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Chapter 569 the old man of virtue

She smiled. "Still busy? It's late. Go to bed early. "

"Just take care of the two children." Gong Ou stood there and said, in a mature tone, but with a gloomy taste.

As he said this, Gong Ou shut the door heavily and went back to work at his desk.

When Xiaonian looked at the closed door, she was helpless. She handed the tray to Gong Kui's hand. "Take it and eat with holly. Don't rob brother's food, do you know? One for one. "

After getting along with the twins for a long time, Xiao Nian found that Gong Yao was extremely fond of his sister, even though he was cold in appearance. Sometimes, Gong Kui said he didn't like eating, so he gave it to his sister.

"I see. Can I have two?"

Gong Kui stares at the three cakes in the tray and asks, "Holy One, she two, lolly.".

Shi Xiaonian took out the small dish of Matcha cake from the tray and said, "this one is from dad."

"But I want two."

"One piece is enough, or I won't do it for you next time."

"All right."

Gong Kui left with a tray in disappointment.

When Xiaonian carefully took the small plate, walked to the study, reached out and knocked on the door, "Gong ou, are you busy? May I come in? "

"Come in."

Gong Ou's cold voice rings.

When Xiaonian opened the door and went in, Gong Ou was busy at her desk. She went over and put the Matcha cake beside his desk. Without disturbing him, she turned and left.

The door was closed with almost no sound.

Gong Ou looks up at the closed door and the cake on the table. His black eyes are cold. They are not only for two children to eat?

Cake, he still eats this kind of food at what age.

Gong Ou takes back his eyes and continues to work. His fingers move around on the keyboard, but his speed slows down a little bit. His long fingers move to the side a little bit.

Gong Oula passed the small plate, put the fork aside, and directly put the Matcha cake on his lips and took a bite.

The smell of Matcha is completely soluble in the cake, not greasy, not too sweet, but it is a very special taste that attracts people.

Well done.

It's not suitable to eat too much at night. You should be moderate.

A minute later, there was only a small empty plate left on the desk. Gong Ou took a paper towel and wiped his lips gracefully. The discomfort on his chest disappeared in an instant.

It's just a cake. It doesn't mean anything.


When Xiaonian was together with Gong Kui and Gong Yao, watching them eat the cake they made, he smiled contentedly, "is it delicious?"

"Delicious." Gong Kui nodded fiercely, and soon finished all the small cakes, and stared at the cake in Gong Yao's hand.

When Xiaonian sat on the carpet in front of the bed, he hurriedly turned to the palace, "OK, you go to brush your teeth and get ready to go to bed."

"All right, all right."

Gong Kui spits out his tongue at her and turns to the bathroom.

When Xiaonian stood up to accompany Gong Kui, Gong Yao sat beside her and suddenly looked at her. His eyes were dark and his face was expressionless. "You don't fight with him for custody?"

"No more."

When small read relieved to smile.

She has thought it through thoroughly and won't worry about herself any more. She will take good care of Gong ou and the family.

Gong Yao put the cake aside, stood up from the carpet, wearing a pair of gray socks on his feet, and when he looked at it, he said, "don't worry, I will take care of you when I grow up."

When Xiaonian was stunned, he immediately remembered that Gong Yao had advised her to marry into the palace anyway and take care of her when he grew up.

He thought it was she who listened to him.

When Xiaonian sat back and stared at his cold face, "I didn't come back here because of your words, but because I have figured out something. I love Gong ou and you too, and I don't want to be separated from you."


Gong Yao looks at her, and there is a trace of doubt on his small face.

When Xiaonian reached out and patted his little shoulder, he wanted to stand up, think about sitting back, and looked at him and said, "holy, there is a question I always want to ask you."

"What's the problem?"

Gong Yao asked as he stood there.

"At that time, I was going to fight the custody case and asked if you wanted to live with me. You didn't answer my question positively." Shixiaonian looked at him and said, "did you have a positive answer at that time?"


Gong Yao looks at her in silence, her lips are soft, and there is no sound.

Seeing this, Xiaonian smiled awkwardly. "It's OK. I just want to ask you. Anyway, you don't need to choose now."


Gong Yao nodded and didn't tell her what she would choose.

When Xiaonian thought that he really asked more about it, what Gong Yao chose was quite natural. He was a little noble who was very comfortable with the rules of the palace.

But she wanted to know her position in Gong Yao's mind.

When Xiaonian stood up, walked to the bathroom, and then cried out with a headache, "Xiaokui, do you brush your teeth or take a bath?"

"Hey, hey, hey."

Gong Kui was all wet and smiled at her with a toothbrush.

When Xiaonian tossed and turned again, he told the twins a story and told them to sleep.

This children's room is very large, which should be specially arranged by Fengde. It's beautifully arranged and clean, which makes people feel like they are in a fairy tale.

On two beds side by side, the twins, one by one, are asleep.

When the child fell asleep, Xiaonian was not sleepy at all. Four years later, it was her first night in the imperial castle.

When Xiaonian tucks in the covers for the two children, turns off the headlights, pulls the door and goes out. When she goes out, she looks at everything in front of her eyes and walks slowly in the huge castle.

She walked by the wall, her fingers across it.

Back here.

One, two, three.

When Xiaonian looked up, he saw a painting hanging on the wall. It had been there several years ago and is still in the same position.

When Xiaonian stood in front of the painting, quietly enjoying the painting.

Painting is always the best. It stops all the time and memory and leaves the best moment in the most beautiful way.


A kind and gentle voice came.

When Xiaonian turned around, she saw Fengde standing not far away, holding a bottle of red wine in her hand, and she couldn't help smiling.

The fountain pool in front of the castle is flashing with lights, and there is a soft music sound. The transparent water splashes gorgeous radians with the music, which is very beautiful.

When Xiaonian and Fengde sat in front of the fountain pool with their backs to the castle.

"Congratulations, the Xi family's property has come back, and the young master has been restored. This is what I want to see most." Feng de said, holding the glass in his hand and gently touching it with her.

"Thank you, father." When Xiaonian looked at him, "adoptive father, I must worry you a lot these years?"

Shixiaonian apologized to Fengde for more or less. In order to find Gong Ou in the past four years, she never cared about her body. Once she was tired, she could only rely on Fengde to take care of her.

Wen Yan, Feng de chuckles, and the wrinkles in his eyes are deeper. He looks at the night ahead and says, "I'm alone, childless and unaccompanied. I don't know why. I feel very close to you since I met you. I think this is the fate between us. Last day, I can get a good daughter."

"I'm not that good." When Xiaonian sipped the red wine in his glass, he looked at Fengde and said, "look, I've made a mess of my own marriage."

She is really not a capable person, let alone a good word.

"Isn't the dust settled soon?" Feng de said with a smile, "I'm starting to prepare for your marriage, and I have to tell the British side."

Listening to Feng De's words, Xiao Nian's face showed a faint blush, and his eyes looked at him brightly. "Adoptive father, am I really going to get married this time?"

For several years, the child was so old that she and Gong Ou came together.

"Of course, you will be happy all your life."

Feng de said with a smile, picking up the bottle and pouring a little red wine into her glass.

Smell speech, when small read smile more happy, eyes like embedded stars, she looked to Feng De, "father, you know, I seem to know more and more what kind of person Gong Ou is now."

"Is it?" Feng de followed her and looked at her with more gentle eyes. "OK, go back to sleep."

"Then you can go to sleep as soon as possible." Shi Xiaonian said, cheers with him, drinks the red wine in the cup.

Feng de sat there and said, "no, the young master works late every night. I have to prepare the night for him."

Work late.

"That workaholic is really." When small read helplessly said, toward Feng de way, "adoptive father you go to sleep, I go to do some night for Gong ou."

"Well then."

Feng de smiles and nods.

When Xiaonian turns around and leaves, Fengde is still sitting in front of the fountain, holding a glass of red wine on his hand and shaking it gently. Looking at the curve of the red wine, he has a deep meaning in his eyes.

Alas, even the old bone has to drink this together.

Who let him overhear that they are all together, one is still in the study and one is sleeping in the children's room? Now the young master is indifferent and self-supporting. Xiaonian is persistent, but he is too shy about some things. He is the only one who moves.

However, the material is too light, and he doesn't know whether it's useful or not. He also can't bear to give Xiaonian multiple weights. In this way, he can't hurt his body.


When small read busy in the kitchen, in familiar places, familiar environment to their men do night, this feeling is very good.

She made two soups, two dishes and went carefully to her study with a tray.

When standing at the door, Xiao Nianteng can't make a move. When he raises his foot, he will knock on the door. The door is pulled away from the inside. Gong Ou stands at the door. Jun Pang is a little fidgety, and her eyes fall on her raised legs.

"You're going to hit my door?"

Gongou cold tunnel.

"No." When small read some embarrassment, "that, the kitchen prepared the night, I help carry over."

She didn't say that she made it. Gong ou will start to pick on her dishes now.