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Chapter 201 the way she loved him

The sudden heavy rain stopped after a whole day.

The next day.

Shi Xiaonian comes out of the guest room. She and Gong ou have been sleeping in separate rooms since last night.

Don't let him kiss, don't let him that, Gong Ou has been holding her hand, using dozens of ways to hold her hand, until midnight to put her back to sleep.

When Xiaonian was sleepy.

She also knows now that there are dozens of ways to hold hands, such as clasping fingers, holding hands with big hands, holding thumbs, holding index fingers, holding tail fingers

When Xiaonian hated herself, she knew she would not even give him the sweetness of holding hands.

"Good morning, master."

Outside the door, Mr palace stood outside to say hello to her, and bowed in a gentlemanly way.

Seeing Mr palace standing at the door in the morning, Xiaonian was in a good mood.

Not long ago, the disintegration of Mr palace was still engraved in his mind. Now it's like a heavy rain yesterday.

"Mr palace, good morning."

When small read smile, come up to embrace it.

It's strange that she won't be pushed away from Mr palace now. It should be gong Ou who has reset the program.

"Master, what should I do first in the morning?" Asked Mr.

"Make breakfast."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Yes, I am with the host." Mr palace is very intimate.


The sun shines into the bedroom through the curtains. Gong Ou lies on the big bed, his eyes are not open, and his hands are used to touching.

It's empty.

Gong Ou opens his eyes and frowns to look aside.

There is no temperature on the quilt beside.

Gong Ou remembered that he and Shi Xiaonian had been sleeping separately

With a low curse, he sat up from the bed.

The woman gave him a month to give up the family marriage and change his temper. Otherwise, she would not let him kiss or sleep.

What a tormenting woman!

Gong Ou moves her arms, gets off the bed, washes in the bathroom and leaves the bedroom with a black face.

Just two steps out, Gong Ou retreats to look at the door.

There is a note on the door of the room with a cartoon notebook on it --

good morning. Breakfast is ready. It's hot in the kitchen. I'll run.

Signing is a ball head girl in mischievous tongue.


Gong Ou tore off this convenient note in some consternation, stared at the words on it, and looked at it several times.

It turns out that's why she fell in love with him.

She began to express herself directly to him.

She loves him.

Thinking of this, Gong Ou's face slowly showed a smile and left with the convenience strip. Without raising his head all the way, he looked at the convenience strip.

Well, his women's drawing is good-looking.

Well, his women's words are pretty, too.

His women look good.

Gong Ou went to the kitchen and glanced at the maid with a high expression. She said to the maid, "what about the rice I made when I was young?"

"Young master, I'll get it right away."

The maid took a plate out of the incubator. There were three plates on the plate, one fried rice and two small dishes.

Why is the portion so small.

Gong Ou frowns discontentedly, and sees a note on the plate. He stretches out his hand to tear it off and looks at it intently. This is a normal breakfast for an adult man. I will make breakfast for you every day, so please don't overeat.

This time, it's a cartoon head of a boy with the same hairstyle as him, crying out for stomach pain painfully there.


Gong Ou looks at this convenient strip, and the angle of his lips is raised in an arc.

It's lovely.

How could his woman be so cute.

It turned out that this was the way she fell in love with him. She began to worry about his stomach, about his overeating and controlling his appetite.

Gong Ou takes the plate and puts it on the table. He begins to eat. He arranges two convenience strips together. He looks at them as he eats. He looks at them as he eats.

As if the convenience note was a meal.


The servants walked silently by and couldn't help but squint at each other.

It seems that the young master is in a good mood today. His handsome face is full of smiles.

After breakfast, Gong Ou went out and found her at a rest stand outside the forest.

In front of the western style white Pavilion, shixiaonian was wearing a light colored sportswear and sitting on a white bench with her head tied up. Mr palace stood beside her.

Gong Ou looks at her from afar, and her eyes are full of laughter.

For a long time, he walked towards her and approached, only listening to the electronic voice of Mr palace, "when the flute was interrupted by his sister, divorced and involved in a lawsuit, he didn't show resentment, but showed the public what it means to fall and then stand up. Recently, Shi Di appeared in the launch conference of the new movie "Jianghu road", and he faced everyone with a smile. "

"All right." When small read lightly interrupt Mr palace, face some lonely, "have time loyalty, min Qiu Jun's news, help me search."

Gong Ou approaches her and stands behind her.

She is using MR palace to search the Internet for news.

"Yes, I'll start by commenting on the hottest news for the host."

R palace stands there, the silver body shining in the sunshine after the rain. "Let's pay attention to the news of Shidi. After Shidi held a press conference, Shidi's mother was ill for a long time. Recently, she told her relatives when she could wait until her eldest daughter came to see her, and then she could wait for her eldest daughter to turn around. But Shidi came out of the shadow and started a catering chain. Shidi was Father platform, business is booming. "


Turn evil into right.

Business is booming.


When Xiaonian sneers, she is nailed to the top of the storm and reviled by thousands of people. However, her adoptive father and Shidi live in the clothes that the victim stands up again.

Are they really not guilty about her?

"Stop, stop reading." Gong Ou interrupts the voice of Mr palace, walks towards Xiaonian and sits down beside her.

When he saw him, Xiaonian smiled faintly. "Have you finished breakfast?"


Gong Ou takes a deep look at her and embraces her.

When Xiaonian did not resist, he leaned on his shoulder and said softly, "today's weather is very good."

At last, it's no longer heavy rain.

She said unimportant words, but he didn't intend to let her go easily. "Why listen to the news of the family, and you care about them?"

"If I say, I hate them, shouldn't I?"

Xiao Nian leaned on his shoulder and asked in a low voice.

Gong Ou had some accidents. He thought she was still thinking about her family.

"I'm really not willing for them to live so well and so brilliantly on my body." When small read lean on his shoulder, eyes dim, "but after all, they raised me for so many years, I am so unwilling to hate is right?"


"Gong ou, do I really have a problem? What did I do wrong? Otherwise, why didn't they help me? All my relatives and my adoptive parents are targeting me When Xiao Nian sat up straight and looked at Gong ou, he was puzzled. "After they slandered me like that, they were still awe inspiring and lived in such a peaceful way. Is there something wrong with me?"

She's really lost her net.

So many people said that she was a white eyed wolf, and even her good adoptive mother began to scold her.


Gong Ou holds her face and looks at her with black eyes. "Listen, you are right! Even if the whole world is against you, it doesn't mean you are wrong! "


"I'm still here when everyone is targeting you!" Gong Ou stared at her, "I believe you! You are killing in front of me. As long as you say it, I believe you didn't! "


Shixiaonian looks at him in amazement.

He said this very strange, logic is very illogical, but she was touched, "do you really want to choose to believe me?"

"I believe you!"

Gong Ou holds her face and says it word by word.

"Between me and mu qianchu..."

"I believe you!" Gong Ou stared at her with a deep voice. "I believe you are innocent. I believe you only love me!"

Smell speech, when small read to show light smile, deeply meet his line of sight, "then you don't want to aim at mu qianchu any more, he has almost nothing, he should have a better future, not be encumbered by me."

Hearing this, Gong Ou's face was cold and cold. A trace of jealousy crossed his eyes. He put it down and leaned against the bench and said, "as long as you don't see him again, I can open the net."

She loves him now anyway.

He can let go of Mu qianchu.

"Really? Don't block the news and keep me in the dark Shixiaonian asked. He has a criminal record.

"Long winded! If you say no, you won't! "

Gong Ou slaps her head and says in a cold voice, "but you are not allowed to see him again."

When small read low head, eyes dim, way, "want to see also can't see."

I admire the beginning.

As a teenager, her best playmate and she have come to this point.

"What do you mean?"

Gong Ou looks at her.

"Yesterday, because I was going to see you, he said, he was going to break up with me." When Xiaonian's eyes were dim and faded, he said bitterly, "I feel that life is always a mistake. At that time, I hope he can recover his memory, but now he has recovered, and I would rather he didn't, so that he won't be hurt by me."

When I was young, I felt very guilty and blamed myself.

"No more friends?" Gong Ou only heard this sentence, and picked his eyebrow, "it's good to break off! He knows his face! "

It's a little tender to fight him.

He won back all the time with his heart.


When Xiaonian looked at Gong Ou speechlessly, he put out his hand and beat him. "Can you stop like this? If it wasn't for you, qianchu wouldn't be like today. It's just like Shidi that you hurt people indiscriminately. It's like Shidi."

"You compare me to your sister?"

Gong Ou stares at her and is extremely unhappy.

"You can change later." Seeing that he was angry, Xiao Nian immediately pacified him.

Gong Ou looked at her displeased and said coldly, "since your sister and I are both bad people, I don't want to be punished. Well, let her take a share for me."


I didn't understand.

"Take care of you the other day when you haven't moved." Gong Ou said, "now that I have time to deal with my family well, I will double your sister's burden!"