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Chapter 698 the climax of the end

"Shixiaonian, you know, I've never been an easy man to get tangled up with, but I felt strange that night." Gong Ou sat beside her and said.


I couldn't understand why he used such words.

"Well." Gong Ou's jaw head slightly moved his aching body and tried to act as if nothing happened. He looked at her and his voice was deep and magnetic. "That night, I didn't wake up, but I knew that I had been drugged. Gong Ou was never at the mercy of others, but it was strange that I didn't resist you."


When small read silence.

Gong Ou stares at her closely. "In fact, I haven't told you that I was happy and depressed that night."


When Xiaonian looked at him in shock, his soft lips moved, unable to speak.

"You said you were lying beside me like a dead man, how could you attract me?" Gong Ou chuckled and said, "is that because of the medicine?"

"But I still remember that before the effect had passed, I became very resistant." Gong Ou said.


"I don't know. I only know that I enjoyed it at first, and then I began to get upset and want to kill people." Gong Ou approaches her, bows his head and sniffs gently between her neck. "Maybe Tang Yi was going to take you away and take away the fragrance from you, so I was angry."

"You're too mysterious."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

How can a person controlled by a drug feel so much.

Hearing this, Gong Ou gave a low smile, reached over her body, and said, "I know you can't believe me. You have never experienced this feeling, you don't understand it."

"How do you feel?"

When Xiaonian sat on the floor beside the bed and looked at him askew.

"That is..." Gong oudun, looking at her with low eyes, black eyes are very deep, thin lips are moving, voice is sexy, "it's just a feeling that someone suddenly arrives, doesn't give you the time to prepare, and didn't even think that there would be such a person, that person would appear so strangely."

When small read to hear in the clouds and mist, "you are playing what riddle."

What does it mean to have a person suddenly arrived.

"I know I didn't understand what I said to you." Gong Ou's hand rested on her shoulder. "I always thought that night was too absurd for me, but I didn't know that I was right until I knew the truth in Tangyi's mouth."


"When I read it." Gong Ou stared into her eyes and said, "do you believe that if it wasn't you that night, even if I was drugged, I would not touch the woman in bed, do you believe it?"

Gong Ou asked twice in a row. Do you believe it?

When Xiaonian understood that he was waiting for his belief, but she didn't want to lie. She said lightly, "do you want me to answer with reason or sensibility?"

"You have answered."

Sensibility is that she believes everything he says; rationality is that he doesn't believe, who believes that a person who has been drugged can tell.

When Xiaonian still felt his disappointment, she reached out and poked him at the waist, "well, don't say that. Next, is Tang Yi getting me back? "

The place she poked was the place of Gong Ou's pain.

I can really find a place to start.

Gong Ou turned his face, frowned slightly and looked at her with pain. "Tang Yi said that, but I think we may have missed a link in the middle."


When Xiaonian looked at him puzzled.

Gong Ou looks at her, his eyes become deeper, he raises his hand and makes a loud finger. Next second, he lowers his head and covers her lips. He presses his hand on the bed and kisses her uncontrollably.

When Xiaonian opened his eyes, he suddenly heard the door being pushed open from the outside, and an excited voice rang out, "Gong Yu!"

Cecilia Rossi, who plays the role of Xi Yu, has changed into a men's suit. Her tall body makes her particularly handsome.

Standing behind Cecilia Rossi is Gong Yu.

He stood there like a ghost, with his eyes on Cecilia Rossi, and his mature and handsome face full of loss.

I can't seem to guess that at all.

"Gong Yu? Is that you? " Cecilia Rossi and Gong ou are a little closer.

Shi Xiaonian looks at ceciliarossi with a little face behind Gong ou. Ceciliarossi is shocked and looks at her in astonishment. He even takes two steps back. "Impossible, Gong, are you? Turn your face! "

"Get out of here!"

Gong Ou doesn't turn around and screams hysterically. He grabs something and smashes it at the door. There is a watch on his wrist. It's an old-fashioned one.

When Xiao Nian remembered that kind of watch, Gong Yu wore this brand, and only wore limited edition.


Cecilia Rossi stepped back step by step, gathered her expression and stood there quietly.

So far, the play of time reversal has come to an end.

Gong Yu stood there, his breath trembling, and leaned against the door. There was no light in his eyes, as if his soul had been sucked away. "So, Xi Yu left the boat first."

When Gong Ou just let go, Xiao Nian pulled her to stand up.

When Xiaonian looked at Cecilia Rossi and asked, "is that what Xi Yu told you?"

Cecilia Rossi shook his head and said, "Xi Yu didn't mention anything about the other things on the cruise ship except that we would talk about someone who was harming people. I asked him if he had seen Gong Yu, and he didn't answer. He just said that he didn't want to find any more. If someone came up with something, it would appear naturally."

Gong Yu's face was pale, and he resisted saying, "it's too coincidental. It's impossible to recognize your Gong Ou's back as me, just with a watch? It's impossible! "

His voice was shaking.

"After all, the rest is inevitable."

Gong Ou goes to Gong Yu and stands in front of him. He looks down at him and says, "otherwise, how can I explain that Xi Yu came here to find me, met you and left in a hurry? If nothing had happened to the ship this time, why didn't he come to see you until he died? "


Gong Yu's face was paler.

"I'm hard to find, but I haven't hidden in the mountains and forests. I can't even find a chance to see me until I die, can I?" Gong Ou said, "now the explanation is the most reasonable. He thinks you have found a woman, left and never came to me again, because he thinks your answer is obvious."

Xi Yu thinks that what Gong Yu loves is a woman. It's so simple, so she leaves.

“……” Gong Yu leaned against the door with a wry smile and said, "so, in the end, I left such a big misunderstanding to Xi Yu?"

What is that.

Strange coincidence? Unavoidable misunderstanding?

Gong Yu shook his head. "No, it's impossible. Gong ou, you don't know Xi Yu. He's a child who knows death. He won't judge by his back. He will definitely question clearly."

He doesn't accept that.

"How about I give you another possibility?"

Gong Ou said.


Gong Yu asked.

Gong Ou stands there, slowly turns around and walks to Xiaonian's face. He blocks her with his body, then slowly moves away to show her half face.

Gong Yu stood at the door and looked up. At this glance, he understood Gong Ou's meaning. The whole man almost fell to the ground.

In the dim light, Xiao Nian shows half of his face. That's not who Xi Yu is.

"I don't understand."

, when she was looking at the palace, she could not help asking, "she looked at her and her long fingers touched her face." what do you think of a person who looks exactly like you in the street? "

"The lost twins?"

When small read blurt out.

"What if I see someone who looks the same as you in a man who is ambiguous with you?" Gong Ou asked, "your first reaction will be how this person looks like me?"


This is what Gong Yu replied.

When Xiaonian looked up at Gong Yu, she closed her eyes hopelessly. "The light was dim that night. If Xi Yu saw that scene, he would only think that I would rather have a woman similar to him, not him."

"Under such visual impact, do you think he will come up to identify me?" Gong Ou Dao.


Of course not.

Maybe when she saw Xiaonian's similar face, Xi Yu subconsciously thought that the man was Gong Yu, so she ran away.

"Although this conjecture is too coincident and bizarre, we have to admit that it is probably the most true one." Cecilia Rossi looked at Gong Yu and said, "I finally understand why Xi Yu was depressed after he came back from the boat, and why he said after that, when you show up, he won't find it."

No, because of despair.

Gong Gu smiled sadly, "it's all my fault."

If he could meet Xi Yu earlier, earlier, earlier.

"Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Gong. I have a very meaningful life today, and I know the past of my friends. I'm gone. Goodbye

Cecilia Rossi bowed his head to shixiaonian and Gong ou, turned around and left,

Gong Yu leaned against the door and slid down slowly. The whole man squatted on the ground and was in great pain. Shixiaonian saw that he was also miserable, so he walked over and looked down at him and said, "brother, don't do this. If it's true, my brother will finally let go."

Gong Yu looks up at her. In the dim light, his eyes are red. "Let go? You tell me, how can he let go? He can't let it go. Now I know that he didn't wait for me to put the book on him before the accident. He wanted me to see it on purpose. I'm a sinner! "

"Not so."

"Not so. What else?"

"Elder brother, after Gong ou and I announced our relationship, Xi Yulai wanted to find me in s city. I thought that at that time, he should have known that he had made a mistake. He knew that Gong ou and I were on the cruise that night." Said Shi Xiaonian.