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Chapter 708 the mysterious borgs

"The borgs are very old-fashioned. The vehicles here are basically carriages, and there are horse farms there." Su Yaoyao pointed to the distance and said.

As the three chatted and walked in, Su Yaoyao led them into a house and said hello to the landlady in a long dress to explain their intention.

When Xiaonian bowed his head to the landlord's wife, whose nose was very sharp. When his eyes were on Gong Ou's and shixiaonian's clenched hands, they were full of disgust, and then brought them into the house.

"I have only two spare rooms here, Yaoyao and Niannian. When I was teaching you, turn left on the first one on the stairs."

Said the landlady, glancing at Gong ou.

"I'm with her!"

Gong Ou pulls Shi Xiaonian into his arms and looks at the old landlady with black eyes.

The landlady was awed by Gong Ou's strong eyes, but there was no compromise at all. She said coldly, "no way! If you are willing to live, please help yourself! "

Then the landlady turned and left, ignoring them.

"Are all the people on this island sick?" Gong Ou is angry. "Let's go!"

"Mr. Gong." Su Yaoyao called them, "there are few outsiders on the island, so there is only one hotel here."

I can't find a place to live outside.

Smell speech, when small read had to say, pull Gong ou, "well, that's it, we just come to Mr palace, don't live out of time."

The people on the island don't know their easterners very well. As soon as they see their clothes, they think they are very old-fashioned. Because they are old-fashioned Islanders, they will be dissatisfied with their holding hands.

"The old woman!"

Of course, Gong Ou knows that it's not appropriate to cause more trouble at this time. He looks up at the hotel, which is a style of the 18th century.


Gong Ou looks at it coldly. He takes Xiaonian's hand and says, "go, you and I will go upstairs."

If the landlady doesn't let them live together, he won't? Funny!

Who else has he heard besides what he said!


When Xiaonian had no objection, he followed Gong Ou upstairs. Once Gong Ou entered the old room, he just hated this and that. He wished that the whole hotel could be rebuilt.

When Xiaonian listened to his complaints, he opened his backpack, took out his clothes and put them away, and then pushed forward to open the small window and looked out.

A sea breeze is blowing in the face.

In the distance is the scenery of the sea and the sky. When it's beautiful, I can't help feeling, "the scenery here is very good. Come and see it, Gong ou."

Gong Ou calmly walked to her side and looked out from her sight. The small window was like a camera lens locking the blue sky outside. The light fell on the sea, scattered into countless channels, like the sands of the whole sea.

The scene is really beautiful.

It's not easy to see.

Gong Ou's eyes are low. When he sees Xiaonian, he looks forward to the blue sky in his eyes. All of a sudden, his mood is better. He stands beside her and accompanies her to see the scenery outside the window.

With this blue sky and sea, the first stop of the honeymoon is right.

"Gong ou, I think you are right. This is the first stop of our honeymoon." Shi Xiaonian said, "why do you have to go to the honeymoon holy land that has been known for a long time according to the plan? This kind of scenery is not common in every place."

"Well." "Just like it," said Gong

"I love it. Borg island is really beautiful."

"OK, I'll ask my brother to come out and have a talk after I go back to see if I can buy Borg island and give you a holiday later!" Gong Ou said.


Looking for an enemy's affiliated family to buy the island is not the scope of the local tyrants, OK? I'm really not afraid of trouble.

When small read to shake his head, "no, can see such beautiful scenery with you very good, always can 't I see good-looking buy it, too luxurious."

"If you like it, you have to find a way to possess it. It's a matter of course!"

Gong Ou said naturally.

It's really a palace European theory. When Xiao Nian leaned against him and looked at the sea in the distance, "Gong ou, what I like is not the scenery on this island, but the scenery you and I watch together."

"Do you just say I'll die if you like it?"

Gong Ou blurted out that he had to say something sour.


Can you still say some romantic love words to the beautiful scenery? Do you have to be so straightforward?

When small read helpless, simply no longer speak, so quietly snuggle up to him, looking out of the window scenery.

"Tired or not, do you need a rest?"

Gong Ou asked, looking down at her pretty face, with a deep voice and a rare tenderness.

When Xiaonian shook his head, "don't be tired, let's close the door and find Su Yaoyao to see where Mr palace appears, OK?"

"You can say anything!"

When did he not satisfy her wishes.

Gong Ou touched her short hair and said, "it's better to have your own hair."

When Xiaonian laughed, "OK, uncle, don't always take advantage of young girls, OK?"


Gong Ou stares at her, uncle. Does he really have such a uncle?

When they went downstairs, they met the landlady with a sharp nose. When the landlady saw them, she turned her eyes in disgust. At that time, Xiaonian's hand was held to death by Gong ou.

If I didn't want to make trouble, I think Gong Ou would have gone away.

"Mr. and Mrs. Gong."

Su Yaoyao has been waiting at the door. Seeing them smile happily, there are red spots on their faces. They can't help but draw their eyes to Gong Ou's face.

Why do some people look so handsome when they are old? They are really handsome.

I can't help it.

"Let's go, Miss Su." When Xiaonian came up and said, Su Yaoyao touched her cheek and said, "well."

Su Yaoyao led them out of the hotel, told them some customs and scenery of the island along the way, and showed them the photos he took.

"It's really beautiful." "Miss Su, you are a person who can take pictures."

Su Yaoyao holds beauty well.

"I love taking pictures." Su Yaoyao said with a smile, jumping forward to chat with the islanders who had met.

For a long time, Su Yaoyao took them to a green grassland, pointed to the front and said, "that's where I found the robot."

When Xiaonian looked forward, it was indeed the scene in the photo with Su Yaoyao, a row of continuous green trees planted on the grass.

Gong Ou takes Xiaonian's hand and turns around to look around. Nothing special.

When Xiaonian looked at the grass with low eyes, it was only two days' work. There was no trace of Mr palace. What did it do here?

She doesn't understand.

Now I don't know where to go.

"If Mr palace runs around, it will be discovered by the islanders, right?" When Xiao Nian looked at Su Yaoyao and asked him, he saw Su Yaoyao standing there looking at Gong ou with a red face.

Hearing Xiaonian's voice, Su Yaoyao was stunned for a second and then reacted. She looked at shixiaonian in embarrassment and said, "the islanders haven't seen the robot. If they find it, it must be a big deal. Then someone will say it when we come in."

"Where is that?"

Gong Ou's low voice came.

When Xiaonian looked back, he saw Gong Ou standing in front of the tree, looking up at a certain direction, that posture, that angle of view Exactly like Mr palace.

Shi Xiaonian looks down his line of sight, which is full of trees. He can't see how wide it is, but he can vaguely see the edges and corners of ancient buildings in the distance, where there are groups of buildings, far away.

"That's where the Bergers live. Even the islanders can't enter at will." Su Yaoyao stood by and said.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong ou, Gong Ou stood under the tree, his black eyes looked coldly at the distance, with a dignified face.

"What's the matter?"

Shixiaonian walked over and asked.

"It went there."

Gong Ou cold tunnel, reached out to break down a branch, eyes deep.

"How does Mr. Gong know?" One side of Su Yaoyao asked doubtfully, Gong Ou snorted, "a robot has no special purpose here, is it to see the scenery?"

R is just a robot. How can it need to see the scenery.

And the direction of its gaze is the borgs. When Xiaonian stood there, he took a long breath and said, "it seems that we have to visit the borgs."

"But it's not accessible."

Said Su Yaoyao.

"We can't go in, Mr palace can't go in, but Mr palace will complete the order anyway. It can avoid all people's eyes and ears to go to the island, indicating that it also has a way to sneak in." Shi Xiaonian said, "since it has solutions, we should also have solutions."

How to say Mr palace is created by Gong ou. Gong Ou's IQ cannot be lower than it.

Wen Yan, Gong Ou looks at Xiaonian, and there is a touch of appreciation on junpang. "I'm still smart! Let's go. Let's go back first, then we can find a way. "


When small read nods, before leaving again cannot help looking back under a tree, willow eyebrow tiny Cu.

House R, why are you here.

What are you thinking, or besides her and Gong ou, it has begun to accept other people's orders.

When Xiaonian lowered her eyes and followed Gong Ou away, Su Yaoyao walked in front of them and kept telling them about this and that, introducing this and that, and looking at Gong Ou from time to time.

"Have you said enough?" Gong Ou impatiently interrupts her words, and her black eyes sweep coldly to Su Yaoyao. "Are you allowed to leave? Our husband and wife are going to see the sea, and you are going to follow? Do you think your red lantern is not bright enough? "

Hearing this indifference, Su Yaoyao stayed there and looked at Gong ou with a pale face.

"I'm sorry to disturb you, but I'll go back to the hotel. It's fun for you."

Say, Su Yao Yao Yao turns round to run, while running, brush face, seem to be crying.

Seeing her like this, Xiaonian frowned and looked up at Gong ou. "Are you too cold?"