vegetables very much.

Women who like vegetables don't look ugly.