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Chapter 594 passing by

Hearing this, Mona sneered, and her lips curved. "Yes, you're right. I'm not treating Gong ou. He's stupid. You regret my engagement, make me a laughingstock, and dare to come to me to treat me!"

She is a senior lady. How could she become the whole palace.


Feng De's backhand is to wave to Mona's face and stare at her angrily, "what else did you do to the young master? What will become of the young master? "

Mona is hit slant on the face, the pain on the face makes her corner of the eye twitch, she says, "how become?"? You should have consulted a more powerful psychiatrist. Do you still need to ask me? "

"Say it!"

Feng De is furious.

"In fact, paranoid personality disorder is not a serious disease, at least for many cases, it is light." Mona said with a sneer, "but he can't stand the most stimulation. Don't you think I'm great? Gong Ou was stabbed to the state of the most serious illness. Then, I spent another four years to make him completely another person and let him suppress himself crazily."

When Xiaonian leaned against the wall to listen, his fingers were trembling.

"He is like a balloon now, full of air is not the most terrible state, the most terrible is when you are full of air, you press the balloon to the flattest." Mona smiled. "In this state, anything can happen."


"The more the balloon is compressed and flattened, the more likely it is that it will burst, it may not burst, and it is more likely that it will fly out as soon as you let it go. You don't know where it will fly." Mona looked at shixiaonian and said, "that is to say, he may become a complete madman and lose all will."

Xiao Nian's face was very pale.

Looking at her like that, Mona suddenly felt very happy. She knew that she was still at a disadvantage. Maybe she saw such a face as shixiaonian, and she felt extremely happy.

Feng de stood by and stared at Mona hatefully, "you are the most vicious woman I have ever seen! You can think of such a mean way. "

It could turn into a madman.

When Xiaonian didn't expect Mona's method would be extremely cruel, she suddenly felt her legs were too soft to stand.

"You just said that the balloon will not burst. What can I do?" Asked shixiaonian.

"Let me go to kaidaogong again."

Mona said.

"Impossible." Shi Xiaonian vetoed her proposal directly.


Mona pursed her lips, and blood flowed down the curve of her cheek to the corner of her lips, which made her panic and angry.

When Xiaonian stood by the wall for a long time, stood out and walked to Mona slowly, looked at her with low eyes, "tell me your way, you can teach me how to let go of Gong Ou's Qi, until he can accept the fact that you have played him for four years peacefully, so as to release himself completely."


Mona stared at her deeply.

"Don't you say that?" Shixiaonian asked, staring at her angrily. "I'm good at painting. I can carve the video pictures of promiscuity on your face."


The video was Mona's Achilles' heel. Her face was filled with embarrassment. She thought for a moment, and finally said, "it's useless. I have to go out, or he will never be able to release himself completely."


"Because he's paranoid." Mona frowned. "He doesn't love me, but he believes in every professional word I'm a psychologist. Do you understand? I'll tell you in the most popular words that if I didn't tell him that he could do this and that, he would not be able to release the restraint he'd exercised in the past four years. "


"It's no use asking other psychologists." When Mona looked at her, she said, "let me go. How about I really help you cure Gong Ou?"

Mona knew that what she needed most now was to live.

"Then you can have a phone call with Gong Ou every day." Shi Xiaonian said, "I also know that psychological assistance will not end with a phone call. Later, you call Gong Ou once a day, ask him about his status as a psychologist, and then guide him to release the so-called restraint until he is no longer suffering from this, and completely back to himself. "

She doesn't even need to cure paranoia.

She just needs Gong ou to be her original self.

"What do you mean?"

Mona looked at shixiaonian in shock.

"I won't let you go until I think Gong ou can be himself." Shi Xiaonian said, "if I can't cure you in one day, I will be trapped in you for one day. If I can't cure you in one month, I will be trapped in you for one month."

"You can't do that!"

Mona said, she didn't expect that Xiao Nian would come up with such a way.

"Do you want to try?" When small read cold tunnel, turned to leave the room.

Feng de pastes the tape on Mona's lips again, and then goes out with her. She looks at Xiao Nian with admiration. "Women know how to treat women."

Let him come, it's not necessarily that Mona has so much to say.

When Xiaonian stood there and looked back at Fengde, frowning tightly, "adoptive father, we are not sure that we can hide Mona for so long. She is not an ordinary person. The Lancaster family will find you soon."

What she worries about most now is not Gong ou, but Feng De.

Feng de smiled and said, "Xiaonian, I've let go. Next, I'll take Mona and hide around. I'll surely drag it until the day when the young master is really back to himself."

If it's true, as Walker said, what the young master is suffering now is huge suffering. Sooner or later, that suffering will engulf the young master.

As long as the young master is good, he will die and deserve it.

"No way." When Xiaonian shook her head, she looked at Fengde, and her voice was worried. "You let me think of another way, you don't have any action first."

"Xiaonian, I really didn't..."

"Adoptive father, I can't lose my family any more!" When small read loudly interrupts his words, eyes stare at him, eyes suddenly red.


"Why should I worry about both?" When Xiaonian stares at him and says, "my mother follows my father. Gong Ou has become what I am today. You are going to die for him again. You are all benevolent. Have you ever thought about my feelings?"

Every time.

Every time she is the one who is left to bear the ending, she doesn't want it!


Seeing this, Feng de frowned and looked at her with guilt.

"Let me see. Please, I'll figure out a way."

Said Shi Xiaonian, turning around and going out.

Sitting in the back car, Xiaonian looks out of the window at the scenery with dim eyes. Her eyes are red so much that she is confused.

You can't tell Gong ou that his current situation is not suitable to know these things;

you can't tell Gong family. For Gong Jue, he is satisfied with the current Gong ou, and he won't be willing to go back to the past.

How long can Feng de hide Mona without the protection of Gong ou and Gong family?

Once exposed, there is only one way.

Unless she can find someone who is powerful and willing to help her now, it's the best of both worlds.

How could it be.

In this world, there is no such thing as two sides are equal.

When small read a wry smile, the body back to go, mind messy.

I don't know if God heard her voice from the bottom of her heart. In her eyes, she suddenly saw a tall figure coming out of a door.


Shouts shixiaonian at once.

When the driver stopped the car, Xiaonian looked out of the window and saw that it was a gallery. The tall and tall man came out of the window. He was dressed in expensive brand-name clothes and showed elegance with all his actions, but wearing sunglasses and masks seemed particularly mysterious.

A woman stood behind him, respectful, Julie.

The man was about to get into the car when he felt something. He looked at Xiaonian and nodded to her.

Mr y.

It turns out that he is in the same city in England. It's a coincidence.

When Xiaonian sat in the car and nodded to him, a bold idea came out at the same time.


Next, Xiaonian makes Jizhi drive Charles and they go to the Butler school again in Mr. Y's car.

In the closed space, when Xiaonian and Mr. y sat side by side, she rubbed her hands, took a deep breath and looked at the man beside her, "Sir, are you really going to help me? It's the Lancaster family. "

The man's sitting posture is elegant, smell speech to send out a low smile, low Mou looks at her, sunglasses show her face.

"Don't worry, I have a way for Tibetans."

He speaks Chinese. He has a mature voice line and a round voice. He has the taste of a broadcaster and is very magnetic.

This is the first time Xiaonian heard him speak, a very strange voice. She did not understand why he had to hide his voice in front of her before.

At first, she thought he was mute, and then she thought he might have known him, but now she was sure that she didn't know him.

"Sir, this may cause trouble."

When small read slightly Leng after saying.

"You just said that I have the ability to make your fiance unable to find out. My strength should not be small. Besides, I can tell you that I'm not timid. I'm quite comfortable with kidnapping." The man said with a smile, with funny words.


I was speechless.

"You can trust me." The man added, "as long as she's in my hand, I'll make sure there's enough time for your fiance to recover and not be found by anyone."

When Xiaonian looked at him, "why do you want to help me like this?"

Just to appreciate her words? Still say adore, but even if it is adore, also not so straightforward to promise her to be a kidnapper.

"Because I want miss Xi to be happy."

Said the man.

"I really can't guess what kind of man you are."

When small read a way.

"Then don't guess." The man looked at her with a light smile and a frank tone. "I appreciate Miss Xi's character and her paintings. These two points alone are enough to support any request I can make to you."

So generous.


In the face of such a man's saying, I have no words.