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Chapter 319 grab her by the neck

"But I see that you have brought Mona in and out on the news. Isn't it obvious that you are paving the way for Mona?" Luo Qi says, she thinks son and Mona talk about almost.



He hasn't seen much news lately.

Gong Ou's black eyes are fierce.

"I didn't expect Mona would come to China to be with you. It's a kind of fate, isn't it? When Xiaonian was destined to be your destiny, isn't it?" Luo Qi said, with a smile in his voice, "your father is also very happy and appreciates that you are finally back on the right path."

His admiration is rare.

"I'm dead!"

Gong Ou coldly hangs up the phone, downloads app news software on his mobile phone, and marks out the news. As expected, there are several news on it, all of which are photos of him and Mona in the same frame.

Didn't Xiaonian see that?

Sneak shot!

Gong Ou clenched his teeth, and his eyes flashed with fierce cruelty.

As night fell, the fountain in front of the imperial Castle continued to work, and a draught convertible braked sharply in front of the castle.

Gong Ou rushes down from the car and strides to the inside, shouting in a cold voice, "where is Mona?"

"Miss Mona is in the instrument room."

The maid nearby replied timidly, looking at Gong ou Tieqing's face with some fear.

Is young master angry again?

Gong Ou goes inside, strides to the instrument room, and directly raises his leg and kicks the door open.

In the musical instrument room, all kinds of musical instruments are arranged in order, the windows are wide open, and the white curtains are blown by the wind. In the center, Mona sits on the chair in an elegant dress and long skirt, holding the cello in her hand and playing selflessly.

She was stunned by the sudden kick at the door.

Mona opened her eyes and raised her face to look at it. She held the string hand for a meal. Her eyes were surprised. "You are back at last. Where have you been?"

"Did you let the news go?"

Gong Ou strode to her and asked in a harsh voice.

Hearing this, Mona's eyelashes attached to the false eyelashes trembled. Then she stood up from the chair and pressed the cello with one hand. The expression on her face was harmless. "What's the news? I don't know. "

"Don't do this with me!" Gong Ou stares at her coldly. "Which media in China dare not know that they will release Gong Ou's news? You look down on me too! "

Mona stood there, stunned to hear this, and confessed, "yes, I let them let it go."

She paves the way for herself in the public opinion, so that everyone can forget the task sometimes.

Gong Ou's face was livid. He grabbed her cello and smashed it on the ground.


The sound was loud.

Mona was shocked to see the damaged cello, which is a handmade masterpiece with perfect intonation. He actually smashed it.

"Gong ou..."

"Who allows you to call me Gong Ou?" Gong Ou yells at her, eyes staring at her sullenly, reaches out and pushes her to the wall, raises his hand and grabs her throat, grits his teeth and yells, "what do you think you are? Do you think I dare not move you by the Lancaster family? Can you offend me

It's too small for him.

Mona put her back on the wall and looked at him unbelievably. The strings in her hand fell down. People were pinched by him and turned red quickly. She couldn't speak. She reached out and held his arm with difficulty. Her eyes looked at him imploringly.

Gong Ou's eyes were so fierce that they seemed to kill her.

A cool wind blew in from the window, and Gong Ou's reason turned around for a moment, slightly loosening.

Mona then regained her breath and looked at him in fear. Her voice choked. "I just want to help you. I want to help you completely clear the relationship with shixiaonian. When the news goes out, the whole world thinks you two are OK, right?"

"Help me?"

Gong Ou sneers and says sarcastically, "you look up so many materials and do so many things, don't you just want to sit in the position of Gong Shao grandma? Don't be so great. "

His hand was still around her neck.

"Yes, I want to be your wife because I love you." Mona looked at him deeply and her eyes were wet. "I fell in love with you five years ago. For you, I will study paranoid personality disorder. I will pay no more in silence than when I was young?"

"I don't want to look at you even if you hold the golden mountain and silver mountain of Lancaster in front of me!" Gong Ou stares at her. "You want to stick to a man when you are so ugly!"


"I'm ugly?" Mona was choked on the wall and couldn't move. Her tears couldn't help but flow down. "Gong ou, you're just suffering from paranoia and can't see clearly now. When you get well, I don't believe that when you still read, I'll be happy!"

"I will not rule!"

Gong Ou bites her teeth and stares at her.


Mona looked into his eyes and her heart ached.

This is the first man who made her spend so many years to study and love, and also the first man who made her feel so sad.

"I warn you, don't do anything else, or I'll kill you and make a feud with your family. It's no big deal to me!" Gong Ou warns her fiercely, and then takes back her hand. She doesn't want to see her tears blurred eyes. She turns around and walks away.

"Well, how many days do you think you can control yourself without treatment?"

Mona's voice rang behind him with a choking voice. "You can't control how long you've been apart. It's useless for me to remind you If it goes on like this, do you think it makes any sense to break up what you are trying to do? "


Gong Ou stops and his back is stiff.

"If someone catches you with shixiaonian, don't you think it's strange at the palace?" Mona continued, "even if no one has photographed you, the palace family will always urge you to marry. If you don't marry, sooner or later they will doubt whether you and shixiaonian are not clear. At that time, everything will surface, and shixiaonian will die!"


Gong Ou clenched his teeth, clenched his fist on his side, and said in a cold voice, "do you think you can hold one handle and threaten me for life?"

Come to the surface, at present, as long as Mona doesn't talk much, things won't come to the surface so early!

"If I just want the position of Gong Shao's grandmother, I just need to put those materials in front of the master Gong, and the master Gong will take care of everything for me." Mona choked, "but I didn't. I'm the first one to tell you the information. Why? Because I am greedy, I want not only the position of Gong Shao's grandmother, but also your heart. "

She loved him silently for five years, and she wanted to repay him.


Gong Ou doesn't think about it. He doesn't turn back.

"Why do you think about it? I don't understand. What's good about her? Since childhood, you have no father or mother. You have been insulted by many people. Don't you Oriental people like to pay attention to women's reputation? " Asked Mona.

"Have you said enough?"

Gong Ou's tone was sullen.

"No." Mona stood behind him and couldn't help saying, "even if these are not what she wanted, then she said that her character is better than me. She's not greedy and vain. She also admitted that she was afraid that you wouldn't want her, so she said that she didn't get the wheel and said that the child is yours!"

The child is not his.

These two words are enough to stimulate the self-esteem of any man, especially Gong ou.

Gong Ou turns around abruptly and stares at her with eyes almost scarlet. Her face is full of violence. Mona stands by the wall, and her legs are soft.

Remembering the pain of being strangled on her neck, Mona immediately squatted down by the wall and looked at him in fear.

"Why, do you know how to be afraid?" Gong ouyin stares at her angrily, "say! Didn't you just say that? "


Mona pressed her lips, afraid to say anything more, resentful.

"She doesn't need to be so good. Gong Ou is willing to do everything to protect her!"


"When you say it in front of me again, I'll make sure your body doesn't go back completely!" Gong Ou shouts loudly, then strides out.


Mona squatted on the ground, with no ordinary lady's demeanor on her body. People were in the same state of panic.

Gong Ou strides out and swings his fist hard on the wall. Blood oozes from his hands, leaving only a haze in his eyes.

He had to solve that old thing early and seal it up as soon as possible. Mona could not keep threatening him.

Gong Ou walked for a long time, and Mona slowly stood up from the ground, walked to the mirror, and raised her head, with fear in her eyes.

I saw red marks on her neck.


Almost she was killed by Gong ou.

She had envied Gong Ou's extreme love for the time, and thought it would be better to transfer it to herself.

Now it seems that this is just a luxury.

Gong ou, a paranoid personality disorder, can't win at all.

He must be treated.

Otherwise, Gong Ou's brain will always be a person with only a small mind, and he will always be violent to her.

Besides, the thing she threatened him If Gong Ou finds a way to solve it, she will not even have a card in her hand.

Mona looks at her beautiful figure in the mirror. She and shixiaonian, she is the beautiful one.

Gong Ou constantly challenges her pride and confidence. She won't easily admit defeat.

"Gong ou, you must be my prisoner in this battle!"

Mona looked in the mirror and said.

Ten minutes later, Mona was driving a red sports car on the road, and the red mark on her neck was fading.

How to treat it?

Gong Ou doesn't want to. She can't force her to treat him.

He doesn't eat or listen to her now.

Then we can only let those who can suppress Gong Ou stand up and force him to receive treatment

Perhaps, she can persuade the palace family, which is a good idea, so thinking, Mona took out her mobile phone to dial a number.

The phone was soon put through and she was asked in a string of English.

Mona sat on the sports car, holding her mobile phone and said, "Hello, I'm Mona from Lancaster. I want to talk with Mrs. Gong."