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Chapter 341 twin brothers

The doctor was shocked. "Why?"

He didn't expect that when Xiaonian was trapped for so long, he didn't want to be saved?

"Because no one will come to save me."

When Xiaonian said the fact directly, his lips were hooked, and he was bitter. "No one will come to save me, but no one will hurt me. Palace family arrest me, at least will not let my baby be busy; you save me, how do I know what your purpose is? "

Although she was crazy about escaping, she still had some sense.

There was only one savior in her life, Gong ou. As a result, he abandoned her.

The rest, who will save her, no one.

There is no fairy tale in the world, and she doesn't believe who will save her suddenly and kindly. Maybe it's all for another purpose.

"Miss Shi, you are too careful."

The doctor frowned.

"Mothers are careful."

"But if you are over prepared, it is likely to lead to the separation of mother and son. You will regret it then." Said the doctor solemnly.

"Save me, but even the boss is not willing to tell who, of course, I can not believe you." Xiaonian said indifferently, "besides, I remember you. Since I was taken to the tower, you are here. If you want to save, you will wait until now to tell me?"

Let her be trapped here to numb and despair, suddenly say to save her, but do not tell their own origin.

Such grace, she dare not accept casually, she is afraid that she will only jump from one prison to another.

If so, she would rather only keep her children. It's not so important whether she is free or dead.

"I didn't say it until now, which is what my boss told me."


"I don't know why." The doctor said, thinking and saying, "in fact, miss, you can fully trust me. I'm not unknown. I can't tell you who your boss is, but I can tell you what kind of background is saving you."

As he said this, the doctor put his hand into his pocket to get something.

A light footstep came.

The doctor immediately carefully put the things back, stretched out his hand to turn over the document report in front of him, and said without incident, "how is Miss Shi's appetite today?"

It's quick enough.

No wonder Charles hasn't noticed anything wrong with him in the doctor team for so long.

For this person, shixiaonian couldn't judge whether it was good or bad. After thinking for a few seconds, she decided to hold still for a while to see what he wanted to do.

"It's OK to eat, but the little guy always kicks me." When small read lightly said.

"The child is very active."

The doctor stood up from the ground and smiled softly. There was a thin scar on the corner of his eyebrow, which was left by the sewing needle.

When Xiaonian remembered him.

Two doctors quit after giving her a routine examination.

When Xiaonian stood up and went to bed and lay down, her long black hair was on one side. She looked at the window, which was like a cage with vertical bars.

When small read can't help but wry smile.

How could she live like she is today.

When someone wants to save her, her first reaction is not to be happy, but to question.

Once, her life was very simple, the world of cartoonists was simple, but step by step, she saw how many conspiracies.

Shi Fu, Shi Di, Tang Yi, Mona, Gong ou

Everyone has their own position and ideas. She can't believe anyone any more. She doesn't believe that she will save her for nothing.

Suddenly the baby kicked him in the stomach again.

When Xiaonian reached for his stomach and smiled softly, "are you worried? Don't worry, I won't believe that person easily. My mother can't protect herself and you. "

Words fall, the two babies immediately safety.


Although the doctor has been in contact with her for a long time, there are basically people around. The doctor with a scar on the eyebrow wants to say something to her many times, but he can't find the right opportunity.

For a week, the doctor finally found a chance.

In the afternoon, when the fog cleared, Xiaonian sat on the rocks by the sea and looked at the boundless sea. Charles told the bodyguards something in the tower.

The doctor came over with a bottle of calcium. "Miss Shi, your calcium is gone. I'll give you another bottle."

The wind is a little strong by the sea.

When small read a long hair tied up, tied a ball head, set off a very round face.

She looked up at the doctor, at the scar on the top of his eyebrow, and reached for the calcium bottle.

One more thing came with the bottle.

Is the material of the photo.


When Xiaonian silently looks at him, then holds the bottle in one hand, and holds the small photo in the other hand, only to see that it is a young girl.

13. Four years old.

The girl in the picture has a high ponytail, brown hair is permed into curly hair, and she is wearing a gorgeous skirt with a large skirt.

She stood there like a beautiful flower.

When Xiaonian saw it, the whole person was stunned. The girl in

picture is almost the same as her, but not her.

It's not because she is sure that she hasn't taken such a picture, but the girl's facial features are similar to her, but some are different. The girl's facial features seem to be a little bit more heroic, and her eyes are bright, and she has absolute confidence, which is the opposite of her.

When Xiaonian stared at the picture for a long time, he didn't respond. The whole person was completely stunned and looked at the girl in the picture foolishly.

almost identical facial features.

But this photo can't be made by PS obviously, because the subtle feeling of the face and the eyes can't be made by moving a few keys on the keyboard.

Moreover, she draws pictures. She can see that the light and shadow in the pictures are completely real without any falsehood.

But why does anyone look like her.

If it's not fake, there's only one possibility left.

"Is this my twin sister?" When Xiaonian looked at the eyebrow scar doctor stupidly, she was not too surprised when she asked.

Although it's a question, she has already confirmed it.

Dr ye once told her that it is difficult for people to conceive twins without drugs, artificial insemination, or genetic twin genes.

She thought she was that particular case.

Now, it's not special, it's her twin genes.

"No." Doctor eyebrow scar stood there and said.


When small read stupefied next.

How could it not be that there are two people in the world who look so similar except for twins.

Seeing Xiaonian's reaction, Dr. eyebrow scar knew that she had misunderstood, and quickly whispered, "this is not your twin sister, but your twin brother."


When Xiaonian stood up from the stone in shock and looked at him in disbelief, some of them were laughing and crying.

He is joking.

Why is the man in the picture a man? Although there is some sense of heroism between the eyebrows, the long ponytail and long skirt

"In fact, I haven't been to Xi's house for a long time. It's said that your brother thought he should be a girl since he was a child."


"He likes dolls and painting. Later, when he was in his teens, he would often go out in women's clothes secretly. His face was more feminine, so he had never been seen through." "So, it's not surprising that Miss Shi can't see it in this picture," said Dr. eyebrow scar

This picture shows a young girl who is living in the flower season.

"Xi family?"

When small read stunned.

"Yes, sir." Dr. eyebrow scar lowered his head. "I think, needless to say, Miss Shi also guessed that the Xi family is the family you should have stayed in, and the Xi family is your real surname."

The Xi family is the family you should have stayed in. Xi is your real surname.


When Xiaonian stood stupidly, suddenly he sat on the stone, almost falling down, his legs soft.

She didn't expect that she would suddenly face her life experience.

It turns out that she has a brother in the world, and she doesn't know anything.

It's all so sudden.

"Miss Shi, now you know why I came to save you?" Said the eyebrow scar doctor.

"Are you a member of the Xi family?"

"Yes, my boss is also a member of the Xi family." Said the doctor.

"Is your boss my relative?" Shixiaonian was shocked. "Did my parents want you to help me? Or my brother? Why didn't you say who the boss was at first? "

Since it's a member of the Xi family, there's nothing to hide.

Smell speech, eyebrow scar doctor pulled a white mask, smiled, "your father hopes to be able to bring back to the seat home to confess."

When she heard this, Xiaonian regarded her rescuer as his father.

"But twenty years ago, why did they abandon me?"

He thought about it and asked.

She never understood the problem.

"This..." What did the eyebrow scar doctor just want to say? Suddenly, the conversation turned. "Calcium is still taken according to the dosage we said before. Don't know what else Miss Shi has to ask?"

The change of subject is very blunt.

When Xiaonian guessed that someone was coming, he quickly hid the small photo in the long sleeve with elastic mouth, and said softly, "is my baby healthy?"

"It's very healthy. Miss Shi is at ease."

"Then go down first."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Yes, I do." Dr. eyebrow scar turned to leave, bowed his head towards Charles who came, and then walked to the tower.

When Charles came to Xiaonian, he looked at her gently. "Miss Shi, you have been sitting here for a long time. Do you want to go?"


He nodded and stood up from the stone.

Charles gave her a gentlemanly hand.

He accompanied her to the path behind the tower, when Xiaonian stepped on the smooth rock pavement, with a large number of bodyguards besides Charles.

"Miss Shi, you need to be very careful as you get closer to your due date."

Said Charles.


When small read lightly should go up, the brain is all just that picture.

She has a twin brother. Her parents abandoned her for many years. Why did they suddenly want to save her.

Besides, how could her parents' family mix people into the doctor team of the palace unless Just stare at her all the time to get in.

But I've been staring at her. Why didn't I come early to meet her?