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Chapter 1062 kissing in public

When Xiaonian knew that she was guilty, and was afraid that bith knew all this.

When Xiaonian turned to look at bith, bith also looked at them. His eyes were gray and gloomy. His mood these days has always been like this.

"I have to give up some of my life choices. You can't use your ideas to decide whether my choices are good or bad." Said Enid slowly.

"Maybe." When small read lightly should with, "but I think, many choices or the most important person."

Enid's body shook so hard that she could not speak. She just sat there feebly.

Shi Xiaonian stood up from the bedside and stared at her beautiful eyes with low eyes. "No matter what, I hope you can survive today. You don't want to use your life to stop the press conference. I'm not only saying this to resolve the hatred between the two families, but also to..."

Speaking of this, when small niandun, turn to look at bit, "is also for bit can no longer be disappointed, no longer be left by their own close relatives."

Enid held on to her cuffs.

"I hope you can think it over." Shi Xiaonian then turned to go to bit, smiled and said, "today is very handsome."

Today, bit is wearing a dark gray suit, which looks more mature. When Xiaonian reached out to flatten the front of his suit, this action warmed his eyes.

When Xiaonian smiled at him, "I know you are not happy these days. Believe me, everything will be better after today."

"Really?" Bit asked, his eyes were gray again.

"Of course, my sister won't cheat you any more." Shi Xiaonian said, "you're going to stay with your mother today. I don't think it's too peaceful on the road. You should be careful yourself, you know?"

Bith looks at her, nods his head hard, looks up at Enid, and whispers, "don't worry, I will let her live to the press conference without delay."

"Ah? What? "

His voice was so light that Xiaonian couldn't hear him. She looked up at bit doubtfully.

"Nothing." Bit took his eyes back and looked at her, bending her eyes. "You're beautiful today. I'll read you later."

When small read to smile, "the mouth is really sweet, know elder sister how to say in Chinese?"? Shall I teach you? "

Bit shook his head. "Chinese is too difficult. I'll learn it later."

"All right." When Xiaonian patted him, "then worry about yourself. I'll see when to start."


Bit nodded.

When Xiaonian left, when she came to the door, her heart was inexplicably tight. She couldn't help looking back at bit, who still looked at him like that.

He's been so preoccupied recently that I wish this day would pass quickly.

When Xiaonian showed him a big smile, and then left.


District 13 ushered in the never before bustling, when Xiaonian walked through the hall, ignored the news on the big screen, and walked towards the doctors.

The doctors put the little pumpkin on the car. The little guy is sleeping soundly.

Today, they set out together. It's not safe to leave the pumpkin here. It's better to go together.

"I can sleep." Xiaonian looks at his son on the car and smiles.

"Yes, let's go. Second young master is waiting for you in the car." A doctor replied.

When small read stupefied, "Gong Ou has not yet left?"

She thought Gong Ou would take the lead. After all, he is the main character today. She is just a spectator.

"You didn't go, second young master, don't worry about going by car alone." Several doctors laughed and pushed the car out. "Let's go. We'll take good care of the baby. You'll leave it to the second young master."


Hello, do you want to make fun of her.

When small read some helplessly watched them leave, shook his head, shook hands to take the bag is about to go out, Yu Guangzhong flashed something, immediately let her step.

For a while, Xiaonian turned around stiffly. On the windowsill, she saw that the moonlight flower was blooming in the warm sunshine. It was a flower with petals. The color was light. I don't know if it was because of the sunshine. The flower was floating with light. It was amazing.

It turns out that moonlight flower can be so beautiful.

It finally blossomed.

When Xiaonian stood there and sighed with great relief, it seems that their return date is really up. Today's press conference will be smooth and profitable.

"Shixiaonian, what are you doing so slowly!"

Not until her Gong Ou has rushed down from the car, stood in the yard and shouted at her.

When Xiaonian turned around, she saw Gong Ou standing there with a tall body, covered in sunshine and a little dazzling. She smiled and ran out, reached for his arm, and said, "today will be very smooth."

"It's very difficult to have my palace here."

The palace and Europe are natural.



When Xiaonian smiled happily and walked out all the way to gongou.

With the psychological hint of moonlight flower, Xiaonian is very calm from the beginning of going out, not nervous at all.

There was a bit of trouble on the way to the government building, but because Gong Ou had been arranged properly for a long time, bit assured her that Enid was still safe.

When the motorcade enters the government building, which is dominated by the palace family, there is no need to worry about Lancaster's small action.

Bit and Enid were secretly arranged to enter the building somewhere, and the doctors also took the little pumpkin through the VIP passage, only when Xiaonian and Gong Ou got off at the gate.

As soon as I got off the bus, a mass of media reporters swarmed towards them. A large number of bodyguards stopped a little space and Fengde stood in front of them to guard.

"Hello everyone." When small read smile to say hello to everybody.

"Gong ou, can you tell me how you feel after such a long fight with Lancaster?"

"It's said that your two families have reached the stage of fighting. Now they talk about the hundred year cooperation plan. I don't know how you did it?"

"Is it about you that Lancaster's internal turmoil continues?"

A large number of questions are drowned in the noise. When Gong Ou hugs Xiaonian, he wants to move forward indifferently. When Xiaonian is in a good mood, he says to a clubbing microphone, "it's a good thing for the two families to unite. It's better to stay in the questioning stage to ask related questions."

Words fall, all reporters immediately all arrows to small read.

"It's said that the reason why the two families have feud is that they can't get married. Do you think it's your problem?"

"There are also rumors that the palace family killed Mona, so George would retaliate. What do you think?"

When Xiaonian is stunned, these reporters can even get involved with her.

"What do I think?" Gong Ou's cold voice suddenly sounded, and slowly turned to look at the reporter who asked questions. In the dark eyes, there was a piece of sinister, "I don't like you now."

Obviously, it was a noisy and disorderly scene. After that, the whole venue was quiet. Many people were staring at Gong ou, only some people accidentally touched the microphone.

But the reporter who asked questions was frightened by Gong Ou's eyes, and he went into the crowd silently with a white face.

When Xiaonian pulled gong'ou's sleeve, gong'ou's long leg was just about to step out. Gong'ou's face didn't look good. When Xiaonian looked at the media with a smile, "there is a question stage in the press conference. Now the time is wasted to ask questions. Do you want to take photos?"

When Xiaonian gave everyone a step, the reporters did not dare to ask what, all shouting to take photos.

The bodyguards opened a passage. When Xiaonian walked to the bottom of the government building with Gong Ou in his arm, he turned and rushed to the media reporter, smiling and taking photos for everyone.

Gong Ou's expression has been gloomy.

"Now, don't be angry." When Xiaonian said to him in a small voice with a smile, "let's go to the gate to let everyone see who is the winner. You are a winner with a cold face, and everyone will be confused."

"I'll give this group of reporters face?" Gong Ou said displeased, "the old man Fengde is getting worse and worse. He even let this kind of quality reporter sneak in and dare to start with you."

"Don't blame my adoptive father." Shi Xiaonian said, "smile, we are the winners."

"You're getting more and more media savvy now."

Gong Ou looks down at her, remembering that when she first dealt with the media, she was just like a helpless child.

"Of course, come on, put it on my waist, cooperate and smile." When small read with two people can hear the voice said, constantly in front of reporters change pose, smile.

The reporters at the bottom keep asking them to be closer.

Gong Ou looks at her with low eyes. The corners of her lips slowly draw a sinister arc. Her slender hands are placed on her waist, and she suddenly turns her whole body to face herself. "Since we have to cooperate, we need to cooperate more!"

After that, Gong Ou bowed his head and kissed her lips.

When Xiaonian stood there, he opened his eyes in shock, his waist was tightly held by Gong ou, and there was no room for retreat. His lips were close to his lips, so close that he could not be separated.

The following flash lights up all the time, and the shutter sound is like a wave higher than a wave.

You don't need to cooperate to this extent

Tomorrow's kiss photo will hit the whole world.

When Xiaonian thought about it, he pushed gong'ou secretly, but gong'ou didn't intend to let it go. He still held her firmly, and his mouth was not loose at all.

This man is enough.

Listening to the crazy shutter sound, Xiaonian was worried about how to separate. Suddenly, someone shouted, "here comes Lancaster's car! Here comes George! "

Everyone turned around.

Gong Ou just released Xiaonian. She still put her hand on her waist. When Xiaonian stood on the steps and looked forward, she saw a large number of bodyguards standing in the way of reporters, and several luxury cars slowly drove into the sight of all.

The door was pushed open.

One leg took the lead in getting out of the car and landed on the ground calmly. Later, Xiao Nian saw George.

He was dressed in a black formal dress, serious and solemn, with straight clothes, short hair in the sun, a pure western face with distinct and prominent facial features, very deep outline, the shadow of Mona and bit can be seen vaguely, and a pair of eyes are very deep, which makes people uncomfortable.