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Chapter 705 love at first sight

Gong Ou got up from the sofa, walked back and forth for two steps, biting his teeth, "shit, it won't really become refined!"

She even kissed him.

This Mr palace really left by itself?

When Xiaonian looked at Gong ou, Gong Ou took out his cell phone and made a phone call. He said coldly, "work overtime for me immediately, and maintain the robot system for me immediately! Do you hear me? Yes! Right off! Right away! I don't care what time it is on your side. Do you get up or not? If you can't afford it, you'll never have to! "


Tell me not to be so grumpy.

When Xiaonian pinched a sweat for the employee at the other end of the phone and watched Gong Ou hang up the phone. She asked, "what should I do now?"

"Let's register!"

No one can stop him from registering.

"Is Mr's palace gone?" When Xiaonian frowned, Gong Ou glanced at her, "of course I want to find it!"

It's not a piece of furniture lost. After all, it's a robot. Needless to say, the reason for its disappearance is worth investigating.

Be sure to find it.

"Then if we sign up, will Mr palace never come back?" When small read cross legged sits on sofa to ask a way, one hand holds a face, a wisp of hair sticks on cheek.

"What do you mean?"

Gong Ou looks down at her.

"Do you remember watching the robot Mr Jiang movie with me before?" When small read a face to say seriously, "robot has feeling, Mr palace completely duplicate your personality, won't also fall in love with me?"? And then because we're going to register, we're jealous. "


Gong Ou stares at her white face wordlessly, and wants to say that don't be funny, let him believe that a bunch of data can be refined, jealous and emotional?

But what does Xiaonian say when he kisses.

What he set for Mr palace is the respect for his master's absolute obedience, the loyalty that he would rather die than betray. How can he be jealous.

"Am I thinking too much?"

Shixiaonian also thought that she was unrealistic, but she always thought of the plot in that movie.

Gong Ou stood there for a long time, spitting out a dirty word from his thin lips, "shit!"

This kind of inexplicable problem how let him encounter!

It's easy to find a living person. It's too hard to find a robot.

When Xiaonian saw him, he knew that he was on the edge of the rampage. He hurriedly said, "I'm sure I can find it. Even if it runs away from home, it will go. Let's check the monitoring of some road sections, and we may get something."

"It's a robot, it can kiss you with self-awareness, and it's missing. Does it know to avoid that surveillance range?" Gong Ou glanced at her. "It can collect more than we humans can see."

If the robot really has consciousness, it will be said by the shameless expert that the robot is invincible in the world.


When Xiaonian sat there in silence, what should I do now? It's impossible to find Mr palace?

"Register first, release news to find robots, and give bonuses."

Gong Ou frowned. At this time, he could only use the old method first. Someone could always see the shadow of Mr palace.


I nodded.

"Then let's register!" Gong Ou pulls her up from the sofa and pushes her back.

When Xiaonian fell back on the sofa and looked at him blankly.

What do you mean?

What are you doing? Push her back.

He said with a calm face, "no! I'm in a bad mood today. I can't register! "


Excited for a morning, so fickle?

When Xiaonian looked at him quietly, Gong Ou looked down at her and said, "I'm in a bad mood when you make food for me!"

He doesn't want to register with her when he is in a bad mood, which will affect his mood for the rest of his life.

"Well, I'll cook."

When Xiaonian stood up and said, he turned around and was about to go back to Gong ou. He stretched out his arm and circled her. "I don't want to. Go to sleep. I haven't slept well today."

"What about the food?"

"No more! If you sacrifice your sleeping time to make something for me to eat, I'm even more upset! " Gong Ou hugged her and said in a natural voice, "OK, go to bed, and I'll find a way to get the robot back."

Man, your name is fickle.

When small read in the heart to surge a warm, she raises the MOU to see to Gong ou, "really is not I do eat?"

"No, go to sleep!"

Gong Ou pushes her.

"I'm going to see Xiaokui." Xiaokui is still sad.

"She has so many people to coax, you are not the only one!"

Gong Ou orders her to go to bed domineering and forbids her to look for others.

So, the registration was put aside. When Xiaonian returned to the room, people were not so sleepy in the morning. She stood there and watched the sun fall on their bed, bright and warm.

When Xiaonian slowly lies on the bed, covers himself with a quilt, squints his eyes slightly, and recalls the scene in the morning.

She remembered that Mr palace was standing there, squatting down and kissing her hand.

Did it really leave?

Where did she go? When the passers-by beat him up, he stopped at the same place and let them abuse him without running away. At that time, she and Mr palace were like two vines living together.

Now, it's gone.

When Xiaonian lies on the bed, she suddenly feels empty. Gong Ou says she's in a bad mood, and where can she go.

The bizarre disappearance of the R palace has aroused great interest from all walks of life. Everyone wants to find it and know what's going on.

In the garden full of flowers, Gong Ou sits on a bench and fiddles with the flat. Xiaonian stands aside to water the flowers, frowning slightly.

House r has been missing for three days.

There's no news at all. Mr palace was bound to her mobile phone, but now the binding has been cancelled.

Mingming is just a data machine, but shixiaonian can't help worrying. In these three days, she can always recall the hard time Mr palace spent with her.

She thinks about it. She thinks about it.

She doesn't care whether it's refined or stolen. She just hopes it's OK. Nothing happens. She can't accept it's broken again.

"Young master, young master."

A bodyguard rushed to Gong ou and said, "young master, I just got the news that someone has seen Mr palace."


When the water bottle in Xiaonian's hand fell to the ground, Gong Ou raised her eyes and looked at her. Her black eyes were deep and asked, "did you find out?"

After the news was released, most people read the fake report for the bonus.

"I don't know, but the other side brought some photos. Please have a look at them."

The bodyguard said as he handed out the photo in his hand.

When Xiaonian immediately leaned over and looked down at Gong Ou sitting there, turning over the photos one by one. In the photos, the tall silver body stood under a tree, looking in a certain direction and hovering.

"The appearance of Mr series robots is only different in height and size, and there is no other difference, which does not prove that it is Mr palace." Gong Ou said coldly, suspecting that this was another liar.

"Show me."

When Xiaonian wiped his hand, he took a picture from Gong Ou's hand, stared at the picture and watched it hard. His black and white eyes were clearly surprised, "it's Mr palace, it's it."

Gong Kui once accidentally used scissors to scratch on Mr Palace's body and left a mark on her leg. She knew that Gong Ou was critical of the work and didn't want Mr palace to be repaired, so she didn't say.

"Can you recognize it?"

Gong Ou looks at her.

"Well, Mr palace." When Xiaonian looked anxiously at the bodyguard, "what about the people he saw? Did you bring Mr palace

"I didn't see Mr palace, but the man I found was just outside by the lake, where I stopped him."

Said the bodyguard.

Words fall, only to see a gust of wind, there are photos floating to the ground, Gong Ou turned his eyes, which also sometimes the shadow of Xiaonian.

Gong Ou sits there, his eyes become cold and fierce, so anxious?

When I was young, I thought that this woman really wanted to force him to eat the vinegar of the robot.

When Xiaonian ran all the way out, he ran for a long time to the lake. The lake is wide and clean, and crystal clear. There are some leaves floating on the water. In the clear weather, the trees reflect the lake water, which has a unique beauty.

When Xiaonian ran panting, he saw a young girl standing there, wearing a jeans suit, bowing and holding a SLR camera to take photos, a long black hair tied into a ponytail, a white face with distinct facial features, a few light freckles, young and bright.

It's an oriental.

When Xiaonian ran so fast that she couldn't speak for a while, the young girl suddenly turned her angle and took a picture of her.

"Hello." When Xiaonian looked at her with a smile.


When the girl stood there and rushed, Xiaonian smiled. Her eyes were big and smart. She seemed to be able to talk. Her whole body was full of lively and cheerful atmosphere.

"That is, you have news of Mr palace. Where is it now? Can you take me to see it? " Asked shixiaonian in a hurry.

The girl was stunned when she asked, and then Xiaonian realized that she was in a hurry. She smiled apologetically, reached out to the girl and said in English, "I'm sorry, but I forgot to introduce myself. I'm shixiaonian, the master of Mr palace. Now I'm eager to find it. I hope you can offer me help, and the bonus will be paid."

The girl smiled and held out Xiaonian's hand. She said brightly, "of course, I won't doubt that the palace cheated me. Hello, my name is Su Yaoyao."

She speaks Chinese.

When small read slightly a Leng, "you are Chinese?"

"Well, I came to England to study. I photographed the scenery everywhere. I just caught a robot." Su Yaoyao said as she took the camera lanyard off her neck to show shixiaonian.

When I saw that it was Chinese, Xiaonian suddenly felt very kind and said, "don't stand here, just go in with me."

She was warmly invited by shixiaonian.


Su Yaoyao follows Xiaonian with a smile. Suddenly, the camera in her hand falls to the ground. Xiaonian is in a hurry to help her pick it up. Suddenly, she looks at the front in a daze.