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Chapter 515: Shi Xiaonian follows Gong ou

When she got such a high praise from her daughter, Xiaonian smiled, "thank you, Xiaokui."

“mom。” Gong Kui came close to her arms and said, "I will draw beautiful pictures for you when you come back."


When Xiaonian smiles and kisses on Gong Kui's forehead, Gong Kui slides down her leg, pulls her skirt skillfully, and then leaves with a bounce.

When Xiaonian sat in front of the make-up mirror and looked at gongkui's lively and lovely appearance, his eyes gradually dimmed.

In a flash, holy and sunflower are growing so big.

She really wants to give them a healthy and happy home, but maybe it will never come true.

When Xiaonian picked up the lip brush and put a light eye color on her lips, she stood up from the makeup mirror, her skirt swayed gently, she looked at herself in the mirror, it was a good-looking face, bringing a good figure, concave and convex, looking confident.

Yes, at least it seems.

This winter, for the first time, shixiaonian didn't wear a down jacket. He picked up the bag beside him and went out.


Gong Kui sat beside Gong Yao and waved to her.


When Xiaonian waved goodbye to them, walked out of the gallery and went to a car parked not far away.

That's the car she rented.

She got in the car, turned up the heat and turned on the radio.

Today is the first day of the new year. The voices on the radio are beaming with joy. I wish you all happiness and happiness.

When Xiaonian sat quietly in the car, looking up at Huihong's N.E building.

She calls Annie again. She refuses to say anything after she wakes up. She is afraid of being counted by Gong ou. She has to wait here.

It's another seven or eight hours.

From morning till afternoon.

When Xiaonian sat in the car and waited quietly, just like when Gong Ou just came back, she also waited.

She waited for her own ending.

Finally, before dusk came, Feng De's phone rang.

"Hello," he said

"Xiaonian, young master is going out now. Do you want me to pay attention to when he will go out to meet him?" Asked Fengde.

Feng de knew nothing about the actions of Shi Xiaonian. He didn't know what a special day it would be for him on the first day of the new year.

"Does he have a business?"

When small read lightly ask a way, do not hear what tone.

"I've read the flow chart. It's not a business. It's a private business. He won't let me follow him." Feng de said, although he didn't know what personal matters young master could have on the first day of the new year.

In the past, for young master, Xiaonian was his only and all private affairs.

"I see, father."

When Xiaonian hung up the phone, the mobile phone slipped from his hand and his eyes were dry.

A private matter not to be followed by the housekeeper.

When small read think, this guess can also guess eight or nine not leave ten, but there is a voice in the jump, maybe not as she thought.

She sat in the driver's seat and looked up at the N.E building. She saw that the gate of the building was pushed open, the bodyguard opened the way, and a tall figure came out from the inside. It was gong ou.

He's very smart today.

The shoes are dark, the trousers are wrapped with straight and slender legs, and the figure proportion is the most perfect golden section. He is wearing a black and blue coat, which makes his body stand tall and straight. A scarf is in the neck with a casual hand system, which makes him look much younger.

At that time, Xiaonian didn't know why he could see so clearly. He was a little far away from her.

His short hair is dyed with a light golden color in the sun. His handsome face is wearing a pair of sunglasses. The sunglasses reflect the light, and his thin lips give a hint of indifference.

Gong Ou takes the car key from the bodyguard and walks to a sports car.

It's not his favorite konisek before. He's cured and normal. His preferences will change naturally.

The door of the sports car was opened, and it bounced high. Gong Ou sat in and drove the sports car away.

When Xiaonian hurriedly follows.

He drives a sports car. She's easy to lose.

Fortunately, when he left the Science Park, he was in the direction of downtown. He couldn't drive fast.

When Xiaonian drives the car to catch up with him, he holds the steering wheel tightly with his fingers, his eyes are red and dry, and he looks closely at the sports car in front of him.

In the process of tracking, Xiao Nian is in a heavy mood.

She recalled that a reporter interviewed her before and asked what kind of person Gong Ou was in her eyes.

What was her answer then?

When Xiaonian stepped on the accelerator, he followed Gong Ou's car not far away. His long black eyelashes vibrated.

She remembered.

She said that at that time, Gong ou, he is handsome, he may not have a good temper, but he takes care of the people around him. He is intelligent and wise. He is a dedicated man. No matter what he thinks about things or people, he will not let go. He is a man who can give everything with his life. So you can see the N.E mobile phone system and Mr series robots. I have gained a unique love. This love will accompany me all my life whether he is or not.

Now, her gains will be taken back, won't they?

When Xiaonian looked at the sports car in front of him and asked the question secretly.

Naturally, no one responded to her.


Huatian Hotel.

Gong Ou's sports car finally stops in the white line of parking in front of Huatian Hotel. With his handsome backing, he stops the car steadily. At that time, Xiaonian's last extravagant hope disappears completely.

Huatian Hotel, where Mona was waiting to get engaged to Gong ou.

But Mona finally waited for Gong ou and her engagement ceremony.

What is this?

Emotional revenge and satire?

At that time, Mona was severely humiliated by the paranoid Gong Ou; now, when she was hiding in the car, she peeped at Gong ou and Mona to renew their old relationship?


When Xiaonian stops at the side of gongou parking lot with some big movements, she even hopes that he can see her, and then quibble and explain.

But he didn't.

Gong Ou didn't find her. She got out of the car and walked to the golden gate of the hotel.

When Xiaonian picked up his wool cap and put on his sunglasses, he pushed open the door to get off the bus, and followed Gong Ou's walk towards the hotel gate.

The uniformed doorman glanced at her, didn't recognize her, and respectfully invited her in.

Xia Yu said that Xiaonian was a fool who didn't hit the south wall and didn't look back. However, she would not give up if she didn't reach the despair step, regardless of whether she was already flesh and blood blurred or not. This was the way she was to Mu qianchu at that time, and then she waited for Gong ou.

Everyone almost gave up, only she did not give up.

Xia Yu said that she always seems to remember to eat or not to fight, which is too weak.

When Xiaonian walked into the ornate hotel hall, raised his hand to hold the sunglasses, looked forward, only to see Gong Ou enter the elevator, he reached out to press the floor, she slightly turned over the body, pretending to look at the glass lights in front.

The elevator went up.

When Xiaonian walked to the elevator and looked up to the floor, the elevator number stopped at the 12th floor.

The heart, numb to no consciousness.

When Xiaonian raised his hand and pressed the elevator, he walked into the elevator and pressed the 12th floor.

The elevator rose slowly.

When Xiaonian leaned against the cold elevator wall, her face was frozen and her face was expressionless.

The elevator door opens.

When Xiaonian walked out of the elevator, he saw the corridor around the corner. It was so quiet that there was no sound.

The doors were all closed.

I can't see which room Gong Ou went to.

She stood there, not knowing where to go. She stood there so stupidly. She should knock on a door until she grabbed Gong ou and Mona. Then she quarreled, tore and roared, and pulled her hair?

This moment, when small read suddenly confused.

Why did she come up? What else did she expect?


The elevator suddenly opened.

When I was reading a painting on the wall, I pretended to enjoy it and glanced at the elevator.

Two uniformed hotel staff pushed the dining car towards this side, and they whispered, "the treatment of the noble lady is different. The boss has sent all the wine he has treasured for many years."

When Xiaonian's body was stiff.

"It's strange that you should pay attention to it. Sasha just at the front desk said," Gong Ou is coming. It's on the 12th floor. Can we see it later? "

"Gong Ou? No, Xiaonian didn't wait for him for years like an idiot. "

"Please, the relationship between men and women in the upper class is in a mess. It's better to sleep this one today and that one tomorrow. It's not too common."


Two people said in a low voice, saying while walking in, did not find that the woman standing by the wall is their mouth when reading.

When Xiaonian stood by the wall and looked up at the direction of the two staff members, they stopped in front of a room at the end.

The door was opened from inside.

Then, Xiaonian clearly heard one of the staff bowing, "Mr. Gong, this is the wine ordered by Miss Mona."

"Just give it to me."

A cold voice sounded.

The voice was so familiar that Xiaonian's body began to shake.

It's strange that she had guessed such a result, but when the facts were bloody in front of her, her blood suddenly began to flow against the current, and rushed around in her body crazily, with anger, jealousy, humiliation and despair.

Her lips trembled and she could not even stand.


The door was closed.

Two staff members laughed and left, counting the tips and saying that Gong Ou had an affair with Mona.

The two left by shixiaonian.

When Xiaonian stood there, looking at the end of the corridor.

All of a sudden, she didn't know why she wanted to come up. She should leave when Gong Ou parked her car in front of the hotel.

But her legs did not listen to the call to go forward, until she came to the closed door, when Xiaonian raised his hand, his hand was frozen in the air, but he could not knock it down.

Gong ou.

You owe me a truth and a confession.

When Xiaonian reached out and wanted to knock, he could not shake his fist.

Xia Yu, you see, she is not the one who dares to run into the south wall. She is cowardly.

Step by step, she retreated to the wall and looked at the door with red eyes. She imagined how beautiful the side that she could not go out.

Memory was like a box of water, pouring into her mind.

Gong Ou told her that he was her home.

Gong Ou stands at the press conference of Mr series robots and announces their love to the world.