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Chapter 288. You really need to be discharged

"Thank you." Mona came forward and smiled. "It's really beautiful."

Gong Ou noticed that Mona also came in, frowned, his whole face sank, and stared at the sales lady displeased, "are you blind? Is that beautiful? "


The salesgirl stood there at once, pale with fear.

All the people in the jewelry store were watching from afar. When Mona just came in, she lost all her energy. She barely smiled and asked Gong ou, "Mr. Gong, can you buy me a pair of earrings, too? As an employee reward? "

"No!" Gong Ou refused directly and gave her a scornful look. "Why do you let me buy earrings?"


Mona stood there, embarrassed.

In her cognition, men are all gentlemanly. Even if they don't like it, they will be gentle and won't let women down.

She didn't expect her to ask for help. Gong Ou refused and asked why.

He is really

What kind of education did he get from childhood!

Gong Ou's eyes stopped at Mona's side and turned away. He glared at the sales lady and asked coldly, "do you know who my girlfriend is?"

"Know, know." The sales lady was a little flustered. "It's miss time."

"My woman is beautiful, understand?" Gong Ou stares at her, "give me a good remodeling of your aesthetic!"

"Yes, yes."

The sales lady nodded repeatedly. She wanted to cry without tears. As a jeweler, she had to reshape her aesthetic.

The salesgirl was smart. She immediately opened another ring box. "Miss Shi is a typical oriental beauty. I think this one must be suitable for Miss Shi."

Speaking of Xiaonian, Gong Ou's patience is much better than usual in an instant. Standing there, she listens to the salesgirl's introduction of one jewelry after another.


Mona stood there, just looking at Gong ou and listening to a paragraph, she said, "I don't think it's worthy of my family's small reading", "this one is more worthy of my family's small reading", "how beautiful is it when I know it?"? You show me this.

It was as arrogant as if Xiao Nian was a rare treasure.

Mona's eyes became a little jealous, and she finally understood why the lowly, mud like civilians like Shi Xiaonian knew that they were not worthy of Gong ou, and they were still waiting.

Gong Ou is so nice to her.

She had never seen a man in the aristocracy be so good to his other half, direct and simple, without any disguise.

When she became more and more jealous, she thought.

Paranoid love can be so strong, so strong.

Gong Ou stood there and listened to the sales lady. The outside sun came in from the window and fell on him, making his figure more sexy and charming.

As Mona stood there, she heard the chatter of the welcome ladies changed again --

"it turns out that the woman is an employee."

"I actually came to buy earrings for my girlfriend. There is no such a good man in the world."

"Across such a large class together, it must be true love."

"I must have saved the galaxy in my last life."

Mona stood, her face becoming more and more ugly.



When Xiaonian was alone in the ward, she went from left to right, from right to left, step by step. How many steps were there in the ward from left to right, she could not understand more.

She lowered her head, her eyes full of gloom.

She went from left to right, from right to left.

There is an emotional talk show on TV, and the female guests on TV are crying and saying, "host, I'll tell you that the junior has come to challenge me. It's so cheap. What do you say, my husband and I have no feelings anymore? My husband and I are quarreling. My husband is still helping her to talk and say that I'm stingy Sobbing. "

When Xiaonian lowered his head and turned around in the sunshine, his long black hair was raised, and a golden light was raised at the top of his hair in the sunshine.

She continued to count the steps in the ward, and only in this way could her heart be more stable.

She thought all night and didn't know how to deal with the emotional crisis she was facing.

Mona's appearance, a posture of not giving up; Gong Ou's condition, everything in her unpredictable state.

"As long as your man doesn't do extreme things, don't quarrel with him. If he wants to really hook up with Xiao San, this kind of man won't do it directly." The host on TV is a man in his 40s, talking excitedly.

When Xiaonian stood in the ward and looked up, he saw that the host was talking about the female guests. "Why are you being provoked? Why do you want to let this suddenly appeared woman destroy the original good feelings between you? She can chase your husband, and you can guard? What's the use of making a noise? A woman should know how to keep it. "


When Xiaonian stood still and looked at the TV screen, he suddenly had a feeling of "holding the top".

Yeah, why is she so excited by Mona?

Mona wants to chase Gong ou, and she can keep it.

She was so upset by Mona that she lost without fighting.

Gong Ou's paranoid personality disorder will not necessarily love her, but will not necessarily love Mona, right?

Mona is using paranoia to distract her eyes and make her live in fear.

It's worthy of a psychiatrist.

The ability to play with people's psychology is superb.

When small read instantaneous want to understand come over, turn around to walk to ward outside.

In the doctor's office, Xiao Nian sat at his desk and looked at the doctor. The doctor frowned with the inspection report. "Why is Miss Shi in a hurry to leave the hospital?"

"I just feel like I'm in a stable situation and I don't need to be hospitalized anymore."

Xiaonian stood there in a sick suit and said faintly.

She had thought that she could not live forever in her own uneasiness.

Gong ou will cure her if she wants to. If she doesn't love her after the final treatment, she can only recognize her.

But she can't let Mona have enough time alone to seduce Gong ou, which she has to guard against.

"But..." The doctor still hesitated, "Miss Shi, why don't you wait until the third month of pregnancy to leave the hospital?"

"I promise I won't do any extreme sports or go to too many places to protect myself."

When small read firmly said, there is no room to maneuver.

She's leaving the hospital.

Listen to her say so, the doctor is helpless. "Well, Miss Shi, please take care of yourself. If you have any problems, you should go back to the hospital in time."

"I see. Thank you, doctor."

When Xiaonian smiled and nodded, he opened the door and walked out of the office.

Feng de followed her and asked, "Miss Shi, do you really want to leave the hospital?"

"Well." When small read nods, the face shows a light smile, "don't say with Gong Ou first, I want to give him a surprise."

"Yes, Miss Shi."

Feng de nodded and left behind her.


Take off the patient's clothes, when Xiaonian put on a comfortable long skirt, step on flat shoes and get on the car.

The car slowly stopped in front of the imperial castle.

Under the moonlight, the water in the fountain pool dances in the arc of hooking people.

Feng de opens the door for her. When Xiao Nian gets off the car, he is wearing a off shoulder custom-made long skirt. The color is a light yellow. The cutting is perfect, which can set off the bright body to the greatest extent.

When Xiaonian was carrying a box of cakes, she was attracted by the fragrance when she passed the cake shop at the gate of the hospital.

The smell of this cake is very special.

She bought many boxes and decided to make them for Gong Ou after learning.

In the future, she will arrange three meals for Gong ou.

In a good mood, Shi Xiaonian walked in. The maid did not see her for a long time, and they all came up to her. "Miss Shi, you are discharged. Are you ok?"

"Thank you for your concern. I have bought cakes for you. The housekeeper. " When Xiaonian smiled and turned her eyes to Fengde.

Feng de immediately waved to the bodyguards.

The bodyguards all carried the cake boxes, and the maids immediately rushed up happily, scraping the cake. One of them ate and said, "why did the young master come back with the young lady when he didn't pick up?"

Smell speech, when small read stupefied next, "Gong Ou came back?"

Isn't his trip in the company? She also made a special phone call to ask, ready to go home to cook him a big meal to give him a surprise.

"Yes, young master and miss Mona came back early in the afternoon, as if they had gone to the lake."

The maid replied.

"By the lake?"

When I was in a daze, there was a man-made lake behind the imperial villa by the lake. The lake was wide and clear. There were many grey modern pavilions on the lake.

When Xiaonian had not been there before, he only looked at the villa from a distance. Those pavilions and bridges formed a huge tree shape on the lake. The bridge is the root of the tree, and countless pavilions are the branches.

It's like a gray tree falling on the clear water. The scenery is breathtaking in the distance.

The imperial castle is very big. She hasn't been to many places.

"I'll see."

I think so, said shixiaonian.

"Yes, Miss Shi."

Fengde's service is considerate. In the sightseeing car, shixiaonian passed by. For the first time, shixiaonian took this kind of sightseeing car in the imperial castle. The wind lifted her skirt, and the wind was very comfortable.

On the winding stone road, the lights on both sides of the sightseeing bus are not very bright. That kind of light can give a different feeling to the lawn on both sides.

"There are golf club bags in this car." When Xiaonian looked at the golf club bag as if he had found a new continent.

While driving steadily, Feng de said, "yes, I used to play golf occasionally, but now I can't."

"Why not?"

When I was wondering.

Feng de smiles. "Maybe the young master thinks that as long as he is with Miss Shi, he will be happy to do anything."


When Xiaonian was stunned, he immediately understood the meaning of Fengde's words. Fengde said that Gong Ou didn't do anything else after he was with her, that is, he was bored with her all day long.

She had a hot face and a little joy in her heart.

When driving to the lake, Xiaonian found that the lake was far more spectacular and vast than what she saw at a high place. At a glance, it was endless, like the sea. The lake water was clear and bottomed out, surrounded by green fields.