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Chapter 479 is too late

"Set up a private plane. I'll fly to Italy right away." When Xiaonian even looked pale.

"But I'm afraid Italy is full of admirers. You used to put yourself in danger." Feng de said disapprovingly.

When Xiaonian sat on the ground, his eyes looked at him blankly, "if only Gong Ou was there."


"But I'm not as smart as he is. I only know my mother is in danger now. I'm going to save her." When Xiaonian looked at him, his eyes were all blank. "If something happens to her again, I will never forgive myself."

How long did she recognize her parents? She couldn't imagine anything worse.

"Miss Xi."

"Housekeeper." When Xiaonian looked at him and whispered, "I miss Gong Ou so much. I miss him so much."

If Gong Ou is here, he will have all kinds of ways.

But he was not by her side.

"Why don't I arrange someone to come and rescue Mrs. Xi?" Feng de said that Shi Xiaonian shook his head. "The Baisha islands are full of admirers now. He will be very careful in this period of time. If someone is sent to rescue people, my mother may be transferred before landing on the island."


"I'm the only one. I'll see you later and take my mother out."

When Xiao Nian put his hands on his head, he spoke and breathed unsteadily and hurriedly.

Feng de looked at her and understood that he could not stop a daughter's desperate mood to save her mother. He could only nod his head in compromise. As she said, they were not young masters and could not come up with a better way.

"OK, Miss Xi, I'll send someone to check the private plane and send you there as soon as possible."

"Thank you, housekeeper."

When Xiaonian said to him, she could not get up after sitting on the ground for a long time. She felt that her strength had been exhausted.


On the private plane to Baisha islands, Xiaonian sat in the seat by the window. Her eyes were fixed on the seats in front and on the left.

She also remembered that she had been on this private plane before. At that time, Xu Bingxin came back with them to the Gong Ou birthday party.

Gong Ou's temper was getting worse at that time, but he still controlled the chat with Xu Bingxin and tried to be a polite son-in-law.

In a flash.

She is the only one left on the plane.

It turns out that things are different from people. Xiaonian tries to think about how much she has grasped that is worth cherishing.

She is a person who knows how to cherish. At least, she thinks so.

But why, everything is like the fine sand in her hand flowing between her fingers, leaving her far away without notice.

She looked down from the window and saw countless men in black uniforms standing there. They stood in a neat line.

Baisha islands is the private island of Xi family, so these people should be Xi family.

It turns out that there are so many people in the Xi family.

When Xiaonian's heart sank, he stood up and left.

The wind blows some ground to come over, blows the thin body she back, the black skirt on her body is floating.

The sky of Baisha islands is full of sunshine.

When the small read lifted the MOU to look at the sky, dusk.

She likes the dusk of Baisha islands very much. The soft light falls on a piece of green trees, which is as fascinating as a painting.

But now she has no feeling of appreciation.

As Xiaonian slowly stepped off the plane, she looked down at the men in black uniforms. At the front of her stood the Shidi in a white dress. The white lining on her body made her graceful.


When the flute came forward, it was still that submissive attitude, "when you come, Auntie and qianchu are waiting for you."

"Wait for me?"

When Xiaonian was shocked, he looked at the battle in front of her again. No, even if she wanted to control her mother, she didn't need to send so many people.

"Sister, let me help you with your bag." Said the flute, flattering.

"Go away!" Shixiaonian pushes away her hand, turns around and runs to the car. She sits in the car and says to the driver, "drive, I want to see my mother."

Shi Di quickly gets on the other side of the car and looks at her with eyes. "Sister, have you ever cried?"

Xiao Nian's eyes are red and her skin is dry.

"It's none of your business."

When small read cold tunnel, behind the scenes is mu qianchu, at that time the flute every day with his mother's intention can also be imagined.

The car left the tarmac and drove on the winding road, all the way to the inside of the city wall.

When Xiaonian looked out, there were all people in black uniforms.

It's a dark one.

Her heart sank more and more.

The car didn't stop in front of the main house, but went around the main house and went on until it stopped in front of a Catholic Church.

When Xiaonian pushes the door open, there are six black and gold antique carriages on both sides of the road. People on the road turn their heads to see her. When Xiaonian's eyes turn slightly, they see the pistols they wear at their waist.

"Why are so many people here?"

As soon as Shidi gets off, he hears shixiaonian and asks.

When the flute's eyes flashed, when he looked at it, Xiaonian said weakly, "sister, don't be too sad, you will know when you enter the church."


How can I be sad again.

When Xiaonian grabbed the bag in her hand and ran to the Catholic Church, there was music coming out of it. She rushed into the church with the attention of countless people.

The Catholic Church is the most typical building in Italy, with its high dome, carved columns and giant statues. The light of dusk falls from the high windows, falls on a group of people playing music in the corner, and passes over the front group of priests and nuns chanting scriptures.

Their voices make people feel uneasy and flustered.

When Xiaonian stood in the doorway, the whole person was bathed in the sunlight. There was a tree planted in the doorway of the church. There was a branch full of small white flowers, which fell down heavily on her shoulder, and the petals slowly fell down.

Looking forward, she saw the coffin of the black coffin in the center. Beside the coffin, mu qianchu, a black suit, helped Xu Bingxin with tears on his face.

Xu Bingxin is writing with a document and a pen in his hand.

It's too late for Xiaonian to stop it. She helplessly watches Xu Bingxin sadly hand the document to Mu qianchu.

Mu qianchu handed the document to the doctor next to him. He had a beautiful face and a dignified look. He helped Xu Bingxin to relieve him gently. "Auntie, please sit down by the way."

As soon as mu qianchu turns around, they see Xiao Nian standing at the door.


Mu qianchu looks at shixiaonian, and shixiaonian also looks at him. From his eyes, she can't see a little guilty, only dignified and sad.

He looks really sad.

"Xiaonian." When Xu Bingxin saw Xiaonian, he suddenly came from grief and rushed to hold her. "Xiaonian, your father Your father he... "

When Xiaonian stood there stiffly, his eyes crossed the black coffin, and then looked at the eyebrow scar doctor who had collected the documents.

At that moment, she seemed to be somehow awake.

She was thinking about what Gong would do if he stood here.

Then she asked in a hoarse voice, "what happened to him, father?"

She pretended to know nothing.

When Xu Bingxin hugged Xiaonian with trembling heart, he cried bitterly, "your father has gone, you go to have a look, and then look at him for the last time."

"Impossible, impossible."

When small read low said, a pair of eyes to the front of the standing mu qianchu.

"I can't believe it. Everything was fine when I called you, but now your father is lying there." Xu Bingxin is on the verge of collapse, sobbing, which is especially harsh in the chanting.

Muqianchu looked at her deeply, then went to the coffin, opened the cross and forged cloth on it, and pushed the coffin cover together with the people beside him.

"Xiaonian, please pay a visit to the remains."

Mu qianchu said so, the voice line is gentle like water.

When Xiaonian looked at mu qianchu, her face was as white as paper. She described her emaciation, and her lips could not find any blood color.

She slowly pushed away Xu Bingxin, then walked towards mu qianchu, stood in front of the black coffin and looked down.

Xi Jitao was lying inside. He had a calm face, a fresh face, light wrinkles on the corners of his eyes, and a handsome facial features. He was wearing a brand-new straight suit and could not see any scars.

When Xiaonian's legs were soft and his hands were pressed on the coffin, his body trembled so much that no tears fell down. "He just fell asleep, his father just fell asleep."

Xi Jitao lay so peacefully, but he lost a lot of weight.

It can be seen that he didn't have a good time in secret detention, not at all.

"By the way, Xiaonian."

Mu qianchu's hand laid on her shoulder and gently opened it.

At that time, Xiaonian's body suddenly trembled even more. His fingers, lips and legs were all shaking, as if he had been pushed into the sky for tens of degrees.

"Xiaonian, are you ok?" Muqianchu looks at her anxiously.

When Xiaonian grabs the edge of the coffin with trembling hands, his fingernails are deeply dug in, and he uses all his strength to leave concave crescent marks on the coffin.

Mu qianchu's hand is on her shoulder at the moment, which makes her feel that it is countless insects crawling on her shoulder.

She had never felt so frightened and angry at mu qianchu as she is now.

But she can't show anything.

"I, I'm not good." "I want my father to survive," said Xiao Nian, stuttering and gasping


Mu qianchu stood beside her in silence.

When Xiaonian slowly turned his head to look at mu qianchu with a clear face, his eyes were crimson, and his voice was shaking badly. "Qianchu, I want my father to live, will you let him live? You see, he didn't die, he just fell asleep. "

Mu qianchu stared at her eyes with low eyes. There was no expression on his face. His eyes moved. Then he said, "Xiao Nian, the dead are gone, and you are not too sad. Your aunt is waiting for you to take care of them."

"Why does father die?"

Asked shixiaonian, looking into his eyes.

Mu qianchu tightened his hand on her shoulder and said calmly, "it's a fight in a den. A man named miller wants to swallow the table house and catch uncle pretending to be arrested. I can't easily find out the secret prison where uncle is. I was trying to rescue him, but another group of people went to rescue him. They didn't succeed. Uncle was shot and killed on the spot."