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Chapter 879 Gong Ou is murdered again

"Hello! Did you hear me? I didn't touch her with a finger! I am innocent! " Gong Ou stood on the bed and shouted loudly. There was a hanging needle on the back of his hand. The transparent tube followed his movements for a while.

When Xiaonian sat there and nodded, "I believe you."

"I knew you didn't believe me. Why are you talking so sullen!" Gong Ou asked, pointing to her, in a tone of questioning, indignant.

"I said I believed you."

When small read a face at a loss, she said clearly believe, he heard wrong?

"You lie! Can you believe it so easily? " Gong Ou stares at her aggressively and says, "when Xiaonian, please don't pretend for me! I said, if I didn't touch her, I didn't touch her! I never touched her! I didn't betray you! Believe it or not, I didn't do anything sorry to you anyway! No! "

When Xiaonian watched him get so excited that the blue tendons on his forehead would burst out quickly. He said hurriedly, "I believe you, Gong ou. Really, you lie down first, and you are still hurt."

"Give me less of this! If you don't believe me, I won't lie down! "

Gong Ou stares at her and confirms that she is duplicity. She doesn't mind, but she still tells lies.

"I believe you."

When Xiaonian's language was pale, she didn't know what she said to win Gong Ou's trust. Really

"You lie!" Gong Ou stares at her fiercely. She steps on the quilt with bare feet, which makes a hole.


Next, it took shixiaonian nearly two hours to convince Gong ou that she really believed him, rather than holding her breath.

In fact, she also understood that before she met this kind of thing, she might deal with him in a strange way, but this time, she really believed him.

Because he is Gong ou.

The world's best palace to her.

Gong Ou is convinced and finally lies down quietly. Xiaonian looks at him helplessly, stands up and covers the quilt for him. He checks whether the drips are smooth and whether the gauze he bandages is bleeding.

Gong Ou lies there, his eyes fixed on her, with a trace of exploration and examination.

"Are you thirsty? I'll pour you some water. "

Xiaonian said with a smile, picking up the glass water bottle beside to pour water. The water with some temperature is suitable for Gong ou to drink now.

Gong Ou's hoarse voice suddenly came, "do you really believe me?"

"Yes, yes, of course I believe you. If I don't believe you, how can I find out that you are injured in time and send you to the hospital?"

She didn't go back to the tunnel. She had said these words countless times in these two hours, which made her mouth dry.


Gong Ou is silent.

When Xiaonian took the cup and turned around, he saw Gong Ou sitting on the bed, the quilt fell to his waist, and a pair of dark pupils glared at her angrily. The eyes were like a fire, which could not help burning her.

"What's the matter?"

When Xiaonian was confused again, what was his expression.

"Why do you believe me?" Gong Ou asked unhappily, "I lie in the same bed with her woman. Can you believe that I didn't do what I'm sorry for you? Are you big hearted or don't like me! "

When hearing this, Xiao Nian's head was all big.

No, why didn't you believe him just after we solved the problem? Now why do you believe him again?

God, where are you, father, please help!

When I saw xiaoniansha standing there, Gong Ou's five senses were almost distorted, "how, I said it? What are you thinking in your heart? Do you love me or not? "

He was lying on the same bed with her woman. The air was full of flavor. She could believe it.

A woman doesn't even have a little vinegar for her man, doesn't it mean she doesn't love?

"I don't know what you're thinking." When Xiaonian came to him and said, "do you know if I love you? Well, don't worry about this. Drink some water. "


Gong Ou turns his head to one side angrily. His face is haughty and delicate. His thin lips are pale and bloodless.

“……” When Xiaonian stood there holding the cup, crying and laughing, "Gong ou, how do you want me? I'm not allowed to believe you, and I'm not allowed to believe you. "

This woman She makes sense, doesn't she?

Gong Ou stares at her and reaches out his finger to her. "You should be sad and jealous. You should cry alone, but you still choose to believe me!"

That's right. When

, Xiao Nian opened his lips slightly, and looked at him in a strange way. "Gong ou, I am not the kind of code program in your computer, it can't be exactly the same as you said."

"Then you don't like me at all! You go! " Gong Ou lies down suddenly, his back to her, pulls the quilt over his head and refuses to communicate.


That's what makes me angry?

When he came back from Mona's side, how strong was his endurance. Is it getting worse day by day?

If you don't drink water, you have to eat something. You can deal with several dishes and desserts of Gong ou. When Xiao Nian put the water cup aside and turned around to prepare some food.

As soon as the man turned around, he heard Gong Ou's depressed voice, "let me die of thirst! You go! "

Let her go. She's really obedient!

What is he in her eyes? Oh, not a single thing.

“……” When Xiaonian looked at the bulge on the bed powerlessly, "I will put the water cup on the bedside table, and you can drink a little by yourself if you are thirsty."

"My hand hurts, I can't lift it!"

I just pointed and poked at her, but now I can't lift it?

At that time, Xiaonian had no choice but to take the man who was inexplicably angry. He went up to pull the quilt open and reached out to help him. "Come on, sit up and drink water."

"No more."

Gong Ou pushes away her hand and covers the quilt.

When Xiaonian looked at him speechlessly, Liu Mei frowned slowly, Bei teeth rubbed his lips, reached out and lifted the quilt, glared at the pale face, and the dry lips hurt her.

She pinched the quilt in her hand. "Gong ou, what are you doing! I don't want to say anything about you, but you can stop it! Let you drink water. If you don't, I'll go now! I'll go back with the twins. You'll be cured here alone! "

Gong Ou lies there, his short hair is a bit messy, his eyes blink for several times, and his ferocity gradually fades away. He looks at her and says, "just drink. What are you fierce about? I'm hurt."

He took it without warning.

"You said so much when you were hurt." When small read is admire to him, support him to sit up, this time, Gong Ou obediently cooperates, she puts water cup to his lips, "come."

"Well." Gong Ou took a sip from the water glass and looked up at her. "It's over."

"A few more drinks."


Gong Ou took a few more good sips of water, and saw the bottom of the water in the water cup directly. When Xiaonian put the cup aside, he looked at him softly. "How is it? Is the wound very painful?"

"It hurts."

Gong Ou becomes a single character voice king.

Smell speech, when small read suddenly nervous, "where is the pain, I immediately call a doctor."

Finish saying, when small read is about to leave, the wrist is held by the person from behind, she turns around, Gong Ou sits on the sickbed and firmly holds her wrist, black eyes stare at her deeply, "you."

"Me? What happened to me? "

Asked shixiaonian in an indistinct way.

"No doctor, you can do it."

Gong Ou stared at her, eyes deep at her, greedily depicting the outline of her face, eyes do not shift.

When Xiaonian looks at him, his heart beats. Is he playing coquettish?

It's going to be a red rain, and President Gong Da will be coquettish.

She couldn't help laughing. "OK, I'll be here. I won't go anywhere. Lie down and have a rest."


Gong Ou is satisfied with his jaw head.

When Xiaonian carefully helped him to lie down, Gong Ou turned to her and stared at her, as if she would be lost by him.

Shi Xiaonian sits down in a chair beside him and looks at him. Gong Ou suddenly reaches out and holds her hand tightly, so attached.

"I won't go." Shi Xiaonian said, quietly looking at his pale face, remembering the bed of blood he saw in the old building, and one of the Sutras in her body pulled up again, which made her hard to breathe because of the pain. She asked, "what is the matter between you and Li Qingyan? It's all scarred. "

In fact, she didn't know exactly what happened. She only knew his injuries. Li Qingyan also had many scars.

"That woman is ill, give me medicine, come up to be my lover." Gong Ou said these words with a hint of hate in his eyes, "she deserves it, too?"

When Xiaonian knew that he was upset, he smiled to relieve his depression. "It's my man who looks like a flower. How can so many women think of strengthening you. At the beginning, Tang Yi was like this, later Mona was like this, and now Li Qingyan is like this. "

Gong Ou lies on the bed and stares at her. He snorts, "but you are the only woman I've ever had."


We can't talk anymore.

When Xiaonian sadly took back her hand, she was pulled back by Gong Oula. She didn't take it back, but said, "it seems that Li Qingyan has been in love with you for a long time. I saw those simple and rude women for the first time. At the beginning, Tang Yi and Mona still knew that they would come slowly, but she wanted to go to bed with you directly."

"No bed!"

Gong Ou's voice suddenly shrieked.

"Well, I know you didn't do anything sorry to me. I just said that Li Qingyan is so strange. Does she think her bed skill is so good that you can't forget her once?" This is a wonderful idea.

"Can you not mention these two words?"

Gong Ou's face is green, strong and strong. He is a man! Is it nice to say that a woman wants to be better than him? Is that good?

"I'm just surprised." Shi Xiaonian said, picked up a towel to wipe his face, and said, "Li Qingyan wanted to pretend to faint and escape..."

"She's gone?"

Gong Ou's eyebrows suddenly turned.