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Chapter 995 the seventh honeymoon stop

When Xiaonian slowly walked forward, he sat down on the stone brick beside the lake, and looked into the distance with his legs dangling. The farmers of the palace were planting there. One by one, they were busy. The whole world seemed to be peaceful because they had become peaceful.

"I hope the peace here will not be broken." She said in a low voice, what she really worried about was this.

"What are you thinking?"

Gong Ou sat down beside her and looked at her with black eyes dissatisfied.

"The city of S has been turned upside down. Now we are back in England. I'm really afraid that the peace here will be broken." "I want to protect your father and son's sense of belonging," said Xiao Nian in a whisper

For them, the British palace has deeper and more profound significance than in s city.

"You guard? So what do I do? " Gong Ou hugs her and asks, does she treat him as a man?

"You are obedient."


"In fact, you have been fighting with Lancaster for so long. Have you ever thought about when the real end will come?" Xiaonian leaned in his arms and asked.

"Almost." Gong Ou said, holding her arm in his long hand, "don't worry, I can't let anyone destroy everything you want."

"Sit here a little longer with me."

When Xiaonian slowly raised his hand and held it. He breathed the air with the smell of leaves and sat quietly by the lake.

She likes the peace of the moment.

In the boundless space, only she and Gong ou are left. There is no fighting, no fighting, only two of them. This feeling is really good.

When small read lean in his arms, slowly close your eyes, enjoy the romantic and gentle moment.

"Which seat? Do it? "

Gong Ou's magnetic voice sounded above her head.

There are some romantic bubbles in the air, which burst all at once.


"Come on, I'll think about changing positions!" It's important. Sitting and doing are different.


Change your head.

When Xiaonian opened his eyes, the whole face was speechless, and there was no sentimentality.

After being quarreled by Gong ou, Xiao Nian's sentimental feelings disappeared when he came to England. They went to the direction of the castle, and many people bowed their heads to them respectfully. The rules were much stricter than in s city.

"Go what? You haven't said which one did it. "

Gong Ou keeps on pestering her.

"I don't want to talk to you." When Xiaonian put his hands in his trench coat pocket and walked quickly to get rid of Gong ou.

"You want to rebel? Why don't you bother to talk to me! "

Gong Ou follows discontentedly.


When Xiaonian walked faster, her head was too big to die. Suddenly, she stopped and looked forward.

"Why don't you run?" Gong Ou pulled her arm and looked forward along her line of vision. Only one Roman pillar in the distance was spotless and white in the sun.

Lori stood behind the pillar with a suitcase, motionless, like another Roman pillar.

When Xiaonian looked at the past from his eyes, a man in a straight suit sat on the table in front of the flowers. He had an elegant posture, a cup of coffee on his hand, a little flash of jewel cufflinks, and every detail was born with noble spirit. His short hair was carefully arranged, and a handsome and mature face had distinct features and no expression.

It's Gong Yu. He sits there like a master waiting for the castle. He is noble and sad.

Gong Yu's gray eyes looked at the distance and didn't know what he was thinking.

Maybe I'm thinking about the man he won't get in his whole life.

When Xiaonian looked at Lori, he stood under the Roman pillar and looked at Gong Yu. He was also looking at his loss

Originally, they had their own places to return. Now the war between the palace family and Lancaster has brought them together. When Xiao Nian could only watch, he could not help anything.

She turned her eyes and Gong Ou looked at each other. They went forward and decided to break the atmosphere.

As soon as they raised their feet, Lori saw them. He turned around with his suitcase and left. He went to the castle without looking back.

When Xiaonian and Gong Ou looked at each other again, they didn't say anything, and walked towards Gong Yu.

"I'm finally willing to come back."

Gong saw them as soon as she turned her eyes. She put down the coffee cup with a smile, stood up and walked towards them, and hugged Gong ouxu.

"I'm not as empty as you are. Look at flowers and have coffee." Gong ouleng hum, the tone is never good, but reluctantly called, "brother."

"Speak well." Gong Gu frowned and looked at Gong Ou up and down. "You're busy coming back. Your body is always looking after you. How thin are you?"

"It's my business."

Gong Ou Dao.

Gong Yu and Gong ou have nothing to talk about. When they turn their eyes and look at Xiao Nian, their smile is gentle and a lot, "Xiao Nian, you are back."

As he said this, Gong Yu opened his arms to her, and before he could hold Xiaonian, he was led away by Gong Oula.

"Have words to speak, do you have manners?" Gongou cold tunnel.

"It's not me you hurt, it's my mother." Gong Yu said with a smile, sitting down in front of the white small round table, "Xiao Nian, sit down."

"The family is still the same as before, very good." Xiaonian sat down and said with a smile.

Hearing this, Gong Yu glanced at Gong ou and said with some guilt, "it's so peaceful here because you've kept those dangers out."

How could he not know that the city of S has been in chaos and the situation is unbelievable.

When Xiaonian also looked at Gong ou, Gong Ou sat down beside her indifferently, full of disapproval. She stretched out her hand to hold him. This movement had silent encouragement and comfort.

Gong Ou looks at her, eyes become deep and emotional.

"You two are..." Gong Yu's eyes flashed and he reached out and pressed his eyebrows. "Why don't you go into the bedroom and have a look?"

He kindly reminded.

When Xiaonian was said to be embarrassed, Gong Ou saw that his woman was said to be shy, so he raised his leg and kicked his brother on the table. Before he kicked him, Gong Yu quickly withdrew his leg and said, "who is not educated now?"

"I have no brother to teach!"

Gong Ou keeps kicking him under the table.

Gong Yu looked at his younger brother speechlessly. "Can you depend on me for tutoring?"

When the words fell, Gong Yu was unwilling to give a sign to kick Gong Ou up. The two men kicked happily on the table. On the table, they were still well dressed, as if nothing happened.

Several servants passed by without any clue. They said hello to them.

When Xiaonian sat aside, he felt the foot of the table move from time to time, from time to time, completely speechless.

But on second thoughts, it's hard for brothers to get along. In the past, they didn't see each other much. In the future, complex struggles don't know when to stop.

In this way, Xiaonian no longer stops them, but looks at them quietly.


Gong Ou suddenly and decisively kicks Gong Yu. Gong Yu doesn't escape. His face suddenly changes. He lowers himself to press his leg for half a day and doesn't get up straight. "You..."

"Well, let's get down to business." Gong Ou interrupts him coldly.

"Brother, is your leg OK?" When Xiaonian asked with some worry, Gong Yu waved his hand and held his airway, "I'm ok. I've checked what you asked me to check. "


When I was young, I was really two brothers. When I said that they had changed so fast, I couldn't care about the pain.

"How is it?"

Gong Ou's eyes become sharp, and he holds Xiaonian's hand tightly.

"I can't find out if there's a tech genius in Lancaster, but it's curious that I found a club that belongs to the Lancaster family recently." Gong Yu said, raised his hand and took two maids. "Bring a cup of coffee to the second young master and a cup of milk to the second young grandmother."

"Yes, sir."

The servant retired.

"Club?" When small read stupefied.

"For a large family like Lancaster, it must be the inside. That's the key." Gong Yu said calmly, "but I see that Gong Ou has dealt with them so many times, and every time he is surprised, I wonder if Lancaster will do the same?"

Gong Ou clenched Xiaonian's hand and thought deeply in his black eyes. He said coldly, "you mean that the old man will arrange important people in unexpected places?"

"Yes, so I made a bold arrangement. The people who went to check were all scattered in the enterprises and real estate of Lancaster. The more it seemed that there would be no problem, the more serious I checked it." Gong Yu said.

"And then you found the club?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"Yes, this club seems to be open normally, but it was closed for a few days in the last few days, and some people delivered things to it. I've asked people to check. It's all high-tech machines, including N.E's advanced products." Gong Yu said, "you say, how can a club use these?"

"The other day?" Gong Ou grabs the key words directly.

"It's the time when Mr palace disappears." Gong Yu said, the meaning is obvious.

When Xiaonian sat there and listened, Liu Mei frowned slightly, "in order to check whether Mr palace has sent information to the outside world, so we split Mr palace into seven, eight, eight. They did this To fix it? "

"And that genius's ability is not enough to repair it perfectly, so N.E's machines are used, so they show their feet." Gong Yu said, looking at the two of them, "this is what I found out."


When Xiaonian frowned, Lancaster was trying to turn Mr palace into their tool.

"In fact, shouldn't you pay too much attention to the whereabouts of a robot, even if you find it back? All your previous plans have been exposed and can't be reused. " Gong road.

It's better to deal with Lancaster than to try to find Mr palace.

"What do you think Lancaster is raising such a tech talent for? Do you think the loyalty program of Mr palace is just to arrange a robot to be an internal spy? " Gong Ou said coldly, not to deal with him.