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Chapter 735 will you still register

Luo Qi happily hugs her third granddaughter. She doesn't notice the difference between Gong ou and Shi Xiaonian. She keeps holding on to him.

"Mother, I'm a little tired. I want to go back to my room and have a rest."

When small read light tunnel, farewell to Luo Qi, go upstairs.

Back in the long lost room, there was a light fragrance floating in it, and it was cleaned spotlessly. When Xiaonian walked in, he took off his coat and hung it aside, sitting alone beside the bed.

The sun came in through the window and fell on her. The quilt was warm.

It's quiet. It's so quiet that she suffocates.

When Xiaonian sat there, Gong Ou's refusal came to mind all the time. He didn't want children, just to let no one disturb their two worlds.

He looked at her so hard, didn't he think she should be moved to cry?

This time, she thought, she and Gong oubie got involved again. Ah, the honeymoon is like this. After their injury, their adoptive father won't want to spend any more honeymoon.

I was just about to lie down on the bed when a special sound of footsteps came.

When she turned around, she saw Mr palace coming in from the outside, with scars all over her body. She held a cup in her hand, and the heat in the cup slowly came out.

"Master." When Mr palace hands the cup to Xiao Nian, it is a cup of milk tea, which is most suitable for her to drink now.

"Thank you." When Xiaonian took over the cup, the temperature on the cup warmed her palm, looked at the scars on Mr Palace's silver body, and she couldn't help frowning, "there are so many things, I forgot to tell Gong ou to send you back for repair."

"It's OK without damaging the kernel. I can still protect the owner."

R palace stood there and said, in a tone that was a bit of Gong Ou's madness, but his attitude was much better than Gong Ou's.

When Xiaonian patted the bed beside him and said, "sit down and chat with me."

Gong r sat down respectfully and moved his head slowly. As his eyes scanned, Xiaonian lowered his head and said, "master, you are very sad because you quarreled with Mr. Gong?"

Robots are really smart.

"How do you know?"

"I feel your emotion getting excited, go to you and hear your quarrel." Mr Gong said that its duty is to stay by Xiaonian's side.

When Xiaonian looks at him and finds the object to spit, she holds the cup in her hands and says, "Mr palace, I really think I'm a person who can think for others. But this time, I really don't understand why Gong Ou is so emotional. Isn't it good to have another baby? We can have more happiness. "

Why does Gong ou think this will damage their happiness.

There was no speech in R palace. When she was a quiet listener, Xiaonian understood that she could only listen and could not give her good ideas.

"I'm so tired, Mr palace." When Xiaonian smiled bitterly, "Gong Ou has such ability. Every time when you are happy, he beats you into hell and suddenly appears when you are desperate."

People can't give up, can't leave, can't leave.

"Then will you kill the child?"

Asked the R palace.

"I don't want to fight." Shi Xiaonian said, looking up at Mr palace, "this is me and his child. Here comes this child. It's our best gift. Why should we kill it?"

"But Mr. Gong wants you to kill it."

Said the R palace.

"So we have to fight." When Xiaonian laughed at himself, "I really don't want to quarrel with him. I touched his scales, and he will go away. It's not good for his health."

She always didn't want Gong ou to get angry. He was easily angry and irascible. She just wanted to live a peaceful life, keep him, and keep the children growing old together.

"Will you still register?"

R palace suddenly asked again.


Hearing this, Xiao Nian was stunned for a second. Yes, they said that they would register when they found Mr palace. As a result, they didn't quarrel with each other and broke up unhappily.

Generally, she follows wherever she goes.

But this time, Gong Ou didn't come to her after she had been in the room for so long. It can be seen how determined his mind is, just like the beginning of the first pregnancy, to ask her to kill the child.

"Master, no matter what happens, I will be with you."

This is a very frequent sentence set in its system, which makes people feel warm when it rings from his bruised body.

When Xiaonian leans on Mr palace, it has a slight warmth. Now she really needs a shoulder to lean on.

And Gong Ou quarrel, of course, she is flustered, she is afraid of so many years ago a scene again, afraid of fear.

She doesn't want to go back to that with Gong ou.

"Thank you, Mr. Gong. It's good to have you by my side."

"I'll be there all the time."

"I'm always more at ease with you." After pouring out the bitter water, Xiao Nian's mood calmed down a little bit. He took up the cup with both hands and prepared to drink milk tea.

All of a sudden, something crossed her mind.

Xiaonian's face turned white.

The R palace sat beside her. The silver body was marked by traces. Its head moved slightly and said, "then you..."

Before he finished speaking, Xiaonian's excited voice sounded, "Mr palace, who asked you to deliver this milk tea?"

Her voice suddenly turned hoarse.

"It's Mr. Gong."

The R palace tells the truth.

It's Gong ou. Gong Ou asked her to send it. All of a sudden, the memory of Shi Xiaonian goes back to many years ago. When she was pregnant for the first time, Gong Ou made every effort to kill her child.


Again, the same skill will be applied.

How can he be so satisfied? How many times does he have to give her medicine? Anger filled her whole body. She put the cup back on the bedside table, stood up and left.


Maybe she and Gong Ou really lack a big quarrel. This matter can only be solved by one person. He is paranoid, but she is also stubborn and unwilling to give up.

When Xiaonian strode out, I thought Gong Ou would secretly stand outside and wait for her to drink milk tea. As a result, there were only maids outside.

"Have you seen Gong Ou?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"I just saw that the second young master seems to have gone to the farm." The maid replied.

When Xiaonian immediately went out, the maids hurriedly followed. She said, "you don't need to follow me, I'll walk at home."


The maids answered.

When Xiaonian strode out, he walked out of the gate of the palace and towards the farm. There were flowers in full bloom, plants and trees in full bloom, which were so beautiful that he was dazzled like a sea of flowers.

When Xiaonian walked by, he didn't see Gong ou. He saw a young farmer in a hat working hard, sweat streaming down his face.

She was about to ask if she had seen Gong Ou when she walked towards the house. "The second young master, this year's harvest should be very good."

Gong Ou?

Is he really here?

When Xiaonian walked towards the house, he heard another woman's coquettish voice saying, "look at you, the sweat at one end, let the second young master see what it looks like. Wipe it quickly."

Smell speech, when small read toward the window of the house, stand at the window to look inside, trampled on a green grass at the foot.

This small house is just a wooden house. It's a place built by the palace to let farmers rest at ordinary times. It's very simple. In the wooden house, Xiaonian sees a couple of men and women.

A young woman with a towel is wiping the sweat on her face for the farmer. The farmer takes off her hat and rubs it on her hand. The woman laughs and blames her.

The woman's stomach is bulging. It looks like she is pregnant.

When Xiaonian turned his eyes, he saw Gong Ou sitting on a chair beside him, wearing a gray windbreaker, with one leg cocked, and one hand casually resting on his knee. The watch on his wrist was worth a lot of money. A pair of black eyes looked at the farmer and his wife coldly, and his thin lips were tight.

His whole body is full of a high breath, which is different from such a simple wooden house.

When Xiaonian didn't understand how Gong Ou came here to see if the farm crops were good? When does he usually take care of the things here? And after quarreling with her, will he recover too quickly.

Inside, the farmer deliberately rubbed his face against his wife's hand. The woman interrupted him with a smile, turned her eyes to Gong ou, and said respectfully and formally, "second young master, he is just like a child, who has never been polite in front of you for any occasion. I'm sorry."


Gong Ou sat there, without saying a word, looking coldly at the two of them.

The farmer was also frightened by the look in his eyes. He felt that he had made some mistakes. Where was he standing nervously? His wife stood beside him and said, "it's simple here. There's nothing for the second young master. Why don't I pour you a glass of water?"


Gong Ou looked at them coldly, but he didn't have a word.

The farmer and his wife suddenly became more nervous. Their hands were tightly held together. They thought that Gong Ou was coming to inspect their work. Unexpectedly, Gong Ou would not leave here.

Gong Ou's face is still cold. Is this to investigate them?

"Second young master, did we do something wrong?"

The farmer asked carefully, bending his back lower.

When Xiaonian stood outside the window and looked at Gong Ou's side face, his vision was not here, he did not see her peeping.

Gong Ou sits in a chair, and looks around the interior of the wooden house with black eyes. Suddenly, his eyes fall on the farmer's wife's bulging stomach, her thin lips are slightly open, and her voice is cold. "If I remember correctly, your husband and wife are doing things with the money of the palace, but now you are the only one doing things, not your wife."

Hearing this, the farmer and his wife panicked, and the farmer said, "I'm sorry, second young master, I'm making my own decision. If I report my wife's pregnancy, she will take less money. But I swear, although we didn't report it, I did both jobs. Really, I didn't leave it behind. "