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Chapter What does chapter 512 mean to me

The gap.

Xiang Qingfeng stood there and looked at Gong ou. There was a little self abasement between his eyebrows and eyes. He said calmly, "what I can't compare with you is just my life experience. When I get to your age..."

"Haven't you looked through my data?" "When I was your age, 15 percent of the world's people were using n.e-system mobile phones," Gong said coldly


Xiang Qingfeng's face turned white.

"To me, you are not an opponent, so I will not spend any more time on you." Gong Ou said quietly, with a certain contempt. "If you can't keep away from Xiaonian, I will tell your parents that the woman their son likes is Gong Ou's fiancee."

"What do you mean? Does the president of don e want to sue his parents? "

Asked the breeze angrily.

"You have to graduate, you have to enter the society. I think your parents should know the advantages and disadvantages better than you." Gong Ou said.


He clenched his fist to Qingfeng, but couldn't say a word.

Seeing him like this, Gong Ou hooked his lips, stood up calmly, and glanced down at the paper towel with the words written on the ground. "I hope that in two days, I can see those paintings appear in this address."

As he said that, Gong Ou walked towards shixiaonian.


Xiang Qingfeng stood in the same place and looked at Gong Ou's back. He was humiliated, and the humiliation was so natural.

He felt like a joke in the face of an enemy who was above himself in an alp.


Shouted to the breeze.

Gong Ou stops and turns his head slightly.

"Maybe I can't compare with you, but why should I compete with you? Teacher Xi and I are very happy together, very happy, that's enough. " Shout to the breeze.

It's useless to say that, and it's still so humiliating.

Self recognition is not comparable.


Sure enough, Gong Ou sneers and looks back at him contemptuously. "You seem to forget who she has been waiting for for for four years."


Xiang Qingfeng's face turned pale.

He really can't compare with Gong ou. In front of Gong ou, he is like a clown.

Gong Ou strides towards Xiaonian, whose black eyes look at her deeply, and Xiaonian looks at him with a slight frown. Then, she looks towards the direction of the breeze with worry. Her red eyes are full of tension and concern.

Gong Ou went to her with more and more gloomy eyes.

"Get in the car."

His voice was cold to the bone.

If the previous expression of displeasure by Gong Ou was rage, anger and smashing things, the present expression of displeasure by Gong Ou is coldness.

The more dissatisfied, the colder.

"What did you say to him?" When small read to ask a way, a pair of eyes still look nervously toward breeze, that young boy stands far away, like wood same move also not move.

It seems to have been hit hard.

"I just talked about our gap." Gong Ou looks at her, and the black pupils are cold. "Can we go back now?"

"What didn't you do to him?"

Asked shixiaonian suspiciously.

"What can I do? Is he worth it?" Gong Ou sneers.

When Xiaonian takes back his sight, he is indifferent to Shanggong Ou's.

Yes, he is different now.

Mature and rational, how can such a man be jealous and quarrelsome like a child.

When small read toward the direction of the breeze shook hands, make a goodbye action, and then open the door to sit in.

Gong Ou then sits in and stares at her coldly.

No words all the way.

"Why drink?"

When he was about to arrive at the gallery, Gong Ou suddenly opened his mouth with a tone of blame.

"I don't want to fight."

When small read cold tunnel.

"What do you want to say?" Gong Ou looks at her. He asks her why she drinks. She replies that he doesn't want to fight?

"As soon as you ask me, I want to ask why you want to see Mona, why you live in the same room with her and why you don't comfort Xiaokui." When Xiaonian looked at him and said, "but when I ask you, you must have a lot of organized words to stop me, but I don't accept these words, and we will fight."

Her face was red, her eyes were angry, and she added a few strokes of anger.

Gong oding looked at her, thin lips pursed, no words.

The car slowly stopped in front of the gallery.

"Go on preaching, why don't you say it?"

When Xiaonian was drinking, his voice sounded a little bit.

When he is well, he always speaks in a right way. She makes trouble for nothing while pressing others.

Gong ou still stared at her with deep eyes.

When Xiaonian pushes the door open to get out of the car, her wrist is held by someone from behind. She turns around, Gong Ou stares at her, and her slender fingers clench her.

"For what?"

When small read to ask, eyes slightly round.

"You look lovely when you are angry."

Gong Ou said, voice magnetic.


When Xiaonian is thundered.

"You can be angry with me in private, but in front of outsiders, especially in my company, you can't make small emotions, understand?" Gong Ou educates her, releases her hand and gets off from the other side.


When Xiaonian sat there in a daze, he didn't come back for a long time.


Shixiaonian grabs her hair with a headache and gets out of the car and walks to the gallery.


Seeing her coming back, Gong Kui ran out of it excitedly and threw it into shixiaonian's arms.

Gong Yao stepped out of the gallery gracefully and made a bow to Xiao Nian, a standard etiquette template.

"Have you been waiting for a long time?"

When meeting twins, Xiaonian tries to smile. She doesn't allow her bad mood to affect her children.

"I'm hungry."

Gong Kui felt his stomach.

"I'll make new year's Eve dinner." "I've finished the new year's Eve dinner, so I'll bring it out. Young master, Miss Xi, please take a seat first."

A group walked into the gallery.

When Xiaonian always felt that her gallery was quite large. She didn't know why. After Gong Ou came in, she felt that the whole house had become smaller and the atmosphere was extremely depressed.

When Xiaonian walked into the room alone, he changed into a set of ivory household clothes, dispelled a little wine smell, and went to the front of the dressing mirror.

Her face in the mirror was ruddy, and she could not see the pallor in the daytime at all. She stretched out her hand to tie up her long hair, tied up a ball at will, turned the hair on her forehead to both sides, and stretched out her hand to press her eyes to make them appear shiny.

Anyway, it's new year's Eve. Make sure the twins have a good time.

Let's talk about the relationship with Gong ou.

When Xiaonian slapped himself on the face, opened the door and walked out. As soon as he got to the bright and clean shop, he saw Gong Kui jumping and jumping there. Gong Yao sat at the small table and copied the calligraphy. His ears didn't hear anything outside the window.

Gong Ou is standing at the door, with a cup of hot coffee in his hand. When his black eyes sweep towards him, Xiao Nian looks at her up and down.

A few bodyguards are taking the rest of the paintings off the wall and putting them into the box.

When Xiaonian frowned, he immediately walked over to stop them. "What do you do?"

"I asked them to put the pictures away." Gong Ou goes to her, black eyes look at the bodyguard, "take it to the imperial castle."

"Yes, Mr. Gong."

The bodyguards put away the paintings. They were all rude people. They didn't take care of their hands and feet at all. They almost threw them directly into the box. Some of them almost fell off.

"Stop pretending. This is my painting."

When small read cannot help but say.

"You don't have to do this kind of rough work. You can close the gallery tonight and move back to the imperial Castle tomorrow." When Gong Ou looks at it, Xiao Nian says with deep eyes.

"I have promised you to close the gallery, but when can I decide?"

Shi Xiaonian tells herself not to argue with Gong Ou in front of the children, but she can't help it.

She was depressed for too many days.

In other words, it's not depression for many days, it's depression for many years.

"Are you reluctant to part with this small store? I'm improving your efficiency. " Gong Ou said in a low voice that he was good for her.

It's still so slow to close a door.

"Sorry, the last thing I can do for me is to improve efficiency."

She spent four years doing almost one thing, waiting for him.

She is really an inefficient person.

"So I'm teaching you now." Gong oudao is confident and calm between the eyes and eyebrows.


Gong Kui stood beside them and watched them silently, his eyes rolling between them.

The bodyguard still fidgetily put the picture in the box.

Gong Ou continued, standing in front of Shi Xiaonian, "everything is about efficiency. The workload completed in unit time is large and excellent, which means saving time. And you are wasting your life even closing a shop so slowly. Xiaonian, what you care about is that I am home, so you should spend more time for our home, and should not waste your life on things like closing the shop, so you can also get a greater sense of satisfaction. "

Again for reprimand.

"Waste your life?" When small read wry smile, spread out one's hand, look at those bodyguards to say, "follow you, you want how to do."

"What is your attitude?"

Gong Ou frowns.

"Gong ou, you have no idea what this store means to me."

Xiaonian said indifferently and turned to the kitchen to help.

Feng de comes out with the dish, hears the above conversation, and silently puts the dish down.

It's said that the young master has changed a lot. However, he found that there is a place where the young master hasn't changed since before, that is Eq.

It's as low as ever.

The restaurant is too small. Feng Dehe and Shi Xiaonian set up a table in the restaurant and brought out the dishes one by one.

Gong Ou is dissatisfied with eating New Year's Eve dinner in the place full of ink smell. He wants to talk with Shi Xiaonian, who directly shakes his face and doesn't look at him. He takes care of himself and throws him aside.


Gong Ou's face is not very nice.

He put down his work and came to have such a new year's dinner?

"Dad, sit down."

Gong Kui reaches out to pull Gong ou to take a seat. Gong Ou glances at his daughter and sits down at the table with a cold face.