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Chapter 170 raise a white eyed Wolf

"I see. Don't let her leave you. I'll be right here. "

Xiaonian said that he was leaving with his bag.

The R palace rushed to catch up, "master, don't you take me with you?"

When Xiaonian turned to it, "it's so eye-catching to take you out. I'll take you out when I leave this city in two days."

"Well, master, I'll wait for you here." Mr palace nods.

"You Doesn't it need to be charged? "

Asked shixiaonian suspiciously.

"I will recharge myself without the owner's worry." Mr Palace said.

"That's great. I'll go first."

Shi Xiaonian said, and then bear the pain of the body strode out.

When Xiaonian ran out of tianzhigang, she left on foot. Without taking a few steps, she felt someone staring at her.

When Xiaonian went to hide behind a tree and looked over there, he saw several people in hats with cameras on their shoulders.

How could someone suddenly shoot her?

When Xiaonian bit her lip, then called back to tianzhigang duplex apartment. She remembered that one of the functions of Mr palace was to make a phone call and answer the phone.

Soon, the phone was picked up.

The electronic voice of R palace rings in her ear, "Hello, this is Shizhai."

Time house.

The R palace records the time house. No, it should be said that the R palace records the time house.

Without much thought, shixiaonian asked, "Mr palace, I have three adults here. I need you to catch them. Can you do it?"

"At the service of the master."

Recognize her voice, Mr Palace said.

"Well, then you come down. Those people are next to a minivan outside the gate of tianzhigang. Do you know the way?" When small read ask.

"Path saved. Master, can you describe what it looks like? "

Asked the R palace.


When Xiaonian hid in the dark and spoke, he nodded from time to time. The three people were impatient. They thought she didn't find it, just called, so they kept shooting in her direction.

Fifteen hours later.

Three men were all on the ground crying and Howling under the violence of Mr palace.

The R palace stands there.

When small read prostrate in the charm of Mr palace, she walked over, holding a mobile phone, said, "finally caught tracking crazy, I now call the police."

The three men were howling so much that they immediately went to the coat for a press card. "Miss, miss, we are just reporters, not stalkers."

"Reporter?" When Xiaonian looked at them coldly, "I don't think I have any news to shoot for you. I'm not a star."

They are all entertainment journalists.

"You are Shidi's sister, and you have stopped the signing ceremony of the previous Mu group, which has been a sensation for a long time. And we have received anonymous reports that sister didi is fooling around all night, so we can hardly keep up with you. " The reporter said, "not only us, here, there are reporters over there."

When a person points to the distance, Xiaonian raises his eyes and sees a van vanishing.

"Follow me?" When small read of Mou son turn, ask a way, "when to follow me?"

"It's a Japanese restaurant called Muheng. It was the same person who gave us the information. Really, really. "


Xiao Nian's face suddenly cooled.

Shidi not only gave her medicine, but also found the media to take pictures of her. Fortunately, she ran to the port of heaven, but the effect on the street broke out, with unimaginable consequences.

When Xiaonian looked at the three reporters lying on the ground and said coldly, "I still want to call the police, but not to accuse you, but to give you testimony."

Shidi, you've done it yourself. Don't blame her for fighting back.

I dare to ask my adoptive mother to give her this kind of medicine. I can't bear it anymore.

Shi Xiaonian reported to the police station and had a urine test to prove that she was likely to be drugged. In addition, the reporters' confessions and checked the source of anonymous phone calls, she thought that this would be enough for Shi Di to return to the police station for questioning.

As a result, when the police heard about the big star, they said that the evidence was insufficient and there was no direct evidence, so they sent her out directly.


When Xiao Nian was pushed out of the police station by Po Shengsheng.

She finally understood what it was like to have no door.

Direct evidence. If she knew when she was taking the medicine and could still be photographed as evidence, would she be stupid enough to take it?

Damn it.

When small read angrily kicks the roadside electric pole, depressed extremely.

Does she just eat a loss for nothing?

"Miss Shi, Miss Shi." An attentive voice came suddenly.

She turned around and saw a fat man in a police uniform leading a group of policemen coming towards her. The fat man bowed to her repeatedly. "I'm sorry, these rabbits are so busy these days. Someone has reported the case, so we have to file a case for investigation! Let's go. We'll go with you to find the Shidi star. "

"I'm sorry, Miss Shi!"

The police who had just coaxed her bowed to her.


What are you doing.

A 180 degree change in attitude?

When small read to look at them in amazement, and low eyes to look at the bracelet on her wrist, is she thinking more?

Is Gong Ou helping her in secret?

Apart from him, she couldn't think of anyone who could be so magical. Mu qianchu was still in hospital and didn't know what happened last night.

But if it's Gong Ou who did it, what's the matter with him? What's the matter with him? Do good deeds without leaving a name?

This is also not in line with Gong Ou's character.

When Xiaonian looked behind them, there was no one. She looked around and saw no suspicious car.

The tenth day of separation from Gong ou.

Shixiaonian takes the police to the hospital and catches Shidi.

When they walked into the hospital ward, their adoptive mother min Qiujun and Shi Di were sitting beside mu qianchu's ward.

Min Qiujun is cutting fruit, while the flute is playing with a mobile phone, showing it to Mu qianchu from time to time, "qianchu, how about this play? I'm going to play the opposite movie with the movie emperor, and I'm going to hit the next summer

Muqianchu didn't look at her. Jingzi played with his mobile phone. Hearing the sound, he raised a pale face. "Xiaonian?"

When muqianchu saw the policeman behind her, his eyes were puzzled.

The police went directly over shixiaonian and came to Dadi. "Miss Shidi, miss minqiujun, now I suspect that you have something to do with the drug case. Please go back to the police station with us."

Minqiujun looked at them stupidly, his hands tightened, the fruit knife cut his fingertips, and the blood was dripping on the apple.

When Xiaonian looked coldly, there was no past.

"What are you talking about?" Shi Di stood up calmly and looked at Shi Xiaonian. "Do you listen to my sister's nonsense? She is robbing my husband. She can make up everything."


When Xiaonian looks at her indifferently.

"Let's go, lady Shidi and min Qiujun." Several policemen came up to play the whistle.

When the flute did not expect that they would be so strong, suddenly some tension up, "what do you do? I'm Shidi. Don't you know me? I'm a star. What's my status? I'm going to hurt her? I want a lawyer. "

"Let the lawyer see you at the police station."

When the police are defending, they are careful.

"We didn't do harm, police, we didn't do harm..." Minqiu Jun sees her daughter being arrested, excitedly pours at Xiaonian's side and grabs her clothes with bloody hands. "Xiaonian, darling Xiaonian, I'll talk to you later. Let them go first."

Shixiaonian stood there coldly. For a while, she looked at minqiujun with sadness on purpose. "Ma, do you know that the medicine Shidi asked you to give is a kind of infatuation. Do you know that I was taken by a man last night..."

At this point, she stops talking.

She admired that she was forced to perform by her family.

"What? Xiaodi said it was just sleeping pills... " Minqiu Jun blurted out, when the flute heard the words immediately excitedly shouted, "Mom!"

Min Qiujun realized that he had made a mistake and quickly covered his mouth.

When small read's face a little cold down, indifferently look at the police, "is this evidence?"

"Count! What Miss Shi said is all count! "

The police nodded and bowed to Shiniang and left with Shidi.

Shidi is a big star who is used to being waited on by others. She twisted her body desperately and stared at shixiaonian angrily, "shixiaonian! Why do you do that? Our family treats you for more than 20 years, but you let the police catch me and my mother! You don 't know how to feed a wolf! "

Shixiaonian looks at her coldly. "Shidi, this is the second time. Do you want me to be forced like this?"

Once in three years; once again three years ago.

When there is a police presence, the whistle certainly doesn't admit it.

She stared at Xiaonian hatefully, then turned to look at mu qianchu on the hospital bed, "qianchu, look at her, she framed me! You help me. I can't go to the police station. The media will scribble! "

Mu qianchu is sitting on the hospital bed, his feet are still unable to get out of bed.

Smell speech, he looks toward the time flute, a soft face is all indifference, "last night when I said I was going to find Xiao Nian, I suddenly felt sleepy. Did you take medicine too?"

Otherwise, he would not suddenly feel sleepy.

"I didn't." When the flute excited.

"You have a lot of medicine." Mu qianchu sneered and looked at her with his eyes almost hatefully. "Shidi, I have never hated you so much as I do now!"

He said to her, I've never hated you so much!

So ruthless.

When Di stayed there, tears flowed down and looked at him stupidly, "you say you hate me? Qianchu, how can I treat you these years? I'm not good to anyone, but I'm wholehearted to you. "

When the flute is over there and mu qianchu say.

Here, min Qiujun pleads with Shi Xiaonian again and again to let go of her sister.


When small read a face indifferently stand there, not move.

Min Qiujun cried at last, slapping her arm and shouting, "is your child so merciless? She is her sister, you are her sister. What happened to her sister? How can you do that? What's wrong with you. Do you really want us to go to jail? I raise you for nothing, I raise you for nothing... "


When Xiaonian stood there, he was still indifferent and indifferent.

Min Qiujun cried and beat her desperately. He called me to raise you in vain over and over again. He punched her where she scratched herself last night. The pain went crazy into the bone marrow.