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Chapter 612 wedding day


When small read nods, follow Gong ou to leave.

The end is a good beginning.


Mona's video was exposed, and the Lancaster family tried to suppress it, but Fengde cleared up the relationship earlier, which caused a great storm in the world.

The following day after the incident, Mona's husband returned to the United States and refused to talk about his wife. Some members of the Lancaster family still have some positions in politics. This time, they were directly affected. Their reputation and status plummeted, and even those terrible and bloody stabbing activities, as well as those incest histories, suffered from To investigate all parties can be said to be a heavy blow.

The news was swept over by this supposed low-key aristocrat.

At the same time, Shi Xiaonian is looking forward to the arrival of the wedding. She will try her best to squeeze out all the time to recite Gong Ou's etiquette practice, hoping that the wedding can be smoothly held.

On the day of the wedding, the weather was fine and the fog was not heavy. The sun swept over the lake and floated into the palace castle, shining on each blooming flower.

The servants were busy in the morning. At

, Xiao Nian woke up early to wash up, put on mask nursing, and read a book about how to talk in the room.

Gong Ou was still asleep in the bed. His hands went to the next location and he felt a vacant place. He opened his eyes, and looked at him in a slightly confused way. He saw a mask face.

"Getting up so early?"

Gong Ou sits up from the bed.

"Good morning."

When Xiaonian put the book in the drawer beside him, he went to the bedside and sat down. His black and white eyes looked at Gong ou with a smile in them.

"Is such a small wedding worth your pleasure?"

Gong Ou had no expectation for the wedding. Compared with the engagement ceremony, it was a small-scale one, only the clan members knew it.

"In fact, I don't care what kind of wedding, as long as I can marry you."

Xiaonian said with a smile.

Gong Ou sat up from the bed, pinched her chin with his long fingers, stared at her with black eyes, and said in a low voice, "well, you don't like too much bondage anyway, we'll go back home after a little work."

She doesn't like being in England either.


When small read nodded, did not say with him although the wedding scale is not as grand as when engagement, but she learned more rules than when engagement.

she stood up and went to the bathroom, tearing down the mask while walking, and her eyes were moving along with her. Her eyebrows were frowning. "Are you skinny again?"

She's skinny for the wedding recently.

"No, you're wrong. I'm here to eat and drink. How can I be thin?" Xiaonian said with a smile. She went into the bathroom to wash her face and put on skin care products.

When he came out of the bathroom, Xiaonian put on a wide sweater, knelt down directly on the bed, looked at him and said, "Gong ou, you can sleep again, I'll do my hair."

"In a hurry."

Gong took her hand and didn't want her to leave him.

"Although the wedding party starts in the afternoon, it will take hours to get hair and make-up. I'll go first. " Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Don't go!" Gong Ou pulls her into his arms and holds her. He lowers his head and takes a bite on her lips. "Stay with me."

"What about the hair?"

"Just do it." Gong Ou kisses and bites her face, and Xiaonian rushes up and down in his arms.

"That's not good. It's rude."

"I think it's fine!" Gong Ou opens his mouth domineering. When he hears the words, he reads and laughs. His voice is soft. "I look good to you."

Even if she picked her nostrils and unkempt face, he thought his woman was so cute.

"Yes, so you don't have to take care of it! Do something more meaningful! "

Said, Gong ou will when small read directly down in bed kissing up, enthusiasm out of control.

When small read in his arms to beg for mercy, and ultimately also submit to his hot kiss.

In the morning of the wedding, the two could not be sweeter.

After a long relationship, Charles and Feng de knocked on the door frequently outside. When Xiao Nian wanted to escape, he was caught by Gong ou.

Finally, after Gong Ou's vent, Shi Xiaonian hurriedly washes his face again and leaves in a hurry.

As soon as she left, Gong Ou didn't have the heart to continue to mend his sleep. He got out of bed and got up to take a shower and get dressed.

"Young master."

Feng de comes in to serve Gong ou.

Two rows of maids in clean clothes stood outside the door waiting.

Gong Ou is standing at the door. Feng de unfolds a dress suit to put on for Gong ou. She straightens her sleeves. A maid kneels on the ground and holds a soft towel to polish Gong Ou's shoes.

Gong Ou lets them serve him. She looks at the opposite door with deep black eyes and no expression on her face.

There was a rush of footsteps.

It was a maid running over with a scorched face.

"Walk lightly."

Feng de stood out and said, frowning.

"Yes, housekeeper." The maid quickly stopped and looked down. "Is Miss Xi there, please?"

"From today on, it's time to call it little madam."

Check the cleanliness of your fingernails, Feng said.

"Yes." The maid nodded, "little lady asked me to take Miss Xiao Kui and master holy to change their dresses, but I didn't find them."

"Do you want to go out and play, and then find out."

Feng de said.

"I see, housekeeper."

The maid retreated again.

Gong Ou stood there, looking at the maid who left with black eyes and a deep voice. "How is the security work today?"

"The master and his wife are in charge of the wedding at the palace."

Feng de said that as the housekeeper of Gong ou, he was not involved in the wedding arrangements.

"Check it out." Gongou cold tunnel.

Feng de stood there and picked out the bow tie. Hearing this, he said gently, "young master, no one dares to do anything in the palace."

Who will eat the bear heart leopard gall to invade the palace? It's not looking for death.

Gong Ou gave a cold look. "Of course, some people dare to be outlaws."


Feng De's action of choosing bow tie was stiff. He raised his head and looked at Gong ou? Then I'll hurry down and check all aspects of security measures. "

Since Mona's video was released, Mona hasn't heard anything. She's a real outlaw now. If you can't tell, you can do something.


The sun is warm and cars are driving on the road.

Alisha, the maid, sat in the copilot's seat and looked at the two children at the back. She was so worried that she was about to spit blood. "Miss Xiao Kui, we have been out for several times. If we go on like this, we will be found at home. Shall we go back?"

"No." Gong Kui sat in the back, and Gu Ling shook his head curiously. "I'm not satisfied with the gifts I've selected several times before. I want to pick them again."

"Miss Xiaokui, I'll be beaten when my wife finds out."

Alisa's heart is full of tears.

Several of their servants were all handled by Gong Yao's young master when he found a job, so they were sneaked out several times by two children under threat.

Today is the second young master's wedding day. My family will surely find out that they are going to die.

"Don't worry. I'll help you. Holy will help you. Mom will help you, too." Gong Kui blinked mischievously at her, "I must choose the best gift for mom to make her happy."


Gong Yao sits by and looks at the backward scenery outside. The beautiful little face is cool and has no expression.

Alisa wants to cry.

"Don't worry, they won't find out when we get up so early." Gong Kui comforts her maid.

As soon as she got to the street, Gong Kui couldn't get excited. She didn't like to stay in the old castle all the time. She didn't have any freedom. She walked into a shop and bought two lollipops before she started to pick up gifts.

"Here you are, holy."

Gong Kui hands one to Gong Yao, who shakes his head, looks at a jewelry store not far away, and raises his legs to walk there.

Gong Kui immediately followed.

Alisha and a few servants hurriedly followed, both paying double attention.

When the two children entered the jewelry store, their beautiful and handsome appearance immediately attracted the attention of the shop assistants. They all swarmed around, and the palace anemone talked to them sweetly.

Gong Yao stood there, his small face looking at the jewelry without expression, and suddenly his eyes fell on a brooch.

It's a pair of brooches, designed for lovers. The shape is designed into the shape of candy, which is inlaid with diamonds and glitters.


Shixiaonian collected his sweets.

"Little anemone."

Gong Yao is called the name of Gong Kui. Gong Kui sits on a high chair and is pushed forward by Alisha. Gong Yao doesn't need to say more. Gong Kui can see the sweethearts' brooches at a glance.

"How beautiful! I like it! I want to buy this for mom! "

Gong Kui jumped down from the chair excitedly. She didn't see her favorite gift for several days. This is the most beautiful one.

"Well, buy this."

Gong Yao nodded and turned her eyes to look at Alisha.

Alisha looked embarrassed, bent down and whispered to them, "Miss Xiao Kui doesn't have enough money to buy a brooch."

"Is the sum of your money enough?" Gong Yao looks at Alisha with a pair of dark eyes.

Is this the idea of their servants, Alisa's fool?

As if knowing what she was thinking, Gong Yao reached out and took off the watch on her wrist, holding the watch in her small hand and handed it to her, "change the brooch."

"Master holy."

Several servants looked at Gong Yao in surprise.

"Yes, change the brooch." Gong Kui also learned to take off the pink watch on her wrist and handed it to Alisha.

"If you have enough money, I'll give you the watch. If not, we'll sell it and buy it." Gong Yao said solemnly that the little face was so serious that he didn't mean to joke at all.

The voice came out of the small body, which really shocked several servants. Several people took money one after another and bought the brooch with the help of the card.

You know, two children's watches are worth more than brooches.

Gong Kui left the jewelry store contentedly holding the packed gift. His face was full of satisfaction. "Holy, dad and mom will like it very much, won't they?"