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Chapter 931 being humiliated by Lancaster

"What did you tell her to do so much? She doesn't have a heart. She's in charge of other people's lives now? " "However, your good day is over. You have killed Lancaster's Pearl, and the time of death is not far away."

It's not known to be played as a monkey.

When Xiaonian stood there with the sunflower in her arms, the blood on her hands congealed into a piece. She looked at her foster parents, and a sarcastic smile came up from the corner of her lips

And herself? It's ridiculous.

The most ridiculous person.

"What else do you want to put on? If you didn't kill Xiaodi, how could you see my mother fainting and send her to the hospital with guilt? Didn't you keep us outside all the time? Suddenly good? " Shi Zhong is right and strong.


Yes, at the moment when minqiujun fainted, she thought of two words of her mother, so she was stupid. She was stupid. She had no remedy.

She is the burden of Gong ou, a huge burden.

When small read no longer listen to a word, holding the palace anemone to continue to walk.

The hill tribe is so big that it seems that there is no end to it. Xiaonian passively follows it and finally turns into a bright place.

There is a password to lock the glass door in the front. It looks like an office from the outside. Someone comes forward and presses the password. The door is opened, but there is something else in it.

The office is a very large bedroom. It's clean and tidy. It's really not like the treatment for prisoners.

"You stay here! It's all our people out there. Don't try to escape! "

Several masked men put down their guns, began to take off their strong clothes, and went out to disguise themselves as the staff of the hill tribe.

When Xiaonian walks to the bedside with gongkui in her arms and tries to put her down, gongkui still clings to her neck and refuses to let go, while Xiaonian struggles to fall into bed with her.

She really can't take it.


Very tired.

I feel sick and dizzy.

"Xiaokui, get up." Seeing this, Gong Yao goes over and reaches out to pull Gong Kui. Gong Kui screams desperately and talks nonsense.

Gong Yao stood there, looking at him, he said, "what's the matter with Xiaokui?"

When asked this sentence, Xiaonian was about to explode. She fell on the bed, her neck was tightly tied, her eyes were filled with guilt and despair, her voice was hoarse, "she was stimulated, scared, and needed to see a psychiatrist."

Such a small child can't stand such a bloody gunfight.

"No, Xiaokui is very brave."

Gong Yao said firmly, taking off his shoes and climbing to bed, he reached out and pulled Gong Kui's hand away from Shi Xiaonian's body. Gong Kui was holding on, "ah ah."

Her daughter's scream is like countless knives stabbing on shixiaonian's body, which makes her miserable.

"Come on, come on."

When Xiaonian holds Gong Yao's hand, she is reluctant to see Xiaokui like this.

If you have a little sense of security holding her, just hold her like this.

"No, she kicked you in the stomach several times." Gong Yao said with great firmness, clenching his teeth to open gong Kui's hand. Gong Kui's hand was broken by him.

When small read of a wisp of hair was born to pull down, the neck also was caught a few bloodstains.


Gong Yao looks at it stupidly and reads.

When Xiaonian didn't care about her injury, she watched Gong Kui roll and scream on the bed. She quickly picked up a pillow and asked her to hold it. Gong Kui's cry gradually weakened when she held the pillow, and then tried to drill into the quilt.

“mom。” Gong Yao looks at Xiaonian, then slides out of bed quickly and rushes into the bathroom.

"Xiaokui, it's OK. Don't be afraid. Mom and holy are here."

When Xiao Nian was afraid that Gong Kui would stuffy himself, he reached out to lift a little quilt, and Gong Kui hugged the pillow and did not move.

You can't let sunflower go like this.

Gong Kui likes to eat.

Yes, yes.

When Xiaonian looked around, the room was clean and empty, with nothing and no food.

“mom。” Gong Yao's little figure came out of the bathroom, holding a wet towel in his little hand. When he came to Xiaonian, black pupil looked at her and said, "wipe."

Her hands and neck were covered in blood.

"Honey, I'll find something to eat for Xiaokui first."

When Xiaonian rubs Gong Yao's little head, he goes to the door and reaches for the door.

When the door was opened, two foreigners who had already dressed as staff stood outside and looked at her coldly, "what are you doing? Go back! "

When Xiaonian was just about to open his mouth, another man came in, with a tablet on his hand. Looking at him, Xiaonian said, "our husband wants to talk to you."


Mona's father Lancaster?

When Xiaonian frowned and did not move.

"Go in!" Someone gave her a hard push, and Xiaonian steadied himself and said coldly, "find me some snacks and toys that children like, or I will refuse to talk."

Smell speech, those three people all smiled, the person holding the tablet computer said with a smile, "I came to China to learn a sentence, toast don't eat penalty wine, you can be worse treatment of these prisoners, understand?"

"I don't understand." When Xiaonian stood there, the blood on his neck was running down, his eyes were reddish, but cold. "I only know that your biggest task now is to stabilize me and not let Gong Ou find out. And I just need toys and snacks. If you don't, I can do more things out of the box. "

"The threat of a pregnant woman has little power."

The expressions of the three men changed, and they still said that in their mouths.

"Then try it."

Said Shi Xiaonian.


A slap on her face. When Xiaonian was hit, her face turned sideways. Half of her face was swollen immediately, and the blood on the corner of her mouth was red.

Gong Yao stands by the bed and looks at this scene. His small hand unconsciously touches the small arrow handle at his waist.

When Xiaonian stood there motionless, there was no compromise in his eyes.

"Don't you get toys and snacks?" Holding a tablet of humanity, the tone is very sad, "now you can talk? Mrs. Gong


When small read to return to body, step by step to walk in, sit down on a white sofa.

The man put the tablet computer in a position, connected the phone, and soon, a hologram was put out in the blank. The background was an antique study, and an old man with short blonde hair was sitting in front of the huge desk in a suit. At the moment, a pair of blue eyes were looking at her contemptuously.

This is Mona's father.

When Xiaonian sat on the sofa, Gong Yao moved slowly and wiped the blood on her hand with a towel. The more blood he wiped, the more blood he wiped.

"We finally met."

Lancaster George was sitting at his desk, talking leisurely, with a natural sense of superiority.


When Xiaonian sat there silently and looked coldly at the old man. Although it was only a pile of holograms, his momentum was so strong that he seemed to be in this space.

This feeling is powerful and terrible.

"In fact, I'd like to see you for a long time. After all, it's a person who can steal a man from my daughter." Lancaster George said, then smiled scornfully, "but it's a pity that vulnerable women are as stupid as your foster parents."


When small read silence.

"How about the treatment I gave you Lancaster George looked at her swollen face and said with a smile.

When Xiaonian didn't have the strength to argue with him about anything, she also understood that this call was to see her look embarrassed and happy.

"You said, what can Gong Ou give with you? n. E's bankruptcy is certain. You say, how about I let him disperse the palace by himself? That must have been a good taste. "

Lancaster George said with a smile, holding out his hand and sipping a cup of tea.

"Despicable." When Xiaonian said coldly, there was no panic on his embarrassed face. "You dare not fight with Gong Ou head-on, so you have tried all the way to use this method. Is it disgusting?"

"I dare not face him head on, a young man? You look down on me too much. " George sneered mockingly and looked at her with a cup. "I'm just destroying Gong Ou in the most painful way. Don't you think it's wonderful?"

"I just think you're disgusting. Your daughter kidnapped my son. You kidnapped me. The so-called big family is so mean and complacent. You are just as ridiculous as your daughter. "

Said Xiao Nian coldly.

Smell speech, the expression on George's face began to distort, it was a shame for him to be angry by a young woman, so he tried to control his emotions, his facial features looked very ferocious.

Gong Yao sat there silently and wiped the blood on his hands for Shi Xiaonian.

"When I was young, you were so unbridled." George recovers as usual, presses the teacup in his hand to the desk, and looks at her with blue eyes. "Soon, you will see N.E closed down, Gong Ou bumped like a fly, he will panic, he will collapse, he will be at a loss, he will personally destroy the palace for you and his children."


Xiaonian's face gradually paled with every word of him.

"My daughter is dead. I need someone to enjoy these pictures with me, so I'll share the next news about Gong ou with you." George said, full of the pleasure of revenge.

When I was a little girl, I pressed my lips.

"Enjoy your last time. When Gong Ou dies, you and your children can go to him." George held up the teacup in her direction and offered her a toast.

The hologram suddenly disappeared in the room.

The phone was hung up.

People who had been standing by picked up their tablets and walked up to them. "There was a major gunfight in s city. The whole country was shocked. Now Gong ou and the police are probably crazy."

As he said this, he turned out a picture of flesh and blood. His face was shot so hard that he could not see his facial features.